How do you know you’re a medium?

The signs that you are a medium.

This is actually the most obvious pointer. Okay, your psychic talent has been regularly shown in your eyes and shouted in your ears, only the problem is that you’ve “learned” that it’s all imagination, because it can’t be and it’s just fantasy. Let me tell you something: all the horrors were real! The knocking, the shadows, the touching, the movements, the whispering, the feeling of a cat snuggled up in bed, even though it wasn’t even in the room. Objects falling, sources of cold, inexplicable smells, the feeling of being looked at. You can go on listing because you understand what I’m writing about. Or maybe you already remembered something. Now you know why this was happening to you. You are special. You have that potential inside, and above all, you have the ability to access it. The souls who are trying to get your attention through all these terrible actions sense your gift. That’s why they are here. They want to reach out to you and communicate something. The fact that you may not be ready to understand them doesn’t matter. You attract them (“we” attract souls, like the light of a butterfly), and they want to get rid of something. Immaterial souls are a little like little children: feeling the needs of others seems foreign to them. The important thing is that their own needs are met. You have no idea how often they want to get in touch with me at the most inopportune moments. At a lecture, for example. And it would probably make more sense to listen attentively to the lecturer. Or at night, when I want to go to sleep. Souls make contact with us at any time of day or night, anywhere, even when we’re sitting on the toilet. Because they really don’t care if we’re busy right now. I say: really, like little children. Fortunately, unlike our children, we don’t always have to be willing to listen to the deceased and offer help. This may sound heartless, but we have a right to privacy, and we can set aside communication for another time. If it’s really important, they’ll come back. By the way, you can start doing this now: the next time you feel like someone is trying to contact you, but you don’t know what to do about it, you can say so. Tell him you’re not ready yet, and maybe you’re scared. They understand and walk away. 2. Spiritual topics draw you in magically.

…And that’s probably always been the case. When “something like this” is reported somewhere, you can’t pass it by. You join numerous groups and forums to find more information, more knowledge. More truth, more credibility. This topic appeals to you, but the scientifically rational part of you always doubts the truthfulness of such reports. And after all, when they talk about supersensible perception, they are talking about subjective perception. It is hard to prove. No wonder so many fortune-tellers on cards are attracted to the “high coincidence rate”: there is simply no more proof; one is always hungry for proof. You pass by the esoteric department at the bookstore with great effort. You like countless decks of cards, books about channeling, the afterlife, meditations, and you imagine that someday you will be able to do so yourself. You really want to be able to work the pendulum, or understand the runes, or read the cards like a book. That idea has always fascinated you. Maybe you’ve already bought this or that tool, decided to buy it, and now it’s gathering dust somewhere in a drawer or on a shelf because you don’t dare to use it. A little advice: give in to that urge! Trust it and act on it! Your aspiration within is not accidental, and I call it a developmental push. It’s not a fantasy. It is your decision. Everything in you is screaming for you to finally do what you should have been doing for a long time. Once that desire becomes overwhelming, it’s clear: there’s a soul plan involved. Now is the time to start. No, you don’t have to be afraid. You won’t make a mistake. You just need to get started. 3. Horror movies shake you to the bone.

I’ll never forget that visit to the movies where I watched my then-love story “The Exorcism of Emily Rose.” I sat in my chair and shook with terror. I was really scared. And because deep down inside I knew that these things that were being shown were absolutely possible and were probably happening somewhere in the world every day. This movie shocked me and fascinated me at the same time. I think: where there is light, there is also shadow. So why shouldn’t there be “evil beings” that can inhabit us? (The film is based on the much-discussed fact of the possession of Annelise Michel, who died after performing countless series of exorcism rites, probably due to physical exhaustion). By the way, the same thing happened to me at ghost movies. I was always a little scared because I knew they existed. Does that happen to you too? Then I can reassure you: the more you study these things, the more you learn how your gift works for you personally (it’s always very individual), the less horror movies will scare you over time. 4. Wherever you are, images suddenly pop up in front of your inner eye.

This is not normal, it has nothing to do with an excited fantasy. Since we have been convinced of this all our lives, we must first understand how supersensory perception functions. I suppose you are familiar: you are walking, walking, standing, talking excitedly somewhere, perhaps even casually in a historical place, and suddenly you see tiny pictures and faces of strange people on an internal screen, like pictures or tiny movie scenes that scroll briefly and then disappear. That’s not what happens to normal people. And it’s not unrecorded memory fragments from movies or other nonsense. These are moments in which there is a connection between you and the spiritual world. That’s how communication happens. And that this is a functioning form of communication with the spirit world (and most of the time with the dead) will one day become increasingly realized to you when you have a chance to relate what you see to people now living. Obviously, this is hardly possible when it comes to short battle scenes if you’re walking past a city wall. But you’ll have plenty of opportunities when you can relate the image of the person you saw to the person who died-it will be an affirmation for you.

