How do you make a man afraid to lose you?

How to make a man afraid of losing you: top 10 tips and tricks

Have you ever had the unpleasant feeling that if you disappear, your partner won’t even notice it? It is very important for a woman to know that she is not only loved, but also appreciated. At first glance, high-flown speeches from a bygone era of “if you leave, I’ll die without you” only make you smile, but admit it, you would be much more comfortable in a relationship where your man depends on you more than you do on him.

But how do you achieve that when you’ve been together for several years? Is it possible to turn the game around? How do you make him fear losing you and stop taking you for granted?

10 secrets on how to behave in a relationship

  • Raise your importance. It’s hard to seriously fear losing a man who acts like he’s nothing of himself as an independent person. The man and his desires and plans shouldn’t come first for you.

You are interesting, beautiful and self-sufficient, find new hobbies, but not just to fill the free time while your chosen one is at the gym or hanging out with friends.

Take advantage of new opportunities to reach your potential and improve your self-esteem.

  • Stop pleasing him in everything. You can be proud of your ability to make concessions and quell conflicts, but what good is it if at the end of the day, compromise in your couple is when, gritting your teeth, you do what you don’t like, just so your spouse will be satisfied. That’s enough.

No one wants a lamb without a will. Believe me, no one will appreciate your sacrifice. Endlessly pleasing your partner, you do him a disservice, because, indulging his desires, you do not voice yours. How else could he get to know you better?

  • Don’t run to the phone on the first ring. Of course, you should not go to extremes and disappear from the information space for a few days.

How to make a man afraid to lose you?

The first time he will drop everything and rush to save you from the terrible danger, but if you will practice this often, you will get a fairy tale about a boy and wolves, and your adequacy will be questioned. Create a deficit of you. Show that you have better things to do than hang out with him all day on the phone or texting.

  • Sex is one of the most important factors in a relationship. Don’t be afraid to act differently in bed than he is used to. A loving man gets more pleasure when he sees that his lady completely gives herself to the process, instead of painfully scrolling in his head how to lie down more spectacularly and what to do to please him. Do not forget about your desires. Don’t be shy to suggest what you would like, and set boundaries, which at this stage of the relationship is unacceptable to you.

Many women fear that if they don’t consent to a certain kind of sex or position, a man won’t like it and will quickly find a more accommodating replacement. Well, that does happen. But in this scenario, you won’t lose the most valuable thing you have: your time and your self-respect. Don’t be a silent fish.

  • Don’t act like a mommy. Stop worrying about the little things and start treating your life together, especially your everyday life, in a simpler way. Women by nature are more emotional and sensitive, and can make an apocalypse of universal proportions out of anything.

Remember that you are a wife, a girlfriend, a loyal friend, but not the mother of a negligent son, who needs to tie a bib around his neck, so the baby does not spill. Don’t go overboard with caring, or it will turn into a brain dump. After all, no one died from not carrying an empty cup to the sink.

  • Stop fighting for his attention with friends, co-workers, work and hobbies. Complaints and ultimatums only cause temporary changes. The more you try to take over his entire space, the more annoying it gets, and it’s incredibly hard to miss someone who’s constantly getting a little pissed off.

Go back to the first rule and reread it again. Your man should be reaching out to you, not the other way around. Went to a soccer game with your friends on your one day off? And that’s okay, you have your own thing to do. If you’ve always behaved the opposite way, he’ll be very interested in why you’ve suddenly changed.

  • Put a password on his phone and stop monitoring his gadgets and searching his personal belongings. Messages asking “where are you?”, “do you miss me?” only look cute in the first couple months of a relationship. If you know your man is busy or resting, there’s no need to attack him. Let him worry about who’s calling you and why he’s denied access to your cell phone from now on, not you.
  • Dedicate time to yourself and let him do the same. There’s no better way to check his feelings and feel your lack of you than to give him some time to himself. Learn to rest apart, sometimes it’s helpful. Not having the object of passion around makes the heart beat faster in anticipation of meeting. Even if you live together and spend all your free time together, carve out a few hours to meet with girlfriends and turn on the phone silent mode.
  • Keep your promises and control what you say in the heat of an argument, especially be careful with the phrase “one more time this happens, and I’ll leave you. And if it happens again, are you sure you’ll leave? What if it happens twice? Are you getting your shoes on or what?

Don’t act like a hysterical woman with a man who doesn’t know what she wants. Don’t blackmail him into breaking up. He needs to understand that breaking up is a last resort that you’ll only go to in a critical situation, not because of a domestic verbal battle. Don’t devalue his contribution to your relationship.

  • Be his support and a true friend. A relationship cannot be filled only with romance and passion, sooner or later, you will face real problems and bereavement. Any adequate man will have both hands on a woman who has been with him through difficulties, supports him, respects his wishes and tries to help in any way possible.

Mistakes that should not be made

In any relationship there is an element of play, when you try on different roles and looking for new points of contact. But, as in any game, you can not forget the excitement, in the heat of which it is easier to lose what you have than to win the prize.

