How does a Cancer guy like you?

How to fall in love with a Cancer man

Man-rak is sensitive and vulnerable, prone to rapid change of mood, in others appreciates honesty. A representative of this zodiac sign in a relationship is a gentle and faithful partner, with whom a life partner can find true happiness. Therefore, women are interested in how to win a Cancer man.

What kind of women prefer a man-Racus

A representative of this sign is a multifaceted personality, a romantic nature with a developed instinct of a protector. Life companion such a man chooses, based on his own ideas about the ideal partner. Let’s consider in detail how to please a Cancer.

External data

Such a man prefers feminine, gentle and mysterious girls. The appearance of the chosen one should leave a feeling of inaccessibility. Cancer does not accept vulgar outfits. Excessive sexuality of women, especially at the initial stage of dating, scares away this sign.

A man will be interested in the natural beauty, without the ostentatious gloss and flashy makeup. For a date, choose a fairly closed, elegant or romantic outfit combined with a fairly simple hairstyle: loose hair, high ponytail, clamshell.

Behavior and character

When choosing his girlfriend, the man is guided not by the beauty of the girl, but by the conformity of her behavior and character to his needs. Unselfishness and loyalty are important to the guy.

Calculation or flighty person he will never be interested.

Cancer prizes the feeling of reliability and confidence in the partner and does not understand flirting with other males or testing feelings. Do not provoke a man of this sign to jealousy. The guy will be very offended, because he does not allow the thought of his own betrayal and the same requires from the companion. Outwardly it may not be noticeable, but Cancer is a creepy possessive person.

A girl should be gentle and subtle. A Cancer needs a partner who makes him feel needed, loved, interesting and able to create comfort in the home. Such a guy will not connect his life with a cold, rude or selfish person. Do not make vulgar jokes, do not make vulgar hints in front of your chosen one.

Men like it when the partner is sincerely interested in his life, family, past and possible prospects.

But do not push, trying to find out everything overnight. A guy will gradually tell you about himself with pleasure. But assertiveness can be considered as aggressiveness, which will lead to the alienation of the partner.

A representative of this sign has a delicate mental organization and is drawn to similar people. In order to interest the guy, constantly develop, learn something new. Demonstrate to your partner the versatility of your own personality.

Ways to win him over

Be sentimental and feminine. Do not be shy to show your own defenselessness and fragility. Do not deprive him of the opportunity to be a gentleman and a knight: surround the lady with care, to protect him.

Excessive independence and autonomy of the girl can repel the guy, because he simply does not understand how to communicate with a partner like this.

Do not reject the advice and support men. He will listen to the story of experiences and failures without censure. Such a partner is ready to share his experience or offer help in any situation.

Give a Cancerian sincere signs of attention, constantly praise him, admire him. The guy likes to receive romantic gifts that he made with his own hands. Bake him a pie or a cake, and for tickets to the movies or on excursions make an original package.

In order to please

For Cancer, the opinion of the mother always comes first. If her parents do not like the girl, the guy will probably stop the relationship. Therefore, try to get close to the mother of the chosen one. In addition, a man sees his partner as a loyal and reliable friend, a supporter who shares his interests and is ready to come to his aid in a time of need. Do not push him away in moments when you need support or advice.

Not to scare away the gentleman, take care of your appearance, but do not be a hypocrite. The chosen image should be comfortable not only for others, but also for you. Do not be hysterical. In any situation, be restrained, sensible and balanced. Don’t put the guy before the choice: girlfriend or friends. You will have to blend in with his company.

Show the cavalier seriousness of intentions. Do not play drama in front of him, do not set conditions. He will value mutual understanding and heart-to-heart talk. He will share his partner’s hobbies with excitement or support a new cause.

To seduce.

To Cancer realized your attraction, smile often and give him languid and adoring looks, strongly encourage his hugs and kisses. Representatives of this sign is not exhibit feelings flaunted. But believe me, if a man does not feel interest, he would not stay close. Just Cancer in making serious decisions are very slow and scrupulous. Have patience.

The appearance of a rival can encourage a rapprochement.

