How does a Leo man behave after a breakup?

Leo man and the breakup: how he worries, how he behaves after the breakup

Leo men are bright and ambitious individuals who know what they want in their lives and strive for it by hook or by crook. But how will the representative of this sign behave during the breakup?

Some basic behavioral traits during a breakup

Here are a few basic traits that can be used to describe how Leo men break up:

  • Depending on his mood, he may not want to fight with you right away at the time of the breakup.
  • Will try to lead as active a life as possible to make it more exciting without you than when you were a couple.
  • Will be more focused on showing what you have lost than on getting a second chance.
  • Prepare to pursue using mutual friends.
  • After a while, the Leo man may come back and naively ask, “What went wrong?”

When this sign of the Zodiac thinks about breaking up a relationship, he usually starts treating his partner more like a friend than a lover.

Some leave first and begin to mistreat their other half, especially when they try to retrospectively rewrite the past and pretend that no affair ever happened.

How to break up right

If you can’t break up with a Leo man, it may help that they are too proud, so they usually don’t say anything if their other half leaves them. Once the girl says that there are no more feelings and passion between them, Leo will overwhelmingly be uninterested in opposing this decision, so the breakup itself can be quite easy.

But a woman who wants to break up with this sign of the zodiac must be sure of what she is going to do, as she will have to break up not only with Leo, but also with his friends and family. There is nothing you can do about it, this zodiac sign is very faithful, and tries to surround herself with people like that.

An important feature of the behavior of a Leo man after a breakup is that if you say that the end of the relationship is not his fault, he will agree to end everything “amicably”. Perhaps he will still follow his ex for a while, but no more.

Leo man after a breakup always behaves as interesting and brightly as possible, in order to appear even more attractive than he was.

Consequences of the breakup

If you leave a Leo man, he will bear it quite hard, as for a long time he will not be able to come to terms with the fact that he is not the love of his partner’s life. These guys can say goodbye many times, but still hold tightly to the relationship with the man who wants to leave.

The breakup won’t be smooth if there were plans of his own for you, or he has strong feelings, unable to let go of his ex for now. In this case, he may even pursue you a little after the breakup in hopes of getting you back.

You should not hope that the Leo man will return after the breakup on his own. This man is very competitive, so even after an unpleasant experience, it is very difficult for him to think of himself as a loser. And you as an ex will be a reminder of exactly that.

As for how the Leo man experiences the breakup of a relationship, he is likely to immediately gather his friends to convince them of his adequacy despite the situation. The girl who dared to leave Leo will later be pursued by the same friends, which means that the ex will always know what you are doing.

How it feels when you break up.

This zodiac sign can be irritated and confused in a situation where it is not given enough attention or when it is humiliated and rejected. However, this should not be taken very seriously. Even when the Leo man makes a scene after a breakup, he quickly calms down.

If self-esteem is supported a little, this guy will become soft and kind again.

The Leo man can be a problematic ex, especially if his ego was hurt in the breakup. If he sees a former partner having a great time, he may become restless and want to know why the girl feels so good. And if he sees her unhappy, he will brag to others about it.

Although this zodiac sign can be kind and generous most of the time, when a Leo man is going through a relationship breakup, he sometimes gets nasty, especially if he didn’t initiate the breakup himself.

This type of guy will worry about what happened to the relationship for a while after the end, so will spend a couple of days thinking about the past and not focusing on the future. But it won’t last long, because this zodiac sign is known to recover quickly. A few weeks after a divorce or breakup, the Leo man will probably be back in the game of finding a partner, looking great, and feeling even better.

He won’t care that he’s lonely because women are already lined up at his door, wanting to be the new Lioness.


There is nothing that would cause such people to hold a grudge or any bad intention. The Leo never has ulterior motives, and behavior is largely based on mood.

This type of man has a big heart and a very positive personality, so he will be careful to avoid intentionally hurting someone.

In any case, the girl will miss the warm hugs and caresses, not to mention the tremendous support she received.

Gone love, wilted roses: how the typical Leo breaks up a relationship

Breaking up with a representative of this sign is not difficult. Although it is a “predator”, but to kill you in a fit of passion, both abandoned and brought to the breakup Leo will not.

However, do not forget: this is one of the proudest signs of the zodiac. Disappointed in a person (especially – once loved), it can permanently cool down to him.

4. Unconditional acceptance of you with all the “cockroaches.

Leo is such a public person that he appears at home only for dinner and sleep. Therefore, the disadvantages of a partner this sign can trivialize not to notice.

The husband can parade around the house in stretch sweatpants, invite a friend home for a beer party – so what, as long as he does not walk away! Wife may know how to cook only eggs, all paycheck splurging on cosmetics – but a beautiful woman …

3. Ah, no, something in you still does not lend itself to logic …

Over time, the imperfection of the partner becomes perceptible to Leo. Of course, because it is either the life or the reputation of the representative of this sign that suffers!

Leo begins to worry: really he made a mistake in choosing a husband/wife…

At first he assesses himself, realizes soberly that he has not invested enough into the relationship and decides to correct it. But… The more Leo tries, the more impudent his partner becomes.

Seeing that the situation in the family is not improving, this sign of the zodiac does not respond with rudeness – what are you, this is completely uncharacteristic of regal personalities. He just buries himself even deeper into analysis.

2. risk assessment.

After realizing that he is not the main cause of conflicts, Leo realizes that it is better to separate.

If he wants, he can give his spouse another chance, try to have a heart-to-heart talk, even make an appointment with a family psychologist. But when the imperfections of his partner (impudence, rudeness, mockery) once again hurt Leo, he understands – this horse died long ago.

1. Go away!

Breaking up with Leo will not please anyone. Only yesterday you, playfully, wrung his nerves, and today you notice that he writes explicit text message to another / friend.

At the offended question “What is this?” Leo coldly, but with an unpleasant smile responds: “And why are you surprised, you don’t even give me money for groceries”, “you refuse intimacy for the third month”…

And with that smile, Lev moves away, slowly but inevitably. He can still live together for some time, but from the relationship left a pale ghost that can be called neither family nor friendship.

Scolding him is useless – he will let your anger on the brakes, will disappear for a day, and then it turns out that he has already found a new “pride”. Maybe even with a new girlfriend – the opposite sex is very fond of representatives of this bright zodiac sign.

By the way, after a breakup, Leo does not disappear completely. You can correspond with him and even date, but – no more trust, but do not expect love.

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