How do you know if an 11-year-old boy likes you?

How do you know exactly whether a boy likes you?

Usually the first crush occurs around the age of 11-12 years and is associated with a sharp development of the body and the emergence of a so-called sense of adulthood. Against the backdrop of a hormonal storm, there is a disclosure of previously unknown emotions and feelings, which can be frightening and cause rejection and shame. In addition, at this age, self-esteem is quite unstable and manifests itself as a lack of confidence in themselves and in possible reciprocal feelings.

Because of this teenage boys love is manifested in a rather distorted form and often pushes them to their peculiar, sometimes even foolish, on which the fair sex is almost impossible to guess about the sympathy. In early adolescence (about 10-12 years) most boys try to keep apart from the girls, considering themselves the highest independent caste and demonstrating active contempt for the weaker sex. Later, just a couple of years later, on the contrary, girls and boys merge into a single team, finding common interests, based primarily on an active display of adulthood and learning new actions and behaviors, previously not peculiar to them.

Sometimes, falling in love with a peer, a girl wants to understand whether he has feelings for her in return, or simply does not notice. Addressing the question of “how to understand that the boy likes me?”, she can use a variety of ways: surveillance in secret, and planting compromising anonymous notes, and various divinations (on cards, flowers, saucers, etc.), which tell if he is experiencing any emotions. Checking with various questionnaires and compatibility tests (names, zodiac signs, hobbies, etc.) is also popular.

Of course, there are guys who are not shy about their love, can safely approach the young lady they like and confess to her. But in adolescence, such representatives are a minimum number. So we will try to help you understand the question of how to find out about the boy’s feelings and if there are any specific signs to understand that he likes you. To do this, consider the main features that may be a signal of sympathy.


Discreetly observe the object you are interested in. The way he looks at you, you can tell if the boy likes you or not. If he has a feeling of love, it is sure to give away his eyes. When a guy is sure you can’t see, he can stare at you long and hard, completely distracted from everything around him. But as soon as you look at him, he will abruptly avert his eyes, and he may chuckle nervously and, if one of his friends is nearby, start talking to him inappropriately. After all, at the moment of watching you, the admirer literally fell out of reality, and now he needs to pretend that he’s all business and socializing.

But it happens that, catching your eye, the suitor is attracted as a magnet and just can not take his eyes off. He seems to be commanded by an unknown force. And as soon as the boy comes to his senses, it’s as if he wakes up from his obsession, shakes himself up, and starts to make absurd movements abruptly.

When feelings become so serious that a guy sees no point in hiding them and is practically set on confessing, his gaze may change considerably. He begins to read warmth, tenderness, and a glint of love. This is accompanied by a mysterious smile and a caring attitude. He becomes responsive and eager to be helpful.

Changes in appearance

A boy in love may dramatically change his attitude toward his appearance. He starts to take care of himself more carefully, tries to always look clean and well-groomed, to dress nicely and fashionably. He may change his hair to look more stylish and modern. Begins to use perfume to attract a pleasant smell.

In the presence of the object of sympathy, he often corrects the hair, clothes, checks the cleanliness of his shoes, periodically inspects himself in the mirror. And be sure to surreptitiously watching how his chosen one behaves and whether he pays attention to him.


In normal situations, the boy behaves quite calmly and relaxed, minding his own business, socializing with friends, hooliganism. But when a pretty girl appears in his field of vision, the situation changes. He begins to get nervous, blush, lose his voice. And if he has to be alone with the lady of his heart for some reason, he may get so excited that he will even sweat and start to stutter because of his confused thoughts. If she at this moment asks him something and touches him as if casually, his face may take on a crimson hue, his pupils will dilate, and his breathing will become confused. He will not know where to put himself, so he may fidget nervously, endlessly adjust something, rub his buttons or belt, rub his face, or twiddle his fingers.

If you casually glance at a fan, for example, in class or elsewhere in passing, you can catch his gaze. In this case, he will blush and turn away, or, conversely, will pretend to look at something very interesting behind the lady’s back.


