How do you manipulate your husband?

How to manipulate a man

Men manipulate society. But women manipulate men . The biggest mistake most people make is thinking that men and women are the same, thinking the same way or traveling the same road. The truth, however, is not entirely unequivocal, because while men are looking for ways to control and wield power over various things under heaven, women, on the other hand, are more likely to abandon guys as their target when it comes to the controlling factor.

So, whether it’s your boss you want to manipulate to get ahead in your career, the guy of your dreams you want to get on your side, or your hubby who’s watching his actions and his life, you have several reasons to target men. Whatever the reason, all women seek only one thing: to manipulate men and get something out of them as if they (men) were doing it themselves. And if you are among them, this is the right place to start. Steal these secret tips to get into your man’s head and get what you want, with him believing all the while that everything goes according to his wishes.

If you are a married woman, this article will be very helpful to you. If you are a girl and struggling with your boyfriend, this article will help you cope better with your boyfriend. And if you are a guy, keep in mind, the lady of your life can read

In this article we will look at how a woman can both manipulate and enslave a man. If you are a woman and don’t have time to read the whole article, here is the gist:

Give your man enough sex and he will be your slave

If you’re still reading, that means you’re a woman and you have time…so let’s get on with it. Men never look at a girl and say, “Wow, she’s smart. I want to go out with her! ” Because men, for the most part, don’t chase intelligence.

Most men look at a woman as a sexual object. They may disagree, but most men will have sex with any woman. If they had the space. An even better place with a good mattress, pillows and air conditioning because he can get a good night’s sleep after sex.

Once you have given your man all the sex he needed, ask him what you wanted. A man can’t read a woman’s mind and not expect him to try…and that’s very difficult. Men struggle even after three years of courtship and four years of marriage. If you don’t ask…you get nothing, and all the effort is wasted

Make sure of this first:

Step 1. Check to see if your man is awake after sex;

Step 2. Make sure he is definitely awake (any method will do);

Step 3: Make time and start talking. A lecture that lasts less than 3 hours will not work. Men only start listening after the first 150 minutes, because then they know that if it is that long, it’s cause for concern.

Step 4. When you ask him to do something, don’t be polite. Some strong, powerful men like to be ordered around.

Step 5. If you were smarter, you would have skipped Step 1, Step 2, Step 3 and Step 4 when he stuck his cold hands in your shirt, ask him, “Promise me that we are going to buy a house soon and we will look at all the brochures of the apartment complexes that I have listed.”

If you’re a man and you’re still reading this, here’s some advice. A man gets high when he feels a woman, but a woman gets high when someone makes her feel that she is beautiful, sexy and irresistible. If you know she is losing weight, add a line about how she lost so much weight and now looks adorable.

There are some other tactics for manipulating men. These tricks will help you get what you want in a short amount of time.

A little bit at a time: a manipulative ploy

What do fishermen do to catch the perfect fish? They play a two-way coin-operated game. To get the fish on the hook, you need to attract them to a tempting meal. First you make sure the hook is in the water, you need to lengthen the line a little. It’s the same with the guys. Give them freedom and let them enjoy their space. But as soon as those suspicious guys think they’re out of the playground, pull the rope and make them your prey. If you miss the call, don’t come back immediately. And whenever he says something, don’t back it up with loud laughter. And, most importantly, don’t immediately give a positive answer when he asks you out. Ask to check your appointments and other necessary schedules at some point.

Emotional Technique.

To drive a man crazy, decide to emotionally blackmail him with harsh words. Because the moment to say, “You never tell me ‘I love you,'” he would be well prepared to say, “Of course I said that six months ago.” But if you need to manipulate a guy, you have to keep arguing. You might comment, “The last time you told me you loved me was six months ago. Then you don’t love me anymore.” The only thing you can get is, “Of course I love you.” While he may be attentive to your emotional statements, that may not always be the case, as guys can be charged with anger at any time. So make sure you’re only commenting to influence him, not to provoke anger.

Raise your voice.

