How does a Taurus man in love behave?

How to understand that a Taurus man is in love: behavioral features

Taurus man gives the impression of a sullen and uncommunicative person. However, he has a strong character and a lot of positive qualities. At first glance it seems that nothing can melt his heart. However, men of this sign are quite enamored and romantic, but they prefer to hide their feelings for a long time. Astrologers know how to understand if a Taurus man is in love, and they are happy to share valuable advice with women who want to win his heart.

Stubborn but compliant – features of Taurus

It is difficult to find common ground with Taurus, as at first glance they are quite sullen and cold in communication. With closer contact it becomes clear how kind and fair person, but only if the Taurus opens up to the new acquaintance.

Earning the trust and the location of the Taurus is difficult, but it is worth it. These men are distinguished by their loyalty, willingness to help. Taurus are the best friends and reliable business partners.

In any company Taurus can be recognized at first glance. A quiet and non-smiling man who prefers to stay close to the food – this is certainly a Taurus. They appreciate good food, a calm environment and interesting conversation. Once you get him talking you’ll discover his inquisitive mind, erudition and great sense of humor.

Taurus is calm and unhurried. Many people mistake them for slow thinkers, because the men of this sign do everything slowly. In fact, Taurus men just live by their own schedule that is not always in sync with the world around them.

Interesting fact! Many Taurus men have a lagging clock, which best describes their leisurely lifestyle. At the same time, Taurus men are always punctual and never keep themselves waiting.

The men of this sign always stand firmly on their feet. Behind the external coldness hides a finely sensitive and sensitive soul. In love, Taurus is a true poet and a gentle romantic who knows how to find the key to the heart of almost any woman.

Taurus men love beautiful women

Positive character traits of men born under this sign:

  • reliability;
  • honesty;
  • a sense of justice;
  • peacefulness;
  • loyalty;
  • calmness and judgment.

Taurus men are as dependable as the earth itself. They put down roots firmly, attached to their home and like to surround themselves with luxuries. However, they can afford to collect antiques, because the world has not yet seen a poor Taurus. Men of this sign know how to make a million, and if they still do not have it – then they already have enough money for everything.

Taurus has three weaknesses – expensive household items, good food and women. At the same time, they are not womanizers, they remain faithful in relationships and marriages, they value family comfort and are often monogamous.

They also have negative character traits. These include:

  • stubbornness;
  • uncompromising;
  • Inability to control their emotions;
  • Irritability.

Outwardly calm, Taurus do not know how to deal with stress, so often “explode” on the spot. Temperamentally, they are something between phlegmatic and choleric.

Taurus is patient for a long time, but at some point lets his emotions off the leash and then the storm begins. Taurus scandals are not fair – he expresses claims, blames the whole world, moves to personalities, but does not admit his mistakes at all. Despite the fact that a man of this sign easily breaks down into a shout, he just as easily withdraws and forgets all the conflicts, though he never apologizes. Here the fault is another striking feature of this sign’s character – donkey (or bull) stubbornness. Taurus will never admit his guilt, even if he knows himself that he is wrong. However, his conscience will not allow him to leave everything as it is, and he will apologize in other ways – through gifts, signs of attention, active assistance in various matters.

Taurus men are never greedy. They willingly spend money on gifts to family and friends, without question, lend money and immediately forgive him. True, deceiving Taurus will not work, he’s not at all trusting simpleton, and perfectly senses falsehoods and lies.

In general, Taurus is a peaceful and harmless man who knows the value of words and actions.

How does a Taurus man in love behave?

Taurus men know how to listen to their interlocutor and draw conclusions

Taurus man in love is a slow but inevitable miracle. Waiting for him to be active for a long time, but the courtship of Taurus will not leave a woman indifferent.

Before figuring out how to understand that a male Taurus in love, you should know what kind of women he is attracted to. Here there are two extremes – either he will fall in love with a bright and extraordinary personality, capable of crazy things, or choose a romantic and dreamy young lady.

At the same time, a woman’s appearance is very important to them. Taurus selects girls with uncommon beauty, which are able to capture the soul at first sight.

First, the Taurus is looking closely to the woman for a long time. In this case, he will doubt his feelings to the last, delaying the beginning of the “attack. This is due to the fact that he is an idealist, so he chooses one woman for life. The first sign of the interest of a representative of this sign – long penetrating glances. “Glances” with Taurus can last for many months. Determined women can make the first move, noticing the sudden interest of a Taurus. It should be known that even if a girl mistook a casual glance for a display of sympathy, Taurus will never respond rudely to her attempts to ask her out on a date. Most likely, he will simply confuse and pretend that he did not understand the hint.

After the game of staring, Taurus begins to attract attention more clearly. First of all, his appearance changes. In general, men of this sign are always neat and well dressed, but in love Taurus begins to pay close attention to his clothes – perfectly pressed shirts (yes, he irons them himself), expensive suits and elegant male accessories are quite in the style of men of this sign.

A spontaneous romantic trip for two abroad is the deed of a Taurus in love

A Taurus in love will never look silly in front of the object of his affection.

