How does a Sagittarius man behave after a breakup?

How does a Sagittarius man behave after a breakup? (video)

Sagittarius man is a pleasant conversationalist, an attentive partner and just a man with whom you are never bored. It is not for nothing that astrologers call men of this sign “the holiday man”. Sagittarius easily enter into relationships and easily parted, without long remembering the offense, but a woman can be difficult to let go of her loved one. If you can not keep a partner, the stars tell you how to get a Sagittarius man and strengthen relationships.

Stage one. Observation

Sagittarius man terribly busy and from this very tolerant to your shortcomings. If you throw shoes, do not close the lid on the shampoo and leave bits of apples everywhere, he did not even lead the ear.

But if he sees something more serious, he sooner or later turns into an observer and begins to observe the partner: discreetly, but carefully. And at the beginning these observations are quite impartial.

Sagittarius does not keep a ledger where he writes down: “1) flirts with my closest friend; 2) sassed his mother, 3) does not invest in family matters” – but all these things are deposited in his head, in a special legal department. And at first he doesn’t even notice it himself.

Relationship with Sagittarius

It can be difficult to establish a strong relationship with Sagittarius, as these people themselves are very easy, but impulsive. Sometimes they are even too impulsive, which is often the cause of conflicts and misunderstandings. Building a relationship with Sagittarius is at least interesting. It is very difficult to predict the further actions of such a man, so it will not be boring in an alliance with a representative of this sign.

Features of men of this sign:

  • easy character and malleable disposition;
  • A great sense of humor;
  • An innate sense of justice;
  • peacefulness.

To understand how you can return a Sagittarius man, you should carefully analyze the relationship and understand the reason for the breakup or quarrel. “Work on mistakes” will help both to reconcile with a Sagittarius man, and to strengthen the relationship, preventing the repetition of quarrels in the future.

Sagittarius’s sense of justice and peacefulness makes them quite gentle, so it is quite realistic to restore the relationship and return the man of this sign. Astrologers and psychologists say that, with the right approach, the chance to return a Sagittarius man is above 80%.

Interestingly, Sagittarius men are rarely the initiators of divorce or relationship breakup. People of this sign prefer to close their eyes to minor misunderstandings in relationships and in principle can adjust to living together with absolutely any partner. The only fundamental question for them is marital fidelity. If the reason for the rupture was adultery, to return the man will not work. In other matters Sagittarians are willing to contact, gladly listen to the arguments of the former lover and promise to think about the method of solving the problem. If they do not forget.

Sagittarians do not tolerate:

  • Cheating;
  • jealousy;
  • Hypocrisy;
  • injustice;
  • Neglect.

It is these reasons that can contribute to the breakdown of a relationship with a Sagittarius man. In the first place is treason, because in contrast to the soft Cancer and Aquarius, Sagittarius men can not forgive it.

Thus, how you can return a Sagittarius man after a breakup – it depends on the reason for the breakup.

Stage two. Hope .

After lying around for a year or two and even enjoying life together, Sagittarius begins to realize that he is overinvesting in the relationship, drags an unsupportable burden and somehow gets tired. Then he quietly, gently begins to push his partner to at least something has changed. And in these changes, if the partner understands and goes towards it, Sagittarius will support and help. Look carefully: where necessary – give a shoulder, where not – step aside.

But if everything goes the same way as before, Sagittarius, having beaten his head against the wall, habitually takes the former load on himself and drags it, sighing from his heavy fate.

Now he is visibly cool to his partner inside, first of all by ceasing to count on him. At the same time, conscientious and still loving Sagittarius sincerely consider his partner part of his team, union or family, just starts to treat him like a teenager: now, of course, I have him almost in puberty, neputyuty, but let’s see, let’s see, maybe something will change? In the meantime, I’ll be pulling everything on myself, I’m not used to it – both emotionally and financially, and I have enough patience, because it can’t be that people don’t change at all, can it? Especially when you are patient, when you love them, when you expect it from them so much… Yesterday he carried the heavy bags without letting me lift them, maybe he’ll start putting in his share of the mortgage soon, and put the dishes in the dishwasher, and stroke my back when it hurts?

The Right Tactics

Sagittarius tends to idealize his partner, but once he falls from his pedestal, he will go in search of a new muse

With Sagittarians it is necessary to act quickly. If a breakup has occurred, you need to draw the attention of this man back to yourself as soon as possible, otherwise he will quickly let go of the failed relationship and go in search of a new partner. Sagittarians are quite quick to forgive and forget, even if they have been hurt very much. On the one hand, this can play into a woman’s hands if the reason for the breakup was insignificant. On the other hand, expecting everything to resolve itself will not work, as a Sagittarius man will not go into contact first if he was not the initiator of the breakup.

How to return a Sagittarius man will teach you tips from a psychologist, and knowledge of the characteristics of the character of this sign of the Zodiac will help you to better think through tactics. To resume the relationship you need to take the following steps:

  • Speak frankly with a man and ask for forgiveness (if there is a reason);
  • Do something about your appearance;
  • Take care of Sagittarius and create a home environment;
  • Share his hobbies and interests;
  • Do not give a reason to be jealous.

