How does a man get aroused?

A guide to seducing men: how easy to excite to the limit

Girls are often puzzled by the question of how to diversify lovemaking and return the old passion in the relationship. No one wants to be considered a prude or even lose a partner because of his mediocrity in love affairs. Learn how to excite a man correctly and without any tricks.

4 easy ways to turn a man on

Guys get turned on quite easily, even if you don’t make any serious effort. No need to discover America in the field of sexual pleasures, there are proven by many couples ways how to excite a man:

Erotic dance.

All guys are visual, as they are most aroused by the sight of a woman’s body. Present their seductive virtues preferably with the help of dance. Do not worry if you think that you dance like a cow on ice. Every woman hides if not a ballerina, then a sexy stripper, especially if she wants to dance in front of her beloved man. Throw away shyness and move in time to languid music in front of your chosen one in his underwear. His surprise, coupled with excitement will determine your further passionate night. In addition to dancing, you can seduce your boyfriend playful movements of the heel when you cook or clean the apartment. The main condition in this case will be your clothes: short shorts or tango panties will be a great help to excite a man as quickly as possible.

Naughty phrases

The words can be turned on so that no additional action is no longer needed. How to excite a man with words? The first thing you should emphasize during foreplay – the timbre of your voice. Try to speak velvety and exciting, leave the idle chatter for another occasion. What exactly can be said:

  1. Erotic compliments: “How good you look in that tank top, tight around your muscular shoulders,” or “Those jeans make your butt look magical.”
  2. Desires: “Looking at you I can’t take my eyes off you, I want to undress you and pounce on you with kisses” or “I want you to spank me right now.
  3. Naughty things: “I’m on fire when I’m near you” or “Well, is your boyfriend ready for a fight? I’ve been longing for him!”

Nude lingerie.

Lacy bras and tiny panties are just the thing to excite any man greatly. Night pajamas with elephants are unlikely to arouse sexual ardor in your boyfriend, so put it away in the closet on a far shelf. Allocate a small amount each month to buy erotic lingerie and be able to keep your man in constant readiness.

An additional effect will produce a beautiful stockings, which delight most guys. Try this option: wear stockings and a silk gown on your bare body and, passing by your lover, unwittingly reveal the lace band on his thigh. A tenacious male gaze will mark such an attribute. And when the guy discovers that you are also practically naked, be sure to excite him to the limit.

Massage and other caresses

Playful touching is a great opportunity to get mutual pleasure followed by delightful sex. You’ve probably massaged your man before, but how do you turn this action into arousal? To make it work, stick to the following algorithm:

  • Wear sexy lingerie,
  • press against your partner with your whole body during the massage,
  • touch not only the torso, but also the genital area,
  • Whisper dirty words and tenderness in a man’s ear.

Use these techniques regularly, alternating or combining in a single complex. Guy can not resist your onslaught and surrender, and you will be able to take full advantage of his excitement.

ABC of the male body: what a woman needs to know about the erogenous zones of guys

Women usually know where and how to properly touch a man to excite him. But sometimes there are difficulties with this, as the guy gets used to the same caresses and is not so sensitive to them. How to excite a man in bed, surprising him? Look for new sensitive points on his body and play with sensations, as well as change the tactics of sexual behavior. Basic male erogenous zones to help you:

  1. Lips and tongue – kiss, bite, caress, and turn a guy on with half a turn.
  2. Breasts – male nipples, as well as female, respond to touch, which shows excitement.
  3. The bottom of the abdomen – stroke and kiss him there, lingering longer in this border area.
  4. Genitals – caress your partner’s genitals in your preferred way and bring him to bliss.

In addition to the well-known body parts, there are other lesser-known erogenous zones, which you will learn about right now:

  1. Head. Gentle strokes of your hair can be very exciting. Going over the hair will be part of the foreplay or accompaniment to a kiss. A woman’s claws sliding gently over his head will bring your boyfriend into a state of bliss to the point of goosebumps.
  2. Neck- The lower part of the back of the head responds well to light touching and kissing. How to get a man excited? Combine caresses of the neck area with massage of the shoulders and back, and then move on to a passionate embrace and French kisses.
  3. Fingers. On fingers and toes there are special points responsible for sexual arousal. Therefore, their massage will allow you to veiledly excite your partner. Special attention should be paid to the middle and ring fingers and their bases. There are nerve endings, which, when pressed, provoke an increase in libido.
  4. Feet. Many men adore it when they massage or even lick their feet. If you know how much your man is turned on by such caresses, do not neglect them. Foot massage increases blood circulation in the genital area, and this is a direct path to arousal.

