How does the Taurus man check the girl?

Taurus man tests you: understanding the games he plays (3+ subtle ways)

Are you wondering if a Taurus man is playing games with you in your life?

It’s typical for this sign to do so during a relationship – and perhaps you’d like to know what’s going on?

If so, this is the guide for you.

This article will reveal 13 clear signs that a Taurus man is testing you.

However, before these signs show up, I need you to read the following story carefully.

I recently discovered a major aspect of male psychology that is important for women in relationships to understand.

If you can activate this psychological trigger, it often triggers strong emotions in him. You can expect him to feel an amazing sense of power and strength, which will bring him closer to you.

This psychological tic is called the “hero instinct”-and it is incredibly persistent. Men of all ages and cultures seem to follow this line of thinking.

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If you have a difficult relationship with a Taurus, this could be the solution to your problems. You need to understand how the male mind works.

Since Taurus men are pretty picky, chances are he’ll stick with a simple friendship if he feels you’re not right for him. On the contrary, the following ways in which a Taurus man can test you will help you better handle the situation and keep him attracted to you.

Four ways to find out how a Taurus man will test you

He’ll be observing you.

There are many qualities that guys with this zodiac sign display, and one of them includes independence. These types of guys will want to be in control, not feel in control in a relationship. Moreover, he ensures his environment and life situations reflect his independence. Because he is fairly goal-oriented, with a lot of hard work, a man with this sign is more likely to be financially secure. He also tends to buy a lot of things, which makes him a materialistic person.

A man with the sign of Taurus is aware of these qualities, including the fact that it will attract many women to him. He also realizes that his money is an attractive trait, and many women will try to woo him. This is the main reason why Taurus men are picky.

In addition to the fact that these guys love the idea of settling down , so their relationships are a high priority. When they find a man they want to settle down with, everything becomes all about them, and they work hard to make the relationship work. Moreover, because they know the value of a relationship and would like to spend their time building it with the right person, they need a lot of time to check in and observe.

A common quality they observe in women is also their independence. The Taurus guy watches whether you need his money, what he can provide, or whether you are really willing to help him. He watches how you spend his money, the speed with which you ask for something to be done, and your general view of a man who does things for a lady.

Also, if you are dating a Taurus man, you also need to be independent, hardworking, have money to meet some of your needs, and not depend solely on him.

2. he wants to know if you are supportive.

A Taurus guy testing, you will use several strategies; however, a common strategy he will use to find the perfect woman for himself is to test your level of support. Something about a man with this sign is incredibly goal-oriented. He spends time pursuing his goals and is incredibly focused on achieving them. Moreover, his ruthlessness is unparalleled, which is why many women are very attached to men with this zodiac sign.

Undoubtedly, determination is one of the keys to their success, and what drives their actions every time. So, if you want to date a Taurus man, you definitely need to be aware of his immense determination and relentless nature. If you are already dating a Taurus man, it is necessary to coordinate your actions with his goals, regardless of the scale of life situations.

Also, Taurus men are constantly testing women to see if they have supportive qualities. They wouldn’t want anything in their lives to distract them, or anyone to distract them from pursuing their dreams. They want to make sure that you love what they love and are there to support them at all times.

What’s more, a Taurus man checking you out will reveal certain dreams or ideas to you to see how you respond. He will also want to see if there is anything you can contribute to his goals instead of just acknowledging them. Your words of encouragement are very important in the life of a man with this sign, and it will only make him believe that you really are the perfect woman for him.

3. he will test your honesty.

Checking your honesty correlates with a Taurus man testing you to see if you are supportive. It may be easy for a woman to say what she knows her man wants to hear, but every man with this sign already knows it. So he will try his best to find out if you really mean what you say. Since Taurus men are loyal and reliable people, they want to know if their woman is reliable as well.

