How do you know you’re in love with a guy?

Girls, how do you know if you love a man or not?

Girls, how do you know if you love a man or not? Sometimes I’m so hot for him… I want to take care of him and be with him all the time… And you admire how handsome he is… Suddenly, in one day, everything changes. His appearance begins to irritate me, it seems that I do not love him. I become cold and I’m always freaking out… Everything annoys me… Then some time passes …and everything is fine again… So I have this constant struggle… I don’t know what to do with myself. I’m going to see a psychoanalyst. And we’re about to get married. How’s that going for you?

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I have the same thing. On the subject, you don’t love him if you have doubts.

Imagine that he liked another woman. ))

Well, when he leaves you – the moment of truth will come.

I’ll sit here and listen. I don’t know how to tell if I’m in love either.

))) I thought I was the only crazy one. We’re getting married in July, and I wonder if I love him every other day. Sometimes I do not like anything about him, but I also do not want to live without him. We have been dating for 7 years and we have been living together for 2 years.

Also, they say you have to wonder if you want children from him.

I think mine would be a good dad. But when I think that the children may be like him in temperament, it is better to shoot myself!

Are you a Cancer, by any chance? I have the same thing 🙂

Chamomile : yes, cancer :)))

Pripevochka: Mine is from a very intelligent family, he is responsible and I think he will be a good father… the best.

Michelle, of course… if I imagine that he has another woman. horror… and it’s hard to imagine… he loves me more than life. I wonder if I am letting myself be loved, or if I really love him. because marriage is a very serious thing.

How do you know that a man loves you?

Girls who likes to give your man a blowjob?

Girls 30+. I can not understand our men!

How to understand if a man loves you or not?

How do you know if a man loves you or not?

Of course it happens, everyone does, PMS is called.

Lisa, if the thought that he likes someone else, you feel sick – then you are not indifferent to him)))

Lisa, if the thought that he likes someone else, you feel sick – then you are not indifferent to him)))

All men possessive.And this feeling does not always border on love.

Maybe that’s why I feel bad and can’t get over it… I can’t understand why some people have such love stories and “soulmates”, and I have such strange feelings…

When you truly love, then there are no such questions, just love and all.But true love is not common and not even for everyone.And marriages can be strong without love, if there is sympathy and the person is not annoying

There, well, finally I realized that I’m not the only fool. The author I have the same change of mood to my beloved. I read all about it. I have understood that it is necessary to chase away such thoughts from myself. And to imagine that once and he will be gone and what will happen to you. I realized that nothing good will happen to me personally. And the fact that I had such thoughts is normal. Everyone doubts if this is it or not. I do not believe that not a single one has thought about whether or not to give it a rest. I think such thoughts are normal. After all, you should think everything over and weigh it all up.

Anfisa 16 you have tried it out on yourself so that you could write so //when you really love then there are no such questions, you just love //. all such philosophers.

The author does not care! There is no love!

Lilya 19, I’ve learned it from my own experience)))) until I met my true love))) but not everyone meets it, and those who do may not be happy

i have always idealized it… i thought that when two halves meet…then there it is happiness and there are no such questions. but here i understand that he is perfect for me, and i cannot imagine how he will not be (maybe a habit), but i do not feel happiness with my soul and cannot say that here he is my other half. i love him more than life and have always been waiting for him. maybe love is just different. and maybe it just does not happen what i imagined.

Yes, what does love have to do with it? It’s a typical hormonal addiction with spikes in antibodies and changes in pheramones (or whatever they are. ). God forbid if you get married and then suddenly have some health problems (thyroid, a drug you take to protect yourself) and then the rest of your life you will hate each other.

I do not know, maybe it is a distinctive feature of a woman – to doubt.

Personally I have never doubted, and loved a man just for the fact that she was born into this world!

Anfisa, she is right that those who meet love are not always happy – sometimes you think it would be better if there were no love at all.

With me here is also a girl arranged such “swings” then with all my soul then as if I was a stranger, in the end we parted on her initiative. And I decided for myself, firmly: if any girl will play with me in these “swings” such I just send the fuck out!

author, maybe you like someone on the side and you don’t realize it yourself?

