How does an Aries man like you?

How to fall in love with an Aries man. Tips from astrologers

Aries is a typical representative of the element of fire. The sign is under the patronage of Mars, the planet of “Minor Misfortune”, which in astrology is associated with war, destruction and fire. This is an impulsive, ambitious and active people who in love, and in life, believe that the end justifies the means.

Astrologers begin a series of publications, which will talk about how to fall in love with a man by zodiac sign.

What is an Aries man like in love

Aries men are devoted and sincere in love. If they fall in love, their woman will be with them as a stone wall. A hot-tempered and rude Aries needs an affectionate, gentle and fragile companion that he will be able to take care of. Men of this sign is hard to fall in love and “tame”, but to lose their love – easy. Aries do not tolerate treason, betrayal and lies. They are tyrants, possessors and jealous, who will never forgive disobedience and treachery.

How to attract the attention of men

Aries likes bright girls. This sign loves everything in the style of “Chic, glitter, beauty!” So if you want to attract the attention of a man, forget about the fact that the clothes and shoes should be comfortable in the first place – this number will not pass with the Aries. These men want to see a bright in all senses of the girl next to him: a stylishly dressed, with hair and makeup, funny and sexy. Aries will not bite the bird in the hand, he wants a bird of paradise in the sky.

Do not give a man a lot of attention. Aries by nature – hunters, so the harder they have to win a woman, the more it sinks into their heart. But do not overplay the game – show your interest, otherwise he will not dare to start hunting. Cast a few glances in his direction and smile as soon as he intercepts your gaze. Surround yourself with admirers so Aries can see that you’re popular and he has competition.

Aries prefers smart women, but here it’s more about his horizons than his degrees. He likes to talk about himself, so in a conversation with a man, ask him about his hobbies and interests. It’s a good idea to find out about Aries’ hobbies before the first conversation with him to gather information that will help keep the conversation going. Compliment him, but don’t go overboard so that Aries feels like a hunter and not the other way around.

How to make a man fall in love with you

If you are counting on a serious relationship, never agree to sex with an Aries on the first date – they do not consider frivolous girls for the role of wife. Often men of this sign just disappear after the first sex, if you rushed it and he did not have time to fall in love. Here you need to feel the fine line, so as not to push away Aries for coldness, but do not lose his interest and bored because of the openness and accessibility.

A woman should support Aries in all his endeavors. She should listen to him, agree with his opinion and comply with his requests and demands. Ideally, if a man and a woman have a common interest – then there will be a reason for the meeting, and Aries will not seem that the woman is running after him. One should not bore – the initiative should come from Aries. You need to be weak and helpless, gentle and affectionate, let them take care of you – Aries like it.

How to keep a man

It is necessary to remain a “closed book” for Aries, so that every time he opens some new facet. This sign ignites quickly, but just as quickly and lose interest – and this applies not only to love, but also to everything else in life. As soon as he gets disappointed, enjoys himself to the fullest, or gets bored, the end of the relationship begins. The only good news is that the end will be quick and clear: Aries are straightforward and seldom lie about their feelings.

An Aries is not allowed to lie. He must be in charge at home, as this sign will never accept the role of a “whipper-snapper”. Need to support him, you can not criticize, argue and be stubborn, because from the constant confrontation Aries will get tired and leave. You can not provoke him to jealousy and give reasons to doubt his loyalty. Well, and lastly advice – Aries must be truly LOVE, and then he will repay a hundredfold beloved woman.

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How to fall in love with a man of Aries. 5 keys to the heart of a big kid

They are attentive, sensitive, faithful – but just with them the rule of heating on low heat works. How’s that?

Learn all about the Aries man and the specifics of seducing him in this article!


The Aries man is a big kid. He is impulsive and assertive, and also, like all children, most of all wants what you can not. Get desired easily and quickly, just as easily and quickly part with it.

Not only that, Aries in the vast majority of cases – the conquerors.

  • They are leaders in their careers, capable of leading and achieving the most ambitious goals.
  • In love – “achievers”, for which the conquest of a woman is no less exciting process than everything that happens after.

And so the answer to the question “How to win an Aries man?” is simple as hell – by no means conquer him! Let him do everything for you.