Men with this sign take time to build relationships with people, and when they are sure of your intentions, they make sure that the relationship works. However, when it seems like someone is using non-normative ways just to get attention, it can quickly turn them away. If you’re dating a guy with this sign or hoping to get his attention, it’s important to stay true to yourself and be honest with him.

As much as you want to be guided in your opinion to always match his goals and desires, make sure that it always comes from a sincere point of view. Men with this sign are assertive and determined, which means they want their partners to have similar qualities. They may ask you questions that they already know the answers to, just to see if you are all staying true to your assertions.

You may find this stressful or offensive, but understand that this is what any guy with this sign will do to someone he is trying to build a profitable relationship with. Likewise, just be who you are and see no reason to fake your personality just to get his attention. Eventually he will learn to appreciate your honesty and definitely appreciate you more.

4. he will test your strengths.

Another strategy you will use when testing a Taurus man is to know your strengths with. This is one way he can determine if you can stand alone or not. Especially whether you will always rely on him for everything.

Although companionship depends on each other, men with this sign are naturally strong in character.They have resilience, determination and many other strong qualities that help them build the life they want for themselves. Likewise, they will want to see these qualities in the man with whom they plan to share their lives.

Aside from feminine qualities, a strong mindset and a willingness to conquer the world as it is, that’s what attracts these guys. Lack of these qualities can easily affect his desire for a better future. Thus, testing your strengths is how he will determine if you are the one.

Men with this sign will only offer you all the help you need after you prove to them that you can handle situations on your own, and you are not easily persuaded to give up. Since they have a monogamous lifestyle, they will test you to see if the relationship is worth it, but will stop right away after being convinced of everything.

In the beginning, a guy with this zodiac sign will be cautious about his emotions. However, the way to know if he is in love with you is the way he spends time with you and observes you. If he insists on phone calls, outings, etc. etc. just to be with you, no doubt he is starting to like you.

How do you know if a Taurus man doesn’t love you?

If he doesn’t check you out to find out specific topics about your personality, he may not be interested in you. The only way to know if Taurus zodiac sign guys are in love with you is by the attention they give you. This will determine if he wants friendship or is ready for a relationship.

What does it mean when a Taurus man is quiet?

When he’s quiet, it just means that he doesn’t need too much attention at the moment. These groups of people are mostly introverted and will remain silent for a while, just to find peace of mind. Since they also like routine, they will only show concern when you change your routine with them.

What attracts a Taurus man?

These people love it when a woman shows certain strong qualities. If you are stable in your finances and show complete determination and resilience in achieving your dreams, he will find you attractive. Since no one likes an unstable man, your stability is a way to make him even more attractive.

What attracts Taurus men?

These individuals are attracted to independent women who are not afraid to stand on their own and build a comfortable life for themselves. They like these qualities because they also act in their lives. They are looking for someone who can accompany them in achieving their dreams.


When a guy with this zodiac sign is confident that you are right for him, he will stop testing you and start revealing his true emotions to you.

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How does a woman understand a Taurus man and determine sympathy by his behavior?

A man is sometimes very difficult to understand, especially if he is a Taurus by horoscope. A young man of this sign of the zodiac is verbose, secretive, does not exhibit his emotions violently. Therefore, to guess what his feelings towards the girl is not easy. But still there are some signs that help to understand the Taurus man. You can learn about them only by carefully studying the characteristics of his zodiac sign and by observing the behavior of the guy.

A man is sometimes very difficult to understand, especially if he is a Taurus by horoscope. A young man of this sign of the zodiac is verbose, secretive, does not exhibit his emotions violently. Therefore, to guess what his feelings towards the girl is not easy. But still there are some signs that help to understand the Taurus man. You can learn about them only by carefully studying the characteristics of his zodiac sign and by observing the behavior of the guy.