  1. By nature you are good at sensing people.

You can look inside their head. You usually know what they want to say before they formulate their thoughts. You can read feelings well. You are sensitive to other people’s perceptions. You can intuitively and usually unconsciously tune in to your interlocutor, and yes, most of them are easily fooled. The basis for this is your light-bearing essence. You have very subtle antennae and perception that invisibly enters you and gives out information automatically. This is a wonderful gift that gives you the ability to help people through intuitive understanding. The author’s writing style is maintained. Author: Tatiana D. The article is correct, but I would add a clarification: Communication occurs not only with the dead, but also with the unborn. In the first place children attached to themselves are felt, then the inner circle and outsiders as they train. Often the information comes through dreams, which can be a variant of communication with an attached soul or a departed one, as well as simple lucid dreams. This article discusses the development of other psychic abilities that have nothing to do with mediumship. Almost anyone can be taught to divination, to train intuition, to read minds, different kinds of magic and work with different elements, but mediumship is only innate. The above signs, the lunar cycle, the experience of communicating with souls in the 1st place “not on purpose”, without training and some knowledge and most likely from childhood-determine the medium’s abilities. The medium connects heaven and earth, helps desires to come true. Medium feels, broadcasts everything indiscriminately, and is very dependent on the surrounding informational and emotional environment. The nervous system is like a bare wire: a conductor of all information. If they promise to teach you mediumship somewhere, run away from charlatans. It is an innate condition of the brain and/or nervous system.

Mediums – who they are, is it real to become a medium

Mediums – who are they and how did they get their amazing gift? Or maybe they didn’t get it, but developed it at the cost of their own efforts? And is it real for everyone to become a medium? There are many questions, and I want to offer you the answers to them in this material.

Who is a medium?

A medium is a person who can communicate and receive information from deceased people (usually relatives who have passed away). It is not so easy to meet a true expert in this field today; not everyone who calls himself this word really is one.

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How do you know if the person in front of you is a real psychic and not just a crafty trickster? There is one very simple sign – a true psychic can say things he couldn’t possibly know about. His statements are not vague, but clear and distinct, explaining the reasons for the troubles that have befallen you.

Mediums, in their majority, receive the gift from birth; they have a peculiar psycho-physiological constitution. However, there are also a percentage of those people who have managed to develop paranormal abilities in themselves. Also, many have the makings of psychic abilities, which are in a latent state. If you try, it is real to manifest them.

Types of mediums, their characteristics.

All possessors of the ability to contact with the world of spirits differ in the peculiarities of perception of information. So, what kind of mediums can be?

Sensing (impressionable).

Such personalities feel the presence of otherworldly entities due to their vague impression, a special feeling, which they themselves often do not fully understand.

In principle, all possessors of supernatural abilities are highly impressionable. It acts more as a general quality than a private one, and contributes to the development of all other psychic characteristics. But do not confuse this with the impressionability that overly nervous people have, for there is a big difference between the two.

The Hearing

To them, information from the other world comes in the form of spirit voices. It may be their own inner voice, clearly perceptible. Or the sound comes from outside, but it is so clear and intelligible, as if a living person is speaking. Often the same spirits come to hearing mediums, and they freely distinguish them by the sound of the voice.

Speaking .

This category of mediums usually hear nothing. In their case, the spirits affect the speech, just as they affect the hand of the writer. When the spirit wishes to make contact with a living person, it uses that organ of the person which is easiest to influence.

Speaking mediums are often themselves unaware of what they are talking about, capable of seeing things that differ radically from their own views, knowledge and intellectual abilities. At the same time, they are sane and awake, but their memories are usually not retained in memory. It is true that there are experts who understand the meaning of what is said, but they are more an exception to the rule.


A person from this category discerns otherworldly entities with the help of the organs of vision. At the same time, some of such mediums see spirits when they are in a completely habitual state, being awake, and they retain all memories of what they have seen.

Another part, however, is capable of seeing only in a state of somnambulism. A seeing medium, like one who has double vision, believes that he sees with his eyes. In reality, it is his soul that sees, not himself. For this reason such a person sees equally well with his eyes open and closed. Even a blind medium “sees” clearly the beings of the spirit world.

It is noteworthy that some specialists in this category distinguish visiting spirits very precisely. They can describe even the smallest details: peculiarities of appearance, facial expressions, gestures, and even the feelings that the spirit expresses.

Others, on the other hand, seem to have a more generalized vision. All the inhabitants of the spirit world appear before their eyes, bustling about, pacing back and forth and doing their business.


Such a phenomenon as somnambulism can be found as a modified psychic ability. It is even more correct to call the two phenomena phenomena, often complementary.

The somnambulist is guided by his own soul. It is capable of seeing, hearing and feeling, not limited to the five human senses. At the same time, what it expresses comes from the depths of the subconscious. Surprisingly, people in a somnambulist state are able to act more faithfully than in their normal lives.

This is because in such a moment the soul is free. It lives a partly spiritual life.

Unlike the somnambulist, the medium acts as an instrument of an extraneous mind. All his utterances do not come from himself. Whereas somnambulists manifest their own thoughts, mediums manifest the thoughts of others. But this does not prevent the spirit that has come into contact with the medium from switching over to the somnambulist.