Flirt unobtrusively with another, but don’t go overboard so as not to alienate him. It may also help to play on emotions. Actively show interest in the chosen one, and then demonstrate indifference. Cancer, feeling the loss of affection of the partner will take steps to get closer.

Conquer a man of Cancer

Do not be shy to show your own feelings. Show care for your chosen one: cook a delicious dinner after work, make surprise gifts, send romantic messages in SMS. Don’t hide your emotions and worries from your boyfriend. If Cancer is not fully aware of what’s going on, then splash out negativity on those around you.

Do not demonstrate self-sufficiency and endurance. Representatives of this sign are wary of strong women, because they do not know how to take care of such a partner. A guy will appreciate the display of sensuality and tenderness. Hug, kiss and pet him as soon as the opportunity arises.

To Propose

To incline a Cancerian to marriage is not so difficult. A man initially considers his chosen one as a future wife. He is interested in a strong family in the future, not a short romance in the present. Show your partner that you are an excellent hostess and a loyal friend.

Representatives of this sign used to trust their intuition. If the chosen one feels the love, trust and affection of the partner, will not delay with the proposal. However, the guy keenly senses falsity, so do not play with his feelings.

How to win a man of Cancer

Astrology gives advice on how to fall in love with a man-Raq: be interested in the life and health of the guy and his mother, appreciate humor and be able to support any conversation. However, it is uncomfortable and ugly to start a conversation at the first meeting with questions about the parent. Therefore, you should consider the recommendations of psychologists.

How to win a male Pisces: behavior and appearance

Such a man values the grace and gentleness of a woman, but cannot stand rudeness and vulgarity. To attract this sign, pay attention to your own appearance and think carefully about the image for the first meeting.

Do not wear a miniskirt, short shorts or a dress with an excessive cleavage or back.

The outfit must leave room for men’s imagination. It is preferable to choose a fairly closed flowing dress, mysteriously hinting at the figure, but not snug.

Do not paint bright and flashy. Makeup should look as natural as possible, emphasizing the natural beauty. Do not make complicated, contrived hairstyles. Do not use spray paint and screaming hair accessories. For the first meeting will be perfect with a loose, slightly curled locks.

Representatives of this sign are quite frugal about money and adore it when they admire their intelligence and conversation skills.

According to psychologists, the first date with a man-Roca is better to appoint in the park alley, on the square near the fountain or on the shore of the lake. Talking in nature will contribute to rapprochement. In addition, the woman will be able to show their interest in the partner as an interlocutor. If the meeting takes place in a restaurant, do not order too expensive meals, so as not to scare away the frugal man.

What to talk about at the first meeting to win a Cancerian man

Cancers are intellectuals. They are attracted to interesting conversations, all kinds of new information. To establish contact on the first date, a girl is enough to tell about her profession or hobby, and the chosen one will proudly demonstrate the ability to quickly understand the nuances of an unfamiliar or poorly studied field of activity.

This sign likes educated and well-read women. Next to such a man there is no place for a spectacular, but shallow companion. Representatives of this sign are attracted to mysticism and esoterics, so on the first date you can start talking about mysterious and unexplained events.

Do not tell all about yourself at once, so that after the meeting you can leave a fleur of mystery and understatement. Cancer loves to be in the center of attention. Therefore, on the first date, ask the guy about his hobbies and preferences. Then the next time he was chosen will be interested in you.

How to win a man-rabbit and start a serious relationship

Get into a serious relationship with a Cancer is not difficult. Let a man be your knight. Be his fragile and defenseless girl, capable of sincere love and devotion. With this sign is easy to reach an emotional contact.

The man is not capable of deception, if the partner really like, will not delay with the message of seriousness of intentions.

To keep your chosen one, allow you to perform feats for you, without fear of shifting the decision of their own problems on his shoulders. For the sake of a beloved and loving woman this man will do mountains. He will not abandon his partner as long as he feels the sincerity and mutuality of feelings.

What you should not do in a relationship with Cancer

Never criticize a representative of this sign. Subjective analysis of the man’s actions can lead to the rupture of the relationship. It is better to unobtrusively and delicately push your partner to the required decision.

Cancer is frugal, but not stingy to the extreme in matters of money.

