How do you know you are being used?


To understand that your partner is simply using you for his own purposes, it is not difficult. Connect your feminine intuition to put a timely end to a toxic relationship.

Suspicions that the relationship has changed for the worse are not unfounded. Finding the answers to your questions will help you with observation. Look carefully at his actions, actions and manners, so as to get rid of unpromising relationships in time. Do not torture and harass yourself if you realize that you are just being used.

How to Know You’re Being Used

1. You pay for everything out of your wallet. If you split the bill at a restaurant a couple of times when you first met, that’s fine. However, if you’re constantly paying for your partner’s joint purchases and expenses, that should put you on alert. Perhaps your companion is just greedy, or he only wants your bank account.

2. Your partner only shows up when he needs something. In case a guy doesn’t respond to your requests for help and then shows up for you to help him, think twice. What kind of man is this who does not want to help the lady of his heart, but quietly uses her kindness for his own selfish purposes?

3. You are just a backup for him. A serious relationship doesn’t mean that you have to meet him every once in a while when he’s free. If he only calls you to escort him to the next concert or to keep him company at a tedious event, cross him out of your life.

He blackmails you with emotion. Often girls get attached to their partner and do not realize that the relationship is not in the best way. The lover may constantly reproach you for something, but continue to date. If he takes off on you negative emotions and constantly humiliates you with harsh words, it is better to stop dating with such a partner.

5. The guy does not spoil you with gifts. This is not about expensive gifts, but if your partner has no memory of important dates and even on his birthday comes to you with empty hands, then it is unlikely that he has strong feelings towards you. If after hinting that you would like signs of attention, your partner continues to ignore you, then you are definitely out of the way with him.

6. The guy is not interested in your desires. You only visit the places he likes, you do what your partner says. If your interests are ignored and your requests go unheeded, you are simply being taken advantage of.

7. The partner doesn’t think about your feelings. In this case, the guy simply will not notice how he hurts you with his actions, will not consider what you are experiencing. It is unlikely to talk about love, if you for him as if an empty place.

8. The partner appears at home far after midnight. Frequent absences and delays, especially without an explanation speaks volumes. You’re definitely being used if they don’t warn you about the sudden change of plans. The guy may spend his free time with friends, completely not noticing your excitement and dissatisfaction, because he doesn’t love you.

9. He rarely takes you with him. If in the early stages of dating such behavior is understandable, then at a more serious stage it should make you doubt his sincerity. Such behavior may indicate that he needs you only for selfish purposes, and may also indicate cheating and betrayal.

10. You have no plans together. People who are in a relationship sooner or later start making plans together for the future. If there is nothing like that in your relationship, it is hardly worth continuing. A partner who refuses to discuss the prospect of your relationship will not be a reliable companion.

11. the person you love will not introduce you to his relatives. A person in love will certainly introduce his beloved to her parents, but this is not always the case. If you have long been dating and even living together, but do not know his relatives, such a relationship can not be called harmonious. Figure out what the problem is, so you do not bite your elbows later, finding out that you just used as an alternate airfield.

12. He simply isn’t interested in you. The guy doesn’t know what kind of music you like, what you prefer to do in your free time, and what annoys and frustrates you. Such a description is suitable for a partner with whom you have just started communicating. If you have been dating for a long time, the alarm bells indicate a lack of sincere feelings for you.

13. The partner doesn’t show emotion. Think about how often you hold hands, hug or show tenderness to each other? If your chosen one shows coldness, bordering with callousness, in public he tries not to touch you, then the relationship can be completed.

14. Partner does not keep promises. In this case, everything is simple and clear: He does not care about you, and he is just using you. A person in love will not behave in such a manner with the object of his adoration.

15. He does not reveal himself to you. If your intuition tells you that something is wrong in the relationship, trust it. The guy who wears a mask, not hurrying to reveal his true nature to you, unlikely much interested in you. Do not make hasty conclusions, but look closely at the behavior of your chosen one. It is possible that he was just using you until he finds himself a “suitable party”.

Before you rush into a whirlpool of feelings, check your chosen one for sincerity. It is not necessary to force him to frank responses, but to follow the behavior of the man you chose, it is necessary. Unfortunately, not all men are decent, and some of them are happy to take advantage of the naivety of their partners.

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Beware! 11 signs that you’re being used

Incredible facts

A situation in which one uses the other happens often and can happen in any relationship. Whether it’s a job, a friendship, or a love affair, no one is immune to being used.

