How should a wife behave?

Psychologist names 10 important rules for a wise wife to strengthen her marriage

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How to be the perfect wife? First, you need to figure out what kind of wife she is – a good wife. Could she be a great hostess, a faithful and reverent friend, or a sex bombshell in a housecoat? Or maybe all of the above. No, the important thing is that a good wife should be a wise woman. But wisdom doesn’t come by itself. It must be earned through tears and suffered through experience.

COLADY presents 10 rules of a wise wife that will strengthen the marriage and maintain harmony in the relationship.

  1. Be patient The family is not fun. Relationships are full of contradictions, conflicts, domestic and financial difficulties. There is no need to indulge in illusions that life will be vanilla-romantic. And the time between moonlight walks and breakfast in bed will be filled only with tenderness and warmth. No, there will be quarrels – after all, all normal people quarrel. Unless, of course, they are deprived of dignity and personal ideas about life. Spouses clash with their opinions, interests and you get an explosion.
  2. A man is not a telepath, he can not read minds. And he, unfortunately, also does not have intuition, unlike the girls. So guess what women’s thoughts and desires husbands just can not. Do not be offended by this. You need to be direct, but gentle about your intention. Of course, “Honey, I want a new fur coat” in a direct context to say it is not necessary. But the phrase “I want to communicate more, let’s spend this weekend together,” sounds quite literate.
  3. Cuddle more often The warmth of tactile communication is much more than words. Touching gives warmth, soothes, gives a sense of security. In addition, very few men can beautifully express their thoughts. And the embrace can easily express love, and mutual.
  4. Spend more time together It does not matter what you’ll do – watch a movie, read a book, go for a walk in the park, or, in the end, have sex. To be close, you need to communicate more.
  5. Don’t keep resentments and negativity in your memory There are a lot of negative things in marriage. You don’t want to spoil your life together with memories of quarrels and misunderstandings. Read also: How to fight with her husband – the rules of quarrels without negativity and insults. Let the memory will remain only warm and positive moments.
  6. A wise wife does not compare her husband with other men After all, no one is perfect. Everyone has his own shortcomings, and perhaps other people’s and unnoticed weaknesses, much worse than those endowed by your spouse.
  7. A good wife does not humiliate her husband, especially not in public. A man is a leader by nature, and a woman is his friend, helper and strong back. It is humiliating for the stronger sex to suffer criticism from their own spouse. This undermines a man’s self-esteem and destroys his personality. Read also: What you can not say to your husband, never and under any circumstances – the fatal words and phrases in the relationship.
  8. Clever wife does not reproach her husband, ie, not “nagging” him He may not earn enough money, bad driving, not to help around the house and not like your girlfriends. But if he is “nagging”, then he certainly will not change. So the best way out is to forgive him his little shortcomings.
  9. A good wife does not impose her opinion Because the man is the head of the family. It is his birthright to make the decision. And it’s a shame to be a wimp. A wise wife will unobtrusively lead her husband to the decision that she needs. For example, she does not want to change the car, but wants to go on vacation. The wife will reveal all the positives of the vacation and its vital necessity, including for her spouse. “After all, you’ve worked so hard, you just need a vacation. And we’ll change the car next summer. The neighbors say it’s in good condition.”
  10. A wise wife is not jealous of her husband, does not arrange surveillance and does not humiliate to hysterics In family life, it happens that the spouse goes to the left. But terrible scenes of jealousy will not fix this difficult problem. It may be better to compete with your rival or change your attitude towards your husband.

