How do you know if a woman wants you?

How to know that a girl wants you – 42 signs of her desire

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Quite often the stronger sex face a situation where the person you like is a mystery, and it is absolutely unclear how to behave after a long courtship. Is it possible to go on an intimate attack? Does not wait a slap in the face for violating personal space? And how to understand that a girl wants you?

Recognize all the mystery of a woman’s nature is difficult. However, some general information, even if not 100% accurate, but at least approximately, will help the guy to guess her mood and attitude towards his person.

42 signs of her “want.”

  • Does she laugh at your jokes?

If so, it’s a green light. Proven by experience: If she thinks all of your jokes are funny, even when others do not think so – she is in love with you. 100%.

  • She mirrors you?

Mirroring, this means that her body language – gestures, body position, posture follow yours, repeat your movements. For example, you drank from a glass, she did the same. You threw your leg over your leg – she did the same. These movements are done on a subconscious level, and mean that there is a subtle emotional connection between you. On the other hand, some people who know body language can mirror consciously. Either way, it will mean that she wants you to like her, to attract you. So it’s a great sign.

At the very least, it means she doesn’t want to lose sight of you or even want to get to know you better. So she’s interested. This, by the way, makes life easier for you, too: Social media provides many ways to show initiative and draw her attention to yourself.

  • How long are her messages to you?

Does she always reply succinctly, or does she send a whole sheet of text? If her responses are about the same as your messages or a little longer than yours, that’s great. But if you burst out with a little romance and the response is a smiley face or short answers, it’s better to slow down. Back off a little, pause, give the girl some space and time to get her interested in communicating with you again.

  • Is she flirting with you?

Any form of flirting, in principle, is usually a sign of her interest. When a girl flirts, that’s fine. It means that she expects the same from you. This creates a light casual atmosphere. You should relax and enjoy the moment.

  • Is she leaning toward you?

This is a common move: to show her cleavage, to get your attention, to be closer, in the end. Leaning in to take something or ask you something is sending you certain signals. Recognize them in time.

  • How close is she?

Literally. If you feel her moving closer and closer to you during a conversation, that’s a good sign. It’s unlikely a girl would do that if she didn’t like you. There’s a nuance here: different cultures have different concepts of personal space. So if she’s from a different culture, you have to look in context.

  • Does she bite her lips?

A slight nibbling of the lips is a cute, flirty signal. If she nibbles her lips while listening to you, that’s doubly cool! Chances are, she’s already yours.

  • Is she smiling at you?

If she smiles at you from afar (such as from the next table in a restaurant) – it should be taken as an invitation to approach her or as a flirt. Of course, if you just remembered to zip your fly. If she smiles warmly at you during a conversation, even though you’re not even joking, it’s an ironclad sign that she likes you.

  • Does she lick her lips?

It’s similar to lip nibbling, but not as obvious. Nevertheless, it may indicate that she likes you.

  • How often does she blink?

If she blinks more than usual, that’s a good sign.

  • What size are her pupils?

If her pupils are dilated when she’s talking to you, it’s going well. That’s pretty hard to track. Pupil size can depend on the level of light, the quality of the girl’s vision, and other factors.

If you notice that she keeps eye contact with you even a little longer than usual, she’s probably interested in you. This kind of eye contact may even seem odd or awkward.

  • Is she smiling at you specifically?

Think back: when you’re in the same company, everyone is chatting, and you suddenly bump into each other’s eyes. Does she smile back at yours? If so, she likes you. That sign, just like a smile from a distance, is an invitation to chat.

  • Where does she look when she’s dancing?

This is relevant somewhere in a club or bar. If she moves to the rhythm of the music and at the same time looking at you – it means she wants your attention, lures. It’s up to you to make the first move!

  • What is her posture?

It is proven that if a girl wants to please a man, she straightens her back when he appears. So if in your presence a girl holds her posture, she wants you.

  • Who does she turn to most often?

If in the company of other people she most often refers to you, it means that she gives you preference among others. This is especially true if you’re not the most talkative person at all.

  • Where are her feet pointing?

When you’re chatting standing up, pay attention to the placement of the girl’s feet. If they’re pointing in your direction, it’s a sign of affection. If the person is unpleasant, her feet will be turned sideways, such as toward the exit, or toward another conversationalist.

  • Does she adjust her clothes or accessories?

Yes, it could be, a nervous tic, of course. But more likely, she just wants you to like her!

  • What do her palms look like?

Do you see them, at all? If a girl keeps her palms open when talking to you, that’s a signal of good disposition and trust. Yes, it’s a weak signal, but a positive one nonetheless.

