How does a man in love kiss?

What feelings for you his kiss will tell you

A kiss can express love, respect, greeting, passion, friendship and even negative emotions, so you can use a kiss for different purposes. If you want to know how he feels about you or how he feels right now, pay attention to the way he kisses you.

1. a quick kiss

A quick fleeting kiss from friends or family is a sign of greeting or goodbye. If it’s coming from your man, he’s either in a hurry or offended by you.

2. A kiss on the forehead.

At first glance it does not seem sexy at all, but when a loved one kisses you on the forehead, it is a sign of absolute affection. Someone who kisses you on the forehead appreciates you and thinks you are special.

3. A kiss on the neck.

It’s already hot! Kissing the neck, a very erogenous zone, is clearly not a friendly gesture, but a loud cry of “I want you!” A man who is not sure of the reciprocity of his affection is unlikely to dare to kiss you on the neck. Kissing this part of the body is usually part of foreplay and has a very arousing effect on women.

4. The angry kiss.

It only happens during or shortly after an argument. One grabs the other and kisses intensely, but with a touch of aggression.

5. The kiss on the corner of the mouth.

The person kissing you is rushing you or teasing you in a playful, flirty way. By kissing one corner of your mouth, your partner slowly builds sexual tension and tries to intrigue you.

6. Exploratory kissing.

He starts kissing you from the lips, moves to the neck, collarbone, chest, down to the belly… The partner is ready to devote time to caressing and admiring your body. This is an even more intimate kiss than the touch of your lips to the neck. Surely your man belongs to the number of skillful lovers who know a lot about foreplay.

7. Gentle nibbling

Gently biting your partner’s lips while kissing is very sexy and indicates a desire for more. More attention, more kissing, more you. If your lover loves to kiss this way, he’s clearly crazy about you.

8. The goodbye kiss.

This is the saddest kind of kiss. It is long, slow and sometimes salty with tears. You hope it never ends, but it comes time to break up.

9. The passionless kiss.

Is his tongue out of play, his lips soft, and intensity out of the question? Unfortunately, this is a sign that his feelings for you are slowly dying, or there is something between you that is hurting him deeply.

10. A kiss on the chin.

He clearly has feelings for you and would move to your neck, but he lacks the courage. With a kiss on the chin, he is testing your reaction.

11. The gasping kiss.

Your lips don’t separate, your tongues intertwine, and your breath becomes almost shared. Pure passion!

12. The French kiss.

This is one of the hottest kisses ever! The open relaxed mouth and active tongue movements make it almost like mouth sex. But the tongue cannot be engaged immediately. The play begins with light touches of the lips, the mouth gradually opens wide, and the tongue enters the scene. Kissing you in French can either be done by a man in love, or by an experienced hunter of women’s hearts.

13. A drunken kiss

This is probably the most unpleasant kind of kissing. An intoxicated partner smells bad and is too rough in his caresses. Don’t be surprised if he starts licking your face. It’s hard to tell what he’s really thinking and feeling.

14. Hand kissing.

He is a gentleman and knows a lot about good manners. Kissing his hand may be a sign of greeting, deference, respect, and sympathy.

15. A kiss on the cheek

At first glance, it seems quite innocent, but it carries a hidden message: either the man kissed you just as a friend, or he is shy to express his feelings more openly.

16. The Eskimo kiss.

Greenlanders express sympathy by touching their nose to their nose. Even if your man is not an Eskimo but likes to rub the tip of your nose with his own, he obviously likes you.

Twelve types of kisses that will tell you how a man really feels about you

Each kiss is an expression of beauty, love, friendship, compassion and feelings. Kisses can be seen as an expression of love, as intimacy, as togetherness. Kissing reveals something new. But sometimes they also close.

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What does his kiss say? Below are 12 types of male kisses and what they say about his feelings for you.

A Light Kiss

A simple “smack” can mean a lot of things. This is a greeting or farewell, a sign of anger or estrangement partner. Sometimes it actually feels like a kiss as such and did not happen. We must proceed from what the man is: it is a simple hello-bye or indifferent “I’m upset with you.

2. A biting kiss.

If a lover bites his lip lightly, it’s his way of saying he wants more. More attention. More pleasure. This is an interesting kiss that demands attention and involves play. If a man kisses you like this, it tells you that he likes you and wants to play. Now.

3. Kissing the corner of your lips

If your partner is kissing you on the side of the lips, either he doesn’t have time and is in a hurry, or (which is more likely) he is teasing you on purpose. He wants to arouse desire, but at the same time takes his time.

4. The kiss on the neck

A very explicit and sensual kiss. When a man kisses your neck, it means he dreams of intimacy with you. It is never a friendly kiss. It’s not a “breakup kiss” or an “angry kiss.” It’s an “I want to go to bed” kiss. And when he does, he expects you to feel the same way.

5. Angry Kiss.

This kind of kiss happens when two angry people argue, grab hold of each other and kiss carelessly, intensely, and slightly aggressively. This kind of kiss happens only once, and it happens only during or after an argument. And never before it, and never if all is peacefully good in the couple.

6. The breakup kiss.

This is the worst kiss of all. It is sad, slow and tense. And usually salty because of the tears. It’s not the “frowny kiss” in which one starts to pull away from the other. It’s the kind of kiss in which you both say “goodbye” to each other’s eyes, and it hurts. It’s the kind of kiss you don’t want to end. Because once it stops, it’s over. Your story as a couple is over.

7. A frowning kiss.

The tongue is done. The lips are a little soft and don’t strain. The mouth doesn’t linger any longer, either. This kiss indicates that your partner’s feelings are over, or that you have a problem and his anger or pain is standing a wall between you.

8. The wandering kiss.

A kiss that starts at the mouth and goes to the neck, chest, and cheeks is the kind of kiss that arouses desire. Your partner begins to explore your body with his lips from your face downward. He does this on purpose. Let him take his time, the fun is just beginning.

9. On the forehead.

Adoring, tender, sweet. A kiss on the forehead is only given by someone who truly thinks you are sweet and precious. A kiss on the forehead is considered maternal or paternal, but it doesn’t mean your partner’s lack of attraction. Of all the types of kisses, it is the most special. Anyone can kiss anyone on the cheek, but in the forehead or the top of the nose will kiss only those who really love.

10. On the chest

What does this kiss mean? A kiss near the chest will get you naked faster, or you are clearly in a bad situation. It is a strong, passionate and frank kiss.

11. On the chin.

Right on the chin? Someone who does this is feeling affectionate toward you. But be sure to try to kiss your neck, your chest. And he’s either testing you or he’s trying to get his needs met without seeming too bold.

12 The Endless Kiss

This kiss doesn’t end, and neither do you want it to. Your faces change tilt many times. You don’t stop to take a break. Your hands dig into each other, clinging to the first thing you see. This kind of kiss feels like you have found yourself in that kiss and are ready to lose yourself completely in the other person. Time has stopped. Not literally, but for the two of you, yes.

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