Daily homework torture.

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Divorce, filing for alimony, getting the kids registered.

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No nonsense. a lot of men. it’s just that when you really go far beyond all the previous relationships. it’s the novelty of this did not happen and so begins this thing.This is with many. And here at the forum, all cries about ditching: Oh mistress/lover – ditch; Called bad names – ditch; with girlfriend/friend went to a cafe – ditch because he cheated, then you’ll ditch. A little doubt – stupudova need to throw. Ugh. Normal people do not hang out here apparently. and rightly so. so many malicious people, and envious in one place. horror.

My friend, too, regularly doubts, – from this is not GOOD!

Constantly have to teach, tell, but deep down you understand that it’s all from inexperience and when you don’t know what/who you want at all!

Anyone can change if he or she wants to! But you can not impose your will on anyone, so if the relationship does not knit and only one side tries to treasure it, then it is a road to nowhere.

27. Lilia, well you probably consider yourself a “normal” people, YOU are here!

wild hiday… no, I don’t like anyone… or rather I used to. but the more I was with my man, the further away I got from all the other likes…

Now I saw him, and I thought… I love him. It’s weird…

I always wanted a man older than me and confidently standing on his feet, and it turned out the opposite. 4 years younger than me (I’m 28) and actually with the same income as me… even I do not earn him much more. maybe it strangles me…

Girls… I’m sorry if I misspelled. The keyboard on my laptop is stupid.

I always wanted a man who was older than me and confident on his feet, but it turned out the opposite.

Auto, imho, so he is!

Lisa, and in general I wonder! here you are 28 years old, and you want to older than you, ie, 30-35 years, and while single, without children, but confidently standing on his feet.

So a man should be born, finish school, go to college, finish it, go to work, work until he gains experience and it will happen so that by the age of 30-35 he “will be on his feet. But he should be up to 35 years, the best years of his life, to live alone, to work, get on his feet, what would then kakanit girl came to all ready and that’s it happiness! Life is good! Isn’t that fair. A man should get on his feet all by himself? And everyone should enjoy the benefits he has earned!

Lisa, I have exactly the same problem. But we’re not getting married yet.)

Love, but does nothing

Jealousy. Mh during a relationship with me is communicating with his ex-girlfriend

I think he fell out of love

How to build a relationship if you do not like to communicate?

Is it real to build a relationship if there are no common interests?

Remember, how about a glass of water?

Half empty – pessimist.

Half full – optimist.

That’s more or less how love works:

I want to be with him – love.

I can’t live without him – passion.

In “The Matrix” it was well said, “Who knows if you’re in love? You’re the only one. You feel it in your skin.”

If in doubt now, imagine what will be a couple of years, when out well just all of his shortcomings.

If the mood swings for no reason, it’s capriciousness, personality trait, the guy has nothing to do with it. It’ll happen to anyone else. I know, because I have it too. You have to get over it, endure periods of irritability, be like above it, understand that it’s like a disease, tomorrow it will be better, but while you have it in you, the main thing is not to let it ruin something in your life. And if you love him, you don’t love him. Love is different for different people, there is no standard. I’ve deduced a formula for myself: if we are interested in each other, desired, want to be together, want to do each other a favor, care for – this is love.

The author does not care! There is no love!

I don’t believe you noooooooo. (((((((((((((

I’ve been dreaming about love my whole life. you’re lying. (((((((((

Lisa, I have exactly the same problem. But we’re not getting married yet.)

I have the exact same problem. only I have no one: )))))

I’m actually familiar with this kind of suffering.

Of course it happens, everyone does, PMS is called.

I agree with you 100 percent!

This is love, but hormones, bastards, prevent love all the time!)

In general – if you love to look at him when he’s asleep, if you miss him while he is at work, if your heart hurts when you think that he could not be in your life.

If you feel good and calm near him – then don’t fill your head with nonsense and doubts – LOVE and be happy that you have been given this!

By the way, I am also a cancer)))) married for 8 years, we had a lot – both good and bad, but even when I am mad at him – still understand that I love – otherwise I would just not care!

