How does a 10 year old girl like you?

How to like a teenage girl: classmate, neighbor or just an acquaintance

Difficulties in relationships with teenage girls

Few people at the age of 10-11 years know what to do to please a girl who goes to the same school as you or just lives in the next yard. It can be so hard to be the first one to approach! And it’s not so much in the natural shyness: modesty has long ceased to be an ornament. The reason for another – the fear of being rejected. Your sincere impulse can be ridiculed, condemned, can become public knowledge. You’re afraid of getting burned and not making the first move. And now your classmate, who you dreamed of liking, is already walking around with another boy as an adult, giggling at his jokes. And of this missed chance you regret for a long time afterwards.

Adolescence – a fairly difficult stage, a period of maturation, when a girl is gradually turning into a girl, and a boy into a boy. Sexual development occurs, the hormonal system begins to work differently. Interest in the opposite sex increases, and this is natural.

It is not easy to date a teenage girl for various reasons:

  1. At this age, the first love comes most often. Faced with it, girls do not know how to behave properly. They have no relationship experience, so they go by trial and error. “Transition” age is the main difficulty of the situation.
  2. At this time, the girl wants to behave like an adult without being one. After all, she is still considered a child. So the guy has to constantly control himself and her in terms of intimate relationships. Until the age of 18, sex with her is a criminal offense!
  3. Teenagers at almost any age tend to imitate their idols. That is, what kind of girl is real, what her character is, you may not understand for a long time, and whether she will open up to you to the end – a big question.
  4. It is worth preparing yourself morally for the psychological tension of the girl: at this age she is in disharmony with herself. Because of the rampage of hormones there may be attacks of aggression, impulsive behavior, emotional breakdowns. Feelings become more abrupt, which is expressed in mood swings – from extravagant merriment to complete apathy. On the other hand, you never know what to expect from her. She will never be bored.
  5. Like all teenagers, girls are characterized by demonstrative reactions of protest if they do not like something in a relationship with you, as well as inadequate behavior, reckless actions. But for all their external independence, they are very vulnerable and unsure of themselves.

But do not think that you will face all these problems, very much in a relationship depends on the characteristics of the girl and how you behave yourself. In any case, all the difficulties are secondary compared to the tenderness of the first love, the first kisses, the first strong emotions – everything that will never be forgotten. So if you want to please a teenage girl – go for it, it’s worth it!

What qualities do girls value?

Each teenage girl has her own criteria for evaluating the merits of guys. But nevertheless there are a number of qualities that will be important for any young lady:

  1. Tidiness. It’s foolish to expect reciprocal sympathy if you walk around in dirty clothes, chew your nails and don’t use a handkerchief. Your hair should be neat and as stylish as possible. Use a pleasant, unobtrusive perfume.
  2. Politeness. Always say hello and goodbye. The words “thank you,” “thank you,” and “please” should definitely be in your vocabulary. Don’t use foul words. It will not make you look cooler, but you can stand out from the crowd of peers.
  3. Gallantry. Act like a gentleman. Give her a hand when she needs to get out of public transport, let her go first, hold the door, help her put on clothes.
  4. Successfulness and hard work. The base of your big future success is today’s small victories in school. If you are lazy to learn lessons, do not read books, you have no hobbies, surely you are not interesting yourself. And then interested in the girl is unlikely to be able to. Concentrate on the lessons, pull up studies and you’ll see how dramatically the attitude of others to you and, above all, the girls will change.
  5. A friendly and cheerful disposition. But if you know that humor is not your strong point, draw attention to yourself with other virtues. Otherwise, the impression of inappropriate jokes can ruin everything.
  6. Sociability. It helps to make contact, to find common topics of conversation.
  7. Naturalness. Do not pass yourself off as someone you are not.
  8. Willingness to help. Do not be shy to offer your help to the girl. This will bring you closer and you can become friends faster.

How to please a girl who goes to your school?

You should understand that your tactics should depend on the girl’s age and her status. Depending on what you want: to like a young person 12-13 years old from your school or a girl 14-15 years old, with whom as if you’re just friends – your actions will be different.

How to get a 12-13 year old girl to like you:

  1. Spend more time together. Is she a strong student? Ask for help with her homework. If you’re a better student, tutor her yourself. Do it correctly and gently, girls are so touchy.
  2. Make friends with her buddies. Not only will you learn more about her that way, but you’ll also be part of her company, which means you can hang out where she does.
  3. Invite her to participate in school events and festivities together. You’ll have a common cause and new topics of conversation.
  4. If she has a pet, tell her you’re interested in animals, too, and ask her to show it to you – that’s another topic and reason for your conversations and walks.
  5. Walk her home after school – she’ll be pleased. This way she’ll make sure you make her stand out from the other girls.

How to like an older girl, 14-15 years old:

  1. At this age, it’s not uncommon for views, worldviews, and value systems to change or adjust. Higher the bar of expectations for the people around them. The girl wants to be near her was not only handsome, but also a reliable young man on which she can rely. There is a need for a confident partner who will soon be ready to support her in solving her problems.

In order to develop confidence, you have to realize that you have your own merits and you are no worse than anyone else. Fight against low self-esteem, but don’t overdo it – you don’t need a halo either. Don’t compare yourself with anyone but yourself in the past: you must see your own personal growth. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes: he who does nothing is not wrong. From every failure we must learn invaluable experience and move forward.

In today’s society, confidence is often associated with material wealth and financial stability. Peers of young people who themselves, because of their age, depend on their parents, cannot give this to their girls. It often happens that in adolescence girls give preference to more mature guys.

