How does a male lion like you on a first date?

How to please a man the lion and keep him: 7 ways

Hello, with you Alina, and today I will tell you how to please a man the lion. Yes, the sign of the zodiac is harsh, but also attractive. Although the compatibility of your signs is also worth looking at. A girl likes a guy and she does not know how to behave, what to do, how to present themselves. After all, men are not every pay attention. Look closely, look closely, choose. How do you know a man likes you? And if he likes you and he is the perfect partner for you, then how to keep? Let’s break it all down point by point, in order, so that you can easily navigate and understand what men want to see and how to please them, especially the lions.

How to get a man to like a lion on the first date and keep him

And so, to get a man gals to like you, you have to follow some rules. I’ll tell you more, you have to understand, it’s necessary for yourself even more so. After all, you want to always be SUPER! Then these tips are for you. Liked the man, what to do? How to attract his attention and initiate a relationship? Of course, fall in love with him and lead him on a leash to the bargain.

The first thing. Appearance.

Properly constructed, well thought-out appearance. No, it’s not necessarily the latest fashion clothes. It’s not important at all, but you should not wear clothes from a flea market, either. Quality clothing, for moderate money, better tailored specifically for you. The main thing is to emphasize your form and hide flaws in order to please a man in this dress. What do they like most of all in our appearance?

First, it is an hourglass shape. Yes, that’s right, men are crazy about them. That’s why you pick the clothes to match. You want your lion to like you, right?

Secondly, the hair. They must be long, at least up to the shoulders. As life shows now it is a trend. With long hair you can come up with a lot of hairstyles, styles. Your hair should be beautiful, they should stand out, to be a very important part of your appearance. Plus go to the fact that they are attracting the eyes of men, forcing them to admire, pay attention, distract them from some of your shortcomings that you would like to hide. Constantly take care of them, watch them, keep them in shape. They should be perfect. Men are often bitten by the hair. This is the easiest way for a man to like you.

Sometimes you can just let it down to the waist and that’s it, the man is yours, the love of a lifetime. Play with them, each time come up with a different form for them. And you’re sure to find one that a man likes. I had that when I was changing my hair, at one point a guy came up and said: “Girl, you had such a great haircut yesterday, don’t get another one, it’s perfect for you!” And that’s it, I’m busted.

A woman likes a guy, a really perfect partner, what to do

Second. Colors.

It’s better to use rich, juicy colors. Let’s say you’re wearing a bright dress, men think the girl is interesting, well-groomed. They are attracted to it. Do not use faded, dull colors, even if they are super trendy. Men bite not on fashion, but on color and appearance. For all they care what your brand, packaging, they look at the woman, not the dress.

Third. Clothing.

Do not wear men’s clothes or jeans, in any case, no matter how comfortable you think it is. Yes, it may be convenient to repair a tractor, for example, to climb under it in the garage, or in the field. But you can’t wear them. Especially since they bore the guys, not appealing to the eye. They are already involuntarily looking for a girl in a light bright dress, sundress. A beautiful blouse with a skirt will do. Men miss girls, they are tired of this emancipation of girls into men. The Western domination is ruining our culture; Russian girls have never worn pants. And now everywhere you look, pants, jeans, sneakers. What are you, a creature? How do you want a man to like you? By texting?

Number four. Underwear.

Yes, you can’t see it, but you never know… Lingerie should be high quality, clean, beautiful. Preferably to match the color of the dress. But never red under white and vice versa. And no thongs! I’m sick of them already men, they laugh at them, and it’s not nice. They were invented for pants, not to stand out when the ass is tightened to the mind, that now burst. And you and I agreed not to wear pants. The exception may be a business pantsuit, and not always, there is a business suit with a skirt. So, the thong in the trash. Wear regular swim trunks, or neat panties. They are VERY arousing men. Yes, swim trunks, not thongs. Read on to find out how to get a man to like you.

Before you decide to get a man to like a lion, first decide what kind of guys you like, so you don’t regret it.

Fifth. Skin.

Of course, you can wear tonal and other creams, but it is best to look after and maintain the natural skin. Since childhood. If you have flaws in the form of defects that spoil the appearance, or bags under the eyes, then there will not help masking creams, you wash it off, a man will see you without makeup and run away.

No, if that happens, the problem must be solved drastically. Go to a plastic surgeon, cut your facial warts, remove the bags under your eyes. Your facial skin has to be perfect. Even if you’re not a beauty gem, clean, even skin is a huge plus. It should glow. Don’t get into tanning, it’s no good, your skin will dry out and then it will crack. And it needs to be moisturised. Men like girls with white skin that glows from the inside out. Just don’t make it shiny, it looks disgusting, like it’s greasy. Clean, natural skin a man will like.

Sixth. Groomed hands and feet.

Well here it is clear, manicure, pedicure, no hair, including between the legs. Nice body odor.

Seventh. The eyes.

The eyes must be expressive. She who owns the technique of the loving gaze is always able to make any man fall in love with her and knows how to please a man the lion. Below is an audio of how to acquire a magnetic look, the secrets of a geisha.

Women’s body language: how to make it clear and express feelings that a man likes you

Gait, movements.

If a woman wants a man to like her, she should move smoothly, without sudden movements. The gait should also be smooth, unhurried. No need to make sudden movements, jerks, jumps and the like. Even in Russian fairy tales it was always written that it is not walking, but floating. And in our folk dances we did not walk, but floated. Watch your movements, make them precise, true, but smooth. Even embrace your man smoothly.