  • Does she respond to your touch?

For example, if you touch her hand during a conversation, will she do the same in response? If she does, that’s a great sign! But it’s also worth paying attention to how she behaves with others. Maybe she’s just an open, outgoing person. Or on the contrary, if she is too shy, then she is unlikely to touch anyone even in return.

  • Does she touch you first?

The most frequent areas to touch are her arms, shoulders, back, or hips. The more intimate areas are her hands and hips. If she touches them, she’s probably seducing you.

  • Do you ever have involuntary physical contact?

This is when, in the process of communication, you accidentally, involuntarily touch each other. For example, you sit on a bench and touch your hips. Or you are chatting lively and she suddenly grabs your hand in an emotional rush. Or she throws herself into your arms in a frightening way. This kind of contact means a lot: it promotes sexual tension and rapprochement between you. And, by the way, they are a powerful tool of seduction.

  • How much attention does she give you?

More than others? For example, you seem to be in the company, but most of her attention is directed to you. She asks you a question. Or laughs at your jokes more than others. In general, the more attention she gives you, the more likely she is to give you something else…

  • Does she ever blush?

When you talk to her or look her in the eye. Maybe she’s just shy. But it’s much more likely that she’s embarrassed because she likes you. She might even be in love.

  • Is she watching you?

Girls can be pretty sneaky. She’s not likely to stare at you openly. Sometimes they might just pretend to look in the direction you happen to be. Or they may just think about it and look right through you. There are even known cases when girls used reflections in windows to observe the guy they liked, and at the same time to see if he was looking at her. The most insidious way is with sunglasses. So if she often looks in your direction, she’s probably watching you. There’s a reason for that.

What happens when you’re done talking. Or for whatever reason, don’t find something to say? If she’s looking for a way to develop the topic and continue the conversation, that’s good, she likes talking to you, she’s interested.

  • Does she always answer your call?

Or a message? Quick answers are a clear sign of interest. She is waiting for your call.

If she’s always calling you first, it’s obvious she wants to communicate. But if you’re the only one who initiates the calls, trouble. It’s a sign of a distinct lack of interest and desire. It makes sense to take a step back and give her some time, maybe you’re just not giving her a chance to show that initiative.

Compare, who writes to whom more often? It’s simple here, if she writes more often, she’s more interested, if you are, you are.

  • Has she ever stuttered when talking to you?

Or stammered, suddenly interrupted her thought, forgot what she wanted to say. Maybe she’s 100 years old and just senile. But more likely, she’s embarrassed by her insecurities and her desire to please you.

Try taking a step forward during the conversation. How will she act? If she steps back and regains her distance, she’s still out of your reach. If she stays where she is, that means she enjoys your intimacy.

  • Did she ever mention any plans together?

Planning to do something together in the future is a very strong indication of interest and feelings, most likely romantic. For example, you talk about some city, and she tells you that you definitely need to be there together. Or she promises to show you “this amazing place.

  • How does she react if you find common interests?

If she’s excited, that’s very good! That’s a strong identifier. Anything trivial can be common: her favorite food, or the area of town she grew up in, her favorite breed of dog.

  • Does she ask you personal questions?

If so, it means she’s trying to get to know you better, which means she’s clearly taking an interest.

  • Has she asked about your plans for the day or weekend?

It can be a simple courtesy or another topic of conversation, but it is also an opportunity to hint at a date, to find out if a meeting is possible. You can almost unmistakably tell that it’s not idle curiosity if such questions arise at the end of the conversation.

  • Does she look embarrassed if you are alone?

If you can see that she’s embarrassed but doesn’t make any attempt to leave, that’s just fine! For example, you happened to meet at a cafe where she was out with her girlfriends. The girlfriends split up and the two of you were left alone. And she might even be a little confused, but she doesn’t leave. Such a situation is doubly good because it means approval from her friends, otherwise they wouldn’t have left her.

This question is more relevant if you have already started dating. But it’s such a significant sign of sympathy and approval that it’s impossible not to mention it! Especially if the girl is from a culture where family approval is important. If the girl has told her family and friends about your relationship and you in particular, it means she already sees your future together and she’s happy with it. If so far only friends know – well, that’s something.

  • Has she ever offered you a massage?

Massage is, of course, first and foremost a useful thing. But on the other hand, it’s also a way to touch each other with impunity. Don’t forget to offer her a massage in return.

  • Is your best friend in love?

