How do you make someone love you?

How to make yourself loved?

Helpful tips for those who dream of being loved:

  • Work on your appearance.

You can try changing your hairstyle, hair color, makeup, clothing style…. It’s possible that some of the above is hiding the “inattention” of guys towards you. They – in general, interesting people, affecting its unpredictability.

And love yourself just the way you are. Do not try to change something in yourself. Look at yourself with eyes that are capable of realistic views, not perfect. Ideals, by the way, get in the way of life. Do you need these life hindrances?

  • Be patient.

If one guy doesn’t pay attention to you, that’s no reason to be desperate. There are millions of guys. You are the only one. Out of a million it is very easy to “figure out” your soul mate. True, it is worth the wait. If you can’t – wait, one way or another. because all expectations – will be rewarded.

  • All the problems that surround your thoughts, try to eliminate or destroy

Your “loads” are very visible in your facial features. And even the most expensive and good cosmetics will not hide them.

What can a girl do to be loved?

  • Look guys in the eyes of guys, not past them.

You see them avoiding the look – don’t give up! Psychology says that people who hide their eyes from looks are hiding something. Pay attention to yourself: you can’t stand it when people avert their eyes when talking.

  • Don’t be shy or uptight.

It is shyness and stiffness in communication that often repels and scares away guys. They need ease of communication. The same ease as the rustling of grasses and flowers that live in the realm of nature.

  • Don’t brag about your advantages.

Let others appreciate them. They say for a reason: you can see everything much better from the outside. “Self-digging” and self-congratulation leave it for your “privacy”. You can also put a mirror in front of you to praise yourself more pleasantly.

  • “Collect all your spiritual and heartfelt warmth.

Give it to those who, in your opinion, deserve it very much. Give your warmth so that you really feel it, rather than “tease” people. If you give it, give it all, not part of it, being greedy.

  • Attract guys to communicate with you.

And there – and not far away from love. Love and friendship go together. Acquaintance gradually builds friendship. Simplicity is a gift, because now, everything is too complicated in the world.

  • Learn how to be polite.

Guys really appreciate politeness in girls! Unfortunately, it (the same courtesy), every day there are less and less and less. And not only in the mouths of women. Politeness, over the years, is becoming a “forgotten” attribute.

  • Don’t smoke in front of guys.

For them, in the stream of modernity, a non-smoking woman is a gimmick, clothed in unconventionality. Such a lady attracts many young men. More attractive, as it turns out, than – female beauty. Absolutely amazing fact, but – absolutely fair.

  • Clean your speech from the foul, though familiar expressions.

You can’t imagine how great you can surprise a young man. Anyone! Mat is a fairly common and banal phenomenon. And you’re trying to get away from all the banality. See how magical it is.

  • Don’t be selfish.

It’s easy to be, easy to become, but…. It’s hard to become yourself. That is, the sweet and kind girl who tries to think of others, completely forgetting about herself. Anything that is selfish doesn’t adorn anyone. Girls and guys alike.

It’s not working?

If, after trying all the options, you have nothing – know that your time, “appointed” for love, has not yet come.

Do not torture your self-esteem, lowering its complexes “below the plinth. Do not envy your girlfriends and acquaintances with “colored” envy. Envious girls in general, no luck in life. And those to whom envy begins, life seems harder and harder. Do not complicate the lives of others, leaving your own personal life in comfort.

If tears are flowing, don’t stop their flow…

After a person cries, it really does get easier. It’s as if with tears from the soul it is possible to “pour out” all the suffering and heal all the wounds. So it is, to some extent, it is. You can trust your mother with your problems.

Your problem is no exception. There is a desire – open up, speak out, fearlessly and boldly expressing, their thoughts in words. Mom will understand you. And her understanding, by the way, will help you lose weight, which sometimes does not allow freedom to breathe.

Those who do nothing and do not change, afraid in advance of any result!

Question: which is scarier, after all…. Inaction that leads to nothing, or action that can actually fix something? As strange as it may seem, many people opt for static (unchanging) no matter what. This is not a sad fact, but just another confirmation of the “difference” between people.

There are examples from life

In one of the women’s magazines, there is a story that describes in detail how a girl, left her experiences in a diary. In it she wrote about a suicide plan. Her mother’s heart must have sensed something. Mom read the “hopelessness” plan. Prevented it by talking frankly with her daughter. Do not dare to make a diary to spoil and mar its lines with such thoughts. If they suddenly read your mother or any of your relatives, they will be very, very upset, because it hurts to read such things. Don’t hurt your loved ones, even if you are in unbearable pain right now.

You see, the world is a very interesting place. And only it, in the form of something fated, can “dispense” good luck or good fortune. Even he doesn’t know when he will be “generous” to you. But he will do it, because he is just, though sometimes very cruel.

You are the best! Very soon there will be a man who agrees with this three thousand percent.

How to Make a Girl Fall in Love with You: 30 techniques for winning a woman’s heart

They say that love is a casual feeling only amateurs, while real professionals know how to win the heart of almost any girl. How to fall in love with a girl quickly, effectively, guaranteed and irrevocably? Great psychological ways to win women’s hearts from experienced catchers.