It’s most frustrating when a loved one does it.

You do not like some things in the relationship, and so periodically you creeping doubts that you’re just using your partner? Agree, it is not nice to realize that you are just a profitable and convenient party for someone. But how to figure it out for sure?

Here are 11 signs that indicate that your partner, friend or colleague does NOT love you, but simply uses you:

How to know if he loves or uses you

1. You don’t feel comfortable

A relationship should first and foremost be comfortable, comfortable and easy for both partners.

Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. For whatever reason, sometimes discomfort arises. Then the balance in the relationship is disturbed or disappears altogether.

According to psychologists, if someone in a couple feels discomfort, it is not a good sign. Perhaps one of the partners is simply using the other.

2. You are afraid to say “no”.

This point partly echoes the previous one. Whether in a relationship, in a friendship, or in the workplace, above all, one should be comfortable. And when one of you doesn’t like something, he has every right to speak up and say “no.”

If someone is using you, they may just manipulate you in such a way that you become afraid to say “no.”

The reasons for this fear can range from fear of being fired, to fear of being abandoned, or of not being friends with you.

3. They are polite to you only when it suits them.

Beware of people who are nice and polite to you only when it benefits them. If a person becomes like this when they want to borrow something or have a request for something, it’s a sign.

As a rule, such people will not care about you as soon as they get what they wanted. As psychologists point out, one of the biggest signs that you are being taken advantage of is a person’s changing behavior after they get what they want.

Likes or Uses

4. You only get calls at night.

This is classic behavior of a person who is using someone. When it comes to dating, it’s not uncommon to get the following situation: at the last minute, you get a message inviting you out on a date.

Unless you’re both working late, you’ll agree that it’s very unpleasant to be asked out at the very last minute.

Very often this kind of treatment can be a sign that you are being kept as a backup, which means you are just being used.

5. They are asking for quid pro quo.

The person who uses others often calls himself the most helpful person on the planet.

However, everything he does, he does solely for his own sake and his own good. According to psychologists, some particularly successful manipulators will do you a (very small) favor and then use that fact to their advantage.

In this way, they will inculcate in you a sense of guilt and shift the responsibility to you that you owe them something.

When the time comes, they will ask you for a favor, not failing to remind you that they once did you an “invaluable favor.

6. They pretend to be insulted.

As a rule, people who take advantage of other people are great manipulators.

Sometimes they simply feign insult and humiliation to get their way. The psychology works like this: the person starts to feel guilty and tries to please the manipulator and comply with their condition or request.

7. They don’t focus on your needs

The person who is taking advantage of you is not focusing on your desires, but is solely focused on what they need and are interested in.

The next important sign, may be the following situation: if you mention your needs and desires, they will simply be ignored or even challenged.

Pay attention to such a sign. Perhaps there is someone in your life who is behaving in a similar way toward you.

8. They are taking advantage of you.

Is your friend betraying your trust and trying to take away everything you hold so dear?

For example, you shared something you like with this person and they started flirting with the object of your affection. Or this person has stolen some of your ideas and plans and used them for his or her own purposes to advance your career.

All this indicates that the person is dishonest with you and is using you for his own purposes.

9. They bring you back again and again.

This very old trick is especially common in romantic relationships.

The partner isn’t interested in you, they may ignore you or even be dismissive of you throughout the relationship.

But as soon as you are about to break up, he makes every effort to win you back. And it happens all the time.

This is the classic behavior of an egoist who doesn’t want to lose what’s his. The man is just using you out of his own selfish motives.

10. They are constantly “out of money.”

If you are constantly paying for everything in your relationship, friendship or work, it could be a sign that you are simply being used.

The person who uses the other often suddenly “forgets” their wallet at home or “loses” their credit card.

Pay attention to whether there is such a forgetful person among your friends and acquaintances.

11. they never give anything back

Many of us often feel that relationships are somehow one-sided. It’s like a one-way game, where one tries and gives everything and the other gives nothing in return.

It’s as much about romantic relationships as it is about friendships.

Do you feel like you’re the only one who makes the effort, gives gifts and tries? Perhaps your intuition does not deceive you, and you really, are being used.

Pay attention to these little signs, signaling not the most pleasant moment. But even if you think that someone is using you, this is not a reason to stop trusting all the people.

Maybe you should just reconsider your behavior, your environment, and learn to appreciate and love yourself more.

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