This sign can not stand both the excessive profligacy and regular savings. Therefore, a woman should know how to properly allocate finances.

Do not make your chosen one jealous on and off. If a man feels unwanted, he will turn into a tyrant, spewing negative emotions on others, which will one day lead to separation. Women should remember that a Cancerian partner will never forgive cheating or treason.

Do not neglect your chosen one. He should feel that you are the center of the universe. Otherwise, quickly cool down in response. For Cancer life companion – a loyal friend, ardent lover and compassionate mother in one person.

How Cancerians behave in a relationship

Conquering the chosen one, the girl should not doubt whether the game is worth the candle. After all, Cancer is attentive, courteous and very caring to his partner. A representative of this sign protects the chosen one in every possible way, preferring to solve all problems independently.

Such a partner, being happy and loved in the relationship, makes every effort to ensure the comfort of the life partner, not stingy with affection, praise and gifts. Cancers make wonderful spouses and fathers. Wives and children can count on the moral and material support of the head of the family.

How to please a man of Cancer: 10 Commandments

To this type of men just belong to the Cancerians. Among representatives of this sign of the Zodiac, most often there are melancholic, phlegmatic and unsure of themselves. How to like a man Cancer, to attract his attention? To answer this question, first you need to learn about some of the features of the sign.

Who is a man of Cancer?

He is indeed inherent slowness and indecisiveness. But at the same time, people born under this sign are very perceptive, they have a strong intuition, so if the lady decided to use some tricks, everything should be worked out without a hitch. Insincerity will be exposed right away – do not even try to play the role of a woman in love until the loss of her memory, if in fact it is not so, and there is only a mercenary interest towards the potential partner.

Once lied to, who will believe you?

Cancerians are very impressionable. They can be deeply wounded by things that others simply will not pay attention to. Because of their insecurity, they have difficulty communicating. For the same reason, sensing a catch or revealing deception from anyone, Cancer will never trust that person again. Wanting to please him, a woman should be extremely careful what she says, how she looks and behaves. All this for him is of great importance.

General characteristics of the man of Cancer

At the first meeting, many women have the impression that he is the ideal partner in the classical sense of the word. Strong, confident, self-sufficient, gallant, courteous, suave, in short – a true gentleman with refined manners of a representative of high society, in whose veins flows blue blood.

But this is only a first impression, which, according to all the laws of psychology, is very difficult to change later, no matter what. Nevertheless, upon closer acquaintance, it becomes clear that this man is endowed with not only virtues, but also very unpleasant flaws. But, for the sake of justice, it is worth noting that their negative sides of these men reveal only in adverse conditions. In other words, in order for this sign to manifest itself at its worst, it must be provoked.

A side note. People in Cancer’s inner circle are well aware that this person’s mood can change dramatically in a moment. No one can predict what will cause this and at what moment. And the reason is the impermanence of the man’s character, which is under the influence of the Moon. It also endows the representatives of the subordinate sign of a rich imagination, which, combined with the vulnerability of a rattling, explosive mixture.

Cancer in love.

More than anyone else, this man is capable of sincere, selfless love. But the lady in love with him can ruin everything by her own wrong behavior. Representatives of this sign do not accept when they argue with them, and women will never be considered equal. In the understanding of the men belonging to this sign, a woman is designed for housekeeping, giving birth and raising children and taking care of her husband.

Ladies who have decided to like Cancer, should be prepared for the fact that in many ways will have to limit themselves. But this does not mean that the one chosen – a domestic despot and tyrant. Along with the definition of his companion in the “lower caste”, he takes responsibility for the welfare of the whole family.

He will do everything to ensure the present and future of his household and to shield them from worries and hardships as much as possible. Cancer initially aims to create a strong family. Therefore, the only one who will live with him until death in joy and sorrow, sickness and health, he can look for a long time.

In the process of such a search is not a single lady leaves with a broken heart, but the man of Cancer, it little cares. What he really cares about is that the chosen one has a rich set of virtues and at the same time did not have disadvantages. It is really very difficult to choose a soul mate according to such criteria.

But women who want to please a man of Cancer, do not despair, because the Almighty has awarded them with an innate flexibility and sophisticated mind. A truly wise person will not only be able to please such an aesthete idealist, but also to be happy in the union with him. True, there is one important condition, fulfilling which the lady will get her chance to become the chosen one.

