How does a girl love?

How a woman loves

Oh! that’s the hardest question! And definitely – a woman does not love the way a man loves. She loves in a completely different way. A woman is a creature made of feelings, emotions, and intuition, and her love defies all logic. Nevertheless, as a man and with an analytical mind, I will try to classify the types of women’s love (of which there are many). All men love roughly the same way – passionately, at first sight (as a rule) and, as they think, forever. Women do not have this. The most common type of woman’s love is a gradual adjustment to a man, until he becomes “her” or a part of her soul and body. A woman is a proprietress in love, and the man she loves, unconsciously for herself, should become her property. It takes a long time to get used to it, sometimes months or even years. The man is active in love and quickly inclines the woman to intimacy. She may give in, but not yet love him. If the man does not leave the woman and continues to date her, she gradually becomes accustomed to him and love emerges. And if it has emerged and strengthened, a quick and unexpected breakup (and man’s love is volatile and is often like the fire of a match), the woman may be depressed, some end up in mental institutions, and some even commit suicide. A woman is a weak creature, and her love is fragile and vulnerable, and men need to take care of it. If a woman has fallen in love and is abandoned, she is left completely helpless, as if he had left the room and turned out the light and left her alone in a completely empty room with no way out. Men, don’t leave women, you are killing their souls with it! Another common type of woman’s love is pity for a man. You’ve probably noticed: – he’s a drunkard, a completely worthless or finished man, sitting on her neck, but she drags him along and doesn’t look for another – and why? She pities him, and pities him means she loves him. A woman’s soul is kind, compassionate, and prone to compassion, and these qualities are evident in this type of love. If such a man leaves her, she will still pity him and love him, often for life. An overwhelming number of women are one-lovers. Having loved strongly once, they are no longer able to love as strongly a second time, because by loving, a woman puts all of herself, all of her soul into love, and she becomes as if a part of the beloved, both physically and mentally. And this can happen only once. For the second time there are no more resources of the soul – they are all used up for the first love. Breaking up with a loving woman is equivalent (roughly speaking) to amputating a part of her body and soul, and sometimes the entire soul. Being abandoned, a woman remains mentally crippled for life. There is also an interesting type of female love – maternal love. This type of love activates the woman’s main instinct – the maternal instinct, and she loves the man as a big child (which he actually is ). This is probably the strongest love of women, and it is an active love. The woman herself does not realize how much she loves. Ask her: “What do you love him for?” – and she will talk nonsense and never tell the truth, because she does not understand why she loves… and often they love not “for” but in spite of it. Often deeply loving women give lip service and complain about their loved ones in conversation, even though they actually love them with all their souls. All of a woman’s behavior is illogical and inexplicable, and in love it reaches its climax. A woman often does not care about a man’s appearance, age, social status, wealth, etc. A woman is passive in love.

A man needs to be active if he likes a woman and if he falls in love with her (in men it is quick). Do not expect immediate return and mutual love from a woman, woo her for a long time, tell her that she is the most beautiful, the most feminine, the only one, and that you cannot live without her. All this will have an effect on her, but rather on her compassion and pity, and reciprocal love will arise not immediately, but will definitely arise, if you will be persistent enough – be persistent, and she will eventually love you, or rather just get used to you and give in to you. But be afraid of her love, if her love has already developed and strengthened! Loving really and strongly, a woman is capable of mean and immoral actions in case of treason of a man; women have no moral standards and restrictions – she may even kill you for treason (although it is very rare because of the weakness of the female character). The desire to kill the cheater may arise, but it soon turns into longing and depression. It is interesting that sometimes a woman who has been dumped may become friends with her rival, and they may spend hours together discussing the virtues of their mutual man. That’s an option for men to even think about. A duel is the only thing one can have with a rival. There are dozens of types of female love. Consider one more. Love is admiration. A woman falls in love by being admired by some quality of the man (not always a positive one, by the way). A woman often copies the habits of the man she loves. Do you think she enjoys drinking bitter beer? But if her lover is a fan of beer, she drinks it, chokes, but drinks it. A woman imitates the habits of the man she loves, not because these hobbies of his interest her, but simply to “be like him.” It can be anything from soccer, to drinking and even drug addiction. I’ve known women who, lacking a musical ear, have persevered in learning to play the piano simply because their lover also plays and is passionate about it. By the way, women are jealous of men for any passion they have because she thinks that the man she loves should belong only to her, a woman is possessive in love. So, do you understand how women love? Have you? I have not understood yet and I know that I will never understand it, and nobody will ever understand it to the end, including women themselves.

