How not to be shy around a guy?

How to overcome shyness around a guy you like

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Can’t you just tolerate being so embarrassed in the presence of the guy you like? You can’t take a step or say a word and just stand there staring at him? Even worse, if being with him, you just think about your shyness, and that you do not know what to do. Yes, so that the howling wolf!

Find out how you behave and how you look like when you find yourself next to your lover. You can even ask friends to tell you what you look like when he’s around. Do you suddenly blush when you meet him? Do you start to shake? Is your heart pounding? Does your whole body feel hot or cold or shivery? You can ask a friend to give you feedback whenever this happens to you in his presence.

Know and remember that if the guy you like sees you in this state, he can guess how you feel. But you don’t want that, because you’re not ready for the next step. And you’re not ready because you’re reading this article and you don’t know what to do even just in his presence.

Whenever you meet your date, whether it’s casually in a store, at school with friends or in private or anywhere else, stay calm and focus your attention on something else. You need to find something that will take your attention away from this guy. For example, let’s say you have homework to do. Look in your notebook and check to see if you’ve done it all right. Or if you’re in a store, just start looking at the rows of products and think about what you want to buy. And if you’re with your friends, don’t look in his direction; just try to stay calm and balanced – chat with everyone and listen to what your friends are talking about. Try to act like he’s not there. Slowly but surely, you will begin to overcome your embarrassment.

If you think too much about your lover, and maybe even dream about him, try to think about him as little and as little as possible every day. Then, when you meet him, you will not see it as an event of cosmic proportions. Do it gradually, it will not work fast. It might take you 3 days, maybe even a week. But it’s GREAT to help!

Overcome his shyness and learning to feel more comfortable in the presence of his beloved, continue to be POSITIVE. Take care of your appearance, but remain yourself and don’t change who you are as a person. This will help you feel better about yourself and feel better about yourself. Your lover will only pay attention to you if you are very positive, confident, smart and outgoing when you are around him!

Ask your friends (especially those you trust) to help you get over your embarrassment and start talking to this guy. For example, when you’re all together, ask them: “Do I look good? ” and of course they will tell you an honest and truthful answer – “Yes!”- rather than something far-fetched.

Find something that you and this guy have in common, and if it’s an activity, ask him if he would participate in a related activity. If it’s music, ask him if he’s going to a concert or if he’s listened to a new band album!

Pretend he’s just a regular guy. Try to treat him like one of your friends or family members.

Improve your self-esteem: how to stop being shy and open up in conversation and in bed


Often there are situations when a girl or a guy is constantly present feeling shy in front of people of the opposite sex. At a certain age, this can be perceived as a serious problem that prevents the construction of serious relationships. If this is the case, it is necessary to work on the situation, because the long-term maintenance of the status quo contribute to the formation of deep complexes that will have a negative impact on later life. Let’s look at how to stop being shy: what ways exist for girls and guys, as well as adults.

How to stop being shy with a guy

Most people are always shy one way or another when getting acquainted with the opposite sex. For some – shyness manifests itself strongly, while for others – it is practically not expressed. To live happily, you need to stop being shy and become sociable.

Life is complicated precisely from excessive feelings of shyness. Since it absolutely eliminates the possibility of making new acquaintances with young people, you need to know methods how to stop being shy with a guy. To begin with, you need to determine exactly at what point the girl begins to have problems.

If you like him

A common situation: a girl can not communicate with a young man she likes, with whom she is not yet familiar, but wants to communicate.

In this case, you can take a few steps that will help you understand how not to be shy with a guy:

  1. Usually, young men themselves approach when they notice a girl’s interest in them. At this point, you need to suppress panic, to understand that everyone can make a mistake, say something unnecessary, and there is nothing wrong with that. Therefore, you should not pretend to be a different person, hiding your excitement.
  2. To stop embarrassing boys, it is strictly forbidden to think that a certain word should not have been uttered, a certain movement should not have been made and in general, that the act was extremely stupid. You just have to listen to the guy, and not dig in your head.
  3. If during a conversation there was some silly situation, you need to laugh about it yourself, rather than wait for someone else to do it. In this case get to avoid laughter from others. Do not forget that guys should always feel more powerful, and therefore a slight stutter can seem very cute. And a little laugh over such a mishap will look even charming in his eyes.
  4. If you like him, but during the acquaintance panic begins, you need to refer to the busyness, leave your phone number and quietly leave. The second communication will be more relaxed, because a step towards each other has already been made.

Having found out how to stop being shy with a guy you like, it is important to study the topic of shyness with a partner with whom you have already started a relationship.