Become his Rapunzel in a high tower, but do not forget to pull the scythe through the window! Banging his head in an impregnable fortress will not be even a man in love Aries.

The golden mean is what you have to find in this relationship and always stick to it. It’s not easy, but the reward is worth it. After all, it is the Aries men who are deservedly considered one of the most faithful.

If he’s with you – you don’t have to fidget, you don’t have to rush or check his phone. He is honest and open, and in his life there has never been any place for an affair on the side.

If something does go wrong, he will break up the current relationship first, and then go looking for something new. This is why Aries wives are the calmest wives in the world!

How to communicate with a man – Aries?

This is where the rule of warming up on low heat comes in handy. Openly showing interest to build a relationship with an Aries man is the worst thing you can do.

Only gradually, only cautiously, only so that the hunter is him and the doe is you. No “first steps”, no double-digit hints!

Sending girlfriends to talk around and about you, to tell him about his feelings, to get out of hand – forget it if your goal – to please the man Aries.

Believe me, if you hooked him, he will not pull. You will feel it instantly, and the first date will take place fairly soon.

You just need to interest him – act like an enticing and desirable prize.

Actively use your body language to give him the green light. Don’t think about how to make an Aries fall in love with you – think about how to send a subtle signal to his brain that his date proposal will be accepted!

  • Always sit next to him on one side of the table, never across from him. This will let him know that you are on the same side with him, on the same side, simply put.
  • Smile a lot, keep your palms open – it will show your trust and disposition to him.
  • Catch his gaze? Smile, wink, flirt. Explore other non-verbal techniques that will let him know you’re open and ready for his actions!

Keep in mind one more peculiarity. Talk to a man Aries need to be as subtle as to seduce.

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When he gets along, his mood is even – he is just the epicenter of love and happiness. At that moment, next to him is comfortable, you are cherished and surrounded by care.

But if something went wrong, he is in a bad mood, or something upset – beware. The whole place will be ablaze: a total apocalypse with all that it implies.

So at such moments, it is better not to “look away” at all. Get busy with yourself and your affairs, give him time.

He will digest and resolve their issues and will continue to care, only now with tripled strength – because you have shown considerable wisdom. And that’s worth a lot to Aries!

Who is he looking for?

What kind of girl does an Aries like? Two in one! Exactly those who are smart and beautiful, and even know how to embroider a cross.

If seriously, then to conquer the Aries man can be a well-groomed woman who has a sense of style and who has a good intellectual background.

With her there is something to talk about, she has something to look at and admire.

Our hero is very much obsessed with gorgeous women who seem to have just come down from heaven to earth. Sometimes he even over-idealizes his date.

But this does not mean that you have to support your chosen one in his illusions and constantly make sure that his hair – hair to hair, and manicure – at most the day before yesterday.

Just do not show him what a man should not see. Their procedures for creating an angel from an oversleeping ugly duckling left behind.

Let him enjoy the result, and you meanwhile enjoy his faithful love and dedication.

Meanwhile, Aries men are quite jealous in relationships. Owners by nature, they will not tolerate your flirting with another man, even an innocent one.

It is very, very important for them to know that you are only his. Do not play with this, as it is easy to hurt a cute Aries.

And another nuance. It’s worth remembering that your involvement is important to him!

Your task – to understand his interests and passions, and quite sincerely. No falsehoods!

Only someone who wants to and will admire them, who will be able to share with him the excitement of the important and meaningful to him things, will be able to get the cherished key to his heart.

Rules of seduction

Shyness shyness and a look in the table – forget about it! Only confidence, brightness and openness – that’s how to seduce Aries.

If you will hide in the shadow of the office cactus and wait for him to come and conquer you – and there you will stay, alas.

What kind of woman do you want a man – Aries? A female spark, a female coquette, a female challenge.

A woman with whom he will always receive and experience the full range of emotions.

It is with him, as with no one else, emotional swings work perfectly. When you seem to let him get close to you, but at some point you slip away. Then again, a little closer, and then farther away again.

It is important not to play games, and in time to track down the moment when the need for these swings disappear. But if you listen to yourself and rely on your sensations, everything will work out.