How to save a marriage – 5 tips for women

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Psychologists and coaches insist, happiness in the relationship, first and foremost, depends on the woman. Therefore, a wise wife who wants to prolong her marital happiness should:

  1. Take care of herself In spite of all the hassle and busyness of things, you need to pay attention to yourself. Beauty is paramount! It is not necessary to walk around the house in stilettos and in full battle paint. But it does not hurt to watch his figure, hairstyle and clothing. A woman should even at home to be beautiful, sweet and attractive.
  2. Praise your husband From flattery men blossom like flowers in the sun. Do not think of complex phrases – hints, emphasizing his virtues. Praise should be straight to the forehead. And highlight the qualities that you would like to see in it more and more often. Thus, you can even adjust the behavior of the soulmate. Explicit delight with open eyes and sincere exclamation “Great! Cool!” will make anyone’s self-esteem soar.
  3. Just love, not demanding anything in return Even in the most difficult situations in life you need to remember why you loved your spouse.
  4. Create harmony in the relationship, and not just to please her husband Famous wisdom says “it hurts to be a good wife. Indeed, if all the time to please her husband, he will get spoiled, and sits on his neck and hangs legs. So sometimes you can forget about the unworn socks and dinner of three dishes. And more often to ask her husband to help around the house, do not forget to throw out the trash and vacuum the carpet.
  5. Ask for advice from more experienced women Wisdom comes with the years. That’s why it’s good to listen to our mothers and grandmothers. After all, they understand much more about family life than young 20-year-old girls who only yesterday took off their wedding dresses.

Comment of an astrologer

Elena Naumova is an astrologer

To strengthen relationships in the family, in marriage, a woman should pay attention to herself. It is the woman’s energy that lies at the heart of the family. Have you ever noticed how a bad mood affects everyone around you? Especially if you prepare food and suddenly felt nervous, raised your voice or cried. What happens after dinner? Everyone who tasted that meal starts to swear and get nervous.

What helps a woman become a wise wife?

  1. While cooking, think of good things, put the emotions and feelings that you wish for the family.
  2. Take into account the characteristics of your relatives when communicating. For example, those born under earthly zodiac signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) will not give a quick answer to a question. And fiery ones (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) can flare up, get offended, but also quickly forget everything.
  3. Give yourself a break. Especially if you feel tired, lack of energy, take time for yourself. This will allow you to respond to events more calmly.
  4. Stop worrying about your husband, especially the children. Independence will not hurt anyone, and made mistakes will remain as their experience.
  5. Plan your own schedule of work and rest. Include time for hobbies, for your favorite activity, and, of course, rest.

A woman is the keeper of the hearth, and she needs to understand that it is her wisdom that determines the happiness of the family and the success of this union. Remember this, dear ladies!

All about respect for the husband

Happiness rarely visits a home in which the wife does not respect her husband. Relationships in the family should be built on mutual respect and trust in each other.

The importance of respect and how to show it

To respect your husband means to appreciate him on his own merits. It is the spouse who should be the most important person in a woman’s life. All other loved ones are inferior to the breadwinner of the family in importance. Lack of respect from the wife affects the attitude of neighbors, friends, relatives and just acquaintances to that person. One eastern wisdom says something like this: when a woman respects her husband, then her neighbors, and with them the whole village and, consequently, the whole world, treat him with respect. Strong marital relationships cannot be built without recognizing the man as the head of the family.

It is the husband who should be responsible for making the most important decisions. In this case, his authority is strengthened and the respect of the household grows for him. A man who is sincerely respected by his wife, feels like a real man. Then he is happy to throw on his shoulders all the household chores, taking responsibility not only for himself but also for the family. The spouse must perform basic male duties at home.

All other members of the household should be taught to show respect for the work of the head of the family, to convince them of their importance. Women’s affairs should be performed by the keeper of the family home.

Thus, experts note the following manifestations of respect for your husband:

  • Recognizing the man as the head of the family and the main breadwinner;
  • Giving the spouse the status of a leader;
  • Recognition of his masculine strength;
  • the absence of arrogant notes in his voice when talking to his partner;
  • the ability to listen to the advice of his spouse;
  • attentive attitude to his words;
  • the ability to appreciate the performance of men’s duties at home;
  • the manifestation of confidence in the decisions made by her husband;
  • recognition of all the merits and achievements of the spouse;
  • acceptance of her husband’s interests and hobbies;
  • respectful attitude to his parents;
  • refraining from critical comments and remarks in the presence of children and any strangers.