Here we need to take a closer look at each step and break down the likely mistakes that will help both to return a Sagittarius man after a breakup, and to strengthen the relationship as a whole.

The first step to reconciliation

How you can get a Sagittarius man back after a breakup depends on the reason for the breakup. However, Sagittarius men rarely initiate the breakup, usually the actions of the partner lead to the breakup. The first thing a woman should do is to lead a man of this sign to a frank conversation.

Sagittarius man will not avoid the meeting and will willingly make contact. For him it is an opportunity to forgive his partner (and for Sagittarians this is important) and for the woman it is a chance to reconcile and renew the relationship. However, it is important not to flirt and not to try to turn the situation in your favor. If a woman is guilty of a break-up, it is necessary to frankly tell the partner what prompted her to take such a step and how she repents. Sagittarians love to “absolve sins” and this “sin” will willingly absolve his partner. Of course, if it is not about treason.

If you managed to lead Sagittarius in a frank conversation, we can assume that the woman has already won the fight for the resumption of relations, because it helps to win his undivided attention again.

Sagittarius men do not tolerate lies and hypocrisy, so a woman should have pure motives, and talk to him after the breakup should be honest and frank.

At the same time, it is necessary to return the Sagittarius man gradually. Do not expect that one conversation is enough to get everything back on track, so after completing the first point, you should immediately move on to the next.

A woman’s appearance and attention Sagittarius

All men love with their eyes, and Sagittarians also love mysteries. A radical change of image in this case will once again allow you to chained his gaze to his former lover. Be sure that a new hairstyle or a change of image will not go unnoticed. At the same time, a man will wonder what motivated the woman to make such a change. Since Sagittarius is very curious and loves logical riddles, it is safe to say that he will make every effort to solve this mystery.

Another nuance – Sagittarians are quite vain and ambitious and love anything bright that attracts attention, whether it is an expensive accessory or an interesting woman. Next to themselves, they wish to see a man who will attract the attention of Sagittarius himself, so bright and memorable women men of this sign are able to forgive much.

When Sagittarius is in love, there are no obstacles or barriers to fulfill the desire of his beloved

Home comfort for Sagittarius

With gender roles Sagittarius has no problems. A man of this sign feels like a breadwinner, so the issues of home comfort fall entirely on the shoulders of a woman. All day long Sagittarius “shines” and attracts attention, but when he comes home he wants peace and relaxation. Here a woman opens a lot of ways to attach this man, because Sagittarians like a good meal and appreciate caring. By providing him with home comfort and warmth of mind, a woman makes another step towards strengthening the relationship with a man of this sign.

If after a breakup the couple broke up and have not crossed paths for some time, psychologists recommend inviting Sagittarius to visit under any pretext. After stepping over the threshold and seeing a beautiful woman, the man will relax and tune out a peaceful mood. If there is a cozy atmosphere in the apartment and delicious smells coming from the kitchen, the success of the mission to “return Sagittarius” is ensured.

Hobbies and hobbies for Sagittarius

Another non-trivial way of how to return a Sagittarius husband or boyfriend is to share a hobby with him. This will help a woman both reconcile with her Sagittarius boyfriend and strengthen the relationship as a whole. Sagittarius men like smart and interesting women, but they do not tolerate a woman who is much smarter. Here it is necessary to use feminine tricks to be able to captivate your partner, but without appearing too smart.

In the professional sphere Sagittarius men are ambitious and enterprising, but in fact Sagittarians just can’t sit idly by and passively watch the progress of events

Learning new skills, hobbies and hobbies of the male Sagittarius will play into his hands, because he will be able to take on the role of a leader and feel like a real man. And the interest in his hobbies can be mentioned in passing. If the couple broke up, it is enough for the woman in the conversation to let the man know that she was fascinated by his hobbies. Psychologists say that this is fertile ground for sowing the seeds of a new relationship with a Sagittarius man after a recent breakup and separation.

Lack of jealousy – the key to a strong relationship

Knowing how to return a male Sagittarius, you should be especially attentive to issues of jealousy. Quite often women begin to flirt with other men so that the former lover will wonder what kind of diamond he lost. With Sagittarians, such tactics do not work. These men do not accept possessiveness in such a rude manner, and attempts to cause jealousy in themselves are taken as disrespect on the part of the partner.

Stage three. Anger

But if the partner is like a dumb dog, which having learned one command, for some reason completely does not understand the others … You understand correctly, Sagittarius does not train anyone, he is just very responsible and does not really understand why there is a person near him, on whom you can not rely … But he loves me, yes, he loves me … And I him …

“So what the hell!!! – suddenly one evening, coming home from work, shouts Sagittarius at his partner who is numb from surprise, “Why the hell don’t you get the simple things?!”

