How do you let a man go so he’ll come back?

Let a man go and he’ll come back. But how to do it?

You broke up with a guy and now you need to somehow come to terms with the fact that he left. And try to start life with a clean slate. But how can you do this when all around reminders of how good you were together?

I’ll help you put everything in its place. I can not guarantee that you will instantly forget everything. But you will definitely feel better.

We broke up, how do you let go?

We break relationships, but not emotional ties. And they are what keep us around those we call “exes.” How do we check ourselves for that? Very simple.

If the relationship is over, but you constantly think of your ex. Thinking “how is he?”, angry at him, or wishing you could get him back – there’s still a strong emotional connection on your end. But that doesn’t mean you’ll get back together at all.

They say, “let a man go and he’ll come back.” I don’t advise you to believe that. Because the chances of that happening are slim.

Besides, you don’t benefit from such thoughts in any case. If he doesn’t come back, you’ll spend years of your life dreaming. And if he decides to make you happy with his return, the door back should not be open. So that next time, think twice before leaving such a beautiful woman.

You do not need to immediately let him back in. Let him try, prove that he is worthy. Let him win his trust again and show that his intentions are serious. If he does not want to try, fold his legs – you do not need such a weakling. And those who will stand and do not give up – will learn a lesson and not repeat stupidity.

In any case, you stand to gain. You just need to put some effort: to work on their self-esteem, to strengthen self-confidence and his irresistibility. And get rid of hope of his imminent return.

How to come to terms with the breakup.

The main thing is not to make the mistake called “let’s stay friends and he’ll realize that I’m the one. No and no!

He will be very happy and comfortable. And you yourself will get involved in a painful relationship, when you sit next to him, watching him cuddle with his new girlfriend, waiting and believing – that now he will realize that she is nothing, and I am the one!

These are scenes from soap operas, but not from life. Women realize this after a series of painful disappointments. And men instantly realize that he has an “alternate airfield”, where you can land if his plans with another girlfriend are thwarted.

So do not wait, do not dream. Let go and let him go where he wants. And you go where it is necessary for you.

And if suddenly sad thoughts begin to fill your head, here are two “mantras” that will help you cope with them:

Let go without regret. Yours will come back to you. And if not, it wasn’t yours.

He’s gone and made room for someone who’ll make me happy.

You have to let the person go, and he really will come back if your relationship has potential.

But don’t get your hopes up. Live for today, not for yesterday. Women often make this mistake, getting years ripped out of their lives, trauma and fear of a new relationship in return.

Instead, do a better study of male psychology so you can make the right choice next time and enjoy happiness with a decent, loving and caring man.

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How to let a man go … to return

You broke up, but you do not understand how you can let go of a man whom you love with all your heart? Obsessive thoughts about him haunt you around the clock and overshadow your life? The whole vast and full of possibilities world narrowed to a single person with whom you are not currently together? It’s time to shake things up and pull yourself together!

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Mental and emotional dependence on another person is an insidious phenomenon. It is akin to alcoholism. When all your time and energy you spend dreaming about another person, you are not in the real world. And you’re not living your life. And that’s very, very sad.

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Today you will learn how to let a man go, despite your inner resistance. And why it is so important to do it if you want him back.

Letting go does not mean forgetting.

Knowing how to let go of people, things, problems and intrusive thoughts in time is a vital skill for the psyche. After all, when we cling to someone or something with a dead grip, we automatically stop developing. In addition, this position almost always brings us tension and pain. Try clenching your fists hard and smiling at the same time. It doesn’t really work, does it?

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Letting go of a man is necessary, regardless of whether you and he broke up or you are pausing in a relationship. Letting go doesn’t mean forgetting! Oddly enough, to get a man can only be when you completely let him go. In this case, let go – to remove the energy attachment. Binding – is an energy channel connection between you and your favorite. But the trouble is that it is one-way. Thinking about a man, dreaming about intimacy with him, you give tons of your energy, without getting anything in return. Hence comes exhaustion, anxiety and apathy. You no longer have any energy left for yourself. All your personal desires and needs you simply ignore.

And this affects your appearance, what you wear. What’s more, how you present yourself to others. Eternally sad face causes only pity and a desire to stay away from you. For men, such a woman – very unattractive.

Let yourself off the hook

If you remove the energetic attachment to your beloved, the connection between you will still remain. But it won’t be toxic. You will remember him, and he will remember you. But at the same time, you will feel like a separate person and will be able to fully control all your actions towards your man. And he will lose his power over you. For example, he will not be able to use you for one-night stands. You will have enough strength to resist temptation and to bend the line. You do realize that physical contact with someone who is emotionally and mentally not with you, brings more suffering. While the real relationship – it is an equal exchange and a conscious desire to go through life together.

How to let go of a man – in practice

Imagine how energy ropes are pulling from your body toward your beloved. Observe which area they are coming out of. This is probably the heart and sex centers (the heart area and the area below the navel). Pay attention to how powerful the flow of energy goes from you to your chosen one. Make a decision to give yourself back all your energy and start living a full life. And then imagine the golden scissors with which you cut these energy ropes, no matter how thick they are. Do this practice several times. Thank the man for the lessons he has taught, and let him go free. This freedom he now vitally needs, and so do you.

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Get back to yourself

In a fulfilling relationship there should be two personalities – you and your loved one. Let go dear to his heart need at least to understand who you are? What are your aspirations, desires, needs? What is happiness for you, beyond the relationship?

Imagine that all the energy that has been going to your beloved for months now belongs only to you. It’s your responsibility to use it to your maximum advantage. Think about what things make you happy, write them down and hang the list on your fridge. It can be the little things – delicious food, flowers, massages, shopping. And also some new activity, hobby, feeling of belonging to some interesting business or circle of people.

In order to develop and gain experience, you need to communicate with different people. During this period it is desirable to widen your circle of communication as much as possible and open your heart to the universe.


“Plusses” after you truly let go of a man, there will be many. First, you will improve your appetite, a passion for life, interest in people and new things. Secondly, your eyes will shine, you will return to you sexual energy. Accordingly, the interest of men to you will increase significantly. And thirdly, feeling that the flow of energy from your side stopped, the beloved will soon reappear. Perhaps he will even immediately offer to start all over again.

Dive headlong into the old painful relationship, or take your time, and maybe build them anew – it is up to you. But remember that the most important value – it’s not someone else, and you personally your comfort and peace of mind.

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