High and clear voices are a sign of femininity. Just as a low voice in men is considered an indicator of increased testosterone, higher tones are considered a sign of high estrogen levels in women. Thus, if you are trying to manipulate your boyfriend, make sure you speak in a high sexy voice. However, add some depth to get admiration and respect, otherwise you’ll be called a stupid or a goofy cow who’s confused.

Play the game of flirting.

If you think you really love your boyfriend, flirt with other men to make him jealous. This will make him think that other guys are also aiming for you. Thus, he will try his best to keep up with you; lest you dump him and run off with another handsome man. He has no choice, he will throw himself into the fight, trying his best to please you. Because if he believes and trusts that your relationship is safe and strong, he will stop making the effort to please you.

If you want to see your boyfriend’s social media activity, then use 5 minutes you will know all the details of your boyfriend’s social networks. And manipulation will become easier!

Waiting for sex

Don’t let a guy cave in on you after a few meetings. Make sure your guy is really interested in you and loves you before you give up your virginity. Does he give you flowers? Does he buy you gifts and give you compliments? If not, then you’re on the wrong track. Keep the sexual attraction in check and take time for the relationship. Better yet, put the guy on a no-sex diet. Or promise him possible sex in the near future. See how he presents you with trinkets and pays attention to every little detail. Although it may be difficult for you, it’s worth it. And it’s exactly what you wanted – attention and benefits!

With these proven tips, you can manipulate men and control the world around you the way you want it, not the other way around. All the best, girls!

How to manipulate a man wisely and without fanaticism

Relationships between the sexes is a very complicated thing. Of course, many of us want everything to be real, without any deception and strange grimaces. But for the most part this is not the case. The harsh realities of life are such that cunning sometimes turns out to be very helpful. Well, we will tell you how to learn how to properly apply it.

Manipulations useful and harmful

Quite often you can hear women say: “What manipulation? I would never stoop to that!” The lady saying them doesn’t want to adjust to anyone and wants everything to be straight and simple. Unfortunately, this is not the case in relationships, and very often she is left alone with her problems in dealing with the opposite sex. For example, a man “unravels” and starts drinking a lot, getting fat, being lazy and rude to her, and she doesn’t know what to do. This usually happens to women who have read too many romantic fairy tales or who were raised by their parents in an environment detached from real life. Any romance is a bit of a game in which you need to be able to show both honesty and cunning.

You can manipulate a man in a good way and in a bad way.

The second option can be seen when a woman does not care what happens to her partner. She uses it solely to satisfy her own needs: not to be alone, to solve her problems, to get even with the whole male race – the reason could be anything. But she absolutely does not care about him and his desires, although it can be carefully hidden behind the guise of feminine seductiveness.

Such a woman manipulates a man very cunningly. Often she pretends to be an unhappy martyr who will die if the “prince” does not appear. Of course, any man wants to assert himself and feel like a strong and brave hero. He eagerly swallows the bait and finds himself hooked on a manipulative woman who knows what to do with him next. It is because of this image of the villainess that many women hesitate to use trickery in their relationships with men. But things can be different.

Think back to the beginning of any relationship. You don’t walk up to a man you like and say to him directly, “I like you. Let’s go on a date now. Then, if we like each other, we’ll start dating, have sex and, if all goes well, in the future we’ll get married and have children. Everything happens differently: you smile, shoot his eyes like in the famous movie, take seductive poses and use a variety of other feminine wiles to inspire him to the feat of approaching you first.

So why should you give up these things at the more serious stages of the relationship? Thus, the difference between good trickery and bad manipulation becomes apparent. In the first case, you use it to lead the man to the right decision and behavior. In the second – you brazenly siphon off his energy and resources. Which of these options to choose and whether to do it at all – you decide.

A simple algorithm

If you do prefer to use manipulation in one way or another, you need to learn how to do it correctly. Simply put, learn the basics of male psychology and understand the effective way to interact with the strong sex. After all, they are a very special people, who are in great need of female energy. Receiving it, the man gives his partner exactly what he needs. Therefore, we offer you a simple instruction on how to manipulate men and achieve everything you want.