Do not swing your arms, do not make gesticulations, and if you cannot do without them, then reduce the amplitude and radius of waving, use gestures. Do not tilt your body stance to any side, pretending to be a tough chick, and even more so, do not bend your fists, only with your fingers and then at the right moment, smoothly, sexily. Play it all off with a tilt, a turn of the head. Stand upright and straight, maintain your posture. Move with rounded movements, without sudden tilts and turns.


How to please a man a lion with a smile and lips. It must be soft, gentle, seductive. Lipstick should match perfectly to clothes and face. Remember, men do not like orange lipstick, or too bright and vulgar. Avoid very bright colors. Replace them with rich colors, such as for evening gowns and restaurants. Make your lips a little more plump, the key word here is “a little”, no need to make them halfway down the face. This is advice for those who have thin or medium-sized lips.

Smile with just your lips, don’t open your mouth, don’t laugh out loud. Behave politely, modestly, politely. Your smile should be mysterious and so should your gaze. This attracts a man.

How to be always young and know that men like you


Always be young at any age. There is no need to act like an old woman at 30. On the contrary, to attract a man, you should feel and look always as if you are 20 years old. Always surprised, positive, joyful, curious. Turn on the “little girl” feature. Men really like that. Attracts the energy in a woman. If you are beautiful, but faded, the man sees that you have no energy, that’s it, you are an old lady, even if you are 25.

How to date a Leo.

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Lions are people born between July 23 and August 22. They are known for their passion, pride and self-confidence. Lions crave attention and approval more than other Zodiac signs. To achieve a person born under the sign of Leo, you will need to give them the attention they need.

  • Take everything you read with a grain of skepticism. Astrology is not an exact science based on facts. Interpretations can vary greatly depending on who is making the horoscope.
  • Use the horoscope as a starting point for your relationship with the person, not as the only source. There are many other personality type indicators that can help you get a better idea of your loved one’s character, including the Myers-Briggs Typology [1] X Source of Information , the Keirsey Temperament Determiner [2] X Source of Information and the Five Love Languages. [3] X Source of information

Astrologer and psychic medium

Jessica Lanyadu is an astrologer with over 20 years of consulting experience. She is the author of Astrology for Real Relationships: Understanding You, Me, and How We All Get Along and host of the popular astrology advice show Ghost of a Podcast. She has co-hosted the digital astrology show TLC Stargazing, and writes weekly and monthly horoscopes to help heal.

Some stereotypes about Leo can be wrong. If your sun sign is Leo, it doesn’t mean that you always behave like a typical Leo. Maybe your rising sign is Virgo and your lunar sign is Cancer, which means you’re not as extroverted as people might think. Instead, you are more receptive, and it’s easy for people to hurt your feelings. You can also be a Leo by sun sign and not crave immediate attention, contrary to the stereotype.

  • Catch a glimpse of the person you like and give them a quick, seductive smile. Avert your gaze, wait a moment, and then look the Leo in the eye again. Eye contact will signal that you’re interested, and your Leo may take this as a wordless invitation to approach and strike up a conversation.
  • Find an excuse to touch your Leo. Lightly touch the person’s arm when you help them with something; gently touch their shoulder to get their attention; shake their hand warmly but firmly when you meet them. Develop physical intimacy with Leo, and his attraction to you will begin to increase.
  • Don’t overdo it. Unobtrusive above all if we are talking about flirting. Do not make a person feel uncomfortable. If the object of your interest does not respond to your gestures, do not insist.

  • Lions often appreciate romantic gestures. Do something sweet and nice that you know your Leo will like. Buy your girlfriend flowers, buy your boyfriend tickets to his favorite sports team’s game. Even something as simple as a handwritten note will show a man that you care about him.
  • Don’t be afraid to be ahead of the curve. If your Leo takes the lead, then so be it, go after him. If your Leo doesn’t take charge of the situation at first, he may be impressed by your courage if you take the first step.
  • Consider telling Leo directly how you feel about him. Tell the Lioness that she radiates beauty and light; tell her that she makes your heart beat faster; tell her you want to ask her out this Friday. Love favors the bold.

  • If your Leo is into physical activity or sports, show him your own athletic ability. If you go hiking or jogging with your Leo, it’s important for you to keep up with him.
  • Allow your Leo to win. Don’t be afraid to compete, but it’s worth playing with the pride of the person you like by letting them take first place. However, let the struggle be intense, and then you will win his respect and attention.

  • If you like a creative person, compliment him on what he creates: songs, paintings, poems, products. Let him feel that his work is appreciated. For example: “I love your new song so much! It’s been running through my head ever since I heard it at your performance last Saturday.” .
  • If you like a sports person, praise their sporting accomplishments: tell them how impressed you were when you saw them win a contest or score a goal. Play on his pride. For example: “You played great on Friday! Those three goals you scored just saved the team.” .
  • If the person you like is dressed well or looks great, compliment their appearance. Lions like to feel attractive, and verbal affirmation is one of the best ways to make a Lion feel appreciated. For example: “I like your new hair color. The blue really brings out your eyes!”

Astrologer and psychic medium

Jessica Lanyadu is an astrologer with over 20 years of consulting experience. She is the author of Astrology for Real Relationships: Understanding You, Me, and How We All Get Along and host of the popular astrology advice show Ghost of a Podcast. She has co-hosted the digital astrology show TLC Stargazing, and writes weekly and monthly horoscopes to help heal.

Our expert agrees, “Lions love to be the center of attention and receive compliments. Show your lover how important he is to you and let him be the leader in most situations.”

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