In early adolescence it is not typical for a boy to say compliments because of his heightened sense of shame. After all, classmates and friends may consider him a wimp who has “inappropriate” feelings for the girl.

But a mature representative of the stronger sex want to worship his beloved, despite the shyness. So sometimes he may inadvertently utter a compliment about your beautiful eyes or hair, a charming smile, airy gait, etc. Or say nice words about your art. For example, that he liked your poetry, your performance, or an interesting presentation in class. When you notice this, keep in mind that, as a rule, a person does not say such things to someone for whom he is completely indifferent.

And if he suddenly gives you something sometimes, even if it will be a small thing in the form of an eraser or a beautiful pen, or treats you to something tasty, then there can be no doubt – he likes you very much, and he wants to win your attention and respect.

Jokes, pranks

A teenager is ashamed of feeling in love. But he can not do anything about the attraction to the object of sympathy. And in order to attract attention and evoke emotions, he often behaves in a rather peculiar way. For example, he tries to make the girl angry, picks on her about everything and makes rather offensive jokes and jokes. He can even throw snowballs or some small objects, yank her hair, trip her up, push her, kick her chair, and throw things around. And what is worth bringing insects to the face of his chosen one, to cause horror and squealing. In his eyes at this point, he won, because he attracted the maximum attention of the lady of his heart. It is not uncommon for a teenager in love to call the young lady rude words. For example, he may shout in his heart that she is “fat”, than seriously offend. But he, of course, she does not think so, and by “fatness” is actually meant maturing body sweetheart, which begins to excite him and excite his hormones. It is quite logical that the girl will think that the offender hates and despises her, so he makes fun of her and constantly humiliates her. But in fact the opposite is true. If the guy is indifferent to you, he simply will not have a reason to commit all these actions.

But some boys, fearing the exposure of feelings, trying to show complete indifference and make a dismissive look. Although upon close observation, you can see that this is very poor acting, and at heart the admirer is nervous about such manifestations to the lady of the heart.

Unusual behavior

To find out if a boy likes you or not, pay attention to the way he behaves. A guy in love will try to be in the field of view of his chosen one as often as possible and in all ways to attract her interest. For example, talk loudly, make demonstrative gestures and actions, boast of his successes and achievements to impress her. He can interfere in her conversation with her friends or out of the blue start asking her about something, showing increased attention to her beloved’s opinion. At the same time, he unconsciously holds his posture during a conversation, turns his whole body around to his beloved and tries to touch her. Often his thumbs are at his hips, in his pockets or behind his belt, attracting the attention of the opposite sex at a genetic level.

When a guy’s feelings mature and pass to the next stage, he becomes more serious and begins to offer his help. He walks the girl home, waits near the porch or school porch. Inadvertently indulges the whims of his beloved and fulfills her desires. In this case, to find out if the boy likes you, you can perform such a simple test as a request for help, which will determine his intentions towards you. For example, ask him to fix something for you, teach you how to ride a snowboard or skateboard, give good advice on training. If the guy refuses and cites too busy, then there are no feelings on his part. And if he immediately agreed to do as instructed, then do not doubt – he cares about you. Just find out beforehand what he knows, so that his help could be useful.

If you began to meet the subject of interest in places that you often visit, perhaps it is also for a reason. For example, he started coming to the same circles and sections as you, interested in the same hobbies, etc. Most likely, he wants to arouse affection and reciprocal feelings.

Often, in order to get to know the lady of his heart better, a young man will encourage his friends to get to know her and to get the information they want by talking to her. But if she starts flirting with them or flirting with some other guys, he may begin to show resentment and even rudeness. The presence of a rival hurts him and can knock him out.

But such tactics he can also use and start ostentatiously flirt and have fun with other girls in front of his girlfriend. Thus, he tries to provoke her feelings of jealousy and interest in himself. Check this easily: it is worth young lady to pretend that she is leaving, and the guy immediately lose interest in other representatives of the fair sex and become nervous because he may remain without the precious attention of the beloved lady.