Upon noticing the reciprocal sympathy, Taurus will move on to more explicit advances. He will act softly, but assertively. When Taurus is in love, their behavior changes dramatically for the better, the men of this sign become quite sociable and open. At the same time Taurus is very romantic and generous, so the typical manifestations and signs that this man is in love are gifts and signs of attention. Moreover, if Taurus gives flowers, it will certainly be the biggest bouquet from the nearest store. The imagination of this man is not rich, so the second bouquet will not make him wait long, and then the third, fourth and so on ad infinitum, or at least until his old age.

If Taurus has fallen in love, he will try to amaze the lady of his heart. A man of this sign could easily give an expensive jewelry in the courtship stage. Taurus dating prefers to spend in restaurants (certainly in the most expensive). Taurus men like music, so they can easily invite the lady of the heart to a concert. Among the places for a date includes the sea coast. If there is no sea nearby, Taurus will organize a romantic tour for two, inviting the girl for a weekend in Spain, Italy or Greece.

Man Taurus says little, but a lot of listening and analyzing. From the conversation, he always brings out only the most important, so that then use the information to strengthen the relationship. If a woman accidentally mentioned her love for horses, you can say with certainty that the next date will take place at the racetrack, or a man will organize a romantic horse ride.

At the same time, if a Taurus man falls in love, he does not hurry, so the confetti-bouquet period can last for several months. Here, a woman is recommended to take the initiative and show a little persistence, as Taurus is simply afraid to be too intrusive.

How do Taurus men hide their crush?

Taurus men only show attention to a girl if her heart is free

If a Taurus man is in love, but hides it, it can be very difficult to recognize his feelings. A man will not be active only in one case – if the girl already has a partner. A man of this sign will take a wait-and-see attitude and will be ready to proceed to action as soon as the girl’s heart will be free again. However, the Taurus actions are not as active as they would like, so there is a high probability that the woman you liked will not immediately understand his intentions.

It is important to remember that a married Taurus is a man in love with his wife, so you can not even try to find in his behavior any hints of interest in another woman, because Taurus is very loyal.

Married men Taurus can fall in love with another woman only if his marriage is already bursting at the seams. They divorce reluctantly and heavily experiencing the divorce process, so do not expect him to be active immediately after the change of marital status.

How to behave with a Taurus?

Figuring out how to understand that Taurus is in love, you should know the rules of behavior that will help him to gain courage and move on to active courtship sooner. Astrologers advise to encourage the timid attempts of Taurus to impress – laugh at his jokes, praise his outfits, ask for help and advice.

If a man Taurus is in love, a woman can expect many months of walking around, so it is recommended to take the initiative right away. In order to easily and unobtrusively push him to rapprochement, it is recommended to ask for help in everyday life. As a rule, all Taurus men are very economical men with golden hands, so they will not refuse the lady’s request to change the gasket in the faucet, hang the chandelier or fix the computer. In general, the reason does not matter, the main thing is to attract Taurus to visit. Here a woman will have to try, because the way to the heart of this man is through the stomach. If you manage to surprise him with your cooking skills, a cozy environment in the house and warm communication, then it’s time to choose the rings.

Common mistakes.

Taurus are jealous, and even innocuous flirting their girlfriend with other men is unacceptable for them

In Taurus has a well-developed sense of beauty, which is easily noticeable by the way in which a man of this sign behaves in love. You can repel him simply by not understanding his advances. It should be remembered that each date and each gift Taurus carefully thinks through, and if a woman expresses her dissatisfaction, or even laughs at his efforts, it will hurt a man to his heart and make him turn away.

Common mistakes in communication with Taurus:

  • rudeness;
  • criticism;
  • ridicule;
  • vulgar behavior;
  • Flirting with all the men around him.

Taurus is very stubborn, so you should not get into an argument with him. Men of this sign are characterized by slowness, but in no case can not laugh at this, because then you can hurt his feelings to the core, and the Taurus does not forget the offense.

Tips of psychologists

Taurus is a fairly compliant man with whom it is easy to find common ground. He will be an excellent partner and husband if he feels valued and loved. Softness and tenderness from him can achieve anything. To build a harmonious relationship with a representative of this sign will help the following tips from psychologists.

How to understand that a Taurus man is in love with you?

Taurus is a strong sign of the Zodiac, capable of doing things both in career and in love. If a Taurus man likes you, he will use even the slightest chance to win your favor.

Taurus men are just crazy about romance, seek to please their loved one and love children and family comfort. Representatives of this sign are men thorough, they do not like to run after every skirt. Therefore, a Taurus man in love with a high probability wants a family and children with you, you will be his only one.

But Taurus by nature a bit secretive, so the chosen one will not always be able to discern serious intentions behind the courtship of a man in love. How to understand that a male Taurus in love with you and what to expect from the relationship – let’s try to figure it out together.

Signs and behavior of a man in love Taurus

To understand that a Taurus man in love with you, it can be very difficult. Taurus men carefully hide their feelings, by nature they are monoloobes. A man of this zodiac sign tries to find one woman whom he will love and honor all his life. Therefore, do not expect from him ardent expressions of sympathy in the first days of acquaintance. First, he is carefully “probing the ground”, because your possible refusal to go on a date with him could hurt the self-esteem of a man born in the spring.