Is your friend acting strangely, differently than usual? Has she suddenly become jealous of other girls you pay attention to? Has she suddenly become more touchy and sensitive? Suddenly interested in your hobbies with special zeal? Hey! These are all clear signs that your best friend polshe does not want to be just a friend. Sounds like someone has fallen in love.

  • Are you sure a girl likes you yet?

You can’t be 100% sure how a girl feels about you based on this list alone. But there are three questions that, after thinking about them carefully, you’re sure to come up with the right answer:

  • How regularly does she show you signs of attention?
  • Does she treat you differently than others (maybe she flirts with everyone else)?
  • What particularly obvious signs of attention to you has she shown?
  • Are you still not sure if this girl likes you?

Sometimes you can just ask. More often than not, you won’t lose anything. If the answer is “no,” you can always turn the conversation into a joke. And if the answer is yes, go ahead, she wants you!

Verbal Signs

  • First of all, verbal signs of the positive attitude of a nice person to herself, men can consider compliments. She will talk about strength, intelligence, beautiful body, sense of style. She will assess the voice, hairstyle, gait, will note the large size of the hand, in case it is.
  • She will ask if you have a wife or a steady girlfriend.
  • She might ask provocative questions. Does he cheat on his wife? Or how does he feel about cheating if he’s not married? How does he feel about casual sex? Or intimacy on a first date?
  • She’s looking to meet and socialize on her own.
  • She always responds to texts and calls.
  • She writes or calls at night.

Non-verbal signs.

All women from small to large want to look perfect in the eyes of the guy she likes. And if next to a representative of the opposite sex, the lady makes any attempt to dress up, it means it is important for her to leave a pleasant impression about herself. Which indirectly could mean her desire to continue communicating.

  • She fixes her hair, touches her hair, rubs a lock of hair, or twists it on her finger.
  • She opens her neck by throwing her hair back, or slightly tilting her head.
  • The girl sits in an open pose, and gestures to show her boyfriend her wrists.
  • She lets her hair down, under the pretext of being uncomfortable, or needing to fix her hair.
  • The modest-looking lady laughs quite loudly, drawing attention to herself.
  • As she speaks, the girl leans toward the person she likes.
  • She doesn’t look away, and seems to scrutinize the guy intently.
  • Her gaze moves fluently over the man’s face and torso.
  • She shows off her body by taking off her jacket, exposing her shoulders, breasts, and legs.

From a physiological point of view, non-verbal signs signifying sexual arousal can be:

  • The girl’s pupils, and possibly her eyes, are dilated.
  • Her chest rises high and her breathing becomes heavier and more frequent.
  • She brings her knees together, or puts her leg over her leg.
  • An unwarranted blush of dialogue appears on her cheeks.
  • Her voice becomes lower and her speech with a gasp.


  • A woman experiencing attraction will also try to figure out if her partner is interested in her, and it is not surprising if at some point, on a hot summer evening, she announces that she is chilly. Naturally, in the summer it is difficult to meet a gentleman in a jacket, and the only way to warm the lady you like is to cuddle.
  • The girl invites him to her house. She says that her parents will not be home. Or on plausible pretext invites a young man into the house, for example, to fix the computer, or move a heavy chair.
  • The opposite situation is also possible, she unobtrusively asks to visit the man. Perhaps offering some kind of household assistance on the feminine side.
  • She asks to accompany her home, under the pretext of fear or fatigue, leaning on a strong male shoulder, and imitating fright grabs hold of the hand escort.
  • She hints at, or outright says, that she has not had a partner in a long time, or at least that she is not currently in a relationship.


  • The lady tries to be alone with the guy. In a guest or in a cafe, if a man went out for a smoke break or just to get some fresh air, she immediately finds herself next to him.
  • A clear sign of sympathy and a desire to get close is an attempt by the girl to touch the young man. With casual touching she probes the ground and evaluates the reaction of the interlocutor.
  • Direct actions indicating a woman’s desire to get intimate are frank movements and touching a man. Under the table she sticks her leg, fingertips spoiling his pant leg, sometimes climbing under it. She touches the guy’s back or shoulder with her hands, her palms.
  • The girl starts rubbing the guy’s shoulders, touching him under the pretext of a massage.
  • She kisses the young man, ostensibly as a friend, or already openly.
  • She hugs when meeting and saying goodbye, and when possible in between.

Many subtle hints, physiological and psychological signs of a woman’s lust, are still not comparable to her frank request to possess her. And a naked girl lying in the same bed with a guy is no guarantee that she wants him. Maybe there’s a different meaning to the sex. How do you know if a girl wants you? This question can be answered reliably by the beautiful lady herself.