Often writes

The modern youth has a very popular correspondence in various social networks, which can take place on any occasion. Therefore, if a boy is shy to show his feelings in reality, he has a great excuse to do it on the letter. Pay attention to what he writes and how often. If you cause him sympathy, he will regularly comment on your photos and statuses on social networks, post likes, send different funny pictures, funny anecdotes, romantic music records. Will find different topics of conversation. From discussing how your day was, or what movies you like, to requests for help that “only you can do, because no one else can do so well. In this way, he is trying to compliment your abilities. If this wishes you good night before going to bed, or welcomes you in the morning, and asks about the mood, then there can be no doubt – you take a big piece of his heart. It becomes noticeable that with each correspondence he makes fewer and fewer grammatical errors, trying to impress you, and the conversations begin to take on a romantic tone. And sometimes for a change he may even put up an anonymous note with a confession.

If you think the boy you have feelings for is shy to start a conversation, take matters into your own hands. For example, like like his picture or leave a comment on VKontakte and wait for a reaction. Elaborate on a topic in your correspondence, gently bringing up your point of interest, and see how he responds. Dry, short notes indicate indifference to you from the young man. Open, sincere, unfolded answers with humor and a visible desire to continue the conversation will confirm his sympathy.

It should be borne in mind that every person is individual and signs of sympathy may differ taking into account age and personal peculiarities.

It is worth remembering that the teenage period is very complex and ambiguous for the manifestation of feelings and the construction of relationships. After all, love for the opposite sex is something new and because of that frightening. Especially for boys, who since childhood were taught to be strong and masculine in everything. And then suddenly the emotions that they take for weakness, so they show their interest in girls is not always in pleasant forms. And the girl, in turn, it is very important in time to discern the passion aimed at her and not to push away, but rather support the fragile, just forming a male nature. When he crosses the line of insecurity, he can show himself to be a gentle loving guy and a caring partner in the relationship.

How do you know if an 11-year-old boy likes you?

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The school years are not only lessons, grades and homework. It is at school that the first love comes. Confession notes, meetings at recess, worries and doubts about the truth of feelings occupy girls’ thoughts more than lessons.

Assess how often a boy’s gaze is directed in your direction. Catching your counter-eye, he hastily averts his eyes to the side and begins to embarrass? This is a clear sign that he singles you out from the crowd of others.

. But do not jump to conclusions. Maybe he stares at you for a long time just because you all the time stare at him. Or maybe you have a ballpoint pen mark on your face.

Observe how often you run into the object of your affection. A boy in love will look for opportunities to see you as often as possible. In class, he will sit down so he can see you. In gym class he will try to get on the same team. If you are in different classes, but constantly bump into each other in the hallways at recess – he probably does it on purpose. If you go home from school together, although he lives on the other side, then he is looking for an excuse just to see you home.

Analyze his behavior. As sad as it is, most people

just don’t know how to express their feelings with words. Pushing, tripping, throwing snowballs is an easier way for them to get attention. Some boys, even in their senior year of high school, can act that way. The main thing is not to confuse such signs of attention with the usual aggressiveness. The realization that the reciprocity of a woman is much easier to achieve with compliments and gifts than with shoves and hurtful teasing, comes to men later. And to some it does not come at all.

Pay attention to how the boy behaves when his friends are not around. He helps you carry the backpack and enthusiastically talks about different subjects when you’re alone. But when you’re with his friends he makes fun of you or just walks by without even looking in your direction. This means that you are very

but he’s afraid of losing his credibility in the eyes of his buddies. He’s afraid of being seen as uncool because he’s running after your friends.

