How do you know if your girlfriend wants to have sex with you?

How to know if your girlfriend wants to have sex with you

Contributor(s): Mark Rosenfeld. Mark Rosenfeld founded Make Him Yours in 2015 and is now considered Australia’s leading dating and relationship coach for women. He specializes in helping people find, make and keep exceptional relationships. He has been written about by Style Magazine, Thought Catalog, Elite Daily, and The Good Men Project. His dating videos have racked up over 60 million views, and his book, Make Him Yours – Beating the Odds of Modern Dating, became a bestseller on Amazon immediately upon release.

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If you’ve been dating a girl for a while and you’re ready to take the next step toward getting closer, you’re probably wondering if that’s what the girl wants. You may think it’s easy enough to ask a girl that question, but if you ask the wrong question, she may not react the way you thought she would. To understand whether a girl is ready to have sex with you, analyze her words and behavior. In this article, you’ll learn how to figure out if a girl wants intimacy with you.

  • If she is not shy about touching, it means that she is comfortable in your presence. She will only be able to have sex with you if she is comfortable.
  • Pay attention to the way she dances with you. Maybe she has started to snuggle up to you more. It is possible that she is hinting at something to you.

  • Just because a girl has had oral sex with you doesn’t mean she’s ready to have sex with you. Some girls perform oral sex because they’re not ready for penetrative sex, while others start performing oral sex only after penetrative sex. Others never have oral sex. All girls are different.
  • If you kiss for hours but your girlfriend does nothing else, she’s either waiting for you to do more or she’s not ready to have sex yet. If she pushes you away when you try to touch her breasts, remove her clothes, or touch the area between her legs, she is definitely not ready for more intimacy.

Consider whether she wants to spend more time alone with you. If all of a girl’s friends suddenly disappear and she wants to spend more time with you at home or in the bedroom, chances are she wants intimacy in some way. If she wasn’t ready, she would try to avoid uncomfortable situations and not be alone with you.

Remember if she invites you to her house. If you haven’t been to her house before without company, inviting you might be hinting that she wants more from you. If she makes a date near her house and then invites you over, she may want to have sex with you. This requires some planning and preparation. It is possible that she has carefully thought out how to bring you alone to her house.

  • That doesn’t mean she’s definitely ready to have sex, but it does indicate that she wants to be close to you.

  • Don’t show the condoms right away-it might scare the girl. Keep them with you in case your girlfriend is ready to have sex. Having to run to the drugstore can ruin the moment.

  • If you’re just making out on the couch and she’s not doing anything else, it might be too early to ask her now.

  • Remember that the girl must be sober . Don’t force the girl into something that she might agree to under the influence of alcohol and that she might regret later.

  • If she refuses, don’t bring it up for a while. Don’t ask her about sex every time you kiss her. This will bore her quickly. Take your time.

  • If she talks about sex when you’re alone with her, chances are high that she wants to have sex with you.
  • If she’s suddenly curious about which of your friends are already having sex and which aren’t yet, she’s probably thinking about when you’re going to have sex.

  • If she compliments you when you’re kissing or touching each other, the likelihood is high.

Notice if she has started talking about your bed more often. If she comes over to your house and touches your bed and says it’s very soft, she may be implying that she’d like to lie in it with you. If she lies down on the bed and says it’s very comfortable, she probably wants you to join her.

Think back and see if she is telling you that she is horny. This is a pretty bold move, but your girlfriend may tell you herself that she is in the mood for sex or wants intimacy. That doesn’t mean she’s ready to have sex right now, but if she tells you she’s in the mood for intimacy, that means it could happen soon.

Remember if she says inappropriate things to you. If a girl says lewd things to you over the phone, in text messages, or during intimacy, or even has phone sex with you, it’s quite possible that she wants to have sex with you. Of course, it could all just be talk, but if she’s comfortable talking to you like that, she’s probably ready for a new phase as well.