Reasons for disrespect and consequences

In psychology it is believed that building a reasonable model of relationship between spouses is possible only when the wife respects her chosen one. It is in such a family that the full development of the younger generation takes place. Improper upbringing can cause disrespectful attitudes toward the husband. If a girl grew up in a family where they showed rudeness and tactlessness, then she will use this model of behavior in creating her own home.

Disrespectful attitude toward her husband may be provoked by hormonal failure, physical fatigue, depression, age and personality crises. Low self-esteem, trouble at work, quarrels with loved ones and other negative events greatly affect the state of a woman’s soul. The result, as a rule, is dissatisfaction with her husband. The lady, feeling her own inferiority, splashes out all the negative emotions on her other half. Humiliating a loved one, the woman is trying to elevate themselves in their own eyes.

Some people have a habit of complaining about her husband. The woman shared her feelings without malice, immediately forgetting them, but the people remembered. Men’s authority began to fall in the eyes of outsiders. And the young lady created a blockage in the way of energy emanating to the man she loved. An insurmountable wall is gradually erected between them. Eventually comes the realization that a stranger is living next door.

Sometimes the discord in the relationship begins because of the infatuation with another man. New feelings overwhelm a woman’s heart. Involuntary comparisons of a life partner with a head-spinning man make the lady disdainful of the head of the family.

If the husband began to notice that his wife stopped respecting him, you need to analyze your behavior. Sometimes a man shoulders too much work at home, put up with all the vagaries of his beloved woman. Spoiled increased attention and care wife ceases to see him as the head of the family. And sometimes, on the contrary, the woman lacks attention from the other half. The lady wants to be loved and pitied.

It happens that the wife notices the inactivity, lack of initiative, the emotional passivity of her husband. The spouse prefers to lie on the couch, watch TV, read books. The woman gets fed up with the monotony of life. She has no one to lean on. The keeper of the home doesn’t feel a strong man’s shoulder. Helplessness, lack of masculinity on the part of a loved one and other manifestations force the lady to disrespect the representative of the stronger sex.

A wife also disrespects her husband when she feels her own superiority over him . She is strong and independent. Some men themselves want to be ruled by their partner. If a woman takes the reins into her own hands, she often shows a disdainful attitude towards her chosen one. Not every person has the ability to make good money. In this case, the wife begins to convince herself and her husband that he is a loser, an inept, a wimp. The lady sincerely believes that such a man is not worthy of her. Pressure, overstating the bar leads to a loss of faith in her own strength. Feeling no female support, the head of the family despairs and drops his hands.

The spouse may provoke disrespect for himself by constant insults, critical remarks about his wife. The husband yells at his wife, humiliates her. Male tyranny is common throughout the world. The total control of the head of the family, the constant calls to check on the lady’s whereabouts, the constant reports on his movements around the city drive the woman to a frenzy. Respect for the spouse gradually melts away.

Many members of the stronger sex begin to limit the money of the spouse after the birth of the child. Often the young mother is forced to beg for money to buy things, cosmetics or household appliances. She has to account for every penny she spends. Being financially dependent on her husband, the wife resists by being disrespectful to the family breadwinner.

Sometimes the loss of esteem and respect comes from a partner’s addiction to alcohol or drugs. Harmful habits may form due to the lack of necessary support from the wife, the rupture of the thread of understanding, and indifference.

Showing disrespect to the husband always causes a chain reaction. Most likely, children will be neglectful of parents and members of their future family, will not be able to build a good marital relationship. Consequently, they will not find marital happiness.

How do you know if a wife does not respect her husband?

Any man can understand that his wife has lost respect for him if he pays attention to her behavior. Spousal disrespect can give out some signs.

