How not to lose a boyfriend?

What should a girl know not to lose a boyfriend?

We are always defenseless in the moment when we love. Most girls strive for love unconsciously, because since childhood we are indoctrinated from all sides, here comes the time and love will come. Today’s tips for those who seek to know how not to lose a guy, to build a trusting relationship with him. Of course, based on love.

Do not lose the relationship with the guy, but build it according to all the rules.

Tip number one: never be picky and do not be jealous of your boyfriend.

Tormented by jealousy, devoured by suspicion girl, as a rule, quickly bored with his boyfriend. And, alas, the sacred flame of love very quickly turns into ashes. Not even your beauty, charm and love can save you. In principle, it’s simple – the law works, what you are most afraid of collapses on you. Or rather, you with your nagging, crying and recriminations ruin the relationship.

So, how to properly communicate your dissatisfaction.

  • First, think about the tone and choose the right words. Dialogue begins where people are willing to listen and hear each other.
  • Second, choose a place to talk and the right moment. The guy should be able to think about your words in a calm atmosphere, and therefore in his own territory.

Conclusion: try to get rid of jealousy and gain confidence in your relationship with your boyfriend.

Tip two: Don’t try to remake your partner and criticize

According to studies, this is one of the causes of unhappy marriages, which break up in 50% of cases. So if you want to save your relationship, don’t criticize the guy.

Surprisingly enough, for some reason we refrain from criticizing in the office, in the store, with strangers. And with family and friends can be harsh and criticized even for the slightest slip. For example, he forgot to tell you how well you look today, did not congratulate your mother on her birthday in the morning, is often late, little attention.

If we are honest, the relationship between a guy and a girl, often looks like a confrontation. After all, we are too different psyche and mindset. So guys often underestimate the importance of these small everyday signs of attention.

Tip number three: in order not to lose the guy, you have to constantly nurture your relationship.

And that means building trust. Generally, initially, any couple has common interests, views on life, hobbies for each other, sexual and emotional attraction. Therefore, it will be wise to have common leisure and entertainment. Try to lure your loved one to the gym, a dance studio or couples yoga classes. If you can handle it – well done.

There you will finally listen to his plans for the future, learn about his progress in his studies or work. Spending time together, celebrating and discussing common interests greatly advances the relationship.

Tip number four: Try always and everywhere to look stunning.

At the same time, don’t lose the playfulness and effortlessness you have. Cute accessories, unusual jewelry, fashionable style, flawless makeup will give confidence and increase self-esteem. And tenderness, romance, sexuality will emphasize your readiness and desire for a relationship. So, step by step you start the mechanism that will help to build a quality relationship in which the two will participate.

Tip number five

Read the article “How to make a guy fall in love with you” to find out what they like. Tip for guys: read how to get back in a relationship with an ex-girlfriend if you still care about her.

Conclusion. Unpredictability in a relationship is inspiring, but it’s also dangerous. Excitement, adrenaline, rivalry, jealousy, criticism all have a right to be in a relationship. But, if there is no love, it is not worth holding on and fighting this duel and fight for the relationship.

How to be the woman a man will never leave. How not to lose a guy. How to keep a relationship alive.

Everyone knows what the perfect husband should be – a blind, deaf-mute captain of the long haul. And what should a woman be so that a man will not even think of leaving her?

Of course, the man to become the one – the only – is not an easy task, but that does not mean that you can sit back and complain, and do nothing. No one can prevent you to take even one step toward perfection.

Be different.

At one time, Coco Chanel said that a woman, to become irreplaceable, must constantly change. This rule works and with a single man, especially if it comes not just a regular change of image. Be different – a little girl who wants to stroke the head and sit on his lap, mistress, mad about sex pleasures, a thrifty mistress, who is responsible for the family way, proud and unapproachable princess, one smile for which a man is not sorry to give half a kingdom. The most important thing – do not “get stuck” in a one hypostasis for a long time, change them! Predictability – that’s your greatest enemy, there is nothing worse than a woman whose husband knows her “as if she were dead” and can predict how she will behave and what she will say tomorrow, day after tomorrow, a year later.

2. Accept a man for what he is.

Remember that the first kiss or purple stamp in your passport – this is not an indulgence that gives you the right to any object transformation. Would you like it if a man began to endlessly make you comments, just because he knows you should or should not, or he wanted to play Pygmalion? Do not nag! Do not demand from your favorite full compliance with your ideal. Do not focus on his shortcomings, do not notice them, but gently and tactfully suggest other options. And praise every time he makes you happy (you can bring up not only men but also children in the same way).

3. be reliable.

Behave so that the man knows – he can rely on you in times of need, and you are there for him not only in joy, but also in sorrow. And instead of dropping a hail of recriminations at the moment when he knows himself that the fault, you will find him a word of encouragement. As practice shows, point #3 cannot be effective without point #2.

