How do you make your husband miss her?

5 smart woman’s tricks to make a man miss her

To make a man miss you should use some tricks.

Every woman’s biggest fear is that a man, when she’s not around, will just forget her and switch to someone else. Or their relationship will simply end. To prevent this from happening, a woman wants a man to miss her when she’s not around. How can this be achieved?

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Always leave him a pleasant memory of you

Make sure that you always parted in high spirits, happy meeting and with each other. Otherwise, he will remember not how he was well with you, and clarification of relations, any claims to his address, if you voice them, and other negative impressions, not the most pleasant. Will he miss you in this case? Hardly. Rather, he will get angry, relive the moments of your quarrel and make up answers that he should have told you instead of what he told you. A few meetings like this, and he’ll seriously consider that your relationship may not be what he needs at all. Don’t let this happen, and always say something nice to him goodbye. And a kiss goodbye, of course, no one cancels.

Don’t be pushy.

We’re talking about the tedious calls and texts that women love so much. “Where are you now? What are you doing? What are you thinking about?” Most likely, he’s thinking about work and nothing else right now. He might be happy to think about you in his spare time, but every spare minute he gets a message from you, and all he feels is annoyance at you. This, of course, does not mean that you should not write him at all. Write a nice message once a day – why not. Chances are, it will be nice to read it. But do not overdo it – sometimes it’s better to keep silent for once, and you get a man who misses you when you’re not there.

Remember .

A man will miss you if you remember him. You can do this in many different ways – interesting words that he hears only from you, a special perfume that really suits you – men are very sensitive to this. Try to always look bright and interesting – this is also a great way to remember a man and make him miss you. And finally, do not be shy to joke, have fun – a man in your absence will certainly remember your funny jokes, and he will certainly do it with great warmth.

Give him a swing

A clever way, perfect for starting a relationship. If you write to your man all the time, he might miss you a little bit. However, he will, at the same time, be sure that he has you on the hook and not going anywhere. Change his mind – do not hesitate to get lost, make him think about whether you really still love him, interested, or he failed to hook you. Such thoughts may make your man a little nervous, but he certainly won’t remain indifferent to you either.

Be the woman everyone dreams about

And finally, the last method is the easiest and most effective. Just be the one that he will really miss. Beautiful, bright, funny, smart and interesting – well, what man in his right mind and good memory will give up a woman? That’s right, no one. He will be thinking about you, about how to impress you and what to do, so that you are so beautiful and gorgeous, were always near him. He will write and call you himself, give you compliments, strive to meet you as soon as possible – all because he misses you and wants you to always be there for him.

How to make him dream about you all the time? 14 real rules

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Every woman dreams of being the most unique and unforgettable in the life of her beloved man. At only what measures it does not go. Trying to look good, visiting beauty salons, dressed in the latest fashion, at night re-read the volume of Kama Sutra, to once again impress the dear guy. She throws him sweet messages, romantic songs, suffering and suffering if a man does not get in touch.

And she constantly wonders how to make a man bored, so he was looking for himself to meet her and begging for a date. Ways to lure the stronger sex and cause them to agony of love and acute homesickness, a great many. Using the following recommendations, you can not only fall in love with the desired object, but also fill his heart with deep affection and longing for love.

Discourage obsession.

To solve the problem of how to make a man bored, the young lady must remember an important rule: never impose on men! Distance is an important condition between a man and a woman, which should set it, the fairer sex. Unfortunately, most girls completely violate this rule.

They yell at guys day and night, throwing them love words, asking them out on a date themselves. It is worth reasonable to separate your own and your personal life. In addition to a loved one, a woman should have hobbies, responsibilities and other important things. Versatile personality looks much more interesting and desirable for men, than the “faithful little dog” day and night waiting for the grace of the “master”.

Live your life

You soulfully crave that the object of adoration to you imbued with great love and desire to be together. You want his longing and longing, for your unique personality. In order for a man to feel the “lack” of a loved one by his side, you must strive daily to do the following: live your life. Both partners should have their own social circle.

