How do you manipulate your wife?

How Men Manipulate Women

Well, who among us hasn’t heard the lengthy argument that women do nothing but manipulate men? This stereotype is so familiar that no one even tries to challenge it.

And sexuality, these cunning women use as a tool to manipulate the weak strong sex, and the delicious food, and pretty eyes, and promising phrases … Yes, really? And, meanwhile, the case is somewhat different.

There are as many men who manipulate women, but their methods of influence are much more ruthless and unscrupulous. Because the purpose of women’s manipulations – marriage, and male manipulation is designed for somewhat different purposes

Well, more about that in a little more detail. Let’s talk about how men manipulate women, in a little more detail.

The male manipulator. What is he like?

In our lives, there are often situations where a man, knowing that a woman loves him wholeheartedly, begins to unconscionably use this love. There are a lot of manipulators such men, and often they turn loving women into voiceless sheep, which eventually either leave or make their victim for life. Of course, there are women who find the role of the victim quite suitable, and they are willing to endure psychological, and sometimes even physical abuse from their chosen one for many years. Such a life, of course, turns into sheer torment, however, for the “sheep” this torment is preferable to the loss of her beloved.

Well, each of us has a choice… Such women, of course, can only be pitied. Usually they are sincere, trusting and conscientious people with low self-esteem, experiencing extreme psychological dependence on their partner. They are easy and even pleasant to manipulate. However, even self-sufficient and quite self-confident ladies can fall into the clutches of the male manipulator and imperceptibly become one of his victims. If such a lady time understands that her lover is trying to control her, she begins to resist. And then the man either retreats and leaves or falls in love with her, losing his head. If not, she eventually becomes weak and vulnerable, submitting to his every whim and forgiving all his sins. How can you identify a man-manipulator?

The main qualities of the man-manipulator

As we have said, the most common victims of manipulators are conscientious and trusting women. These wonderful human qualities turn out to be a real disaster for their owner when she meets an experienced manipulator, able to determine almost immediately after acquaintance, who is in front of him.

The manipulator, who has perfectly mastered the art of seducing women, usually at the first meeting asks penetrating questions about various aspects of the lady’s life, trying to find the weaknesses of her character.

A woman who is sincere and trusting willingly tells him almost everything about herself, not hiding the negative aspects of her past. This is her main mistake. The manipulator is exactly the kind of information that he needs, – and then at the slightest opportunity he will reproach the poor man for this or that transgression from the past. He constantly reminds her of what she is ashamed to remember, in order to instill in the poor person a sense of guilt. And she will, of course, feel more and more guilty. And, as a result, she will start to forgive her lover a lot, because she, compared to him, is a worthless and insignificant creature. Which is what he expects from her…

How can a woman, if she is essentially a human being, a decent and kind one? Turn into a vicious bitch? Nothing like that! Manipulation of a woman, even of this kind, can be prevented. She just need to add to their positive qualities a little discernment and common sense and try to consider her chosen one from all sides.

True manipulators are usually self-righteous, cynical, self-sufficient and pragmatic. These are selfish men who have absolutely no sense of guilt.

Of course, until the prey is caught in their net, they will not demonstrate these qualities. As a rule, manipulators are well aware of the psychology of seducing women, and they skillfully play the role of a romantic, sympathetic and all understanding person who can be completely trusted. They may try to evoke pity for themselves or allegedly sincerely enumerate their dishonorable deeds, showing with all their appearance. This is only done in order to provoke a woman into full candor and learn as much about her as possible.

Varieties of male manipulation

Male manipulation is designed for the emotionalism of women. They have a very popular method – a significant pause in the conversation, which are accompanied by testing and penetrating glance. A woman who is waiting for the continuation of the dialogue usually does not endure such a pause and tries to fill it. If she is naive, she may even suddenly begin to justify herself or agree with what she should not agree with. As a result, any phrase expressed to her will begin to work against her. Such pauses cause women anxiety and embarrassment, in this state we, my dear ladies, are quite easy to control.

Another favorite trick of manipulators, who are experts in the psychology of seducing women, is to wait for an indefinite period of time. For example, feeling that the woman will be very happy to meet again, they can disappear from her life for a while, not to call and not to appear. And after she, exhausted by waiting, loses the last hope, the manipulator suddenly appears, explaining his absence by urgent matters, illness, business trip and so on. And she willingly believes any legend, not wanting to lose him and again to experience excruciating uncertainty and loneliness.