  • Don’t pressure the girl, let her make her decision without rushing.
  • Respect the girl’s decisions. If she’s not ready, get over it. Don’t pressure her – that way you will lose her.
  • Pay attention to whether she wants to talk about sex. If she does, she’s probably thinking the same thing you are. If she doesn’t want to have sex, she’s not likely to talk about it.
  • Consider whether this is the right time. Maybe because of the length of your relationship, the degree of intimacy, sexual activities you’ve had or haven’t had, or some other factor, this isn’t the right time for sex, even if you both would like it.
  • Don’t do it if you’re not ready. Don’t let anyone talk you into it – it’s up to you to decide.
  • Be careful. If your girlfriend wants to have sex, think about safety. Protected sex is always better.
  • Be patient. Sex is not the main thing in a relationship. Be your girlfriend’s best friend, protect her like a sister. Fight like adults, play like children. Wait six months and then think about sex. It’s important to take your time if you want a strong relationship. Remember that sex makes babies, so it’s worth making sure that she’s as good for you as you are for her.
  • Think about whether you yourself are ready for sex. Even if your girlfriend wants it, it doesn’t mean you have to take the relationship to the next level.
  • Let the girl make the decision herself.
  • Let the girl make the first move herself. Don’t push her.
  • Don’t worry and be honest about your desires.
  • Don’t try to have sex with a girl before she’s ready. It might scare her or make her feel coerced.
  • If she gets pregnant by you and decides to keep the baby, remember that you will have a legal obligation to the child.
  • Protect yourself and your partner from an unwanted pregnancy. Use condoms, birth control pills and other contraceptives. No, abortion is not an effective alternative to these methods. Contraceptives are much cheaper than possible child support.
  • If she says no, it means no. If she’s drunk, it means no. Even if she says nothing, it can mean no. Lack of rejection does not equal consent . Get clear consent from your girlfriend before you have sex. If you don’t, you could be accused of rape and sued. But, more importantly, it can provoke emotional trauma in the girl.
  • Think about what you will do if contraception fails. You both need to think about it ahead of time. The only thing worse than an unplanned pregnancy is arguing about what to do about it.
  • Protect yourself and your partner from sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The only contraception that protects against infections is the condom.

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Contributor(s): Mark Rosenfeld. Mark Rosenfeld founded Make Him Yours in 2015 and is now considered Australia’s leading dating and relationship coach for women. He specializes in helping people find, make and keep exceptional relationships. He has been written about by Style Magazine, Thought Catalog, Elite Daily, and The Good Men Project. His dating videos have racked up over 60 million views, and his book, Make Him Yours – Beating the Odds of Modern Dating, became a bestseller on Amazon immediately upon release. The number of views of this article: 171 835.

How to know a girl wants you

Because of their indecisiveness and inability to pick up on the signals a girl gives, many guys have probably lost out on some magical and exciting nights in their lives. Perhaps you, too, suspect that a certain person has an unequivocal interest in you? How can you check it out?

Do girls want sex?

When it comes to this question, you can be sure that many girls really do like sex. Just not every one of them will dare to say it straightforwardly for some personal reasons. And also it is important to note that if the partner does not bring physical pleasure to the girl, and she has to, for example, fake orgasms, then there is a high probability that she will avoid intimacy with him. But, of course, this does not mean that she does not like sex.

How often do girls want sex

In general, it all depends on the degree of excitement of the girl and her temperament. Particularly temperamental individuals are ready to come into contact with her lover and several times a day. In general, if the girl is not naturally too amorous, unlike you, then you can solve this problem if you learn how to excite your partner. Some guys require their lovers to have regular intercourse without considering that their temperaments may not be the same. If you really want to be with this particular girl, then you need to thoroughly study her predilections and understand what can awaken her sexuality and what can excite her. Otherwise, there may be misunderstanding and alienation in the relationship.

At what age women want to have sex most of all

According to most scientists, the flowering of female sexuality starts with thirty and until about forty. For many this process occurs and longer – often it depends on the partner who is near. Although, of course, there are some girls who are incredibly temperamental even at the age of twenty, but it is not too common. Often after twenty they just start to learn all the advantages of intimate life and understand – what they like in sex and what they do not. A clear understanding of this issue and the formation of cravings often still occurs by the age of thirty, or a little earlier.