What kind of women do men like in Cancer?

In the understanding of representatives of this sign, which belongs to the water element, the ideal woman for marriage is the one who possesses the following virtues:

  • devotion;
  • constancy;
  • all-understanding;
  • tenderness;
  • unpretentiousness;
  • unselfishness.

A lady who wants to please him must have not only a beautiful soul and a big heart, but also have excellent taste, refined manners, be intelligent and well-read, be able to properly care for his appearance and closet. Paying attention to a pretty girl or woman, Cancer will begin to pay attention to all the little things – from the tips of the nails to the tips of the hair.

A side note. Even when outwardly the lady looks flawless, she still risks alienating this man if she decides to play hard to get. Bumping into arrogance and aloofness just once, he will not make further attempts to get closer.

How to please a man Cancer – 10 Commandments

There are many tips from the series “how to win the heart of Cancer. But not all of them are effective. Below is a selection of 10 proven time and successful experience recommendations, adhering to which the fair sex will win the victory.

Femininity and helplessness.

Create a situation from which Cancer can emerge with a sense of importance and uniqueness. To do this, all you have to do is ask him to help in the business in which he knows best. Then thank him, while remembering to sincerely and emotionally admire his abilities. Let the man understand that if it were not for him – you would never have been able to cope with the problem and hint that must somehow thank him for the service rendered. As a thank you, you can offer something that he will appreciate.

The ability to listen and hear

A lady with a gift of an attentive and grateful listener has every chance to learn absolutely everything about the man at first hand. The main condition – no criticism, but only understanding, sympathy and support.

Modesty and virtue

A true lady, the perfect match for Cancer (in his understanding) will never allow herself even the most innocent prank. Making eyes and flirting with another man in the presence of his companion is tantamount to signing your own death sentence. Just one wrong look or one careless word, and disappointed, heartbroken Cancer will disappear from the life of his beloved forever. Neither tears, nor pleas for forgiveness, nor attempts to explain that he got it all wrong. He saw what he saw, and he is not interested in the rest.

To please a Cancer on a first date and cause him to want to see you again, you don’t need to “reinvent the wheel”. Just behave naturally – coquetry with rolling eyes, meaningful sighs and lots of similar tricks only alienate this man. Be yourself – nothing else will inspire him to do great things like an open sincere look, friendliness, and a pleasant conversation.

Demonstrate to Cancer all the qualities of a woman worthy of his attention, prove that you can and appreciate all the things he appreciates and a marriage proposal in the coming months is guaranteed.

Take for example the behavior of true English ladies – modest, with dignity in society and a real panther in bed. Do not be ashamed of a violent manifestation of temperament, if it is given by nature. Do you want to like Cancer? Do not be afraid to take the initiative, and he will appreciate it, because for this man it is important to enjoy himself and only then give pleasure to his partner.

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

This statement best suits Cancer. Being an aesthete in everything, he does not make an exception in regard to food. A deliciously cooked dish, beautifully served, is able to attract a representative of this sign no worse than a witch’s potion.

Who is in charge in the house?

Cancer vital to feel the master. A wise woman professes immutable truth: the husband – the head, the wife – the neck (where the neck will turn, and there the head will look). In this case, he will always do the will of his companion, sincerely believing that everything he does, happen only by his supreme will.

Full mutual understanding between the daughter-in-law and the main woman in the Cancer family – his mother – is the pledge and guarantee of a perfect relationship between the young spouses. So, try to please her.

If a woman truly loves her Cancer husband, he will return the favor three times. Inborn intuition and unsurpassed discernment, given to him by nature, help to catch both the slightest signs of falsity in a relationship and sincere devotion. People of this sign do not like to remain in debt – they always pay their debts, no matter what aspect of life.

So, summing up all of the above, we can safely say that although Cancer is not one of the most difficult signs of the zodiacal circle, to please him and find common ground under the force of not every lady. Nevertheless, if a woman will make the appropriate efforts and remember their ancient appointment of the keeper of the home, and her feelings for the man will be genuine, success is guaranteed.

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