How not to call a man?

The initiative is punishable: 10 reasons not to call a man first.

A man, who met an assertive girl, will be happy – because in this case he will get his bonuses. But the one that made the first move, most likely, will be in a knowingly losing position!

Such leap of faith from myself, I did not expect! Fall in love with a casual acquaintance to loss of sleep and appetite – it is necessary to try. I tried my best, and now all I could think about was him, the owner of the cool chin with a dimple, whom I had met at the picnic a week ago.

I was sure that I made an indelible impression on the cool-beard, he did not move from me a step, laughed, as soon as I slightly opened my mouth, we danced a tango, kissed in the bushes, exchanged phones and fond glances goodbye, and in general it was in the hat, but he did not call me.

I was ready to smash myself to the ground, but I prohibited myself from even thinking about the numbers of his phone number. And I pinched my hand if it reached to like his picture on VKontakte. Two days later, things took a turn for the worse. I made a detailed wedding menu for ninety people and roared nonstop over it. A day later the poems came out. Natasha agreed to be a maid of honor. And I learned to sign his last name beautifully. But the scoundrel Cool Beard still showed no signs of life. Although sometimes he was online on social networks. I was gradually losing my human face, but stood my ground. Practical Mashka said: “Call me yourself, what’s in it for you? Olya – Miss Compromise – suggested I write a message. But I knew for sure that I should not be the first to remind myself! Because .

. they don’t call us for one of ten reasons:

1 reason

He didn’t like you.

Anton, 26: “I met Oksana at a club. And did not even count on such a quick victory – the girl was a real beauty. But we left the club together.

In bed a beautiful girl. I do not know if she really felt so good, or she was trying to make a good impression, but her screams were unbearable. I had to stop and ask her to be quiet every ten seconds. I was happy when she went home. I won’t call her back for anything!”

Paul, 26: “If a man doesn’t call for an extended period of time, he either doesn’t want to or can’t. There are no other reasons. Girls, leave the illusions! We can’t have a dead phone for three days, we can’t lose it or accidentally erase your number! If I like a girl, I will find a way to reach her”.


It’s hard to think of a more thankless role than that of a rejected applicant. Imagine – the stars aligned. You’re not his type. He forgot about you and thought, well, except that “if only this did not call long (short, fat, stupid, painfully clever, etc.). And then – zap, a phone call from you! That he will be glad!

2 reason

He liked you too much.

Igor, 24: “Dasha blew me away. Her face, figure, laughter – everything I dreamed of. And a very easy character. It seemed to me that I knew her for a hundred years. We met at a concert at the Cosmonaut and went for a walk. But I didn’t call her. I didn’t want to look like an idiot in love. She might have thought that I could be played any way she wanted. Or that I’d never seen a woman before, to go at her like that. I was going to call her a week later, but I figured she wouldn’t remember me. A month has passed and I think about Dasha all the time. I hope for a chance meeting.


You already know that the male logic is not inferior to the female in terms of originality? Your call he will easily interpret it as “she is testing the strength of his influence on me. And he won’t answer.

Reason 3.

Stresses the price

Renat, 31: “The more women have competitors, the more likely that she will want to enter into battle with them. My friend and I have an arrangement – when one of us goes on a date, the other calls him several times. And the one on the date pretends to have a conversation with the annoying girlfriend. The tactic works like clockwork!

And after the date, you have to shut up. The thought that she might lose such a valuable frame will not give the girl any peace.”


Stupid tactic! You don’t need a prize like that for nothing. I mean, he’s going to keep inviting more and more female athletes to compete. If you call the speculator back, it means that his overpricing scam was a success. But you can’t call your transaction a success!

4 reasons

He has a girlfriend

Sergey, 27: “I really love my girlfriend Masha. But recently at the X’s at my friend’s bachelor party, we crossed paths with Mila. Sultry brunette Mila looked like an erotic dream of any man. I agree that I’m an animal and a moral freak, but I slept with Mila that same night. Right in my car. Immediately after this process I began to feel a cruel sense of guilt. I dropped Mila off at home, covered my tracks and tried to forget about the stupid episode. But Mila found my phone through a mutual friend and bombarded me with fond text messages, saying that she had been waiting for me all my life! I’m really afraid that Masha will find out. Maybe I should change my number.”


Guys who disappear the morning after sex are much more common than we would like. Managed to fall in love with a sensation hunter and fighter against the family routine? Manage to get a grip on yourself! Self-self, not the phone.

5 Reason

Afraid you do not like it.

