How not to be jealous of a girl?

How to stop being jealous of a girl

She might just smile at someone on the street or stay late at work and you already suspect her? Are you constantly fighting the urge to check her phone, social media, and even her work email? Does the mere thought of her having male friends to spend her free time with make you furious?

Initially, your girlfriend may be pleased that you’re jealous of her. But, after a while, your control will get boring and may even be the reason for your breakup. So how do you stop being jealous of your girlfriend?

Take it easy. Any girl will be at your feet! Only at your feet. Get a working model of behavior with a girl and become a leader in the relationship!

How to stop being jealous of a girl

Understand one fact. The only reason you’re jealous is because you’re insecure. Yes, it is. You don’t believe me, close the article and go on to ruin your relationship.

Only self-loathing and self-doubt cause you to feel jealous. And everything you feel is because of you.

In the case where the girl herself gives a reason and flirts with others, your only way out is to leave her and find yourself a normal faithful young lady.

In all other cases, the reason is your insecurity.

1. Why are you jealous?

Yes, because you’re not pumped. You do not like your appearance, you see flaws in yourself, your appearance and figure. And you do nothing to fix them.

Maybe you don’t make enough money and feel disadvantaged because of it. And you also do nothing to improve your skills, change jobs, or ask for a raise. You sit around and whine about it.

You also probably don’t have much experience with girls. You’ve met yours and are insanely happy to have her. But what happens now? That’s right, you’re very afraid of losing her.

You think that if she leaves, you’ll be alone forever. Or you won’t be able to find a nice girl like her. Or you won’t be able to love anyone like her. You think that breaking up with her will be akin to the end of your life.

And you are jealous of her at every pole in this fear. You think you are inferior to others. So you think she’ll be stolen by someone better than you. And you know what? They will.

And you probably have a lot of free time, since you have time to spend it on jealousy, not on pumping yourself up, your skills and your personality.

2. What happens if you keep getting jealous?

You’ll get to the stage of paranoia and suspect her of cheating every minute. Call, text, likes on Instagram – all this intrigues lovers. And she didn’t go to her mom’s house, she went to get laid. And on Saturday she’s not scheduled for a manicure, but to get laid. And everyone goes not to work, but to fuck.

You’re going to try to limit her, try to control her life. And that will drive the girl crazy. That will quickly drive any sane person to the brink.

Freedom and trust are very important in a relationship. But as long as you’re jealous, you’re not giving her that.

Jealousy is a shitty quality that will ruin your relationship. And in general, it’s a pointless quality. Why? Because it does nothing but harm.

If she’s not going to cheat on you, you’ll finish her off with your tantrums and inhibitions. And you’ll drain everything that’s between you.

If she really wants to cheat, she will. And you probably won’t even know about it. So stop suffering bullshit!

3. How to stop being jealous of a girl:

  • Rocking Yourself. Read this article on how to properly pump yourself up as a man and come to me for help. Get rid of insecurities and fears. That and the way to stop being jealous.
  • Trust her. Trust is very important. And if you’re suspicious of her all the time, the young lady can’t handle your pressure. You don’t have to lock her in a cage, she won’t be happy with you on those terms. Do you want that?
  • She’s already chosen you over all the others. What the hell are you doubting her for anyway? Your girl had a hundred chances to choose any man for herself. You don’t think she had other suitors? She did. But no, she’s with you. So appreciate that and realize that she’s with you for a reason. She’s with you because she wants to be. So don’t take that away from her.

You know what I mean? Don’t waste your time with meaningless feelings and tantrums. Don’t spoil the blood of your beloved. Get busy with yourself, pump up your confidence and your faith in yourself. Love yourself, and you’ll notice that you’re no longer afraid of her being taken away. Because how can you walk away from such a handsome man?

How do you stop being jealous of a girl?

Jealousy – burning inside feeling, which is known to almost every member of mankind. Surprisingly, jealousy is inherent not only in us humans, but also animals. Jealousy can ruin the life of not only the one who is jealous, but also the one who is jealous. The relationship of a couple in which one of the partners is jealous is not to be envied. An exhausting feeling does not allow a quiet life, constant suspicion draws in the imagination of terrible pictures of treason, from which a jealous man experiences the gamut of negative emotions, destroying the body in the truest sense, the excessive release of stress hormones in the blood.

Now we look at the differences between jealousy in men and women, and how to stop jealousy girl.

Female jealousy

Where do the roots of female jealousy come from?

A woman is inherently considered realized when she has taken place as a wife and mother.

Tired of endless arguments, tantrums and suspicions, a man may, in fact, make love on the side, which does not exhaust his nerves as a spouse and does not harass him with jealousy.

It is not uncommon for men to leave jealous wives.

The result – a woman afraid to stay abandoned, so jealous.

Why is a man jealous? After all, a man is usually more self-sufficient and realized in this world than a woman, and if a man leaves his wife, he will certainly cope himself.

Male Jealousy.

Male jealousy is even more dangerous and scary than female jealousy. Bruised male ego sometimes leads to very dire consequences.

Man by nature – the hunter and conqueror.

Treason beloved woman – this is a drop in masculine dignity, male ego, male self-esteem.

How do you stop being jealous of a girl?

Some psychologists argue that jealousy is an agonizing doubt about one’s love.

It is possible that psychologists are right about something. But what is it that makes one person painfully doubt another person’s love?

That’s right, it is low self-esteem.

Jealousy stems from low self-esteem, complexes, insecurities, fears and phobias.

If you’re jealous of your girlfriend, try to understand yourself and understand what exactly is involved in your jealousy, what situation preceded the fact that you became jealous. Think back to your childhood, analyze whether you received enough love as a child from your mom, and support from your dad? Or maybe your younger or older brother was loved more by his parents than you?

It is not easy to be a jealous person, because jealousy poisons your life. It is necessary to remember that jealousy poisons the life of not only you but also of the person you are jealous. So try as soon as possible to solve the problem and not poison the life of either yourself or your loved one.

It is not uncommon when a jealous young man (or husband) for a long time harassing the girl with his jealousy, provoked her infidelity. After all, by accusing her of cheating, you’ve already insulted and humiliated her, so why shouldn’t she start conforming to who you think she is! This is no joke now, there are actually quite a few such examples. So give it some thought.

The last few months of life on our planet show us that we need to live every moment as brightly and consciously as possible, to appreciate and love our loved ones, to cherish them, to give them love and care. Jealousy takes away precious months and years that you could spend in love and happiness, filled with unforgettable moments, the memory of which gives strength to live even when breathing is difficult …

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