But consider some signs of a clear sympathy for you all the same. The behavior of a Taurus man in love changes as follows:

  • A reverent attention to your appearance appears. If you notice an expensive thing you are wearing, then the Taurus man is very likely to have decided to impress you. If you have never seen him in a jacket, and then he suddenly put it on, the cause of this “suddenly” are you.
  • The excitement is like a 14-year-old shy teenager on a first date. If you see that in your presence, a male Taurus begins to blink rapidly, it is the first sign that the woman in front of him totally not indifferent Taurus.
  • Change of habits and hobbies – make the Taurus man shave not once every three days, but every other day, may only want to look good and make a deep impression on his girlfriend. Even a stern boss previously failed to do this. Taurus will change his job faster than his habits. So, ladies, appreciate that a man changes for the better just because of you.

How do Taurus men show sympathy?

Start shaving more often, worrying and wearing a jacket – this is very little to show the woman you like your sympathy. A Taurus in love is capable of doing things, although he does it a little belatedly. When other suitors on the second day of acquaintance begin to send the lady a bouquet of 101 roses, Taurus just continues to blink intensively and study you from the side.

The zeal of assertive suitors can disappear as quickly as it appeared. But Taurus “harnesses long, but quickly rides. Such a man will be walking around for a long time, but if he decides to approach you, his intentions will be much more serious than the currently popular two-month relationship.

How does a Taurus man in love behave?

At first it may even seem that you are completely uninterested in him. Taurus stubbornly disguises his feelings: he talks about other girlfriends, flirts with your colleague at work, openly corresponds with other female fans on social networks.

Taurus immediately considers you for the role of the keeper of his hearth. In his head there are images of how you load dirty laundry into the drum of the washing machine, cook soup from the fish he brought, change diapers sonoku. In the process of talking “about nothing” Taurus is trying to understand how willing, ready and suitable you are to be his wife forever.

If a Taurus man loves you, he will not criticize you. At least in the dating stage. Try to make a minor misstep (spill coffee on the floor, spill cookies, share information about transferring money to the wrong checking account). A loving Taurus man won’t criticize or lecture you, he’ll just be tactfully silent or sympathetic. Other women, to whom he is indifferent, Taurus will begin to “teach life”, which is not always pleasant to listen even from the outside.

Characteristics of Taurus men

Are you expecting from him a bouquet of roses, a serenade under the window, or at least a heart in an instant messenger? But by nature Taurus is secretive and does not like to show his feelings. Therefore, it will be very difficult to wait for sentimentality from him. The men of this sign of the zodiac are very inert. They are not lazy, they just do not like changes. Taurus males have the following characteristics:

  • They are heavy on the rise. Friends he probably already let slip that he likes you, they gave him a lot of decent and indecent advice on how to behave in love Taurus. But he does not care. He continues to just blink intensely when you are alone.
  • They don’t like strange things. To bring French fries from the nearest fast-food place at 12 o’clock at night just because their beloved wanted so, would be a real feat for them. Why do this right now, if in two days there will be a corporate party, at which the table is expected to be full of these fries? Well Taurus men are not inclined to spontaneity, that is why they are not so romantic. Sometimes they are even boring.
  • Not inclined to adventures. An independent trip to another city for them is almost impossible. Accustomed to everything to calculate and think in advance Taurus will definitely find a “weak spot” in such a trip. For example, they will give out the phrase: “What if the tickets purchased online will not be accepted at check-in?

How to please a Taurus?

Taurus is an earthy sign of the Zodiac. He likes everything to be practical and calculated to the smallest detail. To fall in love with a Taurus man will be able to that girl who cooks well and can quickly solve small household problems. Helpless housewife with long nails and pumped up lips he does not like in principle.

If you feel sympathy for Taurus and deep down feel that it is mutual, then strengthen the nascent relationship can be as follows:

  • Prove that you are a good hostess. No pizza from the pizza parlor and ready-made rolls from sushi bars. Show your guest with your culinary creations. Do not be mistrustful, most of the shortcomings of home cooking Taurus men do not notice or immediately forgive. What matters is the very fact that the girl is cooking.
  • Try to take the first hint. Taurus men are afraid to hint about the relationship, so show that he cares about you. For example, play with your hair or tell him that you would really like to go to the movie premiere, but you have no one to go with. Flirt only in the direction of your favorite Taurus.
  • Show your self-sufficiency. Say that you are not going to “sit on your neck” and want to participate in filling the family budget. But it emphasize that the opinion of men for you is crucial in the relationship.
  • Show feminine wisdom. Do not make decisions in your common affairs by yourself, showing that you know something better than Taurus. They do not like this, so try to unobtrusively bring a man to this decision. But the last word should still be his.

Do not wait for special romantic frills in love Taurus in the early stages of the relationship, but a man of this zodiac sign will catch up with you later, when you are already a couple.

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