The explanation for this technique is quite simple. If a man returns to a woman quickly, she still has the strength to part with him forever. But when she is completely exhausted by the wait, she no longer has the strength to resist. An unexpectedly returned manipulator seems to be a gift of fate, which is impossible to refuse. If she is weak-willed and extremely amorous, she ends up in a psychological dependence on her partner, which is very difficult to get out of.

Many male manipulators prefer to never call the exact time of a date with a woman, citing, for example, the emergence of unforeseen difficulties at work.

The woman, considering such a man businesslike and tactful, willingly agrees to wait for him for several hours at a time. Unknowingly, she begins to learn patience, a lesson that he actually teaches her. And the more she waits for her next meeting with him, the more she falls in love. And thus becomes ready to accept all his further antics.

There is only one way out of such situations: each of us, regardless of our character, should develop self-sufficiency, trying to find something we love. It should take up most of the mental space that will help in the separation from her beloved man to minimize all the internal turmoil.

Manipulators, no matter how decent and sincere they may seem, in fact people are very cruel and overbearing. On the surface, they may seem to be simple and sociable people, but they have a very great potential to be ruthless managers, easily enough to subdue unsophisticated women. Manipulators often play the role of an infantile boy who is not responsible for his actions. After committing a crime, such a grown-up child just smiles innocently, skillfully subjugating women of the maternal type.

There are many male methods of manipulating women’s consciousness, but they all have the same goal – to make a woman feel guilty for her own imperfection and admit that, for example, she is badly brought up, hysterical, stupid, fat, old, promiscuous, and so on. The manipulator tries to change the woman’s value system and overpower her in every way. As a result, in the psyche of the woman there is a substitution of concepts, in which any, even the most unseemly act, the lover, is interpreted as convenient to him. For example, the constant cheating beloved woman perceived as his lack of complex, his disregard for home affairs and neglect her – personal independence, and so on.

How to behave towards manipulators

Strangely enough, but men-manipulators, despite the suffering they bring, women love them infinitely. They are ready to go to the ends of the earth for such a lover, completely abandoning their own benefits. The phenomenon of such love and devotion is explained simply: manipulators know how to play on contrasting feelings, then slipping away, then reappearing. They are almost never easy prey, so they do not get bored, maintaining a constant interest in themselves. In reality, however, this interest is not justified: manipulators are simply slippery and unprincipled types who live only for their own good. They are extremely unreliable and can betray without a doubt at any time.

If we have fallen into the net of a manipulator, we must remember that it is impossible to change him. These pragmatic and cruel people are not capable of unconditional love, even if they constantly talk about their seemingly sincere feelings. And, in order not to be completely lost, submitting to the influence of such men, you need something to counteract their consumerist attitude towards themselves.

In principle, a woman who has good willpower and is able to consciously approach what is happening to her may well make the manipulator her psychological trainer. To do this, she must learn to look at the relationship from the outside and never accept her partner wholeheartedly. And this, is not a bad way to develop self-control and learn to control your own feelings. In addition, if you choose the most effective way to escape male manipulation, you can fully realize one day the extent of their independence and originality.

However, not all of us are capable of it. Men manipulators, as a rule, extremely charming, and to resist their inner and outer charm is very difficult. Therefore, those women who have not managed to avoid the pernicious influence of such a man, if they intend to prolong their relationship with him, must know his weaknesses. Usually the most vulnerable of them, the ego, requires constant satisfaction. Once a woman turns into a silent adoring slave, it’s in the bag, the manipulator is satisfied. If not, and she intends to maintain a relationship as an equal, she will have to constantly develop herself as a person, and learn to control her chosen one.

How? First, manipulators, as difficult as it may be, need to get off their nerves a little bit sometimes by disappearing from their sight. Let a little stir when your girlfriend does not answer the phone or to proposals to meet said that it is busy. Secondly, you need to eliminate in yourself pity for the manipulator – this is a strong complete person, quite able to do without it. And, finally, thirdly, do not believe his lofty assurances of eternal love – as we said, for manipulators, this feeling does not exist.

In short, we can learn how to resist manipulating ourselves from the manipulator himself. If he makes us wait, let’s make him wait. If he says he has things to do, we should have things to do. If he is confident and self-sufficient, we will become self-sufficient and self-reliant.

