How do you know if you’re really in love?

How to understand that you have fallen in love with a girl: psychology and physiology

Strong and expressive love, which covers with the head – this is often a fantasy of directors, a movie special effect. In fact, true love appears quietly, but lingers in the heart for a long time. So how do you know that you really fell in love with the girl?

This exciting feeling is experienced by almost every man. But how to understand that it has come, what are the signs of falling in love? They say that a man in love looks, dresses, moves differently. Is this true?

12 exact signs, proven by life

Let’s talk about the signs you can tell if you’re in love.

  1. Not feeling anxious. No one who loves you would want to hurt .
  2. When you fall in love with someone, you don’t think it will be hard to build a relationship. You always want to spend time around them and you enjoy it.
  3. You discuss what you will do together in the future without realizing you are talking about the future. There’s nothing weird about talking about a concert that’s in three months or a trip to the beach this summer, because you will be together.
  4. Say “I miss you.”
  5. Do not remember the last time you thought about your ex-boyfriend (ex-girlfriend). After all, now you have everything is fine and do not worry about what happened in the past.
  6. Make small concessions, sacrifices for the sake of the person you love.
  7. You have a loved one – someone who always cheers up, finds the words of comfort. You feel safe with him. When your partner is sad, you are sad for real, sharing his pain.
  8. You are comfortable enough around him, you say bad jokes.
  9. It happens that the person you love annoys you, but you still want to be close to him.
  10. You really enjoy listening to his long, rambling stories. Just hanging out and talking about anything is fun.
  11. You want to show off all your favorite things .
  12. You start thinking about introducing your loved one to your family. Sincerely want to know how he will fit into their circle.

Physiological signs of falling in love

Physiological signs of falling in love are the most reliable, they cannot be faked. To notice these signs is very easy. The following symptoms can be distinguished.

  • The pupil is dilated. In the presence of the object you like, there is no way to control the hormones.
  • Moistness of the palms. During touching or shaking hands, you can notice this vegetative sign.
  • Hotness. Next to the person who is sympathetic, the emotional passion is expressed by the fact that there is a desire to unbutton a button on a shirt or open a window.
  • Speech. This sign can be noticed at the beginning of the conversation a lower tone of voice (languid), which occurs unconsciously.

The psychology of a man in love

The psychology of a man in love expresses itself differently.

The hormones serotonin (joy) and oxytocin (stress resistance) are produced in a greater volume. Falling in love gives a slight sense of intoxication.

The man’s mood rises, he feels euphoric and wants to be near the person he is in love with all the time.

In order for infatuation to move into another stage – love, it takes time. And falling in love is impossible to control, it is spontaneous. A fleeting glance assesses a girl’s appearance.

The image of the one and only, according to scientists, is laid at the genetic level. From generation to generation transmitted the optimal set of external features that a man unconsciously seeks when choosing a companion.

For the emergence of love is sufficient a casual touch, a short distance (1 m), an exchange of a few phrases. Proximity to the object is a factor in choosing a partner by smell. If he is attractive, exciting and suitable, then the man falls in love.

By nature it is established that a similar genetic set increases the chances for the birth of offspring with some abnormalities at the genetic level. Consequently, the rejection mechanism is at work.

Or maybe it’s just sexual desire?

There are also nonverbal signs that a man wants a woman, which is quite natural. According to them you can easily understand that you do not fall in love, but want a sexual relationship.

  1. Evaluate her figure, carefully examining the woman from head to toe, stopping your eyes at the hips, breasts. At the same time imagine her naked. Touch inconspicuously your hair, nose, neck, so she will also appreciate you.
  2. Show your jealousy. If other people pay attention to her, it irritates you. You want to be the only one, demonstrating your superiority over the others in front of her. You might even get into a fight, insult, threaten opponents.
  3. Interested in her sexual preferences , talk about their experiences, joke, provoking, hinting at the desire to get close to her.
  4. Try to make her jealous, discussing the appearance of others, you want to know how interested in you woman.
  5. If you noticed the reciprocal passion, then make gifts with hints: buy lingerie, perfume with pheromones, scented candles, massage oils.

