How to answer a man’s calls in different situations?

Does your silence make a man bored? 11 things that confirm it


Silence can sometimes tell a man a lot more than words. Of course, you will have to try harder than just turning on “silence mode”. But the result is often worth it…

Do not chase a man and do not wait for him.

Just enjoy life and try not to think about him too much. He is sure to feel it and realize how dear and loved you are.

So, 12 ways to use the “mode of silence” so that the man starts to miss you:

1. Stop all contact.

When you love someone and miss them, avoiding even minimal contact is quite difficult. Your hand just reaches for the phone, you want to share something, write…

But your task is to make the guy bored, and any contact violates the “mode of silence”, and, accordingly, negate your efforts.

So you have to step aside for a while and show your boyfriend that he’s much worse off without you. Don’t text him, don’t call him, and don’t connect on social media.

He won’t start to get bored if you even remind him of you from time to time. Ignore him a few times and see what the effect will be.

The guy will probably immediately start thinking about what is going on and why you have suddenly lost interest in him.

That’s why the first rule of using the power of silence: stop all contact.

I know how hard it is when you love and want to hear your own voice… but he has to feel the same way about you, doesn’t he?

Give the guy a chance to prove that he doesn’t take you for granted, but loves and cherishes you – just like you do him.

2. Don’t run right away to answer his calls and texts

Your first impulse is to respond immediately when a guy writes or calls. Especially since you’ve been waiting for him to do so, thinking about what he’ll write, what he’ll say…

Believe me, if you answer right away – the guy will immediately realize how you were waiting for him to hear from you.

So show him that you have better things to do than wait for him to decide. Especially if you’re worried about it.

Guys love to conquer the top, and with a little patience, you’ll allow him to feel like a hunter and you as the desired prey.

When he texts or calls, at least take a pause. This will only turn him on even more.

At first glance, these kinds of games may seem a little silly, but the fact is, they work. So why not use them?

Girls who are too available don’t attract guys. But mystery, mystery, beckons and attracts.

3. Finish the conversation first.

After a guy tries to reach out, you pause and finally answer, you have to talk to him. But – just a little talk, no more.

If you reply to a text message, just write, no more.

And most importantly: you must be the first to finish the conversation. Thereby – show that you would be nice to talk and more, but now you’re busy.

Your goal is to get the guy to want more. It’s a hard game to play, I believe. It’s another silly game we play to get men to think about us. But it does work!

4. be sure to go into “silent mode” on social media as well.

Moderate for a while your activity on social networks: do not exhibit new photos regularly, do not write posts as often as before.

And most importantly, don’t communicate with your boyfriend on social media.

This means not only that you don’t write to him, but also that you don’t comment on his posts, you don’t like them. Total silence: there is no you.

Let him know that you’re too busy with your own life to waste precious time on social media and following news on his profile.

Trust me, a guy will check your profiles regularly.

He’ll want to know what you’ve been up to, but how? And then he’ll realize that there’s only one way to get in touch with you by any means necessary! And immediately!

In addition, he will have doubts about whether you have met someone. And so – there will be a fear of losing you.

5. Use perfume that he likes to meet you.

Man is constructed so that certain smells in him associated with happy times and loved ones. And that means awakening memories.

If you always use the same perfume when you’re around, he will think of you every time he hears a familiar scent.

You can go one step further by figuring out how to leave that plume in or around his home.

Naturally, spraying the scent near his front door is risky, but what’s wrong with doing it while at his house?

It doesn’t look suspicious, and it will get the “job” done.

6. Be fun and mysterious.

Who doesn’t love a little mystery? Men certainly like it even more than we do, so don’t deny them a little adventure. Let them “accidentally” discover what a valuable “trophy” you are!

Do not tell him about yourself all at once. Make him think and try to understand you.

He does not want to learn the whole story of your life. He likes to open you up – slowly and day by day.

So keep some secrets to yourself. You will have enough time to “dos and don’ts” reveal them one by one. Men love that.

Being honest and sincere is good, but it often leads to guys getting bored and simply losing interest.