How to please a girl and win her?

When we meet a beautiful girl, we think about how to win her, fall in love, seduce her and make her our own. Often guys or men, trying to win a girl’s heart rely purely on luck and good luck, or past experience in relationships with the beautiful sex.

Usually men choose a straightforward strategy of conquest when they show pressure and all their best qualities in order to please a girl. They spend a lot of money, woo and play macho. But such a straightforward tactic does not always work with the girls, because the girls are sometimes not really interested in such a one-sided game.

Some men exhibit chivalry and gentlemanliness, and conquests girl like a tedious siege of the fortress. Other men are like sitting in an ambush, masquerading as friends or getting into a frenzy. But these choices of conquest are hopeless altogether.

Marlon Alves , Unsplash

How do you win a girl’s love? Winning a woman’s heart

1. Girls love a good-looking guy. Be as attractive as possible by pulling everything out of your looks, clothes, and style. Exercise to have a good physical shape and a nice figure. Buy beautiful clothes, focusing on quality. Girls fall in love with men’s looks too, whatever they say themselves.

2. Be proactive. Girls love enterprising men, so do not wait for the weather. Call for a date more often, call, write, send gimmicks. Make a girl’s life full of you and interesting entertainment. Show your imagination by taking the girl to beautiful places and interesting events. Girls appreciate a man’s initiative, because the most daring ones win them over.

3. Compliment your girlfriend. Give a girl the right compliments, noticing her efforts in appearance, deeds, character, goals. Say not that she has a beautiful dress or nice perfume, but that she looks stunning in that dress and smells appealing. Try to be sincere in your compliments, and praise not only her looks but also her inner qualities.

4. Flirt with the girl. Girls love to flirt with men, so learn how to flirt with them, use wordplay, touch topics on the edge and behave provocatively. Flirting always works. Girls like this kind of game.

5. Touch a girl. What kind of relationship can you have without touching? On any pretext touch the girl so she gets used to your hands. Take her hand, give her a hand, fix a lock of hair, hold it behind her back, walk her over different parts of her body. Gradually, your hands can linger longer and longer, allowing yourself to touch her legs, ass, or breasts more frankly. Touching will speed up the seduction of the girl, weakening her defenses.

Joshua Rawson Harris , Unsplash

10. Look into a girl’s eyes. Eye contact is often underestimated, and looking around, under a girl’s feet, or at her breasts is pretty silly. Try to make eye contact with the girl by looking into each other’s eyes. This usually ends with a kiss.

Megan Ruth , Unsplash

11. Talk dirty to your girlfriend. How do you win a girl’s heart? At times, take flirting from easy to harder and more obscene, but only when you’ve reached a certain level of relationship. Use ambiguities, provocations, dirty jokes, indecent innuendo, talk about intimacy. This will help you get into a very intimate relationship with your girlfriend sooner.

Use the hot-cold method. Periodically change your attitude towards the girl so she can’t understand how you feel about her. The girl should be worried about whether you like her or not. Let her not be too sure of herself and her feminine charms. It will make her lower the flag of her fortress and her underwear at the same time.

14. Don’t be perfect. People get too tired of smart people, nerds, moralists, and perfect people. When you are a living person, with virtues and flaws, you are more likely to be liked, because the girl is not perfect either.

15. Live your life. Don’t make the girl the center of your universe, but continue to live a rich and vibrant life. Make time for hobbies, friends, entertainment. You have a job, friendships, and a life outside of it. The girl will understand that you won’t be lost without her and you’re not putting her on a pedestal of reverence. The girl herself will try to enter your interesting life and be your soul mate.

Sabino Ocampo Alonso , Unsplash

18. Make hints to the girl. Get the chemistry going between you two so the girl feels attracted to you. Hint to the girl about intimacy, your relationship, your feelings. The girl must see that she is not indifferent.

19. Smell good. Girls attach a lot of importance to smells. Take a shower every day and follow your hygiene to be neat and clean. Use antiperspirant and quality toilet water.

20. Be the bad guy. Being too good and kind is a bad idea for winning a woman’s heart. Be a little bit of a bad guy so she can see your dark side of character. No one likes the perfect and good guys, and bad guys make chicks horny. Bad guys have a lot of brutality and masculinity that makes girls can’t resist.

Filip Rankovic Grobgaard , Unsplash

21. Make her miss you. Periodically disappear for a while or do your own thing so she has time to miss you a little. The girl will think more about you, which will help you win her heart faster.

22. Add romance. How to make a pretty girl fall in love with you, and especially touchy ladies? Girls love romantic acts, unexpected surprises and pleasant events. Without romance, love is not the same.

23. Don’t force events. How to win a woman? Give the girl a chance to get used to you for a while and not shock her with your pushing. Don’t hit on a girl when it’s obviously too early, stupid or inappropriate. It’s like the train anecdote, when it’s better for a man to be quiet for half an hour than to talk a girl into intimacy for three hours.

Sabino Ocampo Alonso , Unsplash

26. Don’t criticize too much. Don’t push the girl and tell her what to do so you don’t turn into her parents. Let the girl be free to make her own choices.

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