How to loosen up with the one with whom you meet

Awkward situations and long silences sometimes happen when a guy and a girl just start dating. A fairly simple, but effective way to loosen up and stop being shy is to find common ground faster. It’s about common topics and hobbies. If there is no common ground, you can lie a little. Girls on forums have repeatedly stated that this is the most effective way to not be shy with a guy I meet.

If there was a hitch in communication, you can ask the young man to tell an interesting story about his life, and then tell a similar one from your own experience. This is another way to help you stop feeling shy about the guy you’re dating by finding something in common.

How to Accept Your Body

The situation is complicated if a girl feels quite confident in communication, but is afraid to move into an intimate relationship because of the flaws in her body, which she considers obvious. There are even situations when the partner is completely undressed, and she asks him to turn away and she does not dare to show him without clothes.

In this case you need to know how to stop being ashamed of your body, to accept it. Usually the problem lies only in the head.

You should always remember that the guy intentionally made a choice – he asked you out on a date, and then – on the second and third. This means that he likes what he sees. Being aware of this thought often helps to become more confident.

If a girl thinks that she has too prominent belly, too fat legs or generally she is not the first beauty, it does not mean that in the eyes of a young man she is. When in the first days of dating a guy compliments on the appearance and figure, it certainly means that he is satisfied with your body.

You can always work on your flaws through jogging and fitness. Changed appearance will give additional confidence, and the problem with how not to be embarrassed about your body will disappear.

Fitness classes can help you correct your figure.

How to get confidence in bed with your partner

To know all the charms of a full relationship between a man and a woman, you need to learn how not to be shy in bed, to gain confidence. After all, young people often find it difficult when they have their first intercourse or have had sex only a few times. Lovers have too little experience, they are not used to expose the soul and body in front of a partner.

In order not to be shy in bed with a partner, the girl needs to prepare:

  1. Beautiful underwear will excite not only the guy, but also the seductress herself. Self-esteem will increase dramatically. So you need to go to the store and find the sexiest, but also comfortable outfit. So anyone will feel like a goddess in bed.
  2. Practice – the key to success in the question of how to stop being shy of your body in bed. Leaving alone in the apartment, you need to take off all your clothes and walk naked. At first glance it seems a strange advice, but it’s a good way to cope with discomfort. At first it will be uncomfortable, but after 10 minutes you will notice a feeling of liberation, self-confidence.
  3. Do not forget about the hair. First, silky hair after the salon will like the guy, and secondly, perfect styling increases a woman’s confidence.
  4. It is necessary to wind up on your own, so that after you stop being embarrassed by the guy during intimacy. For example, you can slowly rub the body with aromatic oil, lingering in the intimate areas.

These practical tips will help you stop being shy with a guy in bed.

How to stop being shy with your husband in bed

It seems that the dating, the bouquet and candy period, and even the marriage are behind us. But there are situations when a woman needs to figure out how to stop being shy in bed with her husband. This happens if the wife begins to doubt their sexuality, for example because of the appearance of excess weight or wrinkles.

To stop shy husband in bed in the first place to understand that he can not constantly talk about the shortcomings. In most cases, he did not notice them.

Useful tip: You need to trust your partner. If he says compliments, praises the figure or specific body parts, you should take it as a rock-solid truth.

In any case, if a woman is not happy with any part of her body, she just needs to work on it, not talk about it. The right way to how not to be shy in bed with your beloved husband is to exercise and switch to a proper diet.

Also, a wife begins to feel shy about her husband in bed if she notices that he is watching pornographic movies of a particular kind (something that is not present in real sex life). In this case, you can try to learn something you haven’t tried before. If it looks appropriate to the wife on the screen, you just have to try to create the same situation in real life. If you don’t try it, the idea will settle in your head that all the women in the world know how to do it, and you are the only one who doesn’t.

To learn not to be embarrassed by your husband, you need to get rid of deeper problems. If there was a stiffness and other uncomfortable situations, you need to see a psychologist. He will help get rid of the blackness of the past, which was stored in his head for many years.

Be confident in your irresistibility

How to stop being shy with girls

Many guys have some difficulty in dating the opposite sex. It is necessary in time to figure out how not to be shy with girls, so that it does not interfere with life.

  1. Peculiarities of upbringing. If a young man grows up without a father in the family, then he has nowhere to take an example of male character. He has a poor sense of masculinity. Or both parents were too strict, which led to a sense of constant insecurity.
  2. Past failures. The child may have been raised correctly, but he also had a negative experience with the opposite sex. Usually such situations occur in kindergarten or elementary school. Girls may have rejected the young man, or laughed at him for various reasons. This sits firmly in the mind, because the failures in communication began in early childhood.

Any situation can be remedied with a few steps. They are difficult for an indecisive young man, but it is better to begin to deal with the problem than to ignore it.

