How does a male fish like a man in bed?

Pisces in bed: sexual secrets of men of this zodiac sign

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Representatives of the same sign can be completely different people – we all know this very well. But why not cheat and sneak a peek at the astrologers, what (according to the stars) might like this or that man?

Male Pisces in bed: 7 tips

Who owns the information, he owns the world, right? About the men of this water sign, you need to know the following:

Representatives of the sign of Pisces are people emotional. These people are prone to such rapid changes of mood that they themselves do not always keep up with them.

What to say about others.

Emotional – not the only striking trait of their character. Pisces men love to experiment with the whole soul. Most representatives of this sign readily respond to the desire of the second half to try something crazy.

Another amazing quality of the Pisces is their calm attitude towards other people’s fetishes. Tell this man about his innermost fantasies, and he will do his best to bring them to life. Pisces is the type of man who is always ready to make his princess happy.

But! If some practice is unacceptable to him, he will not keep silent like a fish. He is confident enough to refuse things that are unpleasant to him.

How to use this secret knowledge? You can help a man-Pisces to push the boundaries of his sexual horizons. This will benefit both of you and allow you to get the most out of sex life.

Do not be alarmed if his sexual experience will be richer and brighter than your own. He will not judge. Pisces is able to adjust to other people and enjoy fulfilling other people’s desires.

Is sex in the missionary position with the lights off the only thing you enjoy? Well, as long as it suits you, he’ll go along with you. But is it worth it to wallow in such a tiny comfort zone when you have such a perfect partner at your fingertips for experimentation?

  • The hopeless romantic.

Yes, these guys love experimentation. But they can very well get by without any perversion. Pisces are still the romantics. They will bathe their beloved in love and tenderness both in the bedroom and outside of it.

Pisces are romantic in their own right. A candlelit date and a hot bath will lead to sex? Great. Well, if not, it’s not bad either – but it’s good to relax after a hard day’s work.

Relax and go with the flow. Enjoy wide gestures. A Pisces man in love tries his best, not because he has ulterior motives.

He is simply in love and wants to make his woman happy.

  • Attention is overflowing.

Girls so often complain that a man does not pay attention to them, does not try to anticipate their desires and meet their needs. This is because their boyfriends simply do not know what their women need. And many don’t even try to find out.

It’s different with Pisces. The man of this sign is a very attentive lover. He will make every effort to make a woman enjoy sex. He will study your body along and across, and will closely monitor the reaction to certain actions.

Man-Robes well aware that all women are different, and each needs an individual approach. The preferences of their partner, her weaknesses and secret desires, he will calculate in two accounts, and then use this information for good.

  • So sensitive.

All water signs are sensitive. This is their strength and weakness at the same time. Pisces gets people hooked on themselves with this very thing. They are adept at reading other people’s moods and manipulating them.

Sensing that you are tense, he will offer you a relaxing massage. And then in bed, take an ace out of the sleeve, cheering you up and pushing you out of your routine with some sex experiment.

If you’ve never dealt with a Pisces before, first impressions can be mixed. The sensitivity of this sign can throw you off. But then, once you’ve calmed down and figured it out, you’ll realize that Pisces sensitivity in capable hands is a gift from God.

It’s pretty easy to hurt Pisces’ feelings – you wouldn’t call this sign bulletproof. Know how to switch on the diplomat and resolve the situation in your favor – no one can teach you this art better than a representative of the sign of Pisces.

  • Foreplay? Yes, there will be.

Due to their sensitive nature, Pisces men can be incredibly gentle both in sex and in relationships in general. Pleasing their beloved, they also enjoy themselves.

A male Fish in love with a woman will have an insatiable desire to please his partner with tenderness and passion in bed. Great news for those who always lack quality foreplay.

It’s important to understand that Pisces men do all this to deepen the connection with the man they love. A deep and lasting relationship is what most members of the aquatic element strive for. A Pisces man will do anything to show a woman his love for her. He perfectly understands that sex is an important part of any relationship. And besides, it is also a great way to strengthen them.

  • Recharge my confidence.

In bed, men of this sign are confident. Women who are always in doubt and afraid of something during sex should learn from Pisces the ability to surrender to the flow.

Relax. You are in the hands of a caring and skillful lover.

Self-confidence is a quality whose value in bed rises to the sky. Pisces doesn’t get bogged down in nonsense. They just give themselves to the process and enjoy intimacy.

Pisces don’t like to complicate their lives, much less sex. Why? Sex is just a source of pleasure and a way to make a relationship work, that’s all.