Often the freed soul of the somnambulist, unconstrained by any framework, communicates more easily and freely. Many who are subject to this phenomenon distinctly see spirits, and give an exact description of them on a par with mediums who see. They come into contact with them, talk to them, and share their thoughts.


This type of mediumism is the gift of healing by touch, sight without the use of medication. One could argue and call this sort of thing magnetism. It’s likely that a magnetic current is indeed involved, but it’s also clear that it’s not limited to it.

Conventional magnetizing is a consistent, correct and methodical treatment. And healing works by very different rules. Most magnetizers have to make an effort to activate their ability. And psychic healers have a spontaneous gift. Many such people have never heard of magnetism.

The intervention of otherworldly forces in mediumism becomes evident only in a number of cases, for example, when praying. Prayer acts as nothing more than an invocation.


Pneumatographs are mediums to whom information comes through writing. This category is the fewest and rarest. Most likely, the ability to pneumatograph is developed through regular exercise. Mediums can both draw simple lines, signs, and letters on paper, and write words, sentences, even scribbling many pages during their “séances.”

To do this, a blank sheet of white paper is placed where the spirit indicates, or simply on the table, and left for ten to fifteen minutes, sometimes longer. The medium prays, concentrating his thoughts on the coming communication with the spirits. Then enters a special trance state, when his hand starts to write messages from the other world by itself.

Pay attention! It is very important to believe in what is happening during psychic séances without considering it a delusion and deception. Practice shows that spirits do not come into contact if there are not enough serious persons or ignorant people who do not believe in anything in the world except what they see with their eyes.

How to become a medium?

Many people interested in esotericism are concerned with this question. There are various ways of awakening psychic abilities in one’s body. Next, let’s deal with the most basic of them.

  • Genetics . Basically, those who are able to contact with representatives of the spiritual world have inherited their amazing abilities. Therefore, if there was any relative in your family with such a gift, the probability of developing it in you will increase significantly.
  • Eyes . It is believed that it is possible to identify mediumistic assignments by looking closely at a person’s eyes. Usually, people with supernatural powers have different colored eyes or irises have different colored flecks.
  • Work on Yourself . It happens that someone who has never had such a phenomenon in his family also becomes a medium. But such a person has to work very hard, developing and improving their skills.
  • The female sex . It is believed that the female sex is more predisposed to enter into contact with souls than the male sex. Although there are also male mediums.

To develop such abilities, you will need to practice special exercises day in and day out. The greatest attention should be paid to your sixth sense, because it often helps to become a medium.

Training is divided into several stages:

  1. Working on the known five senses.
  2. Perfection of the sixth sense.
  3. Working on your body.

If you have a weak physical shell, you will become more susceptible to various ailments, which has a very negative effect on your abilities. That’s why it’s so important to find the most appropriate physical activity for you and do it regularly, keeping your body in good shape.

If you want to develop your basic senses, then listen to the recommendations below. First of all, find out which of your senses is the most developed. Start with it.

  • If your vision is well developed, you should engage in the development of the gift of clairvoyance. However, even if the vision is not very good, a person may also become a medium. Then it is not a question of true, physiological, but of inner vision.
  • Perfect hearing will make it possible to hear the dead clearly.
  • If the taste buds are developed, the medium will be able to determine many things. For example, it is believed that each person’s energy has its own taste characteristics.
  • A developed sense of smell allows one to sense an approaching negative situation, future changes, to understand whether a person has a negative program, whether relations between people will change and so on.
  • One should not forget about the skin and touch, which are another of the psychic tools. They allow identifying negativity, feeling changes in the biofield, finding out if a person sends positive or negative energy into the surrounding world. True experts can use touch to reveal pathologies and get rid of them.

Development of the sixth sense

Intuition is very important in this case, so we want to talk about it separately. A medium is similar to a psychic in its abilities. The main difference between them is that the former is more attracted to the dead than to the living.

In everything else, however, there are many similarities. How can a person develop his or her sixth sense, wishing to be able to interact with the beyond? Here the techniques used by magicians, sorcerers and psychics will help. The first of them is color guessing. For that, you need the help of at least one other person. He hides a card with a color on it, and you have to guess what color it is. You’re allowed to touch the card (from the other side), smell it, or try to get the information in any way you can.

What helps to complete the task successfully? It will be necessary to tune into the energy of the object. Of course, at the beginning it is difficult, but later on the skills improve, intuition becomes more developed, and you will be able to guess the color easily enough.

It is important to be regular, to practice a couple of times a day. But do not try too hard either – it is also important to rest, to make pauses and to brush off the working energy.

When you have coped with defining colors, the task can be made more difficult. Then it is already forbidden to touch the card; you need to receive information about it without tactile contact.

There are also other ways to develop the sixth sense. For example, to tune in to what is happening, trying to understand how it will come to an end. It is important not to try to involve logic, not to go over many options in one’s mind, but just to feel what will happen.

By learning to feel what is happening, to read the energy of the surrounding people, to be involved in the situation, to perceive the energy flows coming from objects, it will be possible to make predictions of future events, as well as to enter into contact with the spirit world.

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