How do you write to a boy that you like him?

How to tell a guy I like him: a guide to action.

Times are changing, and if before it was accepted that the man wants the lady’s hand, now it is appropriate for girls to take the initiative to rapprochement. How to show a guy that you like him, and do not fail? Take your time, study with us how to do it correctly.

How to show a young man that you like him: the best ways

To take a man on board, you need to make a competent plan of action. At the beginning of its development you need to overcome your fear. Realize that there is nothing wrong with the fact that you like this man. Go to the goal and do not be afraid of anything. You’ve decided to take a step toward your happiness, and it’s the right thing to do.

Sometimes girls are looking for an answer to the question “How to hint to a guy or a boy that I like him” and they themselves do not know whether he is free or not. What if he is already dating someone? Then attempts to draw his attention to himself would be fruitless at the very least, or even lead to a scandal. Another thing: it’s better to find out about your potential partner as much information as possible: where he works or where he studies, what his hobbies are and what his favorite music is. With this knowledge, you can better understand him and find the right approach to show the man that you like him.

Next, you should start taking decisive action. Be ready every day: hair, makeup, manicure – all these attributes are necessary for a successful woman. If the guy does not notice your unearthly beauty, it’s time to give him a hint that you like him. This can be done in a variety of ways. Read on and choose which one is closer to you.

Body Language

If you don’t want to act overtly, know that you can tell a guy that you like him with both words and gestures. There are special moves that men subconsciously read, and they begin to look at you a different way.

Gesture language is used not only cunning girls, but also public figures, particularly politicians. They just need to capture the attention of the crowd and inspire their importance. Lenin used to gesture with his hand raised up during speeches. This gesture undoubtedly attracts attention and indicates that the person is open and honest. And we all know that Vladimir Ilyich succeeded in charming the people and making them trust him. Now you know that sign language can really help.

Many girls who enjoy the attention of the opposite sex do not even realize that they possess the right facial expressions from nature. They just act naturally, and men just mollycoddle in their company. If you do not have such abilities, you can easily learn to take certain poses and use the right gestures. They will help to hint a man about your sympathy as unobtrusively as possible.

So, instead of torturing her friends with the question “How do I tell a guy that I like him,” use effective techniques:

  1. When you meet him, stand next to him, you may not even look at him, but turn your body torso and legs in the direction of the young man. He will subconsciously recognize this gesture as a manifestation of sympathy and will begin to look at you.
  2. During the conversation, bite your lips from time to time. This way, as if by chance, you will hint to your boyfriend that you are ready to kiss him. In addition, a slight massage of this sensitive area will increase the blood flow to the lips. They will get a natural scarlet color, which will make you more attractive.
  3. From time to time stroke your head and curl a strand on your finger. These are all well-known non-verbal gestures that will definitely show your affection for the guy.
  4. Sit with your leg over your leg, turn your knees toward the man you like and playfully wiggle your toe. Legs are one of the most seductive parts of a woman’s body. And the slight movement of the foot transmits guys about your sympathy.
  5. Mimic a boy’s gestures. If he raised his hand, put his palm up, as if casually. If he starts walking around the room, walk around too. If he lifted his hand, as if unintentionally, put his palm up, and walk around the room – walk on you. Don’t repeat everything exactly, it’s ridiculous, but be graceful and mysterious. Then the man will faithfully recognize the non-verbal signals and will be attracted to you.

Visual attack

“…And look coquettishly into the corner, the nose, the object” – remember this famous quote from the old operetta “The Bat”? That’s the eye-grabbing thing we’re going to talk about now. Young girls whine: “How do I tell a boy I like him?” But for the experienced ladies, one look at the object of lust is enough, and he will fall at their feet.

Seriously, playing peek-a-boo can be a very eloquent way to express your sympathy for a guy. You can easily learn how to look at a young man correctly. Try doing some interesting exercises:

  1. Rehearse in front of the mirror: look from under lowered lashes, turn your head slightly to the side. Choose a good angle in which you look sexier.
  2. Try to catch his gaze, look at him for a few seconds, and then look away.
  3. During the conversation look at the point between the eyebrows of the interlocutor. This way the guy will feel like you’re looking him straight in the eye, and you won’t be embarrassed.
  4. The moment your eyes meet, imagine kissing and hugging together. Your erotic energy is sure to be seen in the depths of your eyes.

Eloquent touches.