With the proper approach, you can excite your boyfriend in minutes, using these hidden erogenous zones. You will only reap the benefits of his skill in the form of reciprocal caresses.

How do you know that a man is aroused enough?

You rasperdalas vosmestreyvali and used all methods to excite a man. It is logical that now you want to know whether he turned on to the limit, or should continue with their playful caresses. How do you know if a guy is “ready.”

  1. His pulse is racing. Of course, measuring his heart rate would be weird. But this phenomenon is also indicated by other external signs:
    • There’s a blush on his cheeks,
    • his pupils dilate,
    • …his breathing becomes labored..,
    • …and on rare occasions, sweating on the forehead.
  2. His voice changes. The intonation of the excited man clearly changes. There is a gasp, a huskiness, and a confusion of speech. Such signs give away in a guy an extreme degree of excitement.
  3. He has a persistent erection. This most telling sign can be seen with the naked eye, unless your man is wearing a thick down to his heels during foreplay. Feel or see an erection? Fondle your partner some more and start making love.
  4. He passionately pounced on you and has already practically undressed you. There is nothing to talk about, the guy is obviously ready for direct coitus and is waiting for your reciprocity.

At least one of the signs described above is always present in men. Be careful and you won’t make a mistake when you want to know if a guy is aroused enough.

Possible mistakes when arousing men

Not always the foreplay goes the way a girl wants it to, and getting a man in bed fails. Some women do not know the male psychology very well, so sometimes they make mistakes in excitement of guys. It is better to learn from other people’s experiences than from your own. We present you a list of those moments in women’s behavior that men do not like:

  1. Solicitation not in time. Imagine the situation: a girl wants to excite a man on the phone, and he is already a couple of hours is on the responsible meeting. Your sexual advances at a minimum will not cause the desired effect, and at a maximum provoke irritation. Leave erotic innuendos until the moment when the man is free and open to communication.
  2. Manliness in behavior. Even using vulgar words to excite a guy can be playful and feminine, not vulgar. Control yourself and do not allow foul language and swearing in the lexicon during foreplay. Otherwise, instead of a stimulating effect you will get the opposite.
  3. Unmaintenance. Spontaneous sex can happen anywhere, and your appearance is not so important. But if you are going to purposefully excite your man, look after the way you look: waxing, well-groomed locks, light makeup should be your attribute. After all, it is important for guys to admire the beauty of his mate.
  4. Talkativeness. If during foreplay you describe to a man in colors all the events of the day, it is unlikely that he will have strength for anything other than sleep. In his head guy will be spinning your talk about discounts in a cosmetics store, a new jacket girlfriend and other pressing women’s issues. Demonstrate his vast vocabulary at other times, the process of excitement does not tolerate unnecessary phrases.
  5. Complacency. To get a guy, you need to fully surrender to your instincts. Complexes spoil the possible pleasure in bed. Try to loosen up, because confident girls are very excitable men.
  6. Unpleasant odor. Let’s face it: even the most sexy girl can not excite the guy, if it comes from her bad smell. And the stench can be attributed not only to the ambers of the mouth or the smell of sweat, but also to the suffocating deodorant or toilet water.
  7. Monotony. If every time you apply the same techniques and expect unreal excitement from the man, then your expectations are in vain. Routine happens in sex, so do not neglect the experiments and look for new ways to get mutual pleasure.

Even if you have made any mistakes and could not excite your man, do not despair. Anything happens. Just now you are more experienced and will not repeat such mistakes.

Erogenous zones on the body of a man: where are the 11 most sensitive places

Most women believe that men have only three erogenous zones: nipples, neck and penis. We decided not to take the easy way and studied this question much deeper. It turned out that men have many more arousal points. About some you may know, and others will be a surprise to you. In addition, the sensitivity of some erogenous points may depend on the zodiac sign. Interested? Then read on!

The word “erogenous” comes from the Greek “eros,” which means “love.” This means that erogenous zones are those places on our bodies that give love and pleasure. Places that are more sensitive than others.

Don’t self-medicate! In our articles we gather the latest scientific data and opinions of respected experts in the field of health. But remember: only a doctor can diagnose and prescribe treatment.


