How does a person in love behave?

Body language: 15 signals that people in love unknowingly send

What are the signs you can tell if you’re in love?

You have romantic feelings for someone, but you do not know whether he feels the same in return? How do you know if the other person really likes you or if there is no reciprocity?

It is possible to find out if you know the nuances of psychology, which are the same for all people, regardless of location, wealth and social status. Moreover, there are 15 well-established patterns of behavior on this subject… body language will not lie, it cannot be hidden, and it can tell you about the intentions of another person better and brighter than a thousand words!

The editorial staff of shares the secrets by which you can understand that you are in love.

1. If he / she remembers about you even the smallest details

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The fact that someone remembers even the smallest details about you that maybe even you don’t know about shows that the person is in love to the point of paying attention to you and your behavior. Right down to the smallest detail.

2. His/her eyebrows will go up when his/her eyes see you

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Relationship experts stress that when people see people they like, they unconsciously raise their eyebrows and do so to get a better look at them.

3. her face pours a blush when you compliment her

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Scientists say that people who have strong romantic feelings, like during stress, have elevated adrenaline levels and that’s why their faces blush.

4. This is nonsense, could it be a crush?

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Relationship experts say that people often make mistakes and have a hard time formulating competent sentences when they’re around people they like. It’s not a fact, of course, that the excitement is caused by the crush factor, but take note!

5. If this person can make you laugh with your silly jokes

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6. If your hands aren’t in your pockets, then the communication is going well

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Data from psychologists show that people put their hands in their pockets in situations where they are uncomfortable.

7. If he tries to sit next to you or in front of you when you are in friendly company

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Believe me, if he makes a special effort to do so, you are one of the main reasons he wants to be around you.

8. The man in love experiences the emotions you tell him about

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If the person is happy and sad with you, along with your narrative, meaning they have an emotional payoff, that’s a good sign. A sign that he cares about your feelings. This is probably the most important stage of the relationship.

9. If your interlocutor’s pupils dilate during a conversation with you

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Our pupils dilate usually in the dark, but they may also become larger due to bright emotions.

10. Someone is trying to make physical contact

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It’s not about kissing and hugging. It is enough that a person in love looks at the reason for his feelings without interruption and with interest (not to be confused with manic tendencies). If someone stares at your face during a conversation, know that this is the actual physical contact.

11 If he/she puts the phone down and focuses only on you during the meeting

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We actually need to apply this behavior to everyone we meet in our lives and respect, but most of us are unable, alas, to do so.

If a person doesn’t answer incoming calls when meeting you and is only focused on you when communicating with you, that says only one thing: that woman or man thinks you are more important than anything else in the world.

12 If a person who cares is trying to start a conversation

Most people, even in big cities are single and for most people in megacities, starting a conversation with someone you don’t know is already a serious moral challenge. Imagine the effort it would take for a person if he or she tried to start a conversation with someone they like, someone they are in love with?

One of the surest signs that someone has a soft spot for someone.

13. If the person unknowingly repeats your gestures

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Studies show that people who have romantic feelings for each other unconsciously mimic each other’s gestures and facial expressions.

For example, if you talk fast and your head tone is high, the person in love with you is unlikely to speak calmly and slowly.

14. If you get a feeling of jealousy toward the person you are in love with

Where is she/he? What is going on with her/him? Who is he/she communicating with now? If you’re asking these questions, don’t be alarmed early on that you’re becoming some kind of toxic jealous. This is a normal psychological form of behavior in the face of feelings that have arisen. If the jealousy occurs in secret and these questions can be rationally explained, then everything is fine, the symptom will pass sooner or later.

Especially no one wants to share a loved one with someone else, right?

15. Pay attention to the position of the legs

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Yes, body language can give away a lot, the main thing is to see it. For example, where do the knees of the feet look? Are they tightly closed, that is, looking inward? A person with such an orientation of the legs is clearly withdrawn and is unlikely to communicate with you, but if the posture is relaxed and easy, including the feet, then at least he refers to you neutrally, and perhaps even is located towards you. But this will be possible to find out based on other signs.