If you can keep the intrigue, fuel his curiosity, surprise him – he will want you even more.

Another thing that men like no less than secrets is entertainment. As long as it’s fun with you, he’ll want to be around – as often as possible.

Add some excitement to your dates. Instead of dinner or going to the movies, for example, suggest a walk in the park at night.

Believe me, when you turn on “silent mode,” he will be sorely missing that fun and mystery.

7. Leave something to remember you by

Even the smallest and most insignificant things remind us of the people we love and make us miss them. What if, while cleaning his room, a guy “accidentally” comes across your earring?

It will surely make him think of you.

Just leave some personal item of yours behind while visiting him at home. It should be something nice and discreet so he won’t notice right away. For example, a hair clip.

Do not overdo in your zeal, because if you leave, for example, a toothbrush, then it will simply scare him. But a charming hairclip or earring will do the trick.

As soon as he finds this thing, he will remember how he misses you. By the way, it’s not bad if it will be your scarf with the scent of his favorite perfume. After all, he smells you, smells those days when you were so great together …

You do not have to “forget” something in the house. You can in the car, and at work.

If these uncomplicated tricks work, it would be a sin not to use them.

8. Let him earn your love.

A man needs to feel that he has won you over, not just reached out and immediately got everything he wanted. This scenario is too boring for him.

Yes, you should flirt with him, hinting that you’re not in love to death, but anything is possible, anything is possible… Guys like fighting, hunting, and anything too simple and uncomplicated gets boring quickly.

Let him know that your love has to be earned. Victory for him will be the more valuable the more you have to work.

Do not “give” your heart too easily, and then you will become even more desirable.

When you start dating, there will be plenty of time for kisses and physical intimacy, but in the meantime, let him win! Waiting for him will only attract him more.

9. Give him time and freedom.

When we fall in love with someone, we want to spend all our time with them.

It’s natural, but it makes you feel like there’s a lot less freedom. And for guys, it’s vital.

So instead of spending the whole weekend with him, make an appointment with his girlfriends, and have fun somewhere.

Don’t spend all your time with a guy – it’ll be good for both of you. You’ll be able to relax and meet friends, and he’ll be able to realize how much he misses you.

Give him time and freedom, and you’ll see that the guy will want to spend even more hours and days with you. In addition, he will be curious about how you spend your time and with whom.

Date other people and remember that you don’t have to explain anything to him. If he wants to know where you are, have him call and ask.

10. Help the guy understand how much he misses you.

Have fun! Show him you’re doing great without him.

Go to a party and post pictures on social media of you just glowing with happiness. This will not only remind him how much he misses you, but it will also make him a little jealous.

He will realize that you’re not going to sit and wait until he finally breaks away from the computer and thinks of going out. You’re doing just fine without him!

In this case, our goal is to remind the guy how much he misses us, but in fact it is really very important that you have your own life.

The thing is, girls often make the mistake of making the man the center of the universe and neglecting everything else. This is bad not only for us, but also for men, in the eyes of whom we look uninterested and fixated solely on relationships. Guys are interested in girls who live interesting lives!

Change your life and become the best version of yourself.

We often make the mistake of focusing solely on our boyfriend when we want him to realize how bored we are…

Instead, you need to focus on yourself, which is more likely to make a guy miss you.

Change your routine and the course of your life! Work on yourself! Learn to be happy and enjoy yourself!

If anything is capable of getting a guy’s attention, it’s when he sees that you’ve become the best version of yourself.

How to answer a man’s calls in different situations?

Complete collection of materials on the topic: how to answer a man’s calls in different situations?