The most obvious erogenous zone is the penis. Studies, and life experience, confirm that touching the penis and its stimulation – is the best way to excite a man. The penis has its own erogenous zones. The most sensitive area of the penis is the underside of the head. It is followed by the lower part of the shaft of the penis, the upper side of the head, the left and right parts of it, and the upper side of the shaft. Try caressing each of these parts and observe your partner’s reaction.

Remember that caresses should be as gentle as possible – this erogenous zone in a man is too sensitive, and if you overdo it, then instead of orgasm and unearthly bliss you will arrange your beloved sophisticated torture.

Erogenous zone of men, which for some reason is often forgotten. There is even a proven scientific theory as to why the lips are one of the best arousal points. An ordinary kiss triggers a chain of reactions that leads to hormonal fireworks in the male brain. The reason is simple: there are a huge number of nerve endings on the lips. They are a hundred times more sensitive than other points on the body.


An important erogenous zone of a man and the third strongest response to caresses. There are a lot of nerve endings in the scrotum. However, so far there are no studies that find out which area of the scrotum is the most sensitive. So try it out for yourself. On the other hand, you have plenty of room for experimentation. Being creative is always a good thing.


Strangely enough, also quite a sensitive erogenous zone. Men’s feet also have a lot of nerve endings concentrated on them. Massage the feet tired for the day is not the only option. For example, you can find a point on his foot, which in acupuncture is called “bubbling brook” (that’s what it’s called). First, warm his feet by wrapping a warm towel around them and rubbing them. And then gently press the point just below his big toe, between the pad of his big toe and his “index” toe. It is believed that this particular point can provoke a sudden sexual desire.


Of course, the male nipples are not as sensitive as the female nipples. Nevertheless, they are the fifth most important erogenous zone on the male body. In men nipples do not perform any useful function and are a perfect rudiment. But the skin around them is still pretty soft, and therefore biting and sucking the nipple can give very positive effects. And stimulation of this area will give a lot of pleasure to your lover.

You’ll see, he’ll go crazy if you take the time to lightly nibble on his ear. This is a non-obvious, yet highly arousing male erogenous zone. It is better not to concentrate on the lobe – if you have pierced ears, you know yourself that this is not too sensitive place, unlike the cartilage. Even the light touch of warm breath or the tip of your tongue will send shivers down his body.

Men’s necks are often overlooked during sexual play. And wrongly, the neck – as sensitive erogenous zone, as most others. Under the skin in the back of the neck are concentrated many nerve endings. Try massaging this area with your fingers and you’ll immediately notice the goosebumps running down his skin.


Men don’t have a G-spot, but they do have a prostate analogue. Not all men enjoy touching this particular erogenous zone, so you better check with your lover beforehand if he does not mind a prostate massage.

Prostate is located at a depth of two finger falanges from the anus, the pad of your finger should be directed towards the penis. The prostate will feel like a ball about the size of a walnut. The man should relax completely and trust your hands.

If you decide to try massaging your boyfriend’s prostate, don’t forget to thoroughly lubricate your fingers. Such a procedure is not only pleasant but also useful: it improves blood flow to the pelvic organs and the outflow of secretion and seminal fluid.


For some men this is one of the most important erogenous zones. A light spanking can set him in a playful mood. Just don’t forget that spanking can be painful for more than just the person being spanked. The buttocks are not a very sensitive place, but your palm is very sensitive.

A man’s arousal points and erogenous zones can be located in any part of his hands: the palms, the pads of the fingers, the forearms or the fossa at the bend of the elbow. Many men and women alike love to have their hands kneaded. Buy a su-jok massage ring, put it on a man’s finger and roll it on each finger of the hand.

The big toe

We did not randomly allocated it to a separate erogenous zone, because it is rightfully considered one of the most mysterious places that cause a rush of sexual energy. The fact is that the area of the brain that receives signals from the big toe is located right next door to the area that receives signals from the genitals. One area is “lit” and the fire spreads to the other. The same principle often works in reverse as well – genital stimulation ricochets “down” to the big toes.

How to caress the erogenous zones of men?

To know the erogenous zones in order to bring a man pleasurable moments is not enough. It is important to understand how to stimulate them to quickly excite a man and help him achieve a fabulous orgasm. Women who believe that you can caress the erogenous points in any way and with anything, are very mistaken, because if you follow this motto, your partner may not receive a stunning orgasm, but a fit of laughter from tickling. Agree, this is not a good ending to a long foreplay.