Well, to excite a man – Aries, you do not need to dance with tambourine! Sex for him – this is the starting point for your relationship.

Do not be alarmed, because this is how he understands how you approach each other.

He won’t take long to woo, pale, blush, and beg for a kiss for six months. Aries will do everything to get into bed with you as quickly as possible.

And here, if everything happened, he will smash in a cake, but will provide you with romance, and candy bouquets, and other attributes of games, which are usually committed to.

Speaking of sex, it’s reasonable to ask, “Aries men – what are they like in bed?” The answer is: he’ll be whatever you want him to be.

No kidding. As at the snap of a finger he will be gentle or rough, passionate or romantic … All you need – just tell your lover of what exactly you expect.

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Embarrassed? Don’t be! The most important advice for communicating with Aries is to avoid hints and communicate your desires directly to the forehead. Do not be afraid, say thank you, and do as you want!

Do not argue, or you will lose.

Hot-tempered and stubborn Aries men, on the one hand, can be insufferable. But on the other hand, he always achieves his goals, he stubbornly goes up.

In the end, he will spin spinning around, just to ensure his family the best of everything.

Add to this pathological loyalty, wisdom in decision making and a clear understanding of his male mission – and you can see why there will always be women around him, wondering what to surprise the Aries man in order to attract his attention.

While they are thinking, you can already apply these tips.

So, to begin with, surprise him with submission. Remember once and for all: never, under any circumstances do not argue with a man – Aries.

The more you will insist and prove your case, the more he will resist.

Slowly and accurately, step by step, put the seedlings in the head of your Aries, which will eventually germinate.

Seeds that you can be trusted, you can be listened to. That you in no way seek to suppress him or challenge his authority, but on the contrary – you are with him, by his side and only for him.

Do not be sly or sulk. He will figure out the trickery at once, and your relationship – the end. Offended he on spirit does not digest, you will only make it worse.

Feminine wisdom and sincerity in the actions will help you in a relationship with Aries.

Frankly or not at all!

Yes, only such tactics work with these men. Falsity he can’t stand, manipulation he reads and despises, but frankness and sincerity he very much appreciates.

This does not mean that you have to come and tell him everything. This means that to trick him or to deceive him is not possible, and why. He himself is a very honest and demanding to himself, and he expects the same from others.

Behind his categorical views and judgments are nobility and dignity, which he will not lose and will always be guided only by these principles.

He is generous and never grumbles about little things, so he does not accept greed, pettiness or greed in others. Show him that you are not only able to take, but also to give, and he will appreciate it!

Aries is also a real man, that’s right from head to toe. Decision making, important negotiations, serious business – this is his and only his element.

No matter how much you want, never intercept his initiative and leadership in important male issues.

Be a reliable rear, a gray cardinal, a fighting girlfriend, but in no case the one who will stop the horse on the jump and his trunk otvorit!

Let him steer, and you’ll see how clever and smoothly he leads you to your goals and dreams.

No extremes

And perhaps one more important point. Don’t go to extremes and don’t focus your whole world around your Aries man. Yes, he is at the helm, yes, he is the leader. Thank him for that and delicious borscht!

Don’t lose yourself and leave room for your interests, hobbies, your world. He needs to see that there is a whole developing person around him. Such as he himself.

Your man should understand that you are dear to you, but in no case did not become the center of the universe.

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Be open to new things, be on the case, and then he will definitely appreciate you as his most expensive diamond!

In lieu of a conclusion.

Aries man is an impulsive, lively, active and somewhat authoritarian personality.

But he will be uncompromisingly faithful, sensitive, and loving. He will give all 200% for your happiness and well-being.

And it’s up to you whether Aries will be sweet and tame to you or stubborn and capricious. Choose tactics of flexibility and wisdom. Do not push, do not whine and do not be sly.

Be yourself, but with an eye – so as not to hurt his leadership nature. Let him feel like a leader at all times and in all things – he will not just be grateful, he will be inspired!

You know what they are capable of inspired men! Now multiply by five.

That’s it – reliable, but fiery. Loyal and contradictory. Yes, with it you need to be flexible, but without it – no way.

So wishes you wisdom and the most gentle Aries man you can imagine!

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