5 signs that a woman wants a man

Often a woman hints at a man that she is ready for intimacy with him, but he may simply not catch these hints. Pay attention to your girlfriend’s behavior – it is possible that she is trying to signal to you her sexual interest.

1. she talks openly about intimate topics

She is not embarrassed by your questions and discourse on intimate topics. Moreover, such conversations she can initiate herself. Do not even doubt that you do not care about this woman, if she is open to you in such topics. It could be about her or your sexual experiences, possible sexual fantasies and preferences, discussing some frank episode in a movie and the like. If she’s not too embarrassed to talk about such topics, and you can clearly see that she is in good spirits, it may in fact indicate that you are interested in her.

2. Naughty Jokes and Flirtatiousness

In the case of vulgar jokes, it can be as much about your words as it is about hers. If you joke on intimate topics, the girl reacts positively to it and supports the joke in every way. An even more verbal sign if the interlocutor herself initiates such humor. Also, she is probably hinting to you about intimacy, if you pay attention to the fact that the girl is clearly flirting with you. In general, any conversation on intimate topics, whether joking or serious, implies that the woman likes you and she considers you as a sexual partner. The exception may be when you know that the person you’re talking to is acting like that with almost everyone, and there’s nothing behind her words – she just likes discussing racy topics or making people uncomfortable.

3. The girl touches you

However, the sympathy of the girl can be understood even without words – it is enough to pay attention to her gestures and the position of her hands. If the girl periodically strokes herself, for example, the neck, leg or any other part of the body, then there is a very high chance that she is inclined to a closer communication. Also a sign of convergence could be a moment when the interlocutor constantly touches her hair, twists her curls on her finger and the like. And yet, of course, there are exceptions. The interlocutor may pull her hair unconsciously, out of habit. Note that if the girl does this even when talking to her friends on neutral topics, it is possible that this gesture does not mean anything special. Besides, many girls like to touch their hair right after the visit to the hairdresser, thus as if getting used to the changes in their appearance (even if they are not noticeable to strangers).

4. seeks solitude with you

She wants to be alone with you, and you notice it. How this can be expressed. If you went out to the balcony or went to another room, being in large company, and the girl followed you, this clearly indicates that she wants to be alone with you with some kind of consequence. You can also ask the girl on a date, offering her to choose a place to spend time. If she will enjoy a very intimate environment, it may be an obvious hint at intimacy with you. An example might be a quiet and cozy coffee shop, the last row of a movie theater, dinner at home. The latter option is the most verbose. Inviting a man home or, coming to visit him, a woman assumes that it can lead to an intimate connection.

5. The girl hints at intimacy or openly proposes

This is probably the most obvious of all possible options. If a girl openly tells you that she wants sex with you, then she probably does, and if your desires are mutual, you won’t have to try too hard. Unfortunately, for many men, this often happens only in their fantasies, or only if the fairer sex is in a drunken state. Note that in the second case you must be extremely cautious – you should agree to have sex only if it is your beloved, and you have a stable relationship with her, in other cases, there are consequences. Not every man gives up the consequences of his words when he is drunk, and the case with the tipsy girl belongs to the same category. If you do not want to have problems later, it is better to refrain from such a proposal, no matter how hard it may be.

How to determine that she is horny and ready

If you do not notice in time that the girl is horny, you may lose intimacy with her. Some people, not finding a response to their appeals, as if “burned out” and then it is quite difficult “to wind up again. Paying attention to some external signs, you certainly do not miss the right moment.

The kiss. Many girls get excited already at the kissing stage, and for sure you’ve noticed it more than once. So, how does it usually look? When you kiss her, she can’t get away from you, stroking your back and neck, a little “releasing her claws”. If you encounter such a situation, you can be sure that the girl is in the mood for further developments.