Friends, buddies, girlfriends, hanging out in the circle of people you know – all this is fine as a joint pastime, and separately. Do not impose on a man in the load when going on a fishing trip, or prohibit him drinking with friends. At his invitations should respond sweetly and friendly, but at the same time think about whether his plans run counter to your plans for the evening.

The quieter the ride, the farther away the better.

To make a man miss you, you need to carefully follow the development of an affair. Too rough of a beginning will lead to a quick finale. If a guy is truly precious, you should not rush events. Let the young man seeks the location of the lady of the heart. Do not immediately run to bed with him and show all the tricks that you are capable of. Men are hunters. When they immediately get what they strongly want, their interest wanes little by little.

A woman they can subdue quickly, they stop appreciating and cherishing. Their feelings go out before they have time to burn. This is not the case with a young lady who reasonably intertwines the inaccessibility of the Snow Queen with the sweet warmth of Gerda. Such a girl will pursue and appreciate any Kai. He will think of her day and night, cherishing in his heart those moments when he will topple the beloved woman on the bed of love.

Alluring messages.

When the love affair heats up between you, you can change your strategy a bit. The prude should smoothly turn into a seductive pussycat. When a man is at work, temptress sends hot and enticing messages to her lover, mentioning what a surprise awaits his evening, coming from work.

It is worth mentioning the fact that, except for the robe on your naked body has nothing more. One or two of these texts can drive a man crazy, waiting impatiently for the end of the day. He will fly home on the wings of love and passion, and the whole day languidly pining for his other half.

Friendship with his buddies.

How to make a man bored? To solve such a problem, it’s worth making friends with his buddies. When you are nice and friendly with his friends, this moment will not go unnoticed. Friends of the loved one will appreciate the affability and friendliness of a woman.

They will be delighted to praise the young lady as in her presence, and in her absence. Someone, yes certainly highlight to your favorite man, how he was unspeakably lucky with the passion. Such words of acquaintances and your sweet demeanor will lead the guy to the idea that he got an “unearthly treasure”. Reminding acquaintances of the other half, will make him miss his favorite girl.

Cheeky Tongue.

No matter how good a woman is, if she is too comfortable and malleable chosen, she will cease to be appreciated and respected. Don’t forget your personality and character. Many men are excited and worried about the behavior of a beautiful woman who can hurt his pride, respond to the original barbs, and sometimes be defiant and “sharp-tongued” interlocutor. It is important not to go overboard, and during quarrels do not humiliate the dignity of men.

You can not stoop to low and disgusting insults. Especially in the presence of other people. Never make intimate jokes. It is strictly forbidden to touch on the size of the penis and the sexual ability of the partner in conversation. Such topics can cause a deep wound to the lover’s soul. No hot truce sex will not erase the burning hurtful words to him.

Be Yourself

To be the perfect partner for the guy you love, a girl, first of all, must remain herself. This applies to both external and internal qualities. It is not necessary to lighten the curls, the color of a raven’s wing, if a man likes blondes. There is no need to build up eyelashes or use contact lenses to change the color of the eyes, if your beloved prefers a “blue-eyed dolls”.

It is not necessary to sit on grueling diets to lose weight for the sake of a man who criticizes the lush parameters of a woman. Losing weight is possible and useful only if you want to do it yourself. The same goes for qualities of character. A girl with high emotionality and activity should not lock herself in four walls, or make an effort over raging emotions.

Those who like dancing and motorcycle racing should not take up boring knitting and embroidery. And vice versa. If your soul prefers parties to the comfort of home and reading books, do not make an effort over themselves and “change” for the sake of the partner. You must always remain by yourself. That is the kind of young lady will appreciate and get the one who is prepared by fate itself.

Mental attraction

How to make a man miss you from a distance is not a difficult task. Psychologists recommend using the power of thought to make the other half think about the girl. There are several interesting techniques to help create an energy channel between partners. In the first method, you need to lie on your back.