Great, if you have access to your young man’s body, then you can just pounce on him and kiss him, and he’ll know exactly what you like. But we’re not looking for easy ways, so learn how to hint to a guy about a relationship more discreetly:

  1. When he once again says something funny, giggle, lean over a little and touch his arm.
  2. As you pass by, casually touch his swaying thigh, just gently.
  3. Pretend to stumble, and lean on him.

After all these actions, do not forget to smile languidly. You can kill two birds with one stone and shoot your eyes at the same time. That way you are sure to hit the guy, and he will finally guess about your sympathy.

Simple and clear actions

Many guys don’t understand subtle cues. If you’ve been twirling your strands, looking out, rubbing your thigh against him in a miniskirt, and the man still walks in ignorance, then you need heavy artillery here. So, how to tell a guy that you like him, simple but tasteful:

  1. Give him a gift. Let it be a small trinket, but with soul. Find out about his hobbies and think of a surprise. Loves his car – interior freshener with a neutral scent always comes in handy. He’s into sports – get a special water bottle that helps him drink.
  2. Treat him to a delicious meal of your own making. Pick a time when most likely the guy will be hungry, and you’re right there with the cakes. You remember that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, right?
  3. If you see that the man is sad about something, you can just hint that you like him. Just support him here and now. Even if you don’t know what exactly happened to him: his hamster got sick or his computer broke, say a neutral phrase: “Don’t be sad, everything will be fine, if anything, I’m ready to help you. He’ll know for sure that he cares about you.
  4. If you want your boyfriend to ask you out, hint at it casually, but make sure he understands. Find the right moment and say with a nonchalant look: “It would be nice to go to the park tomorrow, you like? Free?”. It makes sense that a girl calling for a walk has warm feelings. And he will naturally understand that.

Act on the situation and don’t be afraid of anything. There’s no shame in the fact that you like this guy.

The basics of flirting in correspondence

Not all guys are available. If there’s no way you can pull off the previous ways of hinting for sympathy, that’s okay. There are plenty of other opportunities to subtly hint your feelings. You might be thinking, “how can I text a guy that I like him? He’ll make fun of me or show my friends the correspondence. Don’t freak out, you’ll be fine. Act veiled, don’t write explicit confession phrases. Here’s what you can write to a guy you like:

  1. Congratulate him on all the holidays, write warm words and don’t forget to put a “kiss” at the end.
  2. Notice his changes, text about it: “Oh, you have such a cool new haircut” or “Cool jacket.
  3. Ask a business question, and when you get an answer, text, “Thanks, honey.

Very young girls will ask: “How do I text a boy that I like him?” If you’re still in school, it’s easy to do. You can write him a joking yet romantic message and give it to him with the help of a girlfriend. Or send him a text in class: see how he reacts right away.

Options for hints by correspondence mostly arise spontaneously depending on the situation. The main thing is to have time to catch the right moments and not to worry. Your heart will tell you how to write the right message expressing your feelings.

Why isn’t the guy falling for your hints?

You keep hitting like a fish on ice, and the guy like nothing ever even looks in your direction? What’s the reason for this behavior? Why no reaction from the man, although it would seem that you have clearly let him know about your sympathy:

  1. He doesn’t understand hints at all. There is a type of men who need to say directly to the forehead: “Hi, I like you, let’s meet. And only then they will finally open their eyes and pay attention to you. Try to get a closer look at him or ask your friends about his character traits. Maybe this guy really is a slowpoke. Then you need to act openly.
  2. You hint too veiledly and rarely enough. Get some contact and reinforce your hints, but in the meantime, don’t panic. You’re probably the only one who thinks your sympathy is obvious and the guy doesn’t know it.
  3. He doesn’t like you. Well, there are frustrations in life, and you just don’t reciprocate. No matter how you slice it, you’re going to have to forget about your sympathy and look for a new boyfriend. Do not be upset, this man is just not your soul mate.

Treat everything as a game, and then admit to the guy that you like him, it will be easy. Turn on the female charm and go for it. If not this young man, then another will definitely appreciate you. Good luck in love affairs!

How to unobtrusively hint to a guy by correspondence that I like him

Correspondence is a great way to get acquainted with the opposite sex, show yourself and win the sympathy of the guy you like. In virtual communication we don’t worry about blush pouring down our cheeks, awkward pauses, trembling voice, etc. After all, even if the guy in response to hints of sympathy does not reciprocate, on the computer to move the rejection is much easier than in face-to-face contact.

