How do you recognize cheating?

35 Signs of a Cheating Husband or Wife

As a rule, a man can recognize a woman’s cheating in different ways … What are the signs of a woman’s cheating most often tell a man that his wife is cheating on him? How can a man not suspect that his wife is having an affair on the side? How do you know if your wife is cheating on her husband? Are there 100% sure signs of a cheating wife? How do I catch my wife cheating? How do you know if your wife is cheating?

This is what men think when they suspect that his wife is cheating

There are many signs that give away treason. Common signs of any betrayal are different: the most obvious and characteristic. So, how to catch your loved one cheating? You have reason to suspect that your loved one or loved one is cheating on you if:

1. Keeps his or her cell phone with him or her at all times, even at home, never allowing other family members to answer the phone, make calls, or use the phone for other purposes.

2. Turns the phone off at home or puts it on vibrate at home or when you are together.

3. while at home, ignores calls on her phone.

4. Hides or destroys cell phone bills (itemized bills) if he/she has a postpaid plan or another plan that involves billing with call details.

5. Does not answer the phone or turns the phone off when on a business trip or other travel.

6. Suddenly starts working actively, simultaneously getting thin or good in another external way for no reason, preparation, talking to you.

7. Pays extremely much attention to appearance (compared with past periods), putting a lot of effort to look good, even if he / she is only going to the grocery store, the gym, the local cafe or bar, etc.

8. Suddenly starts a fitness program, attends a section, hobby group or he/she has another hobby that takes up a lot of time outside the home and you have no way to monitor where your spouse is.

9. If a simple task like grocery shopping takes a couple of hours longer than necessary.

10. If he or she suddenly engages in unrelated hobbies, such as if your soccer fan shows an interest in art and visits to galleries that he or she has never visited before, even under pain of death (often done to impress a lover/lover).

If your car suddenly becomes spotlessly clean, especially the interior (often cleaning the car is done to “cover your tracks” and sometimes to impress your lover.)

If he or she returns from the grocery store or other household “trips”, refreshed by the smell of her (or his) perfume or other strongly smelling products (usually by amplifying their smells hide fears of the manifestation of another’s odor).

13. If he/she hides or destroys receipts from purchases.

14. If he/she cannot or will not tell you where they are staying or what they do at night on business trips and other outings.

15. If he/she shows irritation or anger when you ask about the reason or the very fact of the long absence.

16. If he/she suddenly starts working late, but you can’t find him/her at his/her workplace (for example, he/she doesn’t pick up the office phone or landline).

17. If he/she tells you that he/she regularly goes to a bar, café or diner after work, but does not tell you which one.

18. If he/she gets very angry when you ask him/her the usual stuff about him/her being there or thereabouts and he/she gives you a “storm in the cup” in response.

19. If he/she rushes to shower as soon as he/she arrives, avoiding physical contact with you (he/she is afraid that the smell of his/her mistress/lover could remain on him/her). The washing machine also “gets rid of fears and guilt.

20. If he comes home, immediately throws things into the “washing machine.

21. If he or she must (should) go urgently on a business trip, but does not say where or claims not to know where he or she is, the room number, the phone number in the room or the hotel administrator, etc.

22. If your spouse is distant and careless towards you, and also as if you no longer need sex in the quantities or volumes you are accustomed to.

23. If your spouse becomes unusually nervous when you talk about what he/she did during the day.

24. If your spouse refuses to go anywhere together and insists on going or doing it alone (or if your spouse agrees to go together but is very annoyed: this could mean that the lovers had to cancel because of you).

25. If this isn’t the first time you’ve picked up sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) from your husband/wife (but which in theory can also be caught in the home).

26. If your husband/wife refuses to make love and defends his/her private parts without explanation (STDs, infections or bodily evidence of intimacy on the side such as abrasions, redness, scratches, bites or pain in sensitive areas may be to blame).

27. If you are in a conversation with a friend/friend or co-worker, find out that they know more about you and your family than they should. This person may be the lover / mistress of the husband / wife or know about the facts of infidelity (especially if they often say they knew the spouse before you).

28. If you feel his/her inexplicable awkwardness at dinner parties or other social occasions in the presence of someone else, such as if the person exaggeratedly pretends not to know your spouse or any possible lovers are nervous in his/her presence.

29. Spends hours on the phone, especially after you’ve gone to bed or early in the morning, or if he/she regularly gets up at night to use the computer.

30. Quickly turns off the computer or switches the browser when you enter the room or if he/she gets nervous when you stand too close to the computer during his/her moments of using it.

31. If you find dirty (used) paper towels, toilet paper or tissues under the computer table.

32. If he/she suddenly becomes short of money (lovers often buy expensive gifts). Your spouse (as well as your spouse) may pay for stays in expensive hotel rooms, will buy expensive meals to impress your lover/lover or even pay to rent a love nest.

33. Some men buy sports cars (or close to it) to impress a young mistress, despite the little practicality of such a car for the family.

34. The front seat of the car is put differently. You sit down and feel that the adjustments are broken!

35. Occasionally his / her trips do not coincide with the route. He says he will go there, but he is not actually seen there.

13 psychological signs that indicate that you are cheating

Incredible facts

Are you 100 percent sure of the faithfulness and reliability of your significant other?

