How do you put a girl in her place?

How do you put a girl in her place?

In the last article you learned how to treat the whims and PMS of a girl. Today I will tell you how to put her in her place.

Yes, it is necessary and important to put a girl in her place when she gets cocky or gets on her head. And to punish her when she’s been naughty.

What’s more, women even like it – to feel your power and authority over them. It makes them respect you and want to obey.

You just need to learn the right character when she tries to move you. How to properly put a girl in her place, how to tame the cockroaches in her head? I will tell you in this article.

If a woman somewhere overkill, first think about why this is happening. Is it because you let her or because she’s like that in and of herself? And decide whether you want a relationship with a young lady who will always sway.

How do you put a girl in her place?

Why does she get cocky?

Because you spoiled her. Or someone before you. Once a girl senses a man’s weakness, she’ll take advantage of it. She’ll push you to get what she wants. Break a guy’s pride so she can assert herself at his expense.

What do I mean by that? You’ll go to a movie she chose because you gave in. You’ll drink champagne instead of your favorite unfiltered champagne because she’s started to whine. You’ll live with her mom because she threw a tantrum about not being ready to move out.

There can be all kinds of consequences. It just depends on how much you let her bend you over.

We men, too, feel what lady can easily bend under you, and with what is better not to play.

Remember that any of her scandal or caprice – a test. Even if she did not arrange it on purpose, she will see how you behave. And probe how far you can ride on your neck.

If the woman is smart, and doesn’t plan to get on your neck, she’ll still give you a test now and then. That way she wants to make sure she has a man by her side. To calm down if you don’t show her your balls clearly enough.

So from the beginning of the relationship, show her who’s in charge. She will feel a solid wall around her in your face. And you will always be sure that the last word in any matter is yours.

What to do when she gets cocky?

Explain what you did not like, and warn her of the possible consequences, up to breaking up. Calmly tell her that you can’t have a relationship with a woman who does things you don’t like. If she values the relationship, she will hit the brakes right away.

Remember that the leader in the relationship is ready to break it off at any time.

Don’t be afraid to lose the woman, because otherwise you will lose her very quickly. Or you will turn into a doormat or a wimp. To say, “Girlfriend, you’re wrong. You can’t do that to men.”

What other consequences could there be? If her antics aren’t deadly and it’s stupid to break up the relationship over them, then use punishment. You can warn the girl that her every prank will be accompanied by your reaction.

What could it be? Deprive her of the things she likes. No money if she spends it on bars. No dating until she learns to spend her time the way you like it. No sleepovers at her place while she’s living with her mom.

You can also verbally hit on her gently. No, don’t be rude.

Tell her that you are disappointed in her. That you don’t know what to do because you didn’t expect her to behave that way. After these words, she will think about whether to continue in the same way. Because she’ll be scared of what you might have thought of her. Women love to think things up and make things up. That’s where she’ll do everything for you.

How do you position yourself correctly?

Realize also that all of this will only work if you have a strong inner state.

Be confident in yourself. She will only believe you when you believe your own words. And so all your life.

Do not try to convince the girl logic, they do not perceive it. Women live by their emotions, so you have to tame her with your inner power. Any upbringing is built on fear.

I don’t mean throwing dishes in all directions and breaking doorjambs with your mighty shoulders. Disrespectful behavior or insults are an indicator of your insecurity. Respect yourself, then people will respect you.

It’s important to put her in her place calmly and with dignity. In fact, it’s her role to be emotional. In a quarrel you should show as little anger as possible.

The calmer you act, the scarier she will be, trust me. One cold look from you is enough to shut her up. It is only important that your look translates your inner anger and energy, which will quickly subdue the young lady. Understand?

A woman reads everything you feel and feel. And if you don’t like her behavior – make her feel it.

You have to speak with restraint and on the case in such a way that it makes her blood run cold. So she was timid and frozen in your eyes. Be brief and take as little time as possible for this conversation. Remember that the rest she will figure out for herself.

Only a demonstration of strength of mind you tame young lady. Only through your inner core will you become the boss in the relationship. Only through your real masculinity she will be able to fully reveal her femininity.

How to put the girl in her place? What to do when a girl gets cocky?

When you want to find a girlfriend for a relationship and sex, you may discover the unpleasant fact of her obnoxious behavior. Why does a girl get cocky? Why does the girlfriend blow her mind? Why is the woman capricious? Why does she sulk and sulk?

Why does the girl make a scandal, capricious and sassy?

When a girl overreaches, there is a definite reason for it. Her behavior is the result of the fact that the girl has not been taught how to communicate properly with men. She was spoiled by you personally or the men before you.