How do you know if a girl wants you? 50 signs of a girl’s attraction

Girls love to flirt, hint and flirt with men. But men like to be dumb and not notice the sympathy of beautiful girls who are flirting around. There are plenty of pretty girls around who don’t mind hooking up or having fun with you. How do you know if a girl wants you?

The sympathy of girls

Girls often fall for men, but rarely make the first move. Lonely beauties scout for a fight, flirt, say compliments and show their body language to attract you.

How do you figure out a girl’s true intentions? Here’s a detailed list of feminine actions that a girl in love or a willing hottie does. How to recognize female attraction and sympathy?

1. The girl looks at you.

The girl constantly throws her eyes at you, shoots her eyes and smiles while doing so. Girls don’t just do things like that. It’s very likely that the chick likes you. Approach her and then offer her a drink, a walk, or a date.

2. A girl calls you for company.

The girl “happens” to have tickets to a match, movie, theater or other place. She unobtrusively offers you or acts through friends. This is not by chance, but interest.

3. The girl shows her attraction with her body language

A girl licks her lips, throws languid glances, actively blinks, plays with her eyebrows, leans closer, copies behavior, twists her strands, plays with her hair, throws her leg over her leg, shows off her wrists. These are all signs of a girl’s attraction. You give her goosebumps. She wants you. Courage.

4. The girl invades your space.

A girl lingers in your personal space, violates it, and likes to be there. Girls avoid doing it with people they don’t like. A girl enters a man’s personal area to get him interested, to arouse sexual attraction, and to push for initiative. A girl wants you and your presence.

6. The girl invites you to visit her.

She asks for help fixing the computer, nailing a shelf, moving a heavy load, helping with classes or comes up with another excuse. This is one of the most common options when a girl takes the initiative. This is where you should reciprocate, not slow down.

7. The girl is looking at your body parts

The girl is attracted to your lips, as if she wants to kiss. The girl is looking at your body, your biceps, your butt or your groin area. The girl clearly misses love and intimacy. The girl wants you physically. Act bolder and more active.

8. The girl has dilated eyes.

The girl looks at you and her pupils are huge. This usually happens when the girl really likes the person she’s talking to. There is something wrong here. Maybe the girl is attracted to you.

10. The girl is touching you.

A girl touches you on various occasions. She pats you on the shoulder, takes your hand, presses her breast, moves her palm, touches your body, or accidentally touches you. The girl is trying to attract the man tactilely, and so she touches him. It’s flirting, and the chick is trying to seduce you.

11. The girl is fixing her hair.

A girl runs her hand through her hair, plays with a curl or shakes it. Girls do this when they are trying to get someone to like them. A girl’s hair is their weapon of mass seduction. It is their natural body language.

12. The girl takes the initiative.

The girl has a modern outlook. She takes the initiative herself and makes the first move. She initiates a conversation, communication or a date. It remains to rejoice in the woman’s straightforwardness and take a step towards her.

14. The girl writes to you.

A girl writes insignificant messages, sends funny pictures or shares music. For any, even the simplest message, the girl certainly responds. Such assertiveness is characteristic of those girls who want a man’s attention, relationship or love.

15. The girl teases you

The girl uses a sense of humor, sarcasm, and irony in conversation. She teases and teases you. She tries to hit you to shake you up and awaken a spark between you.

16. The girl laughs willingly.

In your presence, the girl is more joyful, carefree, and laughing. She laughs out loud at your jokes, giggles and reacts vividly to your words. If you’ve made a girl laugh, she’s already halfway subdued. Girls willingly laugh with men they are attracted to.

18. A girl compliments you.

She notices your sense of humor, your intelligence, your athleticism, the beauty of your clothes or your inner qualities. Girls pay a man a compliment when they want something from him. For example, a relationship, love and intimacy.

19. The girl’s tone of voice changes.

Girls’ voices become deeper, lower, velvety and soft. It is as if she charms with her voice, even though she usually speaks differently. This is the method of the mythical sirens who lured sailors into their arms with their beautiful singing. This girl, too, wants to drag you down to the bottom of passion and sensation. Give in to her charms.

22. The girl looks bright

A girl looks better than usual when the man of her dreams appears on the horizon. Makeup, dress and feminine behavior. The girl is trying to get attention with her attractiveness. Don’t disappoint her.

23. The girl shares something with you.

A girl gives you a taste of candy, sips from her glass, or holds out some other nonsense. No one will share with people they don’t like. The girl likes you, and so she tries to connect through giving. Pay attention to this generous hottie.