Or is there something about his (her) behavior that confuses you?

Determine whether your partner is faithful to you and he has a relationship on the side, you can, paying attention to a number of features in his behavior.

Carefully analyze his words and actions.

The following 13 signs will clearly indicate that something is wrong in the relationship and your partner is likely to cheat.

Signs of infidelity

1. At one time your relationship began as an affair behind your partners back

Cheated once, will cheat again. It is a delusion to think that “it won’t happen to me.”

If your relationship started out as a lovers’ relationship behind your partners’ backs, then there is a good chance that your lover may do the same to you.

Remember, everything comes back with a boomerang. And if you once hurt someone, it’s likely that after a while someone will do the same to you.

He regularly accuses you of cheating.

The best defense is a good offense.

This behavior puts you on the defensive and leaves you neither the energy, time nor opportunity to expose your partner for cheating.

Also, if your partner accuses you of cheating, it can also be a genuine reaction to them projecting their dishonest behavior onto you. A person who is capable of deception and betrayal suspects others of the same.

And since he himself has gone headlong into cheating, in his mind, you probably could do it too.

Signs of cheating on your husband.

He’s spending more than he used to without any apparent reason.

If your partner has suddenly started spending more money than before, this could be a sign of cheating.

Of course, if the spending is justified and you know about it, it is not a cause for concern.

But if the money from his credit card or general household coffers suddenly began to “evaporate,” it may be a signal that you should raise the alarm and find out why the money is leaking.

4. Changes in bed.

If your partner suddenly changed his behavior in bed, began to try something new, it’s a reason to think.

Of course, perhaps he just wants to diversify your intimate life. If this is the case, it is only a reason to rejoice. After all, he is exploring new ways to bring you pleasure. But changes in your sex life may also be signs that your partner has learned these new techniques from someone else.

Signs of male cheating

5. He suddenly begins to criticize you.

Often cheaters begin to justify cheating by making their relationship look bad and that they had no choice but to cheat on their partner.

As a rule, guys begin to behave aloof and even criticize their other half, indirectly or directly shifting the blame for the problems in the relationship to her.

And his partner in such a situation it seems that it is her fault that this is happening, because she is doing something wrong, thus causing a cold attitude from the man.

How to know the treason of the husband, the signs

6. Problems in the relationship suddenly disappeared

Psychologists say that sometimes cheating partners are surprised where there are no problems in the relationship, and they find out about the cheating. Often the cheating other halves think everything is going well and smoothly. It can’t even occur to them that their partner is cheating.

But sometimes the reason is that needs that have not been met in this relationship are being met elsewhere.

7. He abruptly begins to pay attention to his appearance

When people feel confident in their relationships, they relax and put less effort into looking good.

At a time when a new relationship demands that you always be on your best behavior, because there is still conquering your partner ahead of you.

If your partner suddenly joined a sports club (even though he did not intend to do so) to look better, or suddenly bought beautiful lingerie, or shaving regularly, in general, began to do what he did before only at the beginning of the relationship – then it is time to think about it.

Perhaps, having suddenly began to pay attention to how he looks, the man is worried about how to please the new partner and tries to please her.

The first signs of adultery

8. He forgets what he told you before

If your partner often starts a conversation with the phrase, “Did I say that before?” or just gets confused about the “statement,” it means that he’s having problems with the consistency of what he’s said before.

After all, if he is telling the truth, he will never forget exactly what he is saying.

Such inconsistency and confusion may indicate dishonesty on the part of the partner.

Signs of cheating husband behavior

9. He has become less trusting of you

If he has stopped discussing his problems with you, it is likely that he has simply found someone else for that purpose, someone who listens to him and gives advice.

Even if there hasn’t been physical cheating yet, there may be emotional or spiritual cheating, where your partner feels better with someone else.

This is a clear sign that he has someone on the side.

What are the signs of cheating

10. He’s strictly keeping track of your schedule.

If your partner suddenly became interested in what time you will return from work or a business trip, it can’t help but arouse suspicion.

Perhaps in this way, he wants to take measures, to prepare and have time to hide the “evidence of the crime”, as he is afraid to be caught unawares.

11. He suddenly has new interests.

If the partner suddenly developed new hobbies or activities, this can indicate that your partner is a person fascinated and interested in something.

But it could also indicate that he had someone. For example, if he often went to the pool, perhaps there working out his new crush.

12. if your lover’s family cheating was common.

If a child grew up in a family where his father and mother cheated or disrespected each other, he will consider this behavior normal. And as an adult, he will also project this kind of behavior onto his new family.

That is, if your partner in the family cheating and deception was commonplace, it is quite possible that his family will also build on the same “values and principles”.

Signs of cheating husband, psychology

13. The cheater is easily irritated and angry

If a man does not cheat and do not cheat, he will calm his partner, dispel the suspicions that have arisen, he will do everything possible to make his other half feel safe.

The cheater, on the other hand, may take a defensive stance. He will be annoyed and angry by questions that he is asked about where he was, with whom, what he did, why he didn’t pick up the phone.

Avoiding responsibility, he may begin to criticize you and raise his voice. He may even accuse you of being overly suspicious and overly controlling.

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