Take the first step forward. Maybe in his eyes, you look like an impregnable princess and he’s afraid of rejection. Ask him to help with homework, skype a favorite tune on the phone or rehearse together a skit for the Christmas play. The way he reacts to your request, you can tell if he feels sympathy. If he happily agrees – he really wants to communicate and get to know you better. If he denies or agrees reluctantly – you’re nothing to him stand out from the crowd

How to know if a boy likes you

How do you know if a boy likes you? Learn about the sympathy of a boy can be a number of signs. In each case, they are strictly individual, but have common signs. They can be found when they spend time together, for example, at dances, hiking, walking, visiting cinemas. Smiles, looks and gestures play an important role. Teenagers give preference to mute signs of attention, and their communication takes place on an intuitive level. Staring and smiling indicates a clear preference for others, prompts adolescents to respond. The girl does not always receive the expected smiles and looks in return, which leads her to despair and acute distress expressed in tears.

Touching takes on a special value. These “magnetized” touches remain in memory for the rest of their lives. It is during this period that girls try to preserve their experiences for themselves, hiding them from other people’s eyes, and begin to write poems, keep a diary, etc.

During adolescence, there are changes in the relationship between boys and girls. There is a manifestation of interest in each other. In younger adolescents, at first, the emerging interest is manifested in inadequate forms. The following forms of drawing attention to oneself are characteristic of boys: solicitation, “bullying,” painful actions. Girls, often understanding the motives for these actions, do not take seriously such attacks guys and try not to be offended, ignoring their bullying behavior.

Later, the relationship between the sexes becomes more complicated. This is revealed in a demonstration of an indifferent attitude, in the disappearance of spontaneity in communication, or in the appearance of shyness in communication. At the same time, adolescents experience tension from the emerging feelings of falling in love with members of the opposite sex. There comes a time when the mutual interest of both sexes increases, but from the outside the relationship looks more isolated. Communication between both sexes in older adolescence becomes more open. The girl’s attachment to the boy can be strong and is often given great importance. If the sympathy is not mutual, it turns into a cause of great stress, unpredictable consequences, as well as negative emotions.

Signs that a boy likes you

If the boy of interest is studying in the same class, he often does not manifest his feelings in any way, but if communication lasts long enough, then it will be easier to find out about the sympathy.

The first thing that is important to pay attention – it’s the eyes of a young man, but you have to do it very carefully and carefully, because it may happen that he looks interested in you because you are looking at him.

The second clear sign that the boy likes you – this is directly his attitude. Should analyze how much time the guy spends together with the girl.

To understand that you like a boy can be, if he looks at you intently and for a long time, starts conversations on various topics.

How do you know a boy at school likes you? This will be evidenced by the following signs:

– If a classmate lingers on the girl or looks at her when she is talking to her friends;

– If a boy often texts a girl;

– if a classmate starts making jokes all the time, throwing snowballs at the girl;

– If a classmate tries to spend more and more time with the girl, walks her home, waits after school;

– If he is embarrassed to meet her, but carefully hides it.

How to understand that a boy of 11-12 years old likes you? This age does not yet allow you to understand the essence of feelings of love and the first signs of a boy’s crush can appear in a distorted form.

A girl from all sides can get slaps, props, pushes. She will think that the boy hates her and therefore makes fun of her, but in fact the opposite is true. Why is he acting this way? Often it is because of the boy’s inner insecurity.

Boys at age 11 behave independently, indifferently and with stern equanimity. And some members of the stronger sex behave as if there are no girls at all. Emphasized disregard for the fairer sex contributes to the boys more firmly established in the male role.

It is this attitude in their view corresponds to the masculine behavior. Of course, not all boys behave this way, but they actually set the tone, feeling the silent support of their peers.

But those who behave differently, in a friendly and affable way, can be severely judged. You need to have the fortitude and a truly masculine character to ignore the taunts of peers and continue to communicate normally with the girls.

At the age of 12, feelings start to show a little differently. In terms of relationships and sympathy in each personality all individually, so it can be difficult to understand whether the boy likes you or not. A girl often wonders if this is true or not. If a girl likes the boy, she may think that he also has feelings for her.

How do you know if a boy 13-14 years old likes you? At 13, boys are still shy to flaunt their feelings and are very cautious. Paying attention to a boy’s behavior, you can understand how he feels about the girl. If he is interested in something, tries not to object, showing that he likes the same things as the girl, it’s a sure sign of his sympathy. You have to be very observant because the signs of attention from the boy can be small: he picks up what the girl dropped, then casually helps carry the bag.

