How not to bore a man?

How not to bore a man and keep the interest for a long time?

Some girls have a talent for not boring men, they know how to keep a man’s interest in him for a long time. Others bore and become boring literally for a couple of meetings.

What to do to never become boring to men? How not to bore a man in correspondence, as in communication and in real life? How to keep a man’s interest for a long time? And how to understand that you bore a man? You can learn about this in this article or in my free mini-course

The first thing not to bore a man in a relationship – is to make the man better to bore you than you – him.

The first rule of dealing with men is that no matter how wonderful a girl is, no matter how beautiful and sexy, no matter how smart and deep she is, sooner or later there comes a point when he gets tired of the girl. Especially if they are constantly texting, calling and chatting. To bore a man in correspondence is very easy. Just like in this kind of communication.

This is, in principle, obvious.

And then the next obvious rule in order to keep a man’s interest for a long time, is to interrupt communication a little earlier, even if you still want to communicate!

Here you can be guided by yourself (the man began to bore), as well as the signs of loss of interest in men. For example, he became distracted, he is thinking about something, boredom is on his face. If you are exchanging messages, you should reply for a long time, but very little and quite dry. And so on.

If you are thinking how not to bore a man in the correspondence, then answer his messages at least not immediately. Write a little less and not so emotional. Respond to the point, without too much emotion.

Write not only about yourself, but ask about his business. Not just “How are you”, to which the man will reply “Fine”, but for example: “How are your neighbors still making noise?” – If you were talking about the neighbors yesterday.

Or “How’s your cat, getting better?” if he told you the other day that the cat was sick.

The second thing not to bore a man is to not talk too much on the phone or Watsup between meetings in real life.

Here you met a man and the meeting was beautiful. The man was romantic, clever, tried very hard to please you, etc. So how do you behave now so that you don’t bore the man?

The question is, does it make sense to maintain intense communication by phone or texting between dates? Does it make sense to text a lot with a man?

Many girls love and just need a lot and almost to 3 am to communicate or to correspond with your loved one on the phone or by messages. In this case, most men are much less valuable such correspondence compared to the meetings in reality, and some do not need it at all and annoying.

I do not urge you to give up communicating by phone, WhatsApp or otherwise. But you have to realize that such communication can significantly reduce the interest of the man for personal meetings. (Except if the man is very far away, in another country)

In simple terms, why meet if everything has already been discussed on the phone? If you have already written about everything? The more you write and call a man, the less and less he is interested in real meetings.

In fact, it’s not all that sad and you can communicate, but not too much. Focus more on the man’s interest. If the communication is one-syllable, then don’t communicate. You can read the article “Is it worth it to write a man first.

Meetings in reality will be much better if there were not a few hundred messages between them in communication with each other.

Read about what other mistakes girls make during first meetings in my book “23 Mistakes with Men. Mistakes on First Dates” .

The third rule for keeping a man interested for a long time, try not to think too much about a man. Let him think about you.

A very common mistake that I encounter with girls during my training and consulting sessions. As a rule, a girl always thinks too much about the man she likes. This is not right. A man should think about you, not you about him, so that he will always remain interested. At the very least, he should think a lot more about you than you do about him. This is one of the signs that a man is in love with you. (For an article on how to tell if a man is in love, read “How to know if a man really loves you.”)

I think that’s a pretty obvious rule, too.

Conventionally, if you’re between meetings all the time thinking about him, constantly discussing a man with his girlfriends, constantly calling and corresponding with him, what will you say interesting and new at a meeting with a man?

What their affairs you can really do so that they make at least minimal progress if all you think about is a man?

Most likely, you won’t be able to do anything at all.

Then almost obvious advice in order not to bore a man. It is necessary on dates and meetings with a man to pay all the attention to him (if he deserves it), and at the end of the meeting to the maximum to forget and do their business.

Of course, his image will still be hovering in your head. But at least you yourself and force the process. Do not dream about the man, do not go to his social network, do not write him long letters, etc.

See my video below on how not to get hung up on a man

The fourth, and perhaps the most important thing right in order to keep a man interested. Try to “blow the brains” man less.

Bother your man by criticizing him, be constantly dissatisfied with what and how he does, constantly argue with him, teach him how to live his life.

You don’t even have to criticize a man. Maybe criticize his beliefs, his loved ones, etc.

Clearly, a man will tolerate both criticism and dissatisfaction from a woman for a while. But all of this will bore him 100 times faster than normal communication. Be sure to read the book “19 Mistakes with Men. How to make him love and respect you.

Fifth – is to try to be interesting.

If the man you are dating is your type, then it is not so difficult for him to be an interesting woman. At least a little something to study, talk to someone, do not lock yourself away in the children and home affairs too much. This is usually enough. You don’t have to get too caught up in it.

But if the man you are dating is higher than you on the social level, if he actively reads special literature, classics, learns a lot of new things, languages, actively advances in his career, etc., then it is highly desirable to make a leap in development over a period of time so that the gap is not too big. If you need help in keeping a man, ask for advice, I will be glad to help.