First you need to thoroughly study your boyfriend’s body and find the most sensitive and exciting points. Then, properly stimulating them, you will turn every act of intimacy into an unforgettable pleasure for both of you. Here are ways to find the erogenous zones in a man and use them correctly:

  • Try light, barely perceptible touches with your fingertips;
  • Lightly, almost imperceptibly, scratch the sensitive points on his body with your fingernails;
  • use your lips: dry kisses, lip strokes, wet kisses, and even hickeys;
  • don’t forget the tongue: soft touches, circular movements, and tickling with the tip;
  • Light blowing hot and cold on an erogenous zone will cause one hundred percent excitement;
  • Use improvised means: a piece of ice, a feather, massage oil, etc.

How to determine the erogenous zones of men by the zodiac sign?

There is a theory that the location of erogenous zones in men largely depends on the zodiac sign. After all, it determines the character and lifestyle, and the sensitive points will be located accordingly.

Erogenic zones in Aries men

The main erogenous zone of Aries men are considered the lips. This is their most sensitive area, so the best way to quickly excite the man of Aries is a long hot kiss.

Erogenous zones in men Taurus

The main erogenous zone of Taurus men – the neck. Funny thing is that a man of this sign, like a calf, comes to the delight of caressing is in the neck and nape. Tenderness and tactile contact is very important for these men, try to touch sensitive spots only with the fingertips.

Erogenic zones in Gemini men

The main erogenous zone of Gemini men is their brain. Men born under this sign are aroused by racy conversations. Start flirting with him early in the morning, gradually raising the “degree” and you will see that by evening he will burn with desire.

Erogenic zones in men Cancer

The strongest erogenous zone in men of Cancer – the chest. After all, it is there where the heart is located. It is believed that men of this sign more than others need love. Try a light touch with your tongue and nibbling on the nipples.

Erogenous zones in men Leo

The sensitive erogenous zone of lion men is considered the back. They are aroused by massage, stroking and light scratching with the fingernail tips. The second most sensitive zone in male lions is the lower lip. Give special attention to kissing – try to kiss and nibble only the lower lip of his partner.

Erogenic zones in Virgo men

The most important erogenous zones in representatives of this sign of the zodiac is the abdominal area. In addition, men love Virgo cleanliness. And that is why they prefer to make love in the bathroom or shower. If you combine these two things, then the best aphrodisiac will be a hot stream of water aimed at the belly of your beloved. Besides the belly, these men especially like to have their face caressed. Kiss not only the lips of your partner, but also the cheeks, forehead, eyes, nose, eyebrow line.

Erogenic zones in Libra men

The hottest erogenous zone of Libra men is considered to be the buttocks. They love light stroking and caressing. In addition to stimulating this zone, men are Libra excited by the demonstration of a naked female body. Perform for his beloved striptease or other erotic dance, and he will answer you a bright night full of bliss.

Erogenic zones in Scorpio men

How long to find the erogenous zones of the representatives of the zodiac sign do not need scorpio men like the very understanding and sensations of lovemaking. Sensitive points they have placed all over the body, but the fastest way to excite the scorpion man – is the caresses of his penis.

Erogenous zones in men Sagittarius

Particularly excitable erogenous zones of the male Sagittarius is considered the inner surface of the thigh. Surprise your boyfriend a different kind of caresses this part of the body, for example, hold a feather softly, shocking touch of ice, or make a light erotic massage.

Capricorn men’s erogenous zones

The erogenous zones of the male Capricorns are quite numerous – it is the abdomen, the back, and the breasts. Especially representatives of this sign are aroused by the touch of a woman’s breast. Try to lightly touch the special areas of your favorite nipples and observe the reaction. Most Capricorn also become very excited by touching the fossa on the inner bend of the knee with their tongue.

Erogenic zones in Aquarius men

Aquarius men prefer a thorough scientific approach in any matter. Including in sex. Therefore, easily go to any experiments in bed. The erogenous zones on the body of such men are many, but the hottest – is the foot.

Erogenous zones in men Pisces

Identify important erogenous zones in men Pisces – quite difficult. They are very many: the lips, the ears, the neck, the stomach. In the case of men born under this sign, you will have to experiment and look for yourself. However, the environment plays an important role for them. Since the sign is aquatic, then they will feel especially comfortable in the water or near its source.

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