If the guy is in love, how does he behave, what are the main signs, features of behavior, gestures of a man in love?


Psychology and behavioral reactions of the stronger sex have their own characteristics. Because of this, it is not easy for ladies to recognize a man’s sympathy. So, if a guy is in love with a girl, how does he behave?

Can we define certain patterns in his behavior? Definitely: after all falling in love is nothing else but the realization of the instinct of continuation of the race, the code of which is inherent in every man.

How do guys fall in love?

Men behave more rationally than women. The need to calculate ahead of time applies to the affairs of the heart. Even the emergence of love has its own algorithm:

  1. Appearance Assessment. The strong sex loves eyes: appearance and the way a girl behaves give initial data on the inclinations, strong character traits and help you decide whether to seek favor of the lady.
  2. The next stage is the first signs of attention and the first signs of falling in love with the guy. A man is interested, but he is only probing the ground, assessing the girl’s prospects and reactions.
  3. The candy and bouquet period, when both parties demonstrate their merits. Only after this stage a man will fall in love if the woman suits him according to all criteria.

If a guy is in love with a girl, how does he behave?

How can you tell if a guy is in love, and not a head-scratcher? The state of being in love affects the subconscious. All the attention is focused on the girl, who is seen as perfect. There is a desire to take care of her, to emphasize your own merits. At the same time, the process of mutual recognition continues. It is these factors that determine how the person in love will behave.

Signs of a young man in love

Signs of a guy in love are embedded at a genetic level, are universal and are largely instincts that are impossible to control.

Falling in love is a strong feeling that requires an outlet. It manifests itself both in conscious actions and in unconscious impulses.

10 signs that a guy is in love:

  1. A man shows no interest in other women.
  2. In the presence of the girl he likes, he behaves softly, watches his speech.
  3. The guy straightens up and squares his shoulders, making himself more imposing.
  4. The lover behaves jealously, all the men around him are perceived as rivals.
  5. Hides his shortcomings, inability to do anything and diseases.
  6. Starts to think about starting a family.
  7. The lover lowers the timbre of his voice when talking to the girl.
  8. Specific gestures appear.
  9. He constantly looks at the girl.
  10. Actions are aimed at taking care of the beloved.

Signs of a guy falling in love with a girl can be both obvious and imperceptible. However, looks, gestures and actions will certainly give away sympathy.


The hunter’s instinct requires not to lose sight of the target. Therefore, the look of a guy in love always follows the girl. On interest also speak dilated pupils.

By the way a guy acts in the company, it’s easy to determine whom he is in love with: just make a joke and people will instinctively look at the person they most like, laughing.


Gestures of a guy in love are not controlled by consciousness.

There are several varieties of non-verbal signals:

  1. Those indicating interest, aimed at establishing contact:
    • Tilting the body in the direction of the girl;
    • Copying the pose;
    • Touching.
  2. Demonstrating confidence:
    • Legs spread wide apart (in sitting and standing positions);
    • palms or fists at sides, elbows widely apart;
    • hands in front pockets of pants, thumbs at waist;
    • thumbs pulling waistband or belt of pants down.
  3. Exhibiting nervousness, excitement:
    • Going over objects;
    • fidgeting with clothing;
    • fixing one’s hair;
    • Wiping away invisible dirt.


The behavior of a guy in love is characterized by a desire to know and protect the girl, to introduce her into his life:

  1. The man finds himself in places where the girl is, he has similar interests: the desire to be near is due to a sense of possessiveness and the inability to win the lady, being away from her.
  2. Fulfills requests immediately and even to his own detriment: the man in love behaves selflessly, and there is always free time for the girl.
  3. He makes sudden gifts: falling in love is accompanied by the desire to do something nice, to be generous.
  4. He tries to get to know the chosen one better: this is necessary in order to understand whether the girl is suitable for the role of a permanent partner.
  5. Introduces himself to his friends: a conquered girl is considered an accomplishment. The lover feels proud that the girl is near and tries to introduce her to more people.