The gaze. The horny woman undoubtedly looks at the object of her desire in a special way. her pupils are dilated, her gaze is intense, a smile plays on her lips. She may periodically fix her hair, touch her lips, coquettishly avert her eyes to the side. With her gaze, it is as if she is trying to seduce you.

Pose. The girl tries to take the most seductive pose, showing her partner her most advantageous features. She also tries to yield to your side with her body-if you’re sitting next to her, she practically flatters you.

Initiative. She herself is ready to initiate hugs and kisses with you. If it comes from your side, she actively responds to all caresses. She is also constantly trying to touch you, to hold her touch.

Intimate Topics. She willingly talks to you about intimate topics, starting them on her own or happily supporting them.

She wants privacy. She directly suggests that you spend time alone at her house or your place. It can also be hints: “It’s so noisy here, even my head hurts, find a quieter place. Or during a hug: “Okay, let’s not draw public attention, we’re obviously in the wrong place right now.” By the way, in the case of the latter phrase, not every young man reacts in time, and offers to move to a more appropriate place, often guys do not catch the hint, and are even offended that her companion interrupts hugging.

Mood. She reacts positively to almost any of your remarks and jokes, laughing or smiling. In general, during your communication a smile almost never leaves her lips, and you understand that she feels good and comfortable in your company.

She is thrown into a fever. And this happens in the literal sense, and she clearly shows it or says it. She may take off her jacket, staying in one blouse, explaining it by the above reason. That is, subconsciously or consciously she is trying to get rid of unnecessary clothing. She may also wrap herself with a sheet of paper or simply state that she is “all hot”.

It is important to understand that all these signs can appear both in an empty place, and due to your participation. During the first variant of the situation you can consider yourself lucky – usually it happens at the initial stages of relationship or dating. Over time, in order to get aroused girl, you may still have to make some effort.

What to do if a girl really wants you right now

Weigh the pros and cons.

Of course, most young men are flattered by the attention of other girls, and a rare representative of the male sex will refuse intimacy if a pretty person offers to spend a few hours or night together. And yet, no matter how flattering such an offer is to you, it makes sense to well weigh all the pros and cons. Perhaps, at the time of the candid and tempting proposal, you will not even think that it will bring you more negative consequences than positive ones, but still, in any situation, it is important to remain prudent.

Do you like the girl? So, to begin with, it is important to determine if you really like this girl and you could assume that she would be your life partner, at least for a period of time? Why is this important? If only because very few girls go for intimacy without expecting that it will result in something at least more or less serious. She may not admit it to you out of pride, but is it really true? What’s the danger to you? If a potential sexual partner does not really attract you much, and subsequently you are not in the mood for an affair with her, it can bring you a lot of unpleasant consequences. She will tell about your “dishonesty” to mutual friends or your next girlfriend, will begin to pursue you, to express his disappointment and the like. Of course, if the girl is very proud, then this kind of development may not happen, but think carefully – are you ready to take the risk? And in general, it is important to understand that your partner can be very impressionable and amorous, and even if she will not accuse you, it does not mean that you will not hurt her. For a lot of guys, that’s enough of an argument not to get into a relationship that doesn’t have any prospects.

Your age. Of course, your age and the age of the girl you are planning to get intimate with matter a lot. If this person is a minor, then, with all your desire, it is better to refuse such a relationship. It is quite possible that the girl will not have any claims against you at all, but this does not mean that her relatives will be as loyal if they find out that you had sexual intercourse. Keep in mind that later you can get not only a tarnished reputation, but also an unreal criminal sentence. The argument that everything happened by mutual consent will not be valid in this situation.

Marital Status. Not only your own marital status is important to consider, but also whether your potential partner is in a serious relationship. As you probably understand, nothing good can come out of such an affair, if you or your mistress do not want to break the existing family ties. Very rarely adultery goes unnoticed and has a negative impact on family life. In addition, you should determine for yourself whether your partner deserves such treatment, and whether you will not be ashamed in front of her, your children (if any) and other relatives in the case if the connection on the side revealed. It is also important to remember that the reaction of a spouse or steady partner of a possible mistress can be very unpredictable, and turn out to be very serious problems for you.