Most boys at age 14 are trying to hide the fact that they like girls. They lower their eyes, sharply avert their eyes away, because they are afraid to tell about their feelings. But if he looks at the girl warmly and openly, it’s a good sign. And if the guy is serious and ask him for help, he won’t refuse. Appearance can also tell about the boy’s sympathy. Should pay attention to changes in the appearance of the boy. The boy, feeling interest in the girl may begin to dress more elegantly or do a new hairstyle. Men don’t just care about their appearance.

The girl should pay attention to how the guy will behave when she disappears for a while. Will he call her, look for her, wonder what’s wrong. You can tell by this kind of behavior that he has sympathy.

How do you know if a 15 year old boy likes you? There are many ways to understand that a boy of 15 is not indifferent to you. They include the following signs of attention:

  • friendly attitude;
  • a twinkle in the eye;
  • benevolent smile;
  • if a guy casually touches a girl;
  • if he pulls her plait.

What other signs can tell if a boy likes you? They are quite a lot. You should pay attention to the following gestures, indicating sympathy:

– If a young man turns his shoulders, straightens his back, lifts his chin, begins to adjust his clothes and smooths his hair;

– if the boy turns his body toward the girl and puts his foot forward;

– if he puts his thumbs behind his belt or keeps them on his hips;

– if the guy gives the girl all kinds of signs of attention: he pulls out the necessary book, invites her for a walk, treats her to sweets;

– If he behaves strangely: looking at you, then passing by, hiding his eyes;

– If he is interested in everything the girl is into;

– If a guy is tense, embarrassed or excited when he sees the object of interest and all the gift of eloquence disappears somewhere.

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Let’s find out, how do you charm someone who’s in your heart?

You’re crazy about him, but he’s never thought to ask you out on a date. Are you ready to make the first move?

I won’t do it myself. I’ll ask a friend to do it for me.

I’ll text him and ask him if he wants to go to the movies with me.

The first step?! No way. That’s a guy thing.

I’ll get up the courage to ask him in person what he thinks about going out with me.

2. What outfit will you choose for your first meeting?

Jeans and sneakers.

Something I’ll be comfortable in myself.

The most extravagant outfit I can find.

The clothes he’ll see me in for the first time.

3. The perfect place for a date…

Let him decide.

A small cozy cafe.

A disco! I am a great dancer.

A park where you can wander in peace.

You are late for a meeting. How will you apologize?

“I’m sorry I’m late. What can I do to keep you from getting angry?”

I’ll be embarrassed into silence. I don’t know what to say in these cases.

“Well, like always. I don’t know how to do anything on time…”

5. When you’re worried, you.

You avert your eyes if you catch his gaze.

You blush and don’t know where to put your hands.

You can’t find the right words, so you don’t say anything.

Laughing loudly and talking all the time. 6.

6. Do you think of a topic for conversation when you plan to start a conversation?

No, it all comes together by itself.

You don’t have to, I can easily hold any conversation.

Yes, and I try to stick to it.

I prepare a few topics just in case.

7. What can repel you in a guy?

I don’t like it if he starts arguing about anything.

If he talks badly about my friends.

If he invites me to a cafe but can’t pay for both of us.

If I trip or drop my purse and he laughs instead of supporting me.

8. How do you say hello to a guy you like?

Just say, “Hi!”

I’ll kiss him on the left cheek, the right cheek, and the left cheek again.

9. Your first date is over. How will you hint that you want to see each other again?

I’ll shoot my eyes and show all kinds of sympathy.

I’ll wait to see what the beau proposes.

I’ll throw a party for friends next weekend and invite him over.

Suggest we go to the movies together in a couple of days.

10. You say goodbye…

…tell him it’s time for you to go home.

…say “ciao” and thank him for a fun evening.

…and tell him you’d like to go out again.

…kiss him on the cheek.