  • The very first warning sign is the appearance of irritability . The husband begins to irritate the keeper of the family home. He tells his wife about personal problems, but instead of support comes across as indignation and irritation. In response to their worries, he hears the phrases: “stop whining”, “stop complaining,” “after all, you’re a man or a woman.
  • The wife does not listen to her husband’s monologue to the end, she periodically interrupts her interlocutor. If a woman constantly insults and humiliates her husband, there can be no respect. Worse is when remarks are made in the presence of children or strangers.
  • One sign of disrespect for the head of the family is a smirk. A woman contemptuously pulls back the corners of her lips, showing contempt for her husband.
  • Disrespect manifests itself in the inability to appreciate the actions performed specifically for his beloved woman. The partner criticizes the desires of the other half in a disgruntled tone, convincing her that they are unnecessary, wrong, and insignificant.
  • The girlfriend ignores the rules of behavior established by the head of the family. She may defiantly violate them in the presence of children or guests. Failure to comply with the requirements of the spouse indicates a lack of respect for him or her.
  • The desire to shield her husband from the upbringing of the younger generation negatively affects mutual understanding in the family. Indignant female cries such as “don’t touch him,” “get away from the child,” “leave him alone,” imply the presence of the father’s detrimental influence on the children. Such statements undermine the authority of the head of the family.
  • Some women manipulate their significant other. They throw tantrums, blackmail, scandal. Can intimidate the deprivation of their children, threaten suicide.

How do you learn to respect a man?

It is the responsibility of two people to treat each other with respect. To cope with the problem of lack of respect for your husband, it is necessary to make certain efforts. Try to return his authority. The father must look in the eyes of the younger generation of real head of the family. It is important to recognize him as a leader. Treat with reverence to the male sexual power and physical abilities of his chosen one. Financial management is desirable to entrust the man. Let him give you only part of his income, and the bill deals with utilities himself. Major expenditures should also be managed by the head of the family.

Trust the decision of the breadwinner of the family. Listen to any opinion of the man. Do not stop him from speaking out. It is important for any woman to learn to control her own emotions. Keep yourself in control. The image of a tragic look and tears in your eyes can lead a man to think he is being manipulated. Don’t descend into yelling and insults. Don’t escalate the situation to a fight. Take care of your children’s psyche. Choose the right time to have a serious conversation. When your husband comes home first feed him a delicious dinner, and then discuss important issues. Do not yell at him from the doorstep. The man is tired at work, so he needs to rest. Also, do not start talking about sensitive topics just before the man leaves the apartment.

Before conducting a dialogue, warn about the approximate amount of time necessary to clarify the relationship. Do not organize tedious proceedings. Avoid arrogant tones in your voice. Answer the questions specifically, to the point.

Try to prevent imminent conflict by any means. You may defuse the tense atmosphere in the family with humor and appropriate jokes.

Consult with the man before committing any of his actions. Ask him, “Can I call you when you’re going somewhere late?” Share your feelings with your husband, “I was very upset that you didn’t keep your promise.” Instead of saying, “Get off my back,” say things like, “I need some time to recover.” Respect your husband’s interests and hobbies. The man must have personal space. Do not pester him with unnecessary questions, do not stick your nose into someone else’s phone, do not look over his shoulder in the computer, do not study with fondness diary.

Try to make his favorite favorite pleasant surprises at any opportunity. Have an unexpected romantic evening in candlelight. Invite a man to the shooting range, go-karting or skydiving. Do not forget about joint walks, trips, visits to sporting events. The whole family go to museums, theaters, concerts and all kinds of exhibitions. Discuss together a variety of plans, necessary purchases.

The man must also try to return the wife’s former attitude to him. It is necessary to show care for her and the children, to give them gifts, to make unusual surprises, to be a true gentleman. Read informative literature. Women are always interesting to spend time with well-read and literate people. Help in all things spouse, consider her point of view in solving various problems. Rejoice together in all her successes.

Regardless of age should keep yourself in good shape. Take care of and about sexual attractiveness. Try to please his girlfriend in everything. Do not forget to compliment. Admire the successful hair and a slender figure, praise her for a delicious dinner. Emphasizing the merits of your wife, you raise her self-esteem. A confident woman is able to show more respect to her husband.

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