How do you know if a girl loves you?

The stronger sex often have problems understanding the reciprocity of feelings with the girl. It is very difficult for them to understand that the girl fell in love and is waiting for a response. Ignoring an interested partner can lead to a cooling of her feelings for you, and communication will stop at the most interesting place. In such situations, men are usually inclined to go straight ahead and ask the fair sex about their feelings directly, without any intrigue. But some people have a lot of doubts about reciprocity and a sense of fear. It is justified by the occurrence of an awkward situation, and even worse, by ridicule. So it’s not worth spoiling your self-esteem and rushing forward.

For many years, psychologists have studied human behavior in love, because this state causes significant changes. Particularly attentive men can take advantage of scientific data and apply it in practice, reducing the risk of unpleasant situations to a minimum. The state of being in love is very pronounced in women, they can’t control their intuitive body signals. They don’t notice them themselves. Having become better acquainted with the information in this article, you will be able to read the signs of the girl’s body and be sure of her feelings. Recognizing such impulses from women can greatly increase your chances for a serious relationship with the girls.

Signs of a girl’s love for a man

Such signals are divided into how many groups by them it is easy to guess about the hidden emotions of a woman. They are very vulnerable and sensual creatures who are not ready to show their sympathy first, on this man is very important to understand the signs of her body.

Her look and her eyes

  • It is believed that the eyes can not lie and this is indeed the case. They are the mirror of the girl’s soul and give away her feelings in the first place:
  • The main signal of the eyes is the gaze, you may not once have felt someone else’s gaze on you. So, a girl at a subconscious level in a large company will constantly look at you. But you should not confuse the stare with the usual peeping. Noticing the look and attention to yourself, try to count the number of times a stranger will look at you. If more than five times during the meeting, you are definitely interested in her.
  • A more pronounced one that lets you know that a person is in love is the dilation of the pupils when looking at your beloved. This is simple physiology and impossible to argue with. However, it works only with female representatives with light-colored eyes. On dark eyes it is very difficult to recognize changes in pupil size and it is easy to confuse your chosen one.

When you transfer your gaze to her, she will abruptly turn away and pretend that she wasn’t looking. The surest sign of falling in love, she was looking at you, but as soon as you paid attention to her she immediately became embarrassed. This means that she is in love and afraid to be misunderstood.


  • Another universal way is to observe a woman’s behavior. It clearly gives away her feelings toward her object of love. Below are these manifestations of love:
  • It’s very easy to tell if a girl likes you by your communication. She will always look for contact with you, even in large companies. You will become number one for her, she will prefer your company to that of her friends and other acquaintances. Notice that if the girl is trying to be closer to you in a large company, she obviously does not like you.
  • Genuine interest in your stories and histories. The most striking sign will be her questions about your affairs, and she may be interested in your friends or acquaintances. She will help you in every way possible to the detriment of her own affairs and concerns. At these signals you will know that the girl is definitely in love.
  • Signs of attention and gifts from her may mean falling in love on her part. Especially if it all happens without any meaningful reason. This is the main way to let you know that she fell in love, it is difficult for a girl to openly admit her feelings first, and she is trying to draw your attention to herself. If you were given an expensive gift or it took a lot of time to make it with your own hands, it can be a hint of a long and serious relationship on the part of the woman.
  • Negative emotions can also give away a beautiful lady’s feelings for you. She becomes jealous even at a casual glance in the direction of another. It does not matter who it is, your old acquaintance or her best friend. The reaction is not long in coming, because she doesn’t want to share you with anyone, even without a serious relationship between you.
  • People in love are very happy when they are around each other. This can also be a very bright sign of a girl’s love for your person. A woman in love is like a bright flower that glows with happiness in the company of her beloved. Her joy can be provoked by any little thing related to you.