A girl puts up a fight to go to a desired movie or a certain place. A girl gets cranky if you’re going out with friends without her. The girl sulks and demands an expensive holiday gift. Girl throw a tantrum if you did not do what she wanted.

The thing is, once a girl senses a man’s weakness, she starts taking advantage of him. She will put pressure on various feelings to influence a man. She will begin to set him up for herself. She will push, manipulate, and bend as far as the man will allow.

The story of one henchman who thought he was a real man

A comrade of mine allowed his wife to be boorish, manipulative, and brainwashed. He wanted to be a better man and he followed her every whim. He spent a lot of money, nerves, and time doing what she wanted. After they broke up, he still had a loan to buy her a car. But the man was proud and left everything to her after the divorce.

The girl bent him over, used him and then kicked him out. His wife had made such a wimp out of him that she stopped respecting him. She started cheating on him before they were even separated. It ended disgustingly.

Why did the girl bend the man over so much and leave him, even though she loved him dearly in the beginning? He allowed himself to be humiliated by the girl. He showed himself to be a wimp and a weakling. And women only like strong men, not wimps. Once the image of a decent and strong man was destroyed, the woman fell in love and left. She cuckolded him with another what she thought was a real man.

What to do when a girl gets cocky? How do you put a girl in her place?

Almost any scandal, caprice and manipulation is a test of what a woman is allowed. Girls are great psychologists and they can see who you can bend over for yourself, and with whom such jokes are bad.

The girl is constantly scandalized? Girl trying to manipulate? Girlfriend capricious? The girl threatens to break up? Does the girl regularly resent and sulk? Does the girl use sex as a means of manipulation? How do you deal with a girl who is trying to pressure you?

1. Show your girlfriend who is in charge.

A leader in a relationship is someone who can tear it up if necessary. Calmly explain to the girl what you don’t like to hear. It is difficult or even impossible for you to build a relationship with a woman who acts like this. Don’t show your fear of losing the girl, or you will lose her even faster. Show with your behavior that you can easily find another girlfriend who will be even better.

2. Punish the girl for her bad behavior.

You have a lot of leverage over your girlfriend. React to each of her antics accordingly. Limit your communication with her, ignore her more, don’t spend money on her, don’t give her anything, be cold, go out with friends more often and spend time without her. No dating or romance until she understands.

3. Show your frustration and calmness.

Girls can see right away when a man starts to grow cold to them. Tell her you didn’t expect this kind of behavior, actions, and her unpleasant personality traits. Show your disappointment and rejection. Don’t make a fight, but act calmly. The more confident, calm and cool you are, the more fearful the cranky girl is.

4. Show your aggression to the girl and scare her.

Often girls think they can act nasty and raise their voice at a man. When a girl behaves badly, don’t hold back in anger or annoyance. Get angry, break your mug, bang your fist on the wall. Lose your temper. If the girl tries to hit you, slap her on the butt, but not hard.

Show the girl the aggression of your inner beast. She has to see that you’re not a playboy for hitting. The girl has to understand that it’s dangerous to mess with you. You’re a man. You’re a male. You’re bigger and bigger than her. You’re stronger and a man, so you’re in charge. Show her you have the balls and the guts.

5. Make her jealous.

How do you put a girl in her place? There are a million girls around you that you can seduce. Socialize in companies where there are a lot of girls. Go to the gym, go jogging, go to the pool. Visit places where there are lots of beautiful and juicy chicks. When a girl sees that you can find a girl fast, she’ll give in. A girl is not the center of the earth, and there are plenty of chicks around who would love to keep you company.

6. Hint at a possible breakup.

Is the girl getting cocky? Hint at the possible shortness of this relationship. You can’t be in a toxic relationship where you’re both unhappy. As a man, you’ll have to take matters into your own hands to cut the Gordian knot. Let the girl know that this kind of relationship is not the norm and you can just walk away.

Hint that any day you can break up a futile relationship that’s going downhill. Don’t let yourself settle for a relationship where you are often unhappy. If the relationship doesn’t bring joy and happiness, why go through with it? Let the girl think about it.

7. Break up with a squabbling woman.

Sometimes girls don’t get it. It’s in their blood to be bitchy. Torture her all your life and she’ll blow your mind till the day you die? Why all this when there are plenty of positive, hot and cool girls out there? Your girlfriend doesn’t get it and keeps on going on about it? Why do you need a hysterical, disgruntled and stupid woman? Find yourself a positive, smiling and beautiful girl.

Why is a woman capricious and insolent? Because you spoil her. Show the girl your masculinity, and she will show you her femininity in return.

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