All possible consequences. An intimate relationship can have many consequences, and not the fact that all of them will be to your liking. consider some of the negative ones.

  • Unintended pregnancy. If you use contraception or your partner takes hormonal drugs – it still can’t be a hundred percent guarantee that pregnancy is excluded. Keep this in mind when deciding to have a casual relationship.
  • Report to the police. If it’s a casual partner you have no further plans for, then be prepared for a distressed girl to report to the police that she was raped by you – you probably know that such cases are not uncommon at all. Especially guys who prefer rough sex are at risk.
  • The breakup of the family, in case you are married. Perhaps here you don’t even need a detailed explanation. Even if your wife forgives you, it does not mean that she will forget about the affair – at the most unexpected moment for you she may decide that she cannot live with you anymore after what happened. Even if she is not immediately aware of your offense, you will never have a guarantee that it will be the same in the future.

Where to invite a girl if it is the first time

If you are to enter into intimacy for the first time with his lover, it is important to create a favorable environment for this. The way the first sex couple often depends on the further development of the relationship, and you have the power to make sure that everything went as favorably for you.

Your home. When is it appropriate? You live alone, and the wall will not be his mother, younger brother or neighbor in the apartment. Such a development can embarrass and repel any girl. If you have established an independent life, there is no dust in the corners of your apartment and in general the house creates a very positive impression, then you may assign a first intimate date at home. Surely you will feel comfortable in their territory, which will have a positive impact on your meeting.

Ask to visit her. This is not the best option, in case you have to actively ask for help. This, too, can repel the girl. If she herself does not hint at such an outcome, then the maximum you can do in this direction is to ask: “Maybe we can buy sushi (cake, chips, some goodies or wine) and watch a movie at your place. If this proposal is not immediately met with enthusiasm – do not put pressure on the girl and do not make her justify the fact that she is in no hurry to invite you to visit. This means that at the moment she has a reason for it, and it would be the height of insensitivity if you try to find out the reason by any means.

Rent a hotel room or an apartment for the evening. This option may be the most preferable. If you have the financial capacity, it is still better to opt for a really good hotel or the most comfortable apartment. You can rent a room for one evening or for one day. If it is the second option, make sure that the area where you choose the place for the date is really good. Most likely you will be leaving your room or apartment to take a walk or have dinner (breakfast) at a nearby cafe, so calculate in advance where you can do it. Yes, and a beautiful view from the window has not been canceled – it will add more pluses to your pastime.

Is sex on the street acceptable or not? Everyone has his own thoughts on this subject, so you should primarily be guided by your own opinion and that of your partner. If you both tend to be adventurous, and you are “turned on” by the idea that you can be caught by someone during sexual intercourse, it certainly makes sense to take the risk. Such an adventure can leave you with memories to last a lifetime. However, if the girl is not too located to such adventures, or you yourself think that such behavior is wrong, then it is better not to go for such a step – there is a high probability that one of the partners will not only not get any pleasure, but also will experience stress. And in general, it is desirable that the first intimacy of the couple was still held in more comfortable conditions.

How to gently say no

If she hints at sex that you don’t want for some reason, try to make your refusal sound mild – for sure you would like a similar relationship in a similar situation. You can say that you are very nervous and therefore not ready for intimacy with her yet. You can also say that you have not yet forgotten your past love, and it’s hard for you to readjust, and so on. Don’t undermine the girl’s self-esteem, and voice an excuse that seems to say that the problem is no longer with her, but with you.

8 signs that a woman isn’t getting enough sex

1) She is plagued by insomnia.

2) She looks older than her years (her skin is “tired” and dull).

3) She is often ill with various illnesses and has to take medicines.

4) She is very nervous and gets upset with people around her.

5) Her face and body skin is prone to inflammation.

6) Distracted and has trouble focusing on one thing for a long time.

7) Is insecure.

May look easy-going by wearing flashy clothes and wearing too much makeup.

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