Here are some tips on how to stop being shy with girls, following which you can gain confidence in communication:

  1. Approach any 20 girls and say a simple “Hello” to them. Preferably with a smile. It is not necessary to stop and continue the conversation.
  2. The next step is to walk up to the other 20 strangers and ask them how to get to any place (library, theater). It doesn’t matter if the girl tells you the right direction. The important thing in this situation is that the guy walks up to the woman and says more than one word.
  3. Next do 20 compliments. The scheme is similar: go through about 20 strangers and praise their hair, figure, clothes. The tone of the conversation is upbeat. After that you can wish them a good day and just go on about your business without waiting for an answer.
  4. Ask 20 girls for their female opinion (what gift to give your sister or mother, whether your neighbor will like flowers).

The plus side of every training situation is that women won’t reject the guy because he’s not claiming their attention or phone number.

How not to be afraid of people and become a more outgoing person

Being able to communicate with people is the most important human skill that will come in handy in any relationship. If a person is too uptight, they need to learn exactly how to stop being shy of people and become a more outgoing person.

There are several methods to help one become more confident:

  1. At first, it is advisable to plan the topic of conversation in advance if you need to strike up a conversation with someone. Communication is an art that can be mastered over time. Making a plan in advance will help to avoid awkward silences.
  2. To stop being afraid of people and shy to communicate, you need to identify all negative thoughts. If a person thinks they are strange, irresponsible, or boring, this will interfere with communication.
  3. Once the negative thoughts are found, you need to get rid of them. In order to no longer shy away from communicating with people, first, you should admit that they have settled in your head. After that, visualize them in your imagination. Imagine them disappearing. Next, you need to redirect the negativity in a positive direction. For example, if a person is afraid to communicate with others because he/she thinks he/she is ugly because of obesity, it is necessary to think not about being overweight, but about joining a gym, switching to healthy foods and becoming a confident person.
  4. To not be embarrassed by people and to communicate fully with those around you, you can list your positive attributes. After all, women and men spend so much time looking for flaws that they forget about the positive aspects of character or appearance.
  5. And the most important part of how to loosen up and stop being shy in communication is to be yourself and not to compare yourself with other people. This is one of the main reasons why a person begins to fixate on flaws.

Once the insecurity passes and the person can start talking, he still needs to work on his body language – not to cross his arms, take them out of his pockets, learn to keep eye contact.

These tips are enough to figure out how to become sociable and not shy.

Is there something wrong with my voice?

There are people who feel insecure because they once heard the sound of their own voice in a recording and didn’t like it. This fact can develop certain complexes and create difficulties in communicating with others.

Advice on how not to be self-conscious about your voice: realize that this is a common problem that many people face. It is not necessary to emphasize it. In fact, to those around you, a particular person’s voice sounds perfectly normal.

The fact is that sound goes through a complex processing by the brain before a person hears it. The signal coming from one’s own body and the one that comes from external sources are perceived quite differently. This is the reason why one perceives one’s own voice somewhat differently than it really is. This does not mean that it seems strange to others.

To stop being embarrassed by your voice, you just need to take this information into account.

How to increase self-esteem

An effective way to boost self-esteem is to achieve results in a cause one is interested in. For example, if you are interested in sports, you should get a medal or lift a lot of weight. In that case, self-esteem will increase by itself. There is also motivational literature that can be found and studied.

Self-esteem can be corrected even on your own

How to love yourself

There are a few basic ways to figure out how to love yourself:

  1. Find the source of self-loathing and get rid of it.
  2. Forgive the abusers who have left a mental wound in the past.
  3. Accept your body, start taking care of it, train it.
  4. Get rid of negative thoughts and don’t underestimate your self-esteem.
  5. Understand that self-esteem does not depend on the people around you.
  6. It is strictly forbidden to compare yourself with strangers.

How to become self-confident

Sometimes in life there are situations when the self-esteem falls sharply. In such a case, you need to know how to become confident again.

Experts say that to do this, it is enough to perform three steps: Recognize the causes of insecurity to themselves and accept them, eliminate them (using different methods, including visiting a psychologist), enjoy the results of their work.

How to develop leadership qualities

To develop the qualities of a leader, you must first of all discipline not others, but yourself, and then purposefully train in the following directions:

  1. Taking more responsibility than before.
  2. Learning to see the big picture, anticipating problems.
  3. Inspire people by example and motivational speeches.
  4. Having achieved specific goals, one must not stop; the leader must continually improve and be better than others.


Relationship problems when communicating with the opposite sex usually sit deep in a person’s head. In order not to be shy, you need to accurately identify the causes of stiffness and conduct a specific, but sometimes very hard work with yourself. As a result, a person will be able to loosen up and enjoy communicating with the opposite sex, to know all the joys of relationships.

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