Ilya, 23: “We met these girls on the street. I immediately fell for Ira. She seemed to smile at me. But she seemed to look at my friend more often. We had a nice evening, we sat in a restaurant and exchanged phone numbers with Ira. But I didn’t call her. I did not feel much interest from her side. Although a friend, who began dating a girlfriend of Ira, said that she was asking about me. I will wait for the right opportunity – a holiday or a joint trip to make sure that I am really interested in her!


In general, a normal man is characterized by an unshakable confidence in his own irresistibility. And someone who doubts himself so much, can easily make you a fun life. Do you want to coddle him until your old age, convincing him of how good he is? Call now!

6 reasons

Keeps a face.

Dima, 30: “As long as you behave calmly and disinterestedly with her, everything is fine, the situation is under control. And the girl acts like a human being! But as soon as you show her that she means something to you, you immediately start acting capricious, controlling, showing off.


Cool, not needing calf tenderness macho partners are not for the faint of heart. But this macho material is what eventually makes the most harmless of wannabes. True, in the beginning you need to play along and not bother him with your calls.

7 Reason

Nikita, 27: “Even if I get to know Miss World, she will have to accept the fact that my life is completely packed with emotions. Sports, studies, rehearsals, work. A time for business, an hour for sex! After a date, it takes me two days to figure out where to fit the next one in. That’s the minimum. I never hurry with the calls and other communications.


Boys and girls’ bodies need different amounts of romance. We give ourselves over to love without reserve, and they cynically set aside time for it.

8 reasons not to call him first

No, we’re not saying you can’t do that at all. Very much it is possible, and in some cases – it is necessary. However, there are situations in which you should not call first. Or rather, this is one situation: he made you wait to call. How disgusting!

You’re exhausted waiting for him to call you.

This is the main reason you should never dial his number. Because you are mistaken if you think you can hide this fact. He will know perfectly well that you spent several hours constantly looking at the phone, and immediately think of himself as a prince. Why on earth would you feed his sense of self-importance?

You think he doesn’t like you.

So what? Do you want to test it? Imagine him answering your call to lazily broach, “Well, I don’t know, I’m so busy. Maybe some other time?” You absolutely don’t want to hear that, do you? So have patience: if nothing changes in a couple of days, cut him out of your mind and don’t ruin your self-esteem.

You think he has a girlfriend.

And you’re going to find out with one phone call. How? Oh, you should probably call him on a Sunday night: they’re probably sitting at home watching a soap opera. Of course he’ll drop the call, and that’s when you’ll know! And it’s not out of the question that he will: you call, he presses the call-button. Because that’s when his kitty cat gets his head stuck in the couch.

You worry if something has happened to him.

Fell down, woke up – a cast. Or they drugged him and took him to Samarkand. In fact, if something really happened to him, it’s not your concern yet, and your call will hardly make him happy. But most likely nothing has happened. He just doesn’t want to call you; stop imagining Martians who insidiously kidnapped him.

You think he already called, but the call didn’t go through.

Oh, yeah. The cell phone operator’s headquarters was also taken over by Martians and cut off communications to make it easier to enslave us. But your mom, your friend and the delivery guy from the online store got through for some reason.

You think he lost your phone.

In principle, this situation is possible, but only if Stirlitz is dead in you and you do not leave true information about yourself anywhere. First of all, in social networks. And if you have “Instagram (social network recognized as extremist and banned in the Russian Federation)” and “Facebook (social network recognized as extremist and banned in the Russian Federation)” – Do you think he wouldn’t have found you?

You got drunk.

You got drunk and thought, “Why not? I’m a modern young lady, what are these ancient prejudices to me? I want to, and I call! We explain what the catch: if you really were willing to just call him, you would have done it. And if this bright idea has visited you only now – you, dear, cut up. And you will not coquettishly coo into the tube, and sad mooing. At best.

You think that he does not call you on purpose.

He’s marinating on you, yeah. Using that nasty trick to make you think of him. Now he waits a little longer, and then he can take you warm. And then, bang, you ruin all his plans with a phone call. Know our people! All this is fine, of course, but you have to realize that if you call him, his plan succeeded. He just over-marinated you, it happens. Inexperienced, I guess. So if you want to break the scoundrel’s pattern, don’t call under any circumstances! Wait for his call, listen to his apology, and then respond with, “That’s very nice, of course, but who are you anyway?!”

And if you’ve read all of these 8 reasons and haven’t found one that seems valid to you, call. But better stock up on something yummy before you do it. Because you can be a modern young lady who spits on prejudice, easily. But you have to eat stress after all.

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