So, let’s study the basic steps of correspondence: how to hint to a guy that you like him correctly!

How to hint to a strange guy about your liking by correspondence

With unknown guys is easier: see, evaluate, write, and then look at the circumstances. The main thing is to act in stages!

Find common ground

For a guy to get in touch with a girl he doesn’t know, you need to let him know there’s something in common between you. First, study his profile: what music he listens to, where he vacationed, what places he goes, whether he has pets, whose quotes he follows, whether he has a big family, etc. Your social page is a treasure trove of information for dating.

Next, clean up your own profile: add the same songs to your playlist, remove questionable photos, add some smart humor to your page, photos from different countries (if the guy you like travels a lot). Done? Now you can move on to the dialogue!

Be confident.

Even if a girl is used to (or thinks it’s right) that the initiative is taken exclusively by men, you shouldn’t be afraid to show yourself. To show self-confidence, start a correspondence with a guy you like first. Believe me, the young man will be impressed and pleasantly surprised by the attention to his person.

First, active girls are more in demand among guys, so communication with you will be a priority. Secondly, the girl personally develops a useful skill for herself to take control of the situation. It’s much better to choose from those who like rather than those who have taken the initiative to you, agree!

You can write to a guy right away that you like him: “I couldn’t pass by such a handsome man: your dimples are charming (the look hypnotizes, beckons, makes you forget about everything). Or you can go the roundabout way and use the previously studied information: “Hi, didn’t I see you at the Bee 2 concert a week ago?” “What did you think of the ending of S. King’s latest thriller?”, “Hi, we haven’t met, but I’m already in love with your taste and sense of style. I see you’ve been to France, recommend exciting sights.”

Remember, there’s nothing wrong with that: the guy responded, continued correspondence – fine! Offer the cute boy a friendship, hinting at the desire to continue your communication. Ignored or replied dryly, reluctantly, boldly – continue looking for a worthy candidate for your heart.

Feel the difference between being proactive and being intrusive: if every time she has to start a conversation first, it’s time to stop communicating with her. If the guy needs it, he’ll find an opportunity to reach out!

Compliment her

Hint at your liking to a guy in a playful, unobtrusive way. You can mention appearance (“Guys with such mind-blowing looks are just as great conversationalists?”), but it’s better to highlight his individual character trait/deed/peculiarity.

Examples of “working” messages:

  • “oh, those eyelashes have robbed me of sleep.”
  • “with such sensual and long fingers, a man is bound to play the piano”;
  • “do you do volunteer work (extreme, culinary activities)? I am captivated by you.”
  • “in this picture you look like a wild beast: powerful muscles, concentrated gaze, graceful back…”;
  • “oh, is it legal for a guy to have cheekbones like that?”
  • “you make me feel as relaxed as possible next to you.”
  • “only people with a big heart help animals.”
  • “how long have you been in the business of winning girls’ hearts?”

And all in that vein. The main thing is to catch the right word that describes the guy you like.


If a girl gets a phone number of a guy she likes, you can intrigue him with an incomprehensible text message. Write the address and time of the meeting (movie title and session time) with an interesting caption. For example: “Meet me on Sovetskaya under the thermometer at 19-00. Don’t be late, or I’ll eat.” Or, “Curse of the Lake, 6:30 p.m. If you’re getting your own diaper, grab one for me, too.” When a guy reacts to an unfamiliar message, tell him you made a mistake. But be sure to add, “If you’re cute (brave), you can come to the movie, too.” This usually works without fail!

Or, on facebook, without further ado, send a clingy smiley face (avoid hearts, kisses, and hugs). If she responds – start communicating, no – think, she made a mistake with the sender.

You can start a correspondence with a cute guy with a non-trivial question/phrase: “I hope your view from the window is more pleasing to the eye than mine,” “What would you do if today were the last day on the planet?”, “Where would you rather go: to the past or the future?”, “Have you ever wanted to kill someone?”, “Would I go to jail if I stole a really cute boy?”, etc.

If you’re already at that stage of the correspondence where you’ve more or less gotten to know each other, there are unmistakable tricks that will get a guy thinking about you all the time:

  1. Break off the conversation when you feel like you’re both at the peak of your emotions. Forcing an end to a pleasant dialogue with an interesting person is a powerful clue. After that, the guy you like will be counting the hours and minutes of when his date will get back in touch.
  2. Make the guy think of himself. “I need to run away for a couple of hours,” is boring. It’s better to say, “I have to interrupt our burning correspondence, but think about what kind of punishment you prefer for your boldness (fantasy, boldness, sense of humor) in the meantime.”