Girls… I chose a different moment… I realized that you just need to relax and enjoy life… not to think about him or not him… I love not love… to live in the present moment, which is all good… (Lenachka) you’re right. I totally agree with you…

U similar problem, although I am a man (by the way, too cancer).met with the girl, initially all was well, she was smart, well-bred, beautiful, without bad habits, just gold. (more worthy mother to her children, I have not met) our feelings were mutual. a month later our meetings she leaves, I understand that I can not without her, and went to visit her for a week.This week was magical. She was very well with me, and I do not understand, like it’s good. I have already met her parents (wonderful people) she is very serious, says that she will graduate from university and move to me, that she will come to visit, that she loves me, and I can not understand myself.And I can not tell her about my feelings, I can not watch her tears.What to do, maybe someone will tell me.

Edward.20! 44.I think it’s just too early to talk about your marriage union. It might happen. But first you need to sort out your feelings.It is better to explain everything to your girlfriend now, than to clean it up later. If your girlfriend loves you, she will understand. Don’t be afraid of women’s tears. You don’t owe anything to anybody. Have your own backbone, and you’ll have an easier time in life. Otherwise you’ll get into trouble. And as a result of a bad marriage you will suffer more than in the case of an equal solution. After all, you’re in an equal independent relationship with her now, aren’t you? Are you both free from various obligations? Your life is just your life! And if you only see your girlfriend as the mother of your future children, then this is not enough. You need something more. Think about yourself and build a relationship in accordance with your desires and preferences. While it’s not too late.

How do you know whether or not you love a man 18 years older than yourself?

I thought I was the only one, but there are so many of you, my soul mates. Friends, it’s so hard to understand what you want and understand your feelings. I have a wonderful man, all my friends say that he treats me very well, always around, writes, calls, wants children, a family, thinks I am the most wonderful and just an ideal woman. Never hurts, ready for me to the edge of the world. and I think. and I do not know how and what to do. we have a very close relationship with him, he sees me for who I am, feels me, just every change in my mood, every breath he catches, seeks me, and I doubt, you know, doubt. Sometimes I am attracted to him, and sometimes he pisses me off. on the one hand, he is a very deep person, very interesting, and on the other hand it seems to me that sometimes he is too simple for me, that he does not read or think enough. but I can be myself with him, without any embellishment, and it is very valuable. my mother tells me that I have a nature that I cannot live without self-deprecation and various experiences. maybe so. by the way, I am a cancer too)))) and maybe these doubts are a sign that this is just not my man?

and I have doubts, you know, doubts.

Don’t doubt, drop it, he doesn’t deserve you.

How do you understand quitting… what kind of nonsense is that? Time will put everything in its place… When I first started this in May, I really had my doubts. Four months later, I’m sure he’s my man. I need to get over my idealizations. It’s not always what you dream of in life. You have to accept the man for who he is.

Everyone doubts and so do Sagittarians)))))

Valery Kipelov is the sexiest man for me!

Didn’t call after the 1st date and seemed to like him. It’s been 2 days.

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How to know if you have a crush on a guy

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Maybe you’ve started to suspect that you’re in love with a guy you know, but you don’t yet know if you’re actually in love or if you just think about him a lot. Maybe the mere sight of this guy makes you feel butterflies in your stomach, but maybe you just have indigestion. If you really want to understand if you are in love, you should analyze your thoughts, feelings and your behavior. From this article you will learn how to do it.

  • But you shouldn’t think about it too much. A superficial crush does not mean that the person must be your soul mate. It just means that you like the guy and want to spend more time with him.

  • Dreaming about a guy during class.
  • Thinking about a guy before you go to bed. Put another plus sign if you see him in your dreams, even if they are not romantic.
  • Constantly thinking about what the guy is doing and how he’s doing.
  • Wondering what a guy thinks about certain things. What will he think about your new dress, your new haircut, the movie you saw, or the cafe you went to?
  • Think about how often you bring up a guy during the day. Once a day? Chances are you’re not in love. Once every hour? You’re probably in love.