Over the years, gurus Ellen Fein and Sherry Schneider have analyzed the behavior of happy women in their personal lives – those who had many suitors, successfully married and happily married. Oprah Winfrey called their bestseller “The Rules to Win the Heart of the Man of Your Dreams” a phenomenon and twice invited the authors to her talk show. People magazine ranked the book a must-read, and glossy magazines called it the best book about relationships. Over the 20 years of The Rules, millions of women have been able to experience its absolute effectiveness. They have had relationships full of love and respect that have spilled over into happy and strong marriages. Following the advice from this book, Kate Middleton married a prince, and Blake Lively won the heart of more than one Hollywood bachelor. In “New Rules,” the writers help modern women and girls communicate via Facebook, Skype, SMS, etc. and still remain mysterious, maintain a man’s hunter instinct when there are so many “easy prey” around him, get married in an era when everyone lives in civil marriages and is in no hurry to take responsibility.

Men love a challenge and lose interest when the object of that interest–and especially a woman–gets them too easily.

The secret way to get a guy: be a challenge for him. Treat him as if you don’t care about him, encourage Ellen Fain and Sherry Schneider. You need to create an atmosphere of mystery and make the man eager to meet you, which is rare these days. “Rules” is a way of talking to any man (as long as he first starts a conversation with you, either in person or online) that makes him obsessed with you and ready for a serious relationship.

How to Marry the Man of your Dreams.

Be a girl unlike the rest and look like a girl unlike the rest.

2. 2. Don’t approach a man first and start a conversation, don’t call or text a man first.

Don’t ask a man out by text message, social networking or any other way. 4.

4. Wait at least 4 hours before responding to the first message from a man and at least half an hour before responding to each subsequent message.

5. “Talk/Sleep Later”: always and everything end first – and disappear from sight!

6. Don’t answer text messages or any other messages after midnight.

7. Don’t accept an invitation to a Saturday date later than Wednesday. The “right girls” lead busy lives. Of course, you’ve already made plans for the weekend before Thursday comes around! If he asks you out too late, don’t reprimand him. Just tell him you’re sorry, but you’re busy.

8. Stay away from his social media profiles and rarely post on his wall.

9. Make yourself “invisible” to instant messaging. Even if there’s nothing going on in your life, don’t notify the guy by instantly replying to his messages. As with any form of communication, he should wait for an opportunity to talk to you. In order to be interesting to you, he’s going to have to work hard. Don’t take that away from your man by responding to messages right away and spending hours online! Remember, you have your life (school, work, friends, hobbies, working out, and hopefully dating) and there’s only 10 minutes and no more to talk about. If a guy has a lot to tell you and a lot to ask you, he can do it during the date!

10. Don’t spend 24 hours a day, seven days a week with him.

11. long-distance relationships: Let him offer to Skype and visit you more often.

12. don’t text men first, ignore emoticons and winks on online dating sites.

13. Don’t pay for dinner and don’t buy his love in any way at all.

14. Don’t do self-destructive things by dating married men. If he wants to see you, tell him to call you when he becomes single. And after that, no communication, forget him, say “next!” – and focus on finding men who are actually available.

15. Don’t date a man who cancels your appointments more than once.

16. Don’t send a man anything that would be unpleasant to leave with him in case you break up.

17. Don’t settle for one-night stands and meaningless liaisons.

18. Don’t rush to sleep with a man. “The right girl” makes a guy wait to help him fall in love with herself, her soul, her essence – not just her body. The longer you delay intimacy, the longer he can woo you, plan romantic encounters, and dream about you. Men love challenges and don’t appreciate anything that comes too easily, especially sex!

19. Don’t date a man without commitment! If your relationship lasts more than a year and they are “right” (you have allowed a man to “chase you,” meet with him no more than 2-3 times a week, refuse to spend vacations with him, do not move in with him), thereby helping him fall in love with you and want to get married. The man wants to see you more and more. But if after a year of relationship the man did not offer to marry him, you should tell him that you are a girl of old-fashioned upbringing and do not intend to date anyone forever. If he starts making excuses, offer to take a pause in the relationship. Ask him to think it over on his own and call when he’s ready for a commitment.

20. Stop dating a man if he hasn’t given you a romantic gift for your birthday or Valentine’s Day, or has forgotten about those dates altogether.

American writers Ellen Fain and Sherry Schneider The book “New Rules” reveals the secrets of successful relationships.