How a man’s infatuation looks from the outside

Some men clearly demonstrate their sympathy, while others, on the contrary, are trying to hide their feelings. This is what gives away your feelings.

  1. A man is in a relationship or married . Not every representative of the stronger sex can begin to date another woman if he is bound by the bonds of marriage, so he tries not to show his sympathy and to check their authenticity for a long time, perhaps the sympathy is deceptive.
  2. A character or peculiarity of male psychology . A man thinks if he shows his indifference and coldness, then she will love him, but this is an erroneous opinion.
  3. A man has been lonely for a long time . If a representative of the stronger sex has not been in a relationship for a long time, he may be hiding his sympathy. Loneliness is the state of an insecure man, he is afraid to approach a girl, to talk to her.
  4. Unsuccessful experience . Often this point goes against the previous one. The hard breakup that a man has experienced before, does not allow him to enjoy a beautiful feeling again. He is afraid of repeating the past mistake, of experiencing pain again. So a long time looking to get to know her better.
  5. He is afraid to be rejected. Not knowing what the woman feels in relation to him, the representative of the stronger sex is afraid of rejection.
  1. Unsure of his feelings. He carefully weighs everything, so secretive.
  2. Different age. It happens that a mature man displays a crush on a young person. He is afraid of judgments, to face her misunderstanding, so he tries to suppress this feeling and suffers greatly.

If love is unrequited: how to restore emotional balance

If feelings have remained unrequited, the tips of psychologists will help to cope with this situation:

20 signs that you’re in love

Sometimes love sneaks up on you without you realizing it? For this game you need a beautiful girlfriend, and the rest is not important. How do you know if you’ve fallen in love with a girl? How can girls tell if a man has a crush on them? How does a girl know if she has a crush on a guy? 100% signs of love.

20 signs that you’re in love

1. the object of sympathy is always in sight.

No matter what she was doing and wherever she was, she is always invisibly present. That’s her you notice in the crowd, with it constantly crossed in different places, even if not agreed. You hear about her from acquaintances, and her avatar “online” in social networks makes your heart beat faster. It seems like fate is bumping into her on purpose, as if everything is already known in heaven. It’s all for a reason and it’s all the tricks of a sly-ass cupid!

Sonny Mauricio, Unsplash

2. Her constant flaw.

You miss her when she’s not around. And when she’s around, you’re already thinking about the next time you see her. You forget about friends, acquaintances, school and work. Your friends say you’ve traded them in for a “broad” but they don’t judge, they’re always falling for someone else themselves.

Something strange is going on with your music playlist on your phone or computer. Where did love songs come from, among metal and rock? Why do you like songs about romance, relationships, feelings and love? And you listen to the songs on her social network page all the time to try to understand what she’s feeling.

The music reflects her state of mind. And you yourself sometimes throw her songs, trying to convey something to her music that you’re afraid to say or even think about. But what is it, do you really think it’s love…

Sonny Mauricio, Unsplash

4. ¶¶ Kitty, you’re my drug of choice ¶¶

¶¶ She’s like an obsession, like an obsession, the thought is a virus ¶¶ You think about her all the time and you even talk about her mentally. She sits in your head naked and wrapped like a gift with a ribbon. It sits there and is silent, occasionally purring a funny song under your nose. You think of her in the morning, in the afternoon, and just before you go to sleep. Sleep doesn’t help either, she’s like the lead character in the TV series “Santa Barbara. Yeah, that’s one of the clear signs of love.

5. She’s perfect.

The world hasn’t seen girls as beautiful as her, well, except for Marilyn Monroe. But when was that? She’s a combination of all the qualities you love: smart, beautiful, charming, kind, passionate and sexy. They are the perfect girl of your perfect dream. She’s even better than your dream and your ideal. How can you not love someone like that?

Jeferson Gomes , Unsplash

6. You’re ready to change.

A person doesn’t change until they fall madly and desperately in love. Few things make a person change for the better, and even fewer people make us want to do so. Not only are you willing, but you are changing for the better. Good change always leads to love, and great change leads to great love. You are ready to change and become a much better person than you were even yesterday.