A Pisces man in love needs a lot of sex with the woman he loves. And in his love, he is constant. He bathes his chosen one in attention, love and care.

If you have never been in a relationship with such a loving romantic, you may find it difficult to readjust. But you get used to a good thing quickly. Enjoy that attention. Accept the care.

Your man can’t get enough of you in bed? It is likely that he is very much in love with you. Sensitive water signs are very important to be sure that the connection with a loved one is deep and strong.

What do men of the Zodiac sign Pisces like in sex? Positions that are definitely worth trying. Behavior in bed.

This is a vulnerable, gentle guy who can captivate an equally romantic lady. He is passionate, demanding, inclined to idealize his chosen one. Man Pisces in sex is a manifestation of love and affection, knows how to be a submissive and compliant lover. Prefer experienced, passionate and sensual women who can set the tone in bed and take the initiative. Representatives of this sign are rightly considered the masters of foreplay.

They are interested in the process itself, not the foreplay. He can bring his partner to the maximum excitement only with caresses before he uses his “love instrument”. Instead of the word “sex”, often says “love”. Does not like hard sex, prefers sensual and gentle.

Sensitive and caring, intuitive and artistic, Pisces are natural born romantics. They feel an almost spiritual need to connect with their partner on all levels, including sexual. The Pisces man needs a “sexual outlet” that allows him to express intimacy and creativity at the same time.

What kind of sex do they like? Their intimate relationship should be reflected in the context of love and intimacy, in which both lovers begin to fulfill their fantasies in a relaxed manner. Preliminary caresses, a neat appearance, and a spiritual connection, are fundamental elements.

Pisces is a very generous sign, so they will not hesitate to make every effort to ensure that their lover achieves maximum pleasure.

At the same time, in a relationship, they need to receive warmth, feel affection and express pleasure.

Are prone to foot fetish. They like to caress this part of a woman’s body by sucking on her toes. Do not push it away, you may like it. But they will never refuse to massage their shins, feet, and toes with an alternation of tenderness and strength. An erogenous zone – the nipples.

Good compatibility in sex with women Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer.

For Pisces men, sex is inseparable from love and affection. With him you will get into a fantasy world. Let’s see how these sensitive and gentle creatures behave in bed, and which pose from the Kamasutra will suit them best.

Behavior in bed, what to like in sex

To satisfy these natures you will have to study not only his body, but also special literature. A girl needs to be a truly inventive, sensual, attentive partner. If she manages to reveal his mighty passion, the nights with this guy will turn into an unstoppable element.

But there is a great risk of disappointing the demanding, vulnerable and too romantic lover. After the destruction of illusions, the man goes in search of a more suitable mate.

So you will have to often surprise him, be aggressive in caressing and take the initiative in sex. Role-playing games will be excellent. It is known that the representatives of this sign have the goal to give pleasure to a woman in the first place. He is ready for any role, humiliation or punishment, physical pain, anything that gives you pleasure.

They love it when they scratch their back in a fit of passion, or even bite their genitals. They easily go to the experiments, especially if the initiator is a mistress.

Pisces can not find and stick to the golden mean. Can be a poetic soul, recognizing only platonic intimacy. Or give themselves to elaborate forbidden pleasures uncontrollably. And yet, as a rule, love, intimacy, reverent romance is more important to him.

This is a sensual, attentive, not selfish lover. He can prepare for sexual intercourse for a long time, read the literature, study the needs of his beloved. And forget about himself. Hones his sexual technique all his life. Considers a thoroughly rational approach necessary to achieve peak pleasure.

Appreciates understanding, attentive, devoted partners. Pisces are sweet, affectionate, touching personalities who give their mates unforgettable feelings. This applies to communication, bed, and any interaction.

During sex, don’t be silent, say how much you love him and how good he is. Direct your actions with words, it really turns him on. After sex also prefers communication and caresses, touching.

For a Pisces man, not only sexual contact is important, but also deep love. Romanticizes this feeling, considers it inscrutable and the most important in the relationship. Loves the heart, the body, the brain. Not verbally able to show comprehensive love. Thanks to the sensuality, ingenuity gives the chosen one unusual bright emotions.

This sign feels women true amazing miracle, the embodiment of beauty. Beloved worships, tirelessly surprises. Next to an adored girl becomes altruistic, able to endure pain, deprivation.

With him it will be comfortable unconventional woman who loves experiments. For her pleasure sign endure anything. Can put up with a certain vulgarity of the beloved woman.

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