How not to bore a guy?

How not to bore your man: 5 useful habits

“Popatrosyl and dumped” – this is a past age. A man needs a serious and long-term relationship no less than a woman, according to modern psychologists. You just need to know under what conditions a man’s interest survives, what he eats, how to care for him, scratch him and how not to iron against the wool.

1. The magic word

Guess what word acts like an aphrodisiac on a man? Sends him the message “I’m only thinking of you and no one else”? What does a man just need to hear regularly because it’s the cherished word that indulges his instinct to compete and win?

The answer: his own name.

“Bunnies” and “Sunnies” also do a useful job: no one will call him that but you. But to completely displace the name of the husband/partner with affectionate nicknames (and even more so to remember him only in a moment of anger: “Vasily! You didn’t take out the trash again!”) is a big mistake.

Here are a couple of tricks involving the name:

  • Are you suddenly feeling a rush of desire? Hint to him about it, in the middle of the sentence call him by his name, but before and after, pause for a second or two: “I was thinking, . Vasya, . that we still have a whole half hour before the guests arrive!”
  • Coo his name when you want him to focus on you. “Sometimes during the caressing, I notice that Dima has withdrawn into himself. Then I start moaning his name, and it’s like he comes back to reality, to what’s going on between us.”

2. Do you have the key in your pocket? Or.

Don’t underestimate the power of unexpected touch, psychologists assure. By stimulating your nerve endings at a moment when your man least expects it, you create a positive physical connection that makes him want more. And even better: he gets “hooked” on such moments and starts dreaming about them when you’re not around.

Don’t miss the right moment to “accidentally” touch him. Need the keys he carries in his front pants pocket? Slip your hand in there and slowly pull it out. Don’t ask to pass the salt – reach for it yourself by touching his shoulder with your chest. Don’t walk past him in a room full of guests – snuggle up and squeeze through.

3. save information.

A funny male quality: the less you talk, the more interesting you are to them. You just want to pour it all the details of life in the office or your emotions about the plot twist in your favorite TV series? Take your time. The harsh truth is that men can not stand a lot of details. That’s why they don’t often like to give a step-by-step account of themselves, either.

  • “If I answer the question, ‘How was your day,’ I wave it off, ‘Oh, nothing much. It was just like a day. Worked, then with the girls ran to a cafe, “- my husband expressed a desire to hear everything in detail. And since he asked, he listens much more attentively. – С., 27.

To capture his attention, first let him know what the talk is about, and then wait a few seconds until he has a question about what’s next. For example: “I met the Petrovs at the store. ” (pause) . If you start to swim him in a sea of information, he will quickly lose the thread, so “Barsik ran out of food, I had to go and buy, and at the same time I took onions and potatoes, then stood in line at the register, I see – in front of me stand Petrovs” – is a bad option.

4. Give him the right compliments

Men don’t fall for obvious flattery (a rare guy would ask, “Honey, doesn’t that shirt make me look slimmer?”). But who of them does not like it when the woman he loves appreciates what he does and how he does it? So a proper compliment to a man is to praise his skills and the effort expended.

  • “When I say, ‘Wow, how great you scrubbed the stove! Now it makes me want to cook!”-he always waves it off and says it’s nothing, but I can see how pleased he is.” – М., 31.

5. Remember everything.

Think about those times when you first fell in love. What reminds you both of that time? Figure it out, and you’ll find a recipe for adding oil to the fire of love.

  • “The smell of sunscreen and seafood makes me want my wife. The combination takes me back to my youth, when we met during vacations at sea, sunbathing all day and catching crayfish.” – П., 38.

Do you want that effect? Buy the same perfume, suggest he go to places from your shared past, or put a pot of geraniums on your window that smell like the flowers on his grandmother’s balcony where you first kissed. It should work.

Harmony forever: 9 ways not to bore a man in a relationship

His passion for you will not soon disappear if you use our tips.