7. Who is there to talk to about her?

You’re looking for advice on how to win women from friends, the internet, and yourself. You’re ready to share your worries about her with your friends, though you share more with yourself. You want to talk about her even to passersby, to fill your life even more with her, but they somehow panic and run away. You’re ready to shout about her and sing songs on stage. Bro, love is getting ready to swoop down on you!

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We can’t believe our eyes, buddy. Hell, you finally got out to go shopping for fancy stuff! You’ve started working out hard to finally get your body in perfect shape, you’ve stopped drinking and you’re drinking carrot juice. It’s no accident, your body is preparing for love and reproduction! Definitely you have a crush on this girl.

9. You want her.

You want to hug her, hold her hand, and you want to kiss her lips that tell a funny story to the pain in your cheekbones. You write her poems and read them, standing on your knee in the entryway. But mentally, you’re torn between the desire to carry tenderness and romance, and to roughly fuck her right there on the windowsill. The combination of romance, passion, and sexual attraction is a lot like love.

Sonny Mauricio , Unsplash

You’ve thought about kids, family, and the common cat Murzik. You’re thinking about an engagement ring with a diamond, a lavish wedding and a happy married life. What else is there to say? Maybe that’s what true love is all about.

11 You’ve become attentive to the girl.

You are interested in everything about the girl’s life and all her problems. You are carefully studying the object of attention in order to better understand and study her. You like the girl that every little thing about her better makes up your relationship puzzle. You care and worry about the girl in ways you don’t think about yourself. You’re ready to protect the girl, and so you’re ready to walk her even to the store. You’ve awakened a protector in you, and you want to offer your strong shoulder to her at any moment.

Angela Ng , Unsplash

12 You’re touching a girl.

When you’re attracted to a girl, you constantly want to touch her, touch her, stroke her, hug her, kiss her. The tactile sensations make you happier when you touch her even a little bit. You would even “eat” a girl, that’s how much you want to be a part of her.

The ancient Greek philosopher Socrates stated, “Whoever wants to act looks for opportunities, whoever doesn’t want to act looks for reasons.” You act. You want to meet a girl, and so you look for any little opportunity to meet this pretty girl. You can not without her, and so you are ready to see her for any reason and any occasion.

Angela Ng , Unsplash

14. You are very happy with the girl.

When a man is in love, he is ready to smile ear to ear and laugh until he falls. When you see a girl, your smile always spreads and nightingales sing on your soul. With the girl you laugh a lot, have fun and enjoy life. The positive mood is brought by that particular girl. It’s very similar to love.

15. You show feelings for the girl.

You’re courting the girl, caring for her, asserting your rights to her. You have developed an ownership syndrome where you defiantly show your rights to the woman in question. She is yours, not someone else’s.

16. You are embarrassed in front of the girl.

When you like a girl, you get embarrassed and shy in front of her. You may not be afraid of anyone or anything, but in front of her you get shy and almost blush. It’s like this girl is the object of your love.

Angela Ng , Unsplash

17. You attack the girl with calls and texts.

When a girl becomes the object of your heart, you start calling and texting her more often. You send her funny videos, pictures, jokes and music to please her and once again remind her of yourself. But this annoyance you both like, as if you were playing some unknown ancient game.

18. You are jealous of the girl.

You’re not ready to share your girlfriend with other people, and so you’re jealous of everyone she knows, including girls. The girl is only yours, and so you don’t plan to share her with others. You are jealous of her even to a lamppost. But excessive jealousy can ruin a relationship, so hold your horses.

Angela Ng , Unsplash

19: You’re showing the girl off.

When your girlfriend is the heroine of your love affair, you start treating her differently. You want to show your girlfriend to your friends, your parents and everyone you know. You drag your girlfriend with you everywhere to show her and your feelings.

20. You’re ready to confess to a girl.

When you fall in love, you automatically want to confess your love to the girl. The feelings can’t fit in your heart and burst out. You make an effort to hold on to the words of your declaration of love.

If you answered affirmatively to most of the questions, you’re screwed, buddy! Yes, yes, you’re in love, and this is definitely love…

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