The character

Taurus men are honest, strong, non-aggressive, charismatic, gifted by nature with an amazing charm. Their beloved will be safely protected, enveloped in tenderness and attention. But it is not easy to wait for the words of love from the guy. For a long time he looks closely to the girl, checks her out, tries to understand his feelings. And only when he’s 100% sure that his soul mate is near, then he will plunge her into the world of love, but it may take more than one month. If you pay attention to the behavior of Taurus, you can still find out if the guy likes her earlier.

Taurus male does not utter loud empty words. He is very restrained, not inclined to openly show his feelings and his emotions are always under control. He has a practical mind, differs from many men of the other zodiac sign by decisive actions and reasonable actions. Such a guy is fair since childhood. Can be violent if those around him are wrong and behave aggressively.

Taurus will never go on the account of other people’s opinions, because he has his own point of view and the goal, which will achieve. Although he will listen to the opinions of others, but it will do everything the way he decided before. Despite this, he can not be called a principled man: he is able to reconsider his plans if he feels that it is really necessary.

Man Taurus is very stubborn, in any case, succeeds. Enjoys respect in society. Fickle and frivolous way of life he does not understand, he is not afraid of labor since childhood, all achieve only by their own efforts. He is calculating, he will not throw money away. He was accustomed to the fact that everything he invested should bring results. He is endowed with a good intuition, easily recognizes falsity and pretense, and understands when his interlocutor is hiding something from him.

Taurus men emit positive energy, even when he is not at his best in spirit. He can find a common language with any girl. Trying to find himself a perfect and perfect woman, but he does not lose his head from love.

Taurus man in a relationship

In a relationship, the Taurus man tries to make both feel good, and he expects the same actions from his other half. Offend him easily, it is enough to criticize his actions or to communicate with him in an orderly manner. Be sure to admit your mistake and make the first step in the reconciliation, he will appreciate it.

The Taurus man is kind-hearted and generous. However, this largely depends on the stage of the relationship: some are generous with gifts, while others are stingy. Taurus is sensible, patient and it is very difficult to imbalance him. But if it succeeds, the girl will be difficult with him.

Taurus is very jealous, he is a proprietor and will not give his own to anyone. Although he himself has many girlfriends and all of them, he is happy to accept sympathy, flirting, coquetry with his chosen one will not be tolerated. Trying to reduce its circle of communication is not worth it, the meetings with old friends, he still will not give up, but the relationship with the girl, it can ruin.

Taurus man is a dream for every woman. He is passionate, able to say beautiful compliments, has great patience. In addition, he is a romantic, with special reverence for the beloved. But in love at a distance does not believe, does not recognize virtual relationships.

In love with Taurus

Sometimes it seems that not every woman is able to find an approach to Taurus. He is financially independent, reserved, silent. He is not interested in fleeting infatuation, for him it does not matter the amount. Such a man from childhood tries to discern his wife in every girl. She must be perfect and perfect. Next to him there will never be a windy girl, he does not imagine his life with her. In an hour of communication with a woman, a guy is already able to understand whether she is suitable for him. His requests are high, but they are not exaggerated. He has exquisite taste in women.

The chosen one should be Taurus:

  • Be stylish, with a seductive and individual image.
  • Look straight into his eyes with a smile.
  • Be feminine, romantic and dreamy.
  • Be able to keep up conversations in a circle of friends, be respected in society.
  • Remain sincere, peaceful and calm (bitchiness is not liked).
  • Be beautiful and well-groomed, without a ton of makeup on the face.
  • Be a good cook.
  • Be a terrific lover.
  • Open and sociable, in spite of his reticence. Perhaps this is due to the fact that only such a girl will be able to reveal it, discern all the abilities.

The enamored Taurus listens to his lady with great avidity, trying to learn as much as possible about her. This is really interesting to him, and in future relationships he will use his knowledge to surprise and please his beloved. He will never allow himself to be rude to a woman, even if she does not do the best to him. He will remain unwavering, even though it will hurt him greatly.