11. He says he wants to see you again. You think:

“He’s in love with me!”

“It’s just beginning!”

“I wonder what’s really on his mind?”

“He’s had enough of one date.”

12. you answer him:

“Well, if you insist…”

I’ll playfully say, “Oh, what nonsense!”

“Why not? But I’ll only have an hour for you!”

“I have to think about it.”

Good afternoon, my dear readers! Recently, while visiting, the daughter of an acquaintance of mine came up to me and asked me how to know if a boy likes you. I began to remember how this happened in my school days and wondered: how do guys today show their sympathy for girls? Let’s try to understand this question together, consider the behavior of boys, recall all the tools we used at one time and what can replace them today.

About the boys.

Everyone knows that boys are very different behavior from the girls. And it does not matter how old they are, 11 or 48. It was at school that I realized how different we are from each other.

While the girls and I were getting together and discussing teachers, other girls, and boys, the guys were playing soccer, fighting, throwing papers, and throwing chairs out the window.

The issue of sympathy is very ambiguous. Some guys bravely approach girls and talk about their feelings. Others secretly sigh and don’t dare talk. Others will show attention pulling hair, throwing notebooks and doing other pranks. It all depends on the boy himself.

If he is more brave, it won’t cost him anything to come up and offer to go for a walk after school. With this kind of simple and straightforward. If you like him, then great. With a guy who is shy and will not make the first step, everything is more complicated.

First of all, you need to understand that he likes you. And how can you do this if he does not even look in your direction? And the last option, when some boy is constantly bothering you, pestering. This is almost a hundred percent certainty that he cares about you.

He wouldn’t hit on a girl he doesn’t like, would he?

Secret knowledge.

So, how do you find out about the sympathy of the guy? Previously, in order to check a guy’s feelings we used all sorts of divinations, tests, questionnaires, wrote anonymous notes. Once, when I was 12 years old, I had a tragedy. I was terribly in love with a boy, and was very worried whether he liked me or not.

I guessed at cards, twitched a bunch of daisies, watched him until he saw. I ended up writing him a huge letter and throwing it in his mailbox. The next day he came to my house and asked me out. So it came out that we had liked each other for a long time, but both he and I were afraid to approach first.

Girls, remember, no book, no chamomile will not tell you whether a young man loves you or not.

Today on the internet you can find a bunch of tests for compatibility by name, horoscope, hair color or age. All of this is nonsense, in a word. Don’t believe that kind of stuff.

I had a friend at school who was suffering because of a boy. She decided to read the cards. The cards told her he hated her and they would never be together. My friend almost did a terrible thing to herself. I didn’t trust that kind of thing and just went to the guy. Told him about my friend. It turned out that he had long liked her, but he was afraid to approach her first. The other day they were celebrating another wedding anniversary.

The Reality

In our day, you could tell that you liked him by three signs :

  1. A boy was always bugging you,
  2. he slips you notes,
  3. he doesn’t pay any attention to you.

My classmate point-blank did not notice me, specially bypassed the side, did not respond when I called him by name. And then it turned out that he was just shy and afraid to even bump into me.

My acquaintance at the age of 13 fell terribly in love with a boy from her class. She walked around and agonized for a long time. And then she made up her mind and asked him directly. The young man asked her out, and that’s how it went. The other girl wrote a note to the guy, he wrote back and they started dating.

You can walk around and wear yourself out from the unknown, or you can write. Especially since it has become so easy today. We used to put notes in your briefcase, in your jacket. And today you have a bunch of social networks where you can communicate. And it doesn’t matter how old you are, 14 or 18. The problems are always the same. The fear of approaching first.

I recommend to read the article “How to confess your feelings if you love,” it will help to figure out the relationship accurately and not to be left with a broken heart. And the article “How long does love live.

There is also a book by Leila Lowndes, “Friends and Lovers. How to Find and Keep Them,” will be very helpful in developing the ability to bond with people.

Share your story. How do you try to find out about a guy’s feelings? How do you show your own sympathy?

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