  • If thinking about a guy distracts you so much that you can’t even keep up a conversation with friends longer than five minutes, you’re definitely in love.
  • If you can’t read more than a paragraph of study material because you have an image of the guy in your mind or because you’re thinking about whether he’s done his homework, you’ve fallen in love.
  • If your thoughts go back to the guy while watching a movie in the theater or even a half-hour episode of a TV show, you’ve fallen in love.
  • If you’re so distracted that you can’t concentrate on taking notes in class and keep scribbling the guy’s name with a pen, you’re definitely in love.

  • Try to remember if you thought about the guy you used to like as much as you do now about the new guy. What were your thoughts? If the thoughts are similar to what you had before, it probably means that you are in love again.
  • Think about how you usually act when you are in love. Did you deny your feelings the last time you were in love? If so, it could be a sign that you are falling in love again.
  • If nothing like this has happened to you before, you probably have nothing to compare it to. In that case, you’re probably in love, you just don’t know how it feels yet.

  • If you can’t sit still in the presence of a young person, it’s probably a sign that you have a crush on him. If your hands are shaking or you’re talking nonstop or you’re gesticulating all the time, it means you’re more energetic than usual because you’ve fallen in love.
  • If you’re so excited that you laugh at everything he says, even if it’s not funny, you’re probably in love. If you like a guy, you’ll think all his lines sound hilarious.
  • If you’re so excited that you can’t sleep at night because you’re running through conversations with the guy in your head, you’re in love.
  • If you feel a positive charge or your heart starts beating faster when a guy says hello to you, texts you, talks to you, or even just says your name, you’re definitely in love.

  • If your hands, knees, or voice are shaking in front of a guy, it means he’s making you nervous.
  • If you’re so nervous that you’re constantly talking nonsense in a conversation with a guy or you stop talking because you can’t say anything, you’ve fallen in love.
  • If you’re so nervous that you bump into objects near the guy, hit tables, or drop things in front of the guy, you’ve fallen in love.
  • If you are so nervous that you feel embarrassed all the time or your cheeks are burning all the time in front of a guy, even if there is no reason to, it means that you have fallen in love.

  • If the thought of a guy dating other girls makes you feel bad, you’re probably in love.
  • If the thought of a guy just hanging out with others makes you feel nauseous, you’re definitely in love. But try to get rid of that feeling, otherwise you may have problems with jealousy.
  • If he has a girlfriend and you’re happy for him and think he’s in a great relationship, you’re probably not in love.

  • If you keep teasing the guy and trying to make fun of him, it means you’re in love.
  • If you talk really fast or stutter when talking to a guy, it means you’re in love.
  • If you’re trying really hard not to say anything that might make you look stupid in a guy’s eyes, you’re in love. And if you think everything you say really sounds stupid, you are definitely in love with this guy.
  • If you can’t talk to your friends for ten minutes without mentioning the guy’s name, that means you’re in love. If you have a crush on someone, your friends will probably notice it from your behavior before you do.

  • If you’re looking for any opportunity to spend time with a guy, you’re probably in love. If you’ve never watched soccer in your life, but now you’ve started going to every game because you know a guy will be there, you’re in love.
  • If you want to be there for him when you socialize, if you lean into him with your friends or foolishly touch him every chance you get, that means you’re in love.
  • If you can’t see him flirting with other girls, you’re in love.
  • If you feel very disappointed when you go to a place where he’s supposed to be and he’s not there, it means you’re in love.

  • If you pay twice as much attention to your appearance when you know you’re going to see a guy, or if you do your best hair and makeup for him, you’re in love.
  • If you’ve started trying new makeup or wearing new jewelry to see if he’ll notice, you’ve fallen in love.
  • If you don’t care what you look like when you go somewhere he won’t be, you’ve fallen in love.

Pay attention to changes in your character. Suppose a guy is exercising and looks manly. Perhaps you, even without noticing it yourself, suddenly started playing basketball or soccer or bought sneakers to seem more interesting to the guy. And if you want a guy to be interested in you, that means you’re into him and would do anything for him. [6] X Source of information

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