Before hinting to a guy about your feelings, make sure he’s not in a relationship or you’ll earn a bad reputation!

How to hint in correspondence to the guy about his feelings, if you know each other for a long time

But when you already know each other, hinting to the guy that you like him becomes morally difficult, but theoretically much easier. On the one hand, you know his hobbies, strengths, weaknesses, tastes, so there is nothing to think of. But on the other hand, opening your heart to a guy you know without 100% certainty of reciprocal feelings is a risk, because if he rejects you (even the softest), you’ll both feel awkward.

But let’s put aside all fears and act slowly and carefully! So, how to hint to a guy that you like him, by correspondence, if you are communicating?

If you are in the same class, it’s easy! “Was it just me, or was Valentina on fire in class today?”, “Do you owe something to our class teacher that she was glaring at you today?”, “Have you done your lab work yet? May Vadim forgive me, but I’m sitting in physics with you tomorrow!”, “I can’t get your recess performance today out of my mind: monsieur, you were great!” Such unobtrusive messages will also show the classmate’s attitude towards you. If the guy’s sympathy is mutual, he’ll gladly pick up on jokes, willingly answer questions, and develop a dialogue.

Delve into the guy’s favorite hobbies: “Hey, you have a Labrador, right? Tell us a little bit about the pros and cons of big dogs, and we’re planning to get ourselves another family member”, “You also root for Zenit, right? We’ll cheer together tomorrow”, “What do you like about geometry? Maybe you can share the mysteries of this science with me, too.” People like to communicate on topics they know well, which means that catching the interest of the interlocutor in this way will definitely work for the girl!

If you’re buddies and communicate fairly easily, tease the guy, challenge him. “I remember someone bragging about their cooking skills? Well, well, I’m expecting a culinary masterpiece this weekend,” “Heard you’re going to a friendly soccer game tomorrow? Don’t break anything this time,” “Come to the yard today with your guitar, let me check out the talent!” Men like to take a challenge from the mouth of a pretty girl, but feel the line. It has to be witty, funny and harmless. To do this, you need to know his sore spots and appreciate in advance the sense of humor of the guy you like.

Thank the young man. Write in your correspondence, “You stood up for Vova today in the yard, that was very wise! My respect!”, “Thank you for driving that dog away near the entrance”, “Thank you for complimenting me today (for skipping the line, carrying the bag, taking the bug off my shirt)”.

If you realize you don’t like the guy you have a crush on, innocuous requests for help will be occasions to hint about your feelings. “I’m writing to you as the most savvy boxer in our neighborhood: help me pick out my little brother’s punching bag,” “I remember you changed the glass on your phone, I have the same problem. Give me the number of the master”, “How do you pass that obstacle in the game? I think my buttons are about to fall off!”

Ground rules in correspondence

How to correspond competently with a guy you like via vk, sms and other messengers:

  • Always remain yourself (it’s silly for a kind and sensual girl to try to seem like a tough, vulgar, cynical bitch);
  • always write correctly (but don’t correct the interlocutor’s mistakes);
  • stop if the guy is silent (it is acceptable to leave 2-3 unanswered texts);
  • Don’t use smiley faces, exclamation/question marks/cards/gifs/gifts (guys see these girls as aggressive or too intrusive);
  • Avoid long texts;
  • Forget about nonsense like: “Where’d you go?”, “I was getting worried,” “Don’t you like me anymore?”, “Are you ignoring me?”;
  • No diminutive nicknames at the stage of acquaintance;
  • Be polite, choose your words correctly (don’t make jokes about your first name, last name, appearance, or family);
  • Abstain from aggressive, vulgar, complaining remarks, do not make a jealous scene, do not deny sympathy if the guy openly expresses his to you.

Remember the golden rule of correspondence: never send your “juicy” photos. Believe me, there will come a moment when you will regret it!

If you want to write to a boy that you like him, write! Believe me, a lot of romances started with correspondence! Of course, if you want to confess your sympathy to a guy with whom you live in the same house or go to the same school, it’s better to feel his attitude beforehand, so as not to hide your eyes from embarrassment later. In any case, know that there’s nothing wrong with it! Sometimes it’s better to do and regret than to regret that you never tried to do it!

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