After all, we are the most valuable thing we have! So why allow yourself to destroy even very close people and become a weak-willed dependent person, who can not count on sincere affection of the man-manipulator?

Especially since he is hardly capable of such affection in general…

Conclusion: it is possible to avoid a strong influence of a male manipulator even if he is quite sympathetic to us. It is enough just to love yourself and take an active position in life. Of course, on condition that we do not like to be a passive victim. Otherwise, we prepare ourselves for the eternal Calvary. There is always a choice.

How to properly manage a girl – simple tricks to manage a woman

Corrector, editor journalist. I’ve been doing what I love for over six years.

Expert – Margarita Lopukhova

Family psychologist. For eight years I have been saving “family units” from disintegration. I help couples regain love and understanding.

The problem of relationships between men and women does not give peace to humanity for many centuries. And it’s true that a couple’s personal relationships are not always as smooth as we would like them to be. Every man and woman from certain years paints a picture of their happy life. Everyone imagines what kind of partner they see next to her. What he must have a character, how to react to certain words and actions, how to love. But in real life it turns out to be far from that.

A clever and cunning person sometimes resorts to techniques of manipulation to get the desired result from his partner. This is not always a bad thing, and sometimes it even helps to save the relationship. This article will tell you about how to manipulate the girl. No, these are not violent manipulation techniques to completely control the life of the other person. These are some clever tricks that will help men to smooth out arguments and avoid major conflicts.

The Art of Words

“Women love with their ears” has been said for a long, long time. A woman really needs to talk often about her beauty, her talent. It is important for a girl to know that she is loved and desired. Why do men shower their women with flowers, compliments and gifts before marriage (or before the first intimacy)? This is nothing but a game, a manipulation. The goal is to make the girl his own. And it works. She marries him, has children with him, shares her bed only with this man. It seems to her it was her dream.

So why do men forget about this sweet game after marriage? A man wants a nice dinner, a pressed shirt every morning, and a beautiful woman at home. A man tells her how amazing his wife’s cooking is, praises each cooking and thanks her. The woman is not just pleased, it makes her want to please her husband with another delicious dessert as well. And so in everything. You need to flavor compliments and corporal expression of gratitude – kisses and hugs.

The main thing – do not overplay, a compliment must be sincere and to the point. Women are very perceptive and know their own worth. And in the case of a fiasco, a bad theater of one actor will be quickly deduced.

Choice without choice.

Women’s desires are limitless. Often the man is not enough to satisfy all the “I want” of his couple. But to please your favorite want. Often there are conflicts on this ground. There is a way out – to give a choice of several options, any of which suits a man. Create the illusion of choice for a woman.

A simple example is vacation. The girl wants to go to the sea. But her husband can’t afford to take her to Bali or the Maldives. Then you should give her a choice between Thailand and Turkey. Of course, you need to make a strong argument for these resorts. Usually, the lady, excited by the news about an early vacation, will choose between the options provided. You can also limit the timing of the choice, to say that the tickets are running out, you need to buy as soon as possible. Then the girl will have no time to think about other options.

Expert opinion

This technique is partly related to the previous one. This is a man’s ability to correctly and competently argue his point of view. Show yourself as an expert on the issue. Then the woman will have no doubts, and she will agree to the proposal of her companion.

Women are very fond of smart men, so why not play on it sometimes! It is important to remember that the man really has to be smart and very clever. Especially when it comes to an equally intelligent girl. Such a person will easily crush a man’s attempts to seem smarter.

Time = result

When a man has an idea, and he’s not sure about his companion’s agreement, you need to give her time to think it over. You can throw the idea to her once in a conversation, as if at random. After some time to remind her about it, add a couple of weighty arguments. Show her “accidentally” found articles and photos on the topic.

The woman will think about it, weigh the pros and cons. One day she may come up with a conversation or consent right away. The main thing is not to push and do not put arguments. Excessive insistence depresses, and the woman in this case takes an aggressive-defensive position.

Do not lie.

Any of the methods of controlling the other half will be effective as long as they are not aimed at concealing a lie. Men can use tricks to avoid conflicts. To be able to correctly present alternative actions and desires, and to keep the woman satisfied. How to manage a girl to hide a lie? You can’t, the truth will be known sooner or later. The pain of betrayal and lies will remain forever.

It is very important to know the difference between psychological techniques of control and cruel manipulation of a person. Manipulation is resorted to by immature men who are unable to influence a woman in a peaceful way. The wrong techniques include:

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