To know that a girl loves you simply through her care. If you are sick, and she constantly spends time around and tries to help you with the treatment, this is a sure sign of love. Related to this is the maternal instinct that every woman has. They are willing to spend twenty-four hours around their loved ones, no matter what.

Body language and tactile signs

The brain of a girl in love provokes her to various tactile contacts with the object of love. You can easily recognize these signs without much effort:

1. The most obvious signal will be an open flirtation with you.

The coquettish nature of women will not allow her to pass you quietly without any flirting. Thus, she will express her sympathy for you, and also use a way to test your feelings for her. Try to respond to such pranks women reciprocate, and then your relationship will move to the next level much faster. Many girls do not know how to behave and start to tease you a lot, do not be offended because it is just an expression of your feelings.

2. Violation of personal space can let you know that the girl loves you.

She tries to be near you all the time and quietly invades your space without shyness, but she is not afraid of your intrusions into her comfort zone. On the contrary, she is very happy when you break her boundaries and get close to her.

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3 Tactile contact and touching you indicates a strong interest in you.

Constant contact with you lets you know that the girl loves you. Because it is very nice to feel your warmth and always be close to you. For example, in a cafe she will sit down as close to you as possible, even in a large company, and will hope for casual touches to you. The main tactile signal will be a desire to fix your hair, blow out the dust or just hold your hand on her shoulder. Noticing these signs bravely talk about your feelings for her.

4. Constant emotional tension and excitement around you.

Any contact with a loved one for a woman is a release of emotions and hormones, she will always be nervous around you. If you look at her at the moment of first contact, you will immediately know how she feels. She may hesitate or respond out of tune or stutter. Her face will blush slightly and her breathing will become more rapid. At first it will be difficult to understand these signs, but in time you will get the hang of it and will be able to see them at a glance. Such training develops your powers of observation.

Signs of a woman’s indifference to you

  • Now is a very difficult time, in which many women are looking only for personal gain in communication with men. It is worth knowing how to recognize such signs in advance to avoid wasting time on such people. Here are the basic indicators if a girl is taking advantage of your feelings:
  • The main signal will be stories about her relationships with other men. After all, she’s not interested in you as a man and she’ll share her various affairs with you and ask for advice. If she were in love with you and was dating another guy, she would be unlikely to tell you about it.
  • Lack of at least minimal regret about breaking up with you: you may have been in a relationship for more than a day. If you intend to break up, she will immediately fade and become very anxious. If she quietly walks out of your life with a smile on her face, she was just taking advantage of you and looking for an opportunity to leave for someone else.

She always calls you not for companionship, but only when there is a need or help. Such women like to keep a few handy men close to them who are willing to help them with any problem, try to avoid them. But there are other situations, when in between conversations she asks you to fix the faucet at home, this may mean that she is looking for meetings with you. It is worth to be able to determine the intentions of the manner of the conversation, if it began with the words “do it, buy it”, then avoid her.

Practical tips and outcomes Girls change a lot when they begin to love, so her love is very easy to understand by the many different body signs. Increased attention to you and constant questions “how are you?” indicate her sympathy for your person. Do not be afraid to take the initiative and confess your feelings first, a man has long been the initiator of all relationships. At first it may seem that it is very difficult to recognize all the signs of a girl’s love. Yes, indeed, in the beginning it is. But after you practice, you will have experience in tracking the signals.

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