Do not think that if by virtue of appearance or enthusiasm or some other qualities, the girl is liked by a man, the question of a huge gap in the cultural level will never arise. Sooner or later, it will.

If with him and in his circle of acquaintances, you feel that you do not understand much, then it makes sense to make a small training program and do and do. If a man likes a girl, she has a huge advance in time to develop, an opportunity to take advantage of a man’s help, often his money, to overcome some difference in education or something else. But you have to take advantage of that advance.

Above I gave five simple rules on how not to bore a man and keep his interest. Of course, there can be much more advice. After all, the most important piece of advice (book size) is to become an interesting girl. Interesting not only with theoretical knowledge, but with skills that are valuable in life. But about that another time. If you still have questions or need help with your relationship with a man, feel free to contact me. There’s also a 30-minute trial consultation on the website.

Harmony forever: 9 ways not to bore a man in a relationship

His passion for you will not soon disappear if you take our advice.

Men are too fickle characters, and they can’t stand routine. No, of course, he will hardly leave you if you bore him; rather, he will have a mistress. But not to start a relationship from the beginning? Anyway, if he gets bored with you, a lot of things will change, and therefore your task is to prevent it.

A course in cognitive psychology.

You’ll learn how to get rid of the thoughts in your head that are ruining your life. You’ll see how to help yourself with stress, anxiety and worry. You’ll learn to understand your emotions and feelings. Find your way to peace of mind.

Men today also need a relationship. And it’s not even that they’ve suddenly become more serious. It’s just that a permanent partner is much more comfortable. He does not have to constantly look for sex, and a close person nearby is always very helpful. So for a permanent relationship looking for not so much a beautiful girl, but interesting. But when the first attraction passes, it is difficult to maintain the same interest. What to do and how not to bore your man?

9 simple ways not to bore your man, living with him

What can you do yourself, how to behave so as not to lose his passion and love? These simple secrets will help you choose the right path so that he does not fall out of love with you.

Stay Yourself

He chose you and fell in love with you for a reason. He saw you as a person, an interesting person and a nice woman. And also – a reliable companion of life, which will always inspire and support at any time, even when he would be very bad. Trying to play someone completely senseless, and that is definitely not what you need to do not to bore a man. He’s going to figure you out anyway, and if he does, he’ll be disappointed. It’s like if you bought a candy bar, but unwrapped the wrapper, you saw a toffee. And it’s not that toffee is bad, but you just do not like that kind of candy. Constant pretending – it’s very boring and quickly get tired of him.

Change for the better.

This point does not contradict the previous one. The lack of progress and self-development even faster can lead to the fact that you bore him, and he prefers to find you a replacement.

Less emotions and words.

A man prefers to do everything himself. Including love. And also to make decisions. Overly enterprising girls who want to give a man to understand what he is wrong and what to do, are doomed to be soon replaced by a quieter lady. The same goes for those women who pour out all their emotions on a man, no matter how much they relate to him or whether he can change anything. Do you really think that throwing him a tantrum is going to do any good? He may put up with it once or twice, but no more.

Make him love with his ears.

Men are very sensitive to what you say about them and how they feel around you. They critically need you to constantly encourage them by telling them they are the best. However, women make the mistake, time after time, of claiming that a man is nothing. Moreover, accusing him of everything you can accuse him of.

Less drama.

This, of course, can be quite amusing at first, but then he gets bored very quickly. Men tend to have a hard time with constant figuring things out, so if you want to keep your man from getting bored, try to treat every situation more soberly.

Give him space.

They really need it. If you become too much in his life, he will get tired of you very quickly. Men like to make their own decisions, and she prefers girls to be self-sufficient. After all, it’s very exciting when your partner is a separate and interesting person, rather than belonging to you wholeheartedly.

Give up trying to change him.

This is doubly inappropriate. First, so you will lose him very soon. Secondly, if you are not happy with him anyway, then why waste your time? It is much easier to find a person who meets your requirements, and do not torture yourself or him.

Do not be a pain in the neck.

A woman who is completely uninterested in anything, and fixated on the same things, there is little that can surprise or amaze anyone. Routine kills relationships, and especially love men. How not to bore a man, living next to him? Just break the routine, say nice things to him, think of something interesting, and be varied.

Let him live his own life

Before he met you, he was doing something, communicating with someone, liking something and being into something. And that doesn’t mean that everything has to change radically after you meet him. This is the most common mistake women make, which allows them to bore a man much sooner than they could have. In a relationship, it is much more correct to consider each other as separate, self-sufficient individuals who make their own decisions. You should behave with him in a way that does not allow him too much pressure.

Best thing you can do to make your relationship was harmonious, and your man’s interest in you has never waned – it’s to be yourself, to continue to burn and please him. He did love you for something – and your task – to find out why, and keep these qualities. And then your love will not be threatened.

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