And another Sagittarius, coming home and seeing the usual mess and cold stove, silently turns around and leaves – to live with a friend…

And the third, once again finding badly hidden condoms not their favorite brand, collects without further ado the suitcase to the cheater, an hour later he changes the lock, a month later he gets the divorce papers in his hands …

This usually has a cold shower and a sobering sledgehammer effect on the partners. If the Sagittarius companion is sane, he will do everything to be forgiven and will then try very hard not to repeat this terrible punishment. Sagittarius is willing to appreciate the effort, but is always wary: now you first prove to me that you can be trusted, then I will do it with a light heart.

What not to do, or the wrong strategy

You can forget about reconciliation with Sagittarius if a chasm of misunderstanding lies between a man and a woman. Sometimes the relationship begins completely accidentally, and after a while the partners realize that they do not suit each other at all. In this case, psychologists recommend to let the partner go, but not to cling to the relationship with all his might.

Return Sagittarius will not work if you evoke in him a feeling of pity, helplessness, and in general to stand in the position of the victim. Men of this sign love self-sufficient bright women, but the woman-girl is not their type. A lot of tears, tantrums and ultimatums will only further convince Sagittarius in the correctness of his decision.

Representatives of this sign can fall into melancholy or even depression if someone will restrict their freedom.

Trying to return Sagittarius by deception is also not a good idea. The intuition of such men is well developed, so to deceive the representatives of this sign more often than not will not work. If the deception will be revealed – the relationship can not be saved.

How to return the feeling of men Sagittarius – it depends on the characteristics of the relationship. Psychologists advise not to delay with the ruling of all the “i” and quickly take the situation into their own hands.

A Case Study

Lily is 29 years old and she decided to share with women her story of rebuilding a relationship with Sagittarius. By her example, every woman will be able to make her own strategy, taking into account the peculiarities of the relationship and the man’s character.

“Everything was fine with my Sagittarius, and then he just disappeared, didn’t call or write. I never understood what exactly caused the breakup. The man is very good, so I decided not to give up without a fight. First of all, I dyed my hair bright red (before I was brown), respectively, I had to change the closet with the new look. It took about a week for this, all this time I did not communicate with a man. Then “accidentally” I met him in a favorite cafe, which we often visited together. We talked for a while, I cited business and quickly left him. Another week later we ran into each other at squash practice, which my man loved so much. There was no limit to my surprise; he immediately began to teach me the wisdom of the sport. Then there were a few more “chance” meetings, and just three weeks later he asked me out on a date. Since then 4 years have passed, I am happily married to my Sagittarius, we have many common interests and we are completely satisfied with each other. By the way, the reason for the breakup the first time, I later found out. It turned out that he thought I was not interesting enough and even boring.”

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Love gone, tomatoes wilted: how a typical Sagittarius breaks up a relationship

His life is very boring and always full of changes, so he does not make a big tragedy out of the parting (even with a loved one). Abandoned Sagittarius proudly walks off into the sunset, towards new acquaintances.

The same he breaks relations rarely, even if the partner is not perfect – this optimist long invested in the union, trying to “get accustomed.

Learning about a loved one

Most female (or male) flaws do not piss off Sagittarius. Although, of course, a flaw is not the same as a flaw. Regularly burning cutlets or light in the bathroom is one thing, and the constant flirting with the opposite sex or drinking more frequent – another…

At this stage Sagittarius keeps a Spartan calm, can even make no comments. But disapproval has already been brewing…

Subtle hints.

Having been dating for a couple of months (and maybe even managed to get married and celebrate an anniversary or two), a representative of this sign begins to notice that the relationship is going over the top.

He, Sagittarius, invests and forgives, and his partner turns into a capricious child who prefers only to take. Therefore, he begins to make neat constructive suggestions.

It is good if the partner responds to them and begins to change. Sagittarius will also help.

If the loved one treats the criticism with incomprehension, begins to ignore it or take offense, Sagittarius will continue to deal with the family while hoping that the husband/wife will “grow up” after all. But this person has already started to collect his partner’s “faults” inside…

2. The first serious quarrels

When the cup of patience of the Sagittarius will run to the brim, emotions will flow out.

One unhappy evening a scandal will erupt in the family (probably because of an annoying little thing).

A month later there will be another. Another one a week later…

A particularly intemperate Sagittarius will leave the house slamming the door (or throwing his partner’s things out the door).

But this is not the end. If you come to your senses, you can still win back most of the representatives of this fiery sign. Though, of course, words will not be enough, you will have to really change (and Sagittarius will now be watching all the time to see if you have gone back to the old one).

1. retreating to prepared positions

After realizing that it will not be possible to create a family with this spoiled man, Sagittarius begins to prepare. He picks a place to move out (and sometimes a person to replace the ex-husband or wife).

He can act calmly (although, of course, there will be both resentment and longing bubbling in the soul). First – we divide the property (we buy the parents a house). Then we look for a lawyer and find out when the registry office works. And only after that you can tell your ex-cousin that “the tomatoes wilted.

At this point you can either apologize or not, Sagittarius broke up for good…

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