  • Be careful of jealousy. Many people like to add spice to a relationship. It’s nice when your man lets you know he’s ready to wrestle you away from other males. But you’re not in an animal world after all, but in a civilized society, where flirtation scandals will one day show that you can’t be trusted.
  • Don’t do a man’s job for him, whether it’s household chores or basic needs for comfort and security. Maybe it’s much easier for you to nail up the bathroom shelf yourself than to ask him to do it for the hundredth time. But that doesn’t speak to your independence, only that you don’t know how to ask properly.
  • Don’t dedicate your life to him. Don’t give up socializing with your girlfriends and parents or an interesting job for his sake. You have to live without fear of breaking up, knowing that if it suddenly happens, you have someone to talk to and where to go.

Remember that when a man really loves you, he will do anything not to lose you.

15 tricks to make the man beside you soar with happiness and fear of losing you

There have been times in human history when women were considered property and their only purpose in life was to please their man in everything. And while a lot has changed over the years, there’s no denying that it’s still important to keep your man happy in the relationship. Because when it feels good for him, it feels good for you. After all, when we love someone, we want to do everything we can to make that person happy around us.

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You can find a lot of advice on the Internet about how to keep a man hooked. Among them you will find the helpful, the bad, and the terrible, because every relationship is individual. What will make one happy, will bring misery to another. Only you can know what will bring happiness to your man, not your girlfriends or virtual adviser.

Several members of the stronger sex themselves admitted what would make them happy in a relationship.

Lengthen his “leash.”

Whether you’ve only been dating for a couple of months or have been married for years, you need to give your man a break. Just like you need time for some girly activities, he needs time for boy activities. Give him the freedom to be himself and spend time with his friends. This is very important to him, and you shouldn’t take those moments away.

Let him win your arguments at least sometimes.

No one likes to lose in disagreements and arguments, so you can imagine how your man feels every time he has to give in to your decisions and arguments. Let your lover be right at least once in a while. And it doesn’t matter so much what the situation will be-who forgot to lock the front door, or what you will be cooking for dinner.

Feed him.

No one has cancelled the good old truth that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. They believe that women who cook are more seductive and confident than women who don’t. Nothing pleases a man more than a hearty home-cooked meal prepared by the love of his life.

Learn to drive mechanically

You might be surprised that men find women who can drive cars with manual transmissions incredibly seductive. Maybe that’s why French women are so desirable. They all handle the lever on the gearbox with confidence.

Make friends with his friends

No matter how long you’ve been in a relationship, always remember that his friends were there for him before you were and will likely stay after you if you split up with your man for some reason. His friends aren’t hard to get along with: the next time they decide to stop by your place and sit down with your man for a game of poker, surprise them with a nice beer and a good snack to go with it.

Treat his mom as if she were your own.

Many men love their moms more than anyone else, even you, and you have to accept that. You’ll keep him hooked, and you’ll both be happy by loving his mom as if she were yours. When he sees that you genuinely care about her, it will melt his heart. The same goes for his entire family. Treat them as if they were your own.

Be independent.

Don’t be a clingy woman who depends on a man for literally everything. A man hates it when a woman acts like a child with him. If he wanted to be a father, he would have been one by now. So act according to your age and act like a strong, proud and independent woman. Don’t bombard him with phone calls and texts. Live your life without relying on your lover all the time.

Be spontaneous.

That’s as far as you like to plan everything down to the minute, give it up whenever possible. Be at least sometimes spontaneous and exciting. Organize an impromptu surprise date, ask him to drive to the store for ice cream and take him to a picnic out of town instead.

Respect time outs.

All of the men interviewed for this article say they need time alone with themselves after an argument. Not everyone wants to talk about their feelings after such a situation, well, at least not most men. You should respect time outs and give your partner a chance to reflect on what happened.

Be flexible.

Refuse to be rigid when it comes to your plans together. Be flexible and let him plan his day according to what he needs to do. Even though you have restaurant reservations for 8 p.m., let it be a different time if he has to work late. You have to forget about little things like that if you want him to stick by you and be happy in your relationship.

Be honest, but not cruel.

While honesty is necessary, don’t be cruel when you tell him the truth. As much as you hate his habit of trimming his nails in bed, don’t play on it. Let him down gently and calmly offer your perspective on how to fix it.

Don’t take him for granted.

If you want your man to be happy in a relationship, never take him for granted. Sure, it’s nice to be pampered and treated like a princess, but a relationship is a two-way street and you have to reciprocate. Otherwise, one day he’ll realize you’re just taking advantage of him, after which he’ll leave for good.

Stroke his ego.

Men love to hear how great they are. Whether you tell him how manly his figure is or how smart he is, praise him as often as you can. A man loves it when a female companion appreciates him.

Brag on him.

Whether in his company or without it, brag and be proud of your man. No matter how shy or humble he may be, he will surely love it when you shout to the world that you are lucky to be around such a man.

Don’t let yourself go.

All of the men interviewed for this article said that a woman who looks and feels confident is pretty darn seductive. Even after 30 years of marital experience, don’t unravel yourself. Of course, any woman over the years can put on weight, especially after the birth of children, but even in such a situation, you can look attractive to yourself and your beloved man.

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