How does a shy, timid guy behave?

Not all men openly express their interest. For insecure guys any rejection is such a strong blow to the self-esteem that it is easier not to take the initiative at all. The way a shy guy acts when he is in love is due to the fear of being rejected.

The behavior of a shy guy in love is characterized by:

  • reticence;
  • aloofness and sternness;
  • nervousness;
  • in a conversation with a girl he either talks too much about himself, or listens too much.

Recognize the true feelings of a shy man can look, gestures and facial expressions. Often a girl has to be the first to make a step forward, behave affectionately, encourage smiles and approving phrases.

The psychology of falling in love

The psychology of a guy in love is focused on the successful dissemination of genetic material. Initially, the man sends signals to several potential partners at once. Further development of relations occurs with the girl who gave the greatest number of reciprocal signals.

The behavior of the man in love is designed to:

  • shield the girl from the attention of rivals;
  • prove that he is better than the others;
  • evaluate the girl according to the maximum number of criteria.

Since the evaluation of a potential partner takes place on the basis of non-verbal signs, a man cannot always say exactly what attracted him to the girl and how she is better than others.

How to recognize his feelings?

Every girl once wonders how to recognize a guy in love, because there is a risk to be deceived, taking the desired for the reality. In addition, men find it harder to talk about love than women.

Recognize feelings will be possible if you pay attention to the way the guy in love behaves. Not necessarily that all of the discussed features will be equally manifested in a man. But some of these signs will certainly be present.

How does the feeling of falling in love manifest itself in a guy

The test to check if you are in love?

How to check if a guy is in love with you? Here the girl will help tests that assess how the young man behaves from a psychological point of view.

The test “is the guy in love with you”:

  1. Does your boyfriend care about you when you are sick?
    • a) Never;
    • b) Sometimes, if I insist strongly;
    • c) Always cares.
  2. How does your boyfriend behave when it comes to getting to know his friends?
    • a) He categorically refuses;
    • b) Postpones introductions indefinitely;
    • c) Introduces you a long time ago.
  3. Does he know your tastes?
    • a) Doesn’t know;
    • b) He remembers some things;
    • c) He knows what I like.
  4. Something is broken at your house. How does the boy behave in such a situation?
    • a) He ignores it;
    • b) He asks routine questions and forgets;
    • c) Solves your problem.
  5. How does he behave when you’re around?
    • a) Ignores you, looks at the other girls, acts rudely;
    • b) Behaves the same way he does with other people;
    • c) Often touches you, looks you in the eye.
  6. Does the boy try to look nice around you?
    • a) No, he does not care;
    • b) Sometimes, when I remind him of it;
    • c) Yes. He chooses his clothes carefully and watches his posture.
  7. Does he often give gifts?
    • a) Never;
    • b) Only if you ask;
    • c) Take every opportunity to be nice, behave generously.
  8. It’s the end of the day, it’s pouring, and you don’t have an umbrella. How does the guy behave?
    • a) He won’t even call;
    • b) Advises you to find an umbrella;
    • c) Comes to get you with an umbrella.
  9. Do you see each other often?
    • a) Rarely;
    • b) Periodically;
    • c) Regularly.
  10. If he takes you on a date, on whose initiative?
    • a) You are always the initiator;
    • b) Sometimes he offers to go out;
    • c) He often takes the initiative.

Option “a” – 0 points, “b” – 5, “c” – 10.

  • 70-100 points – the man is strongly in love;
  • 30-70 – his feelings are weak;
  • 0-30 – he does not care about you.

Useful video

It is worth remembering that falling in love with guys manifests itself in different ways. Some people withdraw at the sight of a loved one, others begin to babble, and some just hide their feelings. There are a number of signs in the behavior of the guy in love that will help you understand him. This video will tell you which ones:


Men and women do not easily understand each other: the stronger sex behaves reserved and speaks little about love. But if a guy fell in love with a girl, signs of it will show in his gestures, looks and actions.

It is worth to be open, pay attention to the signs that he sends, and male feelings will certainly become clearer

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