Imagine mentally that there are invisible threads stretching between you and your boyfriend. On these threads your thoughts about your beloved extend far into space, and, having made a circle, by waves “sail” to the object of passion. The energy flows of the two of you join in a lovely love dance. Imagine that the guy in this second remembered you. The resulting feeling of warmth and goosebumps on the skin, indicates that between you was formed a channel of “attraction. At that moment, the guy will feel an unexpected attraction to his “beloved” and your image will pop into his head.

Waves of love

Even being in the same room with your beloved, you are able to enchant him with your “magic”. You must imagine gentle waves stretching from the top of his head, to the top of your head. The imagined waves of attraction connect your souls and minds, and pull you irresistibly toward each other. Energetic threads can strongly influence the feelings and affection of the man you love.

Revealed photos in moderation

There are several ways to make a man miss you from a distance. First of all, do not shower your lover with primitive messages in the style of: “Good morning”, “Have you eaten?”, “What, did you do?”, “How are you?” Sooner or later such communication will get bogged down in a web of routine and boredom. It is better to write rarely, but aptly, so that the young man feels a huge longing for the girl he loves.

Explicit pictures and sexy phrases are good in moderation. It will be superfluous if you are too keen on intimate photo shoots and will be daily throwing his nudes to his chosen one. Soon they will cease to please and amaze him. From time to time you can call, to engage in live chat, if the atmosphere is appropriate. But do not increase the frequency of virtual meetings and phone calls. For a man to miss a woman, he needs to feel – how he misses her!

Open up gradually

How to make a man miss, which much you love? First of all, a woman should not be an “open book” for her partner. You should not tell your loved one everything that goes on in your head. With each event, you can surprise and delight your partner with unexpected talents: sing a song in a karaoke bar – rehearsed vocals; tell a love poem written in adolescence, during a romantic dinner.

Let the man understand that in front of him an amazing woman who impresses him more and more each time. Try to improve and discover your inner talents. That way you will please yourself as well.

Sincerity and understanding

There is no need to cheat with a man, to deceive his hopes. Whatever it is, always show sincerity and honesty with your partner. With interest and enthusiasm listen to his stories, provide support and patience in all situations. When a man will find understanding and sincere interest in the partner, he will realize that in her face bought a kindred spirit, which he is afraid to lose and “miss. He will cherish and appreciate the woman in which he finds resonance to his soul.

The Gemini is Othello’s sister.

A man likes to see the girl he loves jealous of him, but only as long as her cute little hands do not intercept his apple. A confident young lady, she will not stoop to hysterical inquiries: “Who, is that goat you said hello to?!” Value yourself and respect yourself. Analyze the situation, feelings and behavior of your chosen one. Excessive jealousy kills relationships and female charm.

Especially, disgusting are women’s actions, during which, the young lady searches her man’s phone, tracking his likes in social networks. Even if the lover in communication with the opposite sex overdone, do not throw on the “victim in the skirt” with a cry of an Indian: “He’s mine!” A woman with wild manners does not elicit the approval of those around her and her man. Your intense jealousy will drive a guy mad and bring a sad end to the relationship.

Lose the man you love in the blink of an eye.

There is no need to have unnecessary illusions while in a relationship with a man. Girls often make the mistake of thinking that a man fell for her as a snotty boy, and nowhere to go. If a woman changes her attitude towards a man, towards herself and begins to stoop to low actions, the wonderful state of being in love with a guy will disappear without a trace.

He will cease to build a relationship with the one who, instead of admiration, will begin to cause irritation and annoyance. Little by little his affection and passion will weaken, and the man will avoid her. To avoid such a tragedy, learn how to behave decently.

The rules of an ideal woman

So, how to make a man miss a woman? It is important to remember a few main points:

  • Do not be intrusive.
  • Separate your own and personal life.
  • Do not bore intrusive calls and messages.
  • Be friendly and helpful with friends of men.
  • Radiate sincerity, kindness, warmth and understanding. Listen to your loved one with interest.
  • Not be a convenient simpleton.
  • Show the occasional “cheeky disposition.”
  • From a distance to beguile the lover with passionate messages, but do not go too far.

To conquer a man, a woman must love and appreciate yourself. Then the opposite sex will appreciate the interesting worthy girl.

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