How to arouse passion in her husband?

How to arouse passion in her husband?

How to get a man’s sexual arousal? Women’s secrets

Excitement of a man – the best compliment for a woman, because she feels desired and attractive. Many women are constantly working on the skill of seduction, to be able to attract the attention of the stronger sex at the right time.

In fact, this requires a lot of effort, because not enough beautiful dress and open chest, it is important that your femininity comes from within. Sex is an important part of people’s lives, that is why it is so important to realize yourself in this area. If you want a man to have a sexual desire for you, you will need to work. Advice on how to excite a man is offered to your attention.

1. Wear tight clothes. Nothing excites the male imagination as a beautiful woman’s body in clothes that emphasize shapes. It is not necessary to bare his chest and wear a mini skirt, just give him the opportunity to fantasize. Wear a tight dress or jeans, complement it with a blouse, emphasizing your waist, and a man will think only about you. All this is at the level of instincts, so a beautiful woman’s body causes his physical desire. Do not wear tight clothes at work, so as not to distract employees, but on a date, you can safely choose something that emphasizes your strength.

2. Learn to play with the look. This is a great method for fighting back from a distance. You can stand in a few places from the object of sympathy, but already affect it. Just learn how to make a languid look that will delight absolutely all men. No one will like your frightened or concentrated eyes, because all this is not associated with sex. But also do not overplay, so keep the look for a few seconds that he did not feel the pressure and imposition.

3) Get Closer . If you want your man to go crazy for you, just get close to him, touch him or whisper something right in his ear. The feeling of a woman’s body near him will make him think about the forbidden, and you will be able to exercise your power over the man’s desires. Be close to him, touch his back, shoulders, snuggle and approach him unexpectedly, pretending that it is by accident. From the first time you may not succeed, but the more practice, the more likely that you will be able to achieve it. Courage is always rewarded, but don’t be too obtrusive or provocative, you can be dressed in old clothes and you can have a simple bundle on your head, but your body heat will awaken his sexual desire.

4. Be confident in yourself. Men really like women who are confident, because it means that she is the same in bed. To do this, learn to behave casually and show him in every way that you absolutely do not doubt your attractiveness and sexuality. Talk, laugh, appear more often in front of him and attract his attention. Let him feel that you love yourself and want to be the center of attention. Self-confident girls are always associated with sexuality and passion, and for this you do not need to reduce all conversations to intimacy.

5. Be feminine . This must be a must, because it is the femininity that attracts men most of all. Shoes with high heels, easy walking, a quiet voice and tenderness – all this is associated with femininity, so he will want to communicate with you closer. Learn to behave with restraint and don’t rush anywhere, let him feel that you can let him get closer. Many women make the mistake of continuing to behave exactly the same way at work, in transportation or in the store, but if you want to win a man over, you have to stand out. Slowly walk past him, wiggling your hips and fixing a strand of hair, smile softly at him, show your disposition. Femininity is something that will always attract men, so hone your skills and act like a real lady.

6. Excite him with words . Unspoken words with a hint can drive him crazy, so talk more often about some delicate issues, but remain mysterious. Let him not know what you have in mind, but only guesses. For this, you do not need a long training or maximum exposure, just never stay unraveled to the end. You can tell him a funny joke with spice, but do not show your attitude, and he will guess what you like and whether you are ready to get close to him.

They say that women love with their ears, but words play an important role for men, too. You can emphasize that his muscles are very visible in this T-shirt or ask about how he manages to look so masculine. Praise him, but don’t forget about yourself either, because he wonders what you are like and what he can count on with you. Hint that you like experimentation and spice, let him guess what it’s all about. The art of being a mystery is one of the main skills of a real woman, so remember to apply it more often.

7. Kiss him . In fact, few people can resist a kiss, because it is part of the sex life, so the brain just shuts down. During the kiss your instincts kick in, so it will be hard for a man to hold back, and that’s exactly what you need. You can also use tenderness and caressing, stroking his neck or arms, learn to play with him, enticing and beckoning.

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How to excite an indifferent husband: 15 techniques that will turn him into a sexy beast

More and more often I hear friends and acquaintances in long-term relationships complaining that they lack sex with their husbands (official or common-law, it doesn’t matter). A similar trend can be seen on women’s forums. A dozen years ago, refusing intimacy under the excuse of a headache was solely a woman’s prerogative, but today girls have become much more active in the field of erotic games.

The sources of the problem vary from case to case. Some men are undermined by stress, others are dissatisfied with life (faced with a mid-life crisis), some – satiated with a partner, the fourth are close to impotence. Practice shows that life ruthlessly kills libido.

Why do not you want your husband?

Before giving specific recommendations and in the colors to paint paint techniques to seduce a spouse, it is necessary to shed light on the true causes of the decrease in sex drive in men. Let us immediately exclude erectile dysfunction, in which the desire to make love is, but the physical possibility of not. I will take only those cases in which the partner consciously avoids intimacy and does not have difficulties with erection, for example, he gets excited while watching porn and stimulation of erogenous zones.

1. Tense situation in the family

Constant conflicts, lack of heart-to-heart talk and baseless arguments are signs of problems in the family. Over the years of life together accumulate resentments and mutual claims. The man may feel hurt and punish you, depriving you of the right to regular sex.

2. Fear of seeming obsessive.

Libido levels fluctuate with age. Sexual activity peaks between the ages of 17-22 for men and 30-35 for women. If you used to want more rarely and often “sinned” denials, then your spouse entrenched fear of seeming obsessive. Get rid of his guilt complex is real enough to show him a small fraction of interest.

3. You have changed.

Let’s face it, a girl on a first date is radically different from the noble married matron. Childbirth leave an indelible imprint on your appearance, from the banal stretch marks to the extra pounds gained as a result of hormonal imbalance. Plus, the years take their toll: the breasts sag, the face gets wrinkled, and so on and so forth. I’m not calling to go under the knife to the surgeon in an effort to preserve youth, however, no need to run yourself. Men may not notice cellulite, but unwashed hair and a greasy bathrobe discourage sex.

4. Lack of care and praise

No matter how hard guys try to act like titans of steel, deep down inside they are fluffy kitties. They enjoy affection, care, and support. To see if my words are true, sincerely praise your spouse and his reaction. I guarantee one hundred percent – his lips will be parted in a big smile, and his chest will be stuck out like a wheel. Brush your cat behind the ear, stroke the hair, and in gratitude he will begin to purr and rub your paws.

5. The absence of variety

The male brain is constructed in such a way that monotonous, monotonous actions in bed sooner or later cause a negative response. The roots go back to our ancestors from the animal world. Females of most species copulate with one male, usually the strongest member of the pack, the possessor of first-class genetic material. After fertilization, they keep other candidates away. It is important for the male to cover as many females as possible. In a long relationship, an ancient mechanism is triggered in men, they lose interest in their spouse.

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