  • Understand what your partner wants. It’s very important – to accurately know his needs and help meet them, especially when it comes to exclusively female functions – support, acceptance, forgiveness, caring. In doing so, you should discreetly emphasize your own role in his little happiness. And let him be just a boy sometimes, who wants to frolic and have fun.
  • Respect his worldview and values. There is nothing worse than a woman who treats her man and his inner world with contempt. It is very likely that your points of view are similar in some respects. And in this case you should not make every bloody war over it. Gently, but emphatically explain that you are entitled to their views, and that if it can not fully share, it certainly respects.
  • Do not make any serious mistakes. In what does this manifest itself? For example, a woman knows exactly what behavior infuriates her partner, and still continues to do it. No, of course, there are relationships built on mutual anger, but do you really want that kind of development? Annoyance tends to build up, and the man tends to want to do less and less for the woman. So understand your partner, and do not unnecessarily provoke him to anger.
  • Support him. Earlier we wrote that a man’s role is to protect a woman, and her role is to support him and give him the energy to protect. This is why our partners need our care and attention to them so much. They manifest themselves in benevolence and psychological attunement to the one we love. A simple example of such support would be the words “I believe in you” or “you will succeed. And if suddenly there is a setback, then encouragement and warmth will be very helpful.
  • Watch the emotional heat. As you know, we women worry a lot more and more often, and for any reason. And it’s absolutely normal for us to exist in this. If a woman is deprived of deep and intense feelings, she won’t feel very well. And in the same way a man feels bad when he feels too much emotion. He doesn’t understand anything, he gets tired quickly, and he begins to feel irritated. Do you think it will be easy to get anything out of him in this state? So when talking with your partner a little emotional heat – except if it is not about your positive feelings for him (but even in this case, you should be careful and sensible measure).
  • Dress the way he likes. Men love with their eyes – it’s a fact. And even loving with their hearts, they still pay great attention to our appearance. Surely you know his tastes for female beauty, so try to be attractive, but just for him. This does not mean that you should now change your appearance according to his ideals. But abuse the flared jeans, if he likes skinny, probably should not. Or, choosing a new hair color, remember what he likes. It is important to remember that many things that seem cute to us, men are surprised and even disgusted (eg, Uggs). But there are also those that can drive him crazy. The choice is yours, to cause him pleasure or disgust.
  • Stay independent. It is very important to get this advice right. The emancipation of our society has reached such a global scale that there are many women who do not take seriously the male courtship. They are all forces to prove to themselves and others that they do not need the support and care of the stronger sex, because they can all by themselves. But it is not true because of the peculiarities of female nature. The flip side of this process is manifested in the emergence of a category of women who cling to men and do not give them a pass. It is very important to remain internally self-sufficient and to be able to live, even if there is no one around or there are problems in relationships. But this does not mean a complete rejection of everything male in life.

What do men fall for?

In order to learn how to properly manipulate, you need to know what they bite men. All their “delicate” places derive from the peculiarities of male psychology, and it is on them that you need to rely, using cunning. What do they include?

The most important male (and not only!) weakness is sex. Of course, we all love it, but because of the peculiarities of physiology in guys it is a “vulnerable” place.

When there is even the slightest hint of sex, the blood drains from the head of the man and rushes to the appropriate place. The ability to think sharply decreases, but the desire for pleasure, on the contrary, increases. This is exactly the mechanism that takes place, albeit in a less pronounced version, when a man senses a woman’s sexuality. Such techniques have probably been used by each of us, wearing a short skirt, a blouse with a deep cleavage or a supportive bra on an important date.

A woman’s weakness works even harder than sex at some points. It is the way of the world that a woman is a vessel for the accumulation of resources and energy. Her main function is to keep the hearth at home, creating comfort and warmth in the family. And the man should protect her and give her support, providing everything she needs. That is why husbands often leave strong and successful wives for less attractive, but softer and weaker women.

Especially vulnerable to a woman’s weakness sensitive and compassionate men, who in life show a desire to care and support.