26. The girl is “probing the ground.”

The girl is probing the man’s financial side with her talk. The girl is interested in job, car, apartment and other financial factors. The girl wants to know how often the man travels and how he spends his free time. This reveals him well on the financial side, which interests a girl looking for a serious relationship. If you answered the questions “correctly” and meet her standards, the girl is further interested. Such a girl wants to hook up with you. It’s up to you to choose from here.

27. The girl is active on social networks with you.

Instagram, Vkontakte, Facebook and other social networks are convenient for building a personal life. A girl actively likes you, comments on your posts or texts you. A girl wants to get to know you better.

30. The girl notices details.

She sees your new hairstyle, shirt or other changes in appearance. She notices things that others ignore or are indifferent to. Such attentiveness is suspicious. Maybe the girl wants you.

31. The girl doesn’t get distracted.

When communicating, the girl is not distracted by her phone, other people, or extraneous things. The girl puts you in the center of her interests, which indicates sympathy and attraction.

35. The girl constantly catches her eye.

You very often meet the girl as if she is “casual.” She’s constantly rubbing up close to be in your line of sight. The girl goes to places where you usually inhabit. Girls try to make eye contact with men who cause them to have an elevated heart rate.

36. A girl borrows something from you.

A girl asks for a jacket to keep her warm. A girl asks to borrow something. Often girls do things like this to make the man feel like a savior. Maybe the girl wants to get attention. Now it’s your turn to make the first move.

37. The girl is like “on pins and needles”.

Shy girls often get nervous when they find themselves around a man they are attracted to. The girl blushes, stutters, and shows other signs of heightened arousal. Help her out.

38. Girl complains about other men

A girl remarks that there are no good men left in the world but you. She would like to go on a date and hook up if someone like you asked her out. Are you still dumb? The girl is hinting at sympathy in a very explicit way. Ask a girl out on a date.

39. Is the girl interested in your business and life?

The girl shows a heightened interest in you and your life that goes beyond common courtesy. She is interested in your moods and affairs. She pokes her pretty nose into the affairs of someone she likes. It is also for the purpose of arousing a reverse interest.

40. The girl is jealous.

A girl is jealous of other broads who show up around her. She is like a predator who is ready to tear apart anyone who encroaches on her prey. She criticizes, ridicules, and brushes off competitors. Chicks don’t like other chicks who come up to you with their charms.

41. The girl acts liberated.

The girl feels very comfortable with you and even a little liberated. It’s as if she’s trying to show that she feels good with you. She acts naturally, as if she’s known you for 1000 years.

42. The girl writes or calls at night

Sometimes a girl takes the first step and writes at night. After hours, girls are interested in a man they are attracted to. If it’s not a business or friendly correspondence, pick up this romantic game.

43. A girl puts on her makeup.

The girl is putting on lipstick, looking in the mirror, or adjusting her clothes. She’s trying to impress you and wants to please you. Act bolder.

44. The girl will agree to any proposal.

Even the most ordinary or boring proposal to a girl seems like a good idea. She enthusiastically takes up the offer and is ready to spend time together. The girl has a crush on you.

45. The girl tries to provoke jealousy.

A girl talks about her suitors who are besieging her. A girl talks to another man while looking at you. A girl may show how popular she is in order to cause jealousy and get a man to be active.

46. A girl shows candor.

Does a girl you don’t know show a strange frankness and openness? Does she share worries, dreams, plans, problems and secrets? The girl is frank with you for the reason that she likes you.

47. The girl tells other people about you

The girl tells her girlfriends or acquaintances about you. She’s trying to find out things about you or share things about you. This kind of interest looks suspicious. The girl is clearly interested in you, and she wants to get to know you better.

48. The girl focuses on your similarities

The girl notices your common features, similar goals and similar plans in life. This girl shows that life paths can be common. The girl likes you, and she expects reciprocity.

49. The girl begs for a “compliment.” 49.

The girl wonders if her hair, dress, smile or whatever is pretty. She wants to attract attention and does not need to deny it. Compliment the girl and start flirting.

50. 50. You like the girl.

Often we like those people who like us. A warm attitude towards a person can be a sign of mutual sympathy. Be considerate and proactive, and don’t miss a great opportunity.

If you notice a couple of signs, there’s a high probability that the girl likes you. The girl wants you and you’re dumb or timid. Be bold before she loses interest. The girl gives you a chance for a kiss, love, relationship and intimacy. Go for it!

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