Men are too fickle characters, and they can’t stand routine. No, of course, he will hardly leave you if you bore him; rather, he will have a mistress. But not to start a relationship from the beginning? Anyway, if he gets bored with you, a lot of things will change, and therefore your task is to prevent it.

A course in cognitive psychology.

You’ll learn how to get rid of the thoughts in your head that are ruining your life. You’ll see how to help yourself with stress, anxiety and worry. You’ll learn to understand your emotions and feelings. Find your way to peace of mind.

Men today also need a relationship. And it’s not even that they’ve suddenly become more serious. It’s just that a permanent partner is much more comfortable. He does not need to constantly look for sex, and a close person nearby is always very helpful. So for a permanent relationship looking for not so much a beautiful girl, but interesting. But when the first attraction passes, it is difficult to maintain the same interest. What to do and how not to bore your man?

9 simple ways not to bore your man, living with him

What can you do yourself, how to behave so as not to lose his passion and love? These simple secrets will help you choose the right path so that he does not fall out of love with you.

Stay true to yourself.

He chose you and fell in love with you for a reason. He saw you as a person, an interesting person and a nice woman. And also – a reliable companion of life, which will always inspire and support at any time, even when he would be very bad. Trying to play someone completely senseless, and that is definitely not what you need to do not to bore a man. He’s going to figure you out anyway, and if he does, he’ll be disappointed. It’s like if you bought a candy bar, but unwrapped the wrapper, you saw a toffee. And it’s not that toffee is bad, but you just do not like that kind of candy. Constant pretending – it’s very boring and quickly get tired of him.

Change for the better.

This point does not contradict the previous one. The lack of progress and self-development even faster can lead to the fact that you bore him, and he prefers to find you a replacement.

Less emotions and words

A man prefers to do everything himself. Including love. And also to make decisions. Overly enterprising girls who want to give a man to understand what he is wrong and how to do, are doomed to be soon replaced by a quieter lady. The same goes for those women who pour out all their emotions on a man, no matter how much they relate to him or whether he can change anything. Do you really think that throwing him a tantrum is going to do any good? He may put up with it once or twice, but no more.

Make him love with his ears.

Men are very sensitive to what you say about them and how they feel around you. They critically need you to constantly encourage them by telling them they are the best. However, women make the mistake, time after time, of claiming that a man is nothing of himself. Moreover, accusing him of everything you can accuse him of.

Less drama.

This, of course, can be quite amusing at first, but then he gets bored very quickly. Men tend to have a hard time with constant figuring things out, so if you want to keep your man from getting bored, try to treat every situation more soberly.

Give him space.

They really need it. If you become too much in his life, he will get tired of you very quickly. Men like to make their own decisions, and she prefers girls to be self-sufficient. After all, it’s very exciting when your partner is a separate and interesting person, rather than belonging to you wholeheartedly.

Give up trying to change him.

This is doubly inappropriate. First, so you will lose him very soon. Secondly, if you are not happy with him anyway, then why waste your time? It is much easier to find a person who meets your requirements, and do not torture yourself or him.

Do not be a pain in the neck.

A woman who is completely uninterested in anything, and fixated on the same things, there is little that can surprise or amaze anyone. Routine kills relationships, and especially love men. How not to bore a man, living next to him? Just break the routine, say nice things to him, think of something interesting, and be varied.

Let him live his own life.

Before he met you, he was doing something, communicating with someone, loving something and being into something. And this does not mean that after your acquaintance, everything should change radically. This is the most common mistake women make, which allows them to bore a man much sooner than they could have. In a relationship, it is much more correct to consider each other as separate, self-sufficient individuals who make their own decisions. You should behave with him in a way that does not allow him too much pressure.

Best thing you can do to make your relationship was harmonious, and your man’s interest in you has never waned – it’s to be yourself, to continue to burn and please him. He did love you for something – and your task – to find out why, and keep these qualities. And then your love will not be threatened.

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