Give a man compliments. As the saying goes, a kind word to the cat is nice. Just like us, men love to hear compliments in his address, especially those that relate to their masculinity, strength, perseverance, determination, success, and more. At this point, really feel the rise of self-esteem, which causes positive emotions. But it is important not to go overboard, otherwise the praise will be like either mockery or flattery. In both the latter cases, the probability of getting a positive result tends to zero. People almost always sense falsity on a subconscious level, so praise really positive traits.

Appreciation is not the easiest aspect to manipulate, especially with women. Some ladies prefer to surround a man with care and love, hoping that he will stay with them at least out of gratitude. But they make a mistake: in an attempt to “bind” the man, they lose a sense of respect for themselves, and he just does not want to be with a woman. In addition, they often do things for a partner, which in fact he does not need or that he takes for granted. Accordingly, no gratitude here is not expected. The right strategy – to support and help a man in a difficult time of his life, as well as give in when it is not expected and worth the effort.

Guilt is a favorite string to play for many women. But unfortunately for them, men often don’t like to take the blame unnecessarily. On the contrary, they prefer to “dump” all responsibility for the problems on the woman and proudly walk away. And then she is “left with her nose”. Or they take any rebuke as a “brainwashing” and stop responding to it. Therefore, the guilt must be played with wit and rarely – only when a man really screwed up.

But on the male desire to be number one you can “ride” almost indefinitely. We owe this effect to the testosterone hormone and the notorious principles of male upbringing, which state that the real male is always the winner. That is why a man always tries to be the smartest, strongest, most caring, confident, kindest, richest – the list is endless. And all this – a great platform for manipulation! You can at any time hint (just subtly) that if he is so strong, then let him help you move a heavy sideboard to your mom. And all the rest in the same spirit. And be sure to praise him for such actions, showing the legitimacy of belonging to the group of “most-most” men.

Finally, we mustn’t forget the basics of training! Yes, yes, you heard right – the classic reflex training can work wonders, and not only with men. Let’s take a simple example: every time the husband is going to go for a walk with friends, his wife sweetly stretches, all his appearance promising sex if he stays. It’s not hard to guess what the man chooses. Gradually the associative connection between the desired type of behavior and the reward is cemented in his brain, and he gets used to acting that way on automatic. But even if you need a situational effect, you can always promise him something nice, or draw a rosy future outlook, if he would do as required.

Technical tricks

Now let’s talk about some simple tricks that help you learn how to properly manipulate men. There are a great many of them, and we want to tell you about the most effective ones. But you can come up with your own within the general direction of thought given above.

Asking for help. It is very bad for a woman to make a habit of doing everything herself.

That’s why we recommend that you ask a man for help, even in those moments when you can handle the problem without him.

  • But it’s so great when your partner is given the opportunity to show their strength! The most innocuous situation is when you ask him to open a can or help you carry a heavy bag of things. This technique can be extended to setting up the computer, changing light bulbs, assembling furniture, dealing with officials and much more.
  • Thirty-three pleasures at once. Picture the picture when a man returns home from work, and there waiting for him cooked you a delicious dinner and a woman who is wearing the most beautiful clothes at home or a new set of silk underwear. You can add more pleasures, such as watching an interesting movie or even a duel in his favorite computer game. Or buy him a magazine about new technologies, which he so rarely gets to read. Naturally, the man will mellow out after such a thing, and you can ask him for something.
  • The promise of something special. Do you want your partner to finally do all the accumulated housework or take you to the theater? Promise him a night of epic sex for that! Or suggest that he then go on a fishing trip with friends on the weekend that he has long wanted. Man must want the reward very much, in order to fulfill your request.
  • Woman of mystery. Be silent when you really want to say something to a man – a little distance provokes him to conquer. Sometimes be busy doing your own thing for him so he doesn’t think you’re completely immersed in your relationship. Find an activity that will be just for you, and where he will be “forbidden to enter. Use this technique should be used with caution and not overdoing it, so that the man did not think that you are not interested in him at all.

In order to manipulate the man correctly, you should always remember about the fine line that separates the good from the bad. In other words, control a man, but only for the good of your relationship, not just to get your own benefits. Many women are manipulating just because they do not know any other way. Let cunning serve only as seasoning to a delicate dish of your relationship, and the happiness of love will be guaranteed to you!

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