4. Love yourself

A woman who doesn’t love herself is certainly of interest to a man – but purely utilitarian. With her it is convenient, but the feelings that she has for a free housekeeper, cook, nanny, etc. the other half can hardly be called love. Pamper yourself and nurture (no, we are not talking about the fifth piece of cake and another box of chocolates, but about regular self-care and spiritual growth and development). If everything inside of you protests at the thought of “tearing away” the bit of time you spend with your loved one and/or children and spending it on yourself, consider this at your leisure:

1) What would happen if you actually risk doing it?

2) Who told you that you were nothing and when? And, finally, the third reason for reflection – analyze the history of your family – what were your grandmothers and great-grandmothers like? What was their purpose in the family, what kind of character traits did they have, how was their fate? Did they have to save someone (in the broad sense of the word)? Do you have a harsh need to continue to uphold family traditions and continue to “save” men and/or children?

5. Don’t be afraid to fight.

Ironically, conflict is a source of energy for a couple. So any notion that the ideal family is always “quiet and smooth” and no one ever finds out anyone, not only greatly exaggerated, but also frankly harmful to your relationship. Arguing is possible and necessary, the main thing at this point to forget the words “always” and “never” and discuss the specific case, and not remember everything that your man did “wrong” since the first meeting.

6. Don’t be your man’s friend.

About a year into the relationship, the “chemical” revolution that sparked passion in both of you ends peacefully. There is a great temptation to become a true friend to a man, a loyal companion, a mate, be interested only in what he is interested in. Harmless at first glance, the desire can be a source of problems. First, people who always do everything together, find themselves in a world of identical feelings: soon run out of topics for conversation, they will have nothing to talk about with each other. And secondly, how does the prospect of you becoming so close and intimate that sex with you begins to feel like incest (as if you are brother and sister, not husband and wife)?

7. Don’t forget about sex.

No one has canceled the basic instincts in marriage. Sex is just as important as sleeping and eating. Get creative with the process. Remember that it’s up to the drowning men (lips, and other body parts) to save them. If you don’t have your own ideas on how to do it, use one of ours. Let your life will be a place and planned (why not, a man needs an “anchor”) and spontaneous sex (his presence will not allow intimate relationships turn into an assembly line).

8. Keep the hearth.

“You must remember to prepare daily for your husband’s arrival from the service.

1) Prepare the children by washing them, brushing their hair, and dressing them in clean, dressy clothes. They should line up and greet their father as he walks through the door.

2) For such an occasion, put on a clean apron yourself and try to decorate yourself – for example, tie a bow in your hair.” “Keep dinner ready. Plan in advance (better the previous evening) to prepare tasty dishes for his arrival. This will demonstrate that you are thinking of him and are concerned about his needs. “Most men are hungry when they come home, and the prospect of a good dinner (especially if it’s his favorite dish) is a necessary part of a warm home comfort,” echoed the Australian authors who created the Homemaker’s Guide, an American magazine called Homemaker. To some, these principles from the middle of last century may seem ridiculous, but they have a rational basis. God be with him, with a bow, but a man likes to come back to a clean house, where they are waiting for him, where he smells of pies, comfort and peace reigns, regardless of the socio-political situation in the country, the dollar and the price of a barrel of oil.

9. Talk

“In the evening do not engage in conversation with your husband; remember how tired he is, and what he has to go to every day in the service for your sake. Feed him in silence, and only after he has read the paper can you try to talk to him,” is another excerpt from the same textbook we referred to in item #8. Indeed, it is not necessary from the door “dump” on her husband everything that happened in your day, but also to gloss over urgent problems, meaningful sighing, too no need. Talk to your loved one (just do not confuse him with a girlfriend) about what you care, but never, never start a conversation with the words: “Honey, we need to talk!

10. Strike a balance between “taking and giving.”

If you’re always giving without asking for anything in return, you feel like you’re the one who “should” all the time, and you should be the one feeling sorry for yourself and the one being the victim. In fact – it’s just an illusion, and in debt remains the other half. If you keep playing the self-sacrifice game, debt eventually turns into a yoke around your partner’s neck. The moment it becomes so heavy that there is no longer strength to carry it, the man usually leaves. If, on the contrary, you are constantly in the position of “taker”, the strength of a loved one will one day run out: there are no resources, there is only anger – at what he endured for so long. And then the relationship collapses like a house of cards. So take and do not forget to give back. Give and allow yourself to take.

A man’s point of view

From a man’s perspective, a woman who will never get dumped should.

Be smart, beautiful, cook good, talk little, so her head does not hurt, and the critical days were once a year – during the opening of the fishing season.

Know how to inspire, and do it in such a way that the man was always sure that he – the most successful, intelligent and beautiful. And at the same time do not forget that all this is thanks to his beloved.

It should be dominated by femininity and qualities such as kindness, purity, tolerance.

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