  1. During this period the weaker sex begins to understand that an expression of masculine sympathy must be confirmed not only with words, actions, but also with gifts, and if inexpensive, then with meaning. Young men sometimes have to exercise considerable imagination to please the girls in the expectation of their grateful kiss.
  2. Although teenagers tend to deny the authority of their parents, unflattering comments about them they can only afford. If you’re trying to win a girl’s favor, be polite and respectful not only to her, but to her parents as well. Hearing your negative comment in the heat of emotion, for example, after her fight with them, she may take it as support. But later on, she may take offense. After all, what is permissible for her as a daughter is not acceptable for you.
  3. Girls of this age are more likely to prefer young men who are popular at school. Try to win her over not with cheap authority and a reputation as the “bad guy.” Otherwise, you can only count on the goodwill of a certain category – the windy, frivolous, fickle coquettes.
  4. Do not treat her like a crystal princess and do not run headlong to fulfill any of her orders. You can and should help, but don’t cope with her tasks instead of her, otherwise she will treat you like a wimp and lose all interest in your person.
  5. Don’t try on the role of the shirt-boy, ready to open your soul to her. Stay a little detached, create a little halo of mystery. So you’ll be more attractive, and she will definitely want to know what you really are.

If you get a rejection, it means that she could not appreciate your strengths. Do not despair. You are sure to meet someone who likes you.

How to like a girl from school

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Asking someone out on a date at school isn’t always easy. Especially if you really like this someone. Of course, you can’t force a person to have mutual feelings for you, but there are plenty of ways to impress a girl.

  • Say hello to her when you meet her at school or elsewhere.
  • If you’ve never really interacted with a girl, just try to find the courage to make the first move. Start with a simple smile. And then you can say hello to her.
  • If you don’t hint to the girl about your feelings, she won’t know about them.
  • Don’t be shy when you talk to her. Self-confidence is a very attractive quality.
  • Don’t stare too hard. Chances are the girl will feel very uncomfortable.
  • When you introduce yourself, show that you are ready to talk. Don’t slouch or speak too quietly.
  • Talk about normal topics, ask how she’s doing, what she did yesterday, and so on.

  • “Hi, how are you?”
  • “What are you doing?”
  • Comment on some of the pictures on her page. If she has pets, ask her about them. If she plays sports, you can start the next conversation with that topic.

  • Give her friendly compliments. Don’t just talk every day about how good she looks today.
  • Girls like it when guys are attracted to more than just their looks. If she’s good at something, tell her that!
  • To compliment a girl, you might say, “I noticed you dance very nicely,” or, “I liked your response to the stories today, I didn’t even think of these things before.”
  • If she’s an athlete, praise her athletic accomplishments, “You played just fine on Saturday.”

  • Ask about her interests and hobbies, find out about her favorite activities and what subjects she likes in school.
  • Keep eye contact during the conversation and don’t get distracted. Sometimes you can respond with something like, “Yeah, I like that, too,” or, “That’s really cool. Tell me more about it.”

  • Show your interest in the things she likes. This will allow you to spend more time with her.
  • Take part in different school activities that she participates in, too. This way you can get to know her better, and she will see that you have a lot in common with her.
  • For example, offer to help organize a fundraiser or participate in a school play with her.
  • To start a conversation, say, “I noticed that you like _____. I’m interested in it too, do you mind if I help you?”

  • Ask what she likes, find out about her family, pets and school things.
  • Don’t forget to insert some facts about yourself into the conversation.
  • Always direct all of your attention when talking to her.

  • If the girl you like has a favorite flower, give her one.
  • Offer to carry her bag or books to class.
  • Treat her to her favorite sweets.
  • Help her with all the schoolwork and activities she participates in.

  • Girls are very concerned about what is said about them. Especially in middle school.
  • If someone says something bad about a girl you like, defend her.
  • Don’t let your friends spread rumors about her and her friends.

  • After you have met the girl, you can try asking her out on a date.
  • Tell her, “Are you busy on Saturday? I have two movie tickets,” or something like that.
  • If you know what she’s interested in, suggest she do it together. Tell her, “I heard you’re going to the dance on Friday. Why don’t we go together?”
  • Your suggestion should be related to something that interests her.
  • Don’t insist or act rude if she turns you down.
  • The date doesn’t have to be lavish. The most important thing is that you spend time together.
  • If the girl you like is embarrassed, you can invite someone else with you so she won’t be embarrassed.

  • A girl should have her own space. Do not spend all day hanging around her.
  • Do not stalk her at school. Your communication should be natural and bring you both joy.
  • Do not be intrusive. If she said she’s not interested in you, don’t keep trying to win her heart.

  • Whatever style you like, your clothes should always be clean and ironed.
  • Your appearance should be neat.
  • Observe the rules of personal hygiene: take a shower, use deodorant, brush your teeth and so on.
  • Dressing nicely will make you feel more confident.

  • Don’t change to attract a girl’s attention.
  • Girls like confident guys.
  • If you are a creative person, join a music group or a theater club. There you can meet a girl with similar interests.

  • Don’t spend all your time thinking about this girl or trying to impress her.
  • Everything is good in moderation. Remember, you have other interests in your life.
  • Choose a girl with similar interests. This way you can spend more time together.

  • It will be great if you like a girl from your company.
  • Invite the girl to go out with you and your friends.
  • Friendship is very important. Don’t forget about your friends.

  • Girls like smart guys who study well and understand everything.
  • Be active in class. A girl will notice you faster if she hears you talking in class.
  • If you don’t get something right, ask the girl you like to explain the material you didn’t understand.
  • Remember that everyone has different tastes.
  • Before you start courting a girl, make sure she doesn’t already have a boyfriend.
  • When asking her out, be prepared for her to turn you down.

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