Photo: Getty Images, press archives

The man did not call for a long time, and suddenly, as if nothing had happened, the tube sounded his baritone. What to do, how to react? Immediately agree to a meeting is stupid, just as well as overly delay it.

From all the revelations of men I know, I derive a common thought “do not call bastards”: “You get acquainted with a girl, have a great time, and then, well, you can not immediately call her! And what kind of commitment can you have if you’ve only seen her a couple of times? Nobody owes anyone anything, and, frankly, not much she still hooked me. And then, in the mood, call her, and hear this disgruntled hurt tone, as if I must now fall on her knees to beg for a date. And after her boring mumbling, even the minimal interest that was there, fades away: here’s another girl with claims on nothing!

The impression is that she waited so long for me to call her that she is now taking revenge in a sour voice, and her revenge is terrible. But the funny thing is, when the urge to call her back fades, I already know that she’s about to start texting me banal, “How are you?” And that’s how it goes. I disappear – she starts texting, and I realize that in fact her sour tone – this is just a cheap ponce in order to get a price. But since the “pompous” did not make a proper impression, she immediately gave up pompous and rushed after the departing train.

What can be opposed to this type? Your good spirits and unwavering confidence in yourself and in the fact that his call – a great excuse to joyfully transfer all the arrows on it and have fun again.

In what way? Imagine, he didn’t call and you were NOT expecting him to call, you were having fun and didn’t pay much attention to whether he called or didn’t call. How would you react in that case? Will you sulk and try to position yourself as a girl who is afraid of being hurt again? No! You will behave like a girl who has no time to be offended!

Remember: men do not appreciate easy victories, but he is fighting for the prize only when you can offer him an exciting hunt, that is, when you offer him an interesting game in which he turns on the excitement to outplay you.

A man likes to overcome easy resistance, but he gets bored when behind this resistance there are trivial “insults” and a lot of claims.

The grievances are not satisfied. Competent game with light resistance gives him excitement and is rewarded in full.

For example, he recruits you after weeks of absence, and you happily utter:

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Some people find it easier to call, some – to write, thanks to the abundance of ways to contact a man in today’s world. And if you want to hear the voice of a man you are attracted to, and he prefers to send text messages or communicate in social networks, sometimes you have to work hard to achieve this. What can you do to make him call you more often?

Cosmo Online editorial

1. Tell him straight out.

A rare man understands the vague hints. If you complain that you’re uncomfortable reading a sea of messages, he’s more likely to stop writing than call. And the question “Why don’t you ever call me?” will only make him feel like he has to make excuses for who knows what.

So tell him, without any unnecessary echoes, that you’ll be happy to hear from him. And when you’re going somewhere together, you can suggest: “Why don’t you send me the address in a message and then please call me back so we can discuss the details.”

2. Called? Hold the carrot!

Positive reinforcement is a great thing. If a person does something that pleases you, what should you do? That’s right, praise!

Don’t be afraid to show how glad you are to hear from him when he does call!

“We teach people how to treat us,” says Dr. Jane Berman, a psychotherapist and relationship therapist. – If you want a guy to call you more often, let him know with both intonation and words how glad you are that he dialed your number!”

3. Make it easy and enjoyable to call you

Why are men wary of calling? They’re afraid of running into tedious, endless chitchat about nothing. So don’t let that happen. Here are a few ways to do it:

  • Time yourself and promise yourself to keep to 10 minutes, for example. This will keep you from going on a long monologue about a topic that’s boring to him. Another question is if he is the master of such monologues
  • Make allowances for the fact that during a phone conversation a person does not always have time to think twice before saying something, and cannot follow the facial expressions of the interlocutor to catch up in time if he says something wrong. At least he can reread and edit a text message. So forgive him if he made an awkward joke or bad choice of words.
  • If you both would like to talk longer, but you need to run, warn him right away: “You know, I have to leave soon for business, but I have another ten minutes to talk. Then the interlocutor does not get the feeling that you are not interested in talking to him, and you suddenly found a pretext to curtail the conversation.