In courting, he sticks to the classics – going to the movies, flowers, candy, gifts, conversations, a walk in the park. He likes to be in nature, it is close to his earthly element. Left alone with his lady of the heart, Taurus does not mind to speculate on intimate topics. But the physical proximity has to wait a very long time. The guy is in no hurry to overstep the boundaries of the permitted: this is most likely due to insecurity, fear of rejection.

If a woman meets a Taurus man and goes hand in hand with him, she will be accompanied along the way only by interesting events and pleasant emotions.

Signs of falling in love

If the Taurus man is in love, he will not let go. But the first step will be decided for a long time. This kind of guy is persistent and he will not give up, even if there are possible opponents on the way. Understand a man Taurus, notice the sympathy on his part is not as difficult as it seems at first glance because of his modesty and unemotional.

The main signs of sympathy of the Taurus man:

  1. The first sign of falling in love is his irresistible appearance. He will unknowingly choose his clothes carefully for a meeting.
  2. Distinctive features of a guy in love are unobtrusive attempts to touch. In addition, the longer they last, the more he likes the girl.
  3. Taurus will not hesitate to make comments to the girl, but not in order to offend her, but for her to take it into account and only get better. If the Taurus is indifferent, it means that he is disinterested.
  4. If the guy is in love, he’s more likely to do something useful for his beloved, rather than telling her empty phrases and promising her a golden mountain. Therefore, there will be constant surprises, flowers and gifts. Assistance from his side is not excluded: adjust the TV, rescue drowned phone, escort you to the store, etc.
  5. A really amorous guy is obscenely gallant and polite with the woman. He gives her a lot of attention.
  6. He will restrict the girl in communication with the opposite sex because of suspicion and jealousy. Especially if he has insecurities or his relationships in the past ended in betrayal. He is simply afraid to lose the girl with whom he plans to share the love of a lifetime.
  7. He wants his beloved to admire him, to support his plans and desires.
  8. Constantly writing and calling. Expresses his love in correspondence. But the long conversations on the phone and bulky messages are not for him. He can say good morning, good night; say that he loves you; ask how you are. But all the important issues he decides only at a personal meeting.

At the first meetings with a girl Taurus is silent, most of the communication is accompanied by gesticulating. But over time, if he has serious feelings, he will reveal to his beloved. A modest and modest guy will tell the girl he likes everything, answer any questions. To captivate her, to interest her, will tell situations with an unreal plot. And if he is more silent, platitudes about the weather, then the girl is not interesting to him.

Relationships with such a man in the family

Representatives of the earthly zodiac sign approach the creation of a family thoroughly, very long think before making a proposal. In marriage they will be faithful husbands: even the womanizers, once they get married, change dramatically. There is not even an idea of betrayal, all the tenderness and love they want to give only one woman.

The wife should provide a home of comfort and coziness. Taurus men want to have peace and quiet in the house, to meet him in a calm atmosphere, without constant quarreling and swearing. Loves to host guests. Some women can not live without emotional shaking, their life with Taurus can seem boring, but, alas, he is incapable of giving explosive emotions.

Indulges all the whims of his wife. Even if the family is not all smooth, he never rushes into a divorce, he weighs all the pros and cons, and only after much deliberation will come to a decision. After all, he does not like drastic changes, stability is very important to him.

Next to Taurus is calm and stable, all fears and worries go away, you do not have to worry about the future. He will strive to ensure that his chosen one will not need anything, and he knows how to work and earn money. Perform all male duties and solve problems in the family will only be him. Do not criticize his actions – the guy can get angry. You can only gently hint at his mistakes, so that he himself came to the fact that he was wrong. The constant nagging, recriminations can lead to the end of the relationship, because he needs harmony.

Watching closely how a male Taurus behaves with the girl, you can quickly and unmistakably understand whether he likes her. Win him, to fall in love with him, even if you really want to will not work. Taurus will not be able to seduce with flirting and flirtations. Only a gentle, sincere, calm girl will be able to find herself in his captivity of love.

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