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It is considered that men and women from different planets – “a man from Mars, a woman from Venus”. Men do not understand why all these “women’s talks”, why talk about what is clear. Their psyche is focused on feelings. Do not be surprised, they really feel much better, because they are not inclined to engage in self-deception. Our task is to find the right approach and make him hear, and not pretend, just to get away from him and let him finish watching soccer. Today we will talk about what not to do and how to achieve the desired result with little blood.

Raise the white flag. Your task is to show your opponent that his male ego is not threatened. If he suspects that they are trying to

or, even worse, to humiliate, put him in his place, he will immediately begin to defend himself. At this point he does not see you

He doesn’t see you as a competitor, a rival. Now you are a competitor for him, a rival, trying to take a place under the sun.

You do not have to become a man’s position. Woman can win only kindness, caring, gentleness. Become such that her partner was pleased to go to the meeting. Let him be a show of strength, not weakness. Men love to pamper

and are willing to do anything for us. In every member of the stronger sex lives a hero – it is important to remember this as an axiom that does not require proof.

For him, the insults from your side is tantamount to admitting his own failure. Do not do that. Remember children’s tales: all the feats are done for the beautiful princesses, but the princess has to believe in his hero. Don’t turn into a stern mother, little .

. Always speak only for yourself. He’s yours.

(or maybe already your husband), but he doesn’t have to share any of your beliefs.

Be direct about what you want. Men are visual, women are auditory. This is another axiom that should be remembered. Communicate in as compact a form as possible.

Let’s remember the school years. Exact science is always easier for boys, and

– born humanitarians. Nothing changes over the years. The brain of your other half just can not digest the flow of information, embellished with colorful epithets and comparative turns. Speak clearly and to the point, explain the points.

If you want to be heard and felt sorry for, do not say: “My boss is so bad, he scolded me, and now I’m so sad. Take your word for it,

he won’t understand what you want from him. Most likely, will immediately begin to look for a solution to the problem, and you, resentfully pouting lips, come to the conclusion that you are not being listened to.

Meanwhile, the point is not that he is so bad, and you are good, or vice versa, you just do not understand each other. Say the same thing, only in men’s language. It should sound something like this: “I need to talk. I am so exhausted at work today, the chief scolded me for no reason. Listen to me, please.” And that’s it. The task is done. Now he knows what you need to do to make you happy and satisfied. In the end, you get to care, he feels like a hero.

Tears are a slippery subject. Not crying is bad; crying for any reason is even worse. If you grab your handkerchief for any reason, even a minor one – this already leads to doubts about sincerity. Once the man will understand that all the suffering – no more than a farce, hidden manipulation will immediately stop responding to your tears under any circumstances. So do not resort to forbidden methods of influence. Ineffective and tiresome. Moreover, a crying woman does not look very attractive. Stay perfect for him as long as possible.

Learn to listen. It’s not uncommon that in a fit of emotional overload, we interrupt

and begin to acquiesce, or to express their point of view on a matter, and then wonder why he suddenly stopped talking. This method of communication is acceptable only for communication with girlfriends. Men are not like that: if they really started to talk (and for the most part, they are terrible reticent), they want to finish the thought to be heard.

Do not give him advice that is not asked. Let him speak out and find the right solution himself. If you want to help, ask leading questions. Provide guidance, but don’t tell him what to do. He’ll do as he sees fit anyway.

Be a person. Let you have a common hobby, but everyone should have personal space, independent of the partner. Any person can not

Prisoner of a relationship, because the prisoner always wants to escape from prison. You must have personal interests and views.

However, if your views on any subject differ, never, under any circumstances, say it publicly. Make your points in a correct way when you are alone together. Humiliation in public (which is how he perceives it), the man will never forgive.

Another important thing to remember: Men should never be internally confident that you belong to him one hundred percent. Keep the excitement of the hunt and life in the relationship. If everything is done correctly, then on a subconscious level, he will not only love, but also respect, and therefore reckon with your opinion, even if he will not tell you openly.

Want to be near was a real man – be a real woman. All the best is obtained through overcoming. This applies not only to relationships, but every other aspect of life.

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