How do you know if a woman loves you?

How to check a girl for feelings and understand that she is in love, but hides it?

It is important to recognize the signals of a girl in love in time, so as not to miss a good time to create a couple. And it does not hurt to check the existing relationship for love either. Women are very emotional and easily give away their feelings. How do you know if a girl loves you? There is no need to go to a psychic, everything is much easier.

10 signs of falling in love with a girl

If the question “How do I know if a girl loves me?” is regularly spinning in your head, you’ve come to the right place. Don’t be ashamed of your curiosity, the desire to know the truth in such a serious matter is quite normal. Now you will learn the obvious signs of love, which will open your eyes to what is going on. Watch the subject, note her actions and compare with the following list:

The lady cares about you.

Does the lady ask you how your day was? Worries if you’re in trouble? Then don’t ask how to tell if a girl loves you, it’s obvious. Don’t think she’s asking questions out of idle curiosity. This is a natural feminine instinct: the man you love should be fed, clothed, rested and calm. Your chosen one just wants you to be okay.

As a rule, the easiest way to check if a girl loves you is during illness. A lady who is burning with feelings for you will definitely inquire about your state of health and give advice on treatment. A woman in love will take care of you, make broth and entertain you in every way. The most economical can buy medicines and bring them to you along with a jar of raspberry jam. Appreciate such a gesture, because it comes from the heart. Just do not forget to do the same in her illness.

If you are already married and wondering how to know if your wife loves you, note whether she cared? Does your wife still cook your favorite dishes? Does she worry when you are very tired? If the answer is yes, there’s nothing to worry about, enjoy a happy marriage.

She trusts you.

You’ve probably heard stories from friends about how their other halves are constantly setting up checks. Ladies tricky ways to figure out social media passwords, look through their phone correspondence while their men are asleep. Some even get angry at a single glance thrown at another woman. Is that good or bad? How do you know if a girl loves you or not if she behaves this way?

A sincerely loving woman trusts her partner. She casts aside doubts about the relationship and takes you at your word. So extra suspicion is more a symptom of love addiction than high feelings. So do not think that because she is jealous of you, she loves you, in fact, it’s the opposite. If a girl loves you, she won’t harass you with suspicions.

She is faithful to you.

Love is impossible without mutual fidelity. And this concept includes not only physical fidelity, but also spiritual fidelity. How do you know if a girl loves you? You are walking together, she behaves modestly and looks only at you. The girl doesn’t notice other men around her because she has you. A loving soulmate never hides with the phone in another room or whispers with someone. She openly chats with friends and family in front of you, because she has nothing to hide and fear. Appreciate such a gift of fate and reciprocate.

Find out that the girl does not love you, you can just the opposite situation. She flirts with guys, often goes without you to parties and meetings, dresses provocatively, constantly corresponds with someone and does not name names. To fair comments to behave more modestly, the girl guffaws or makes empty promises not to do it again. Explain to her that this behavior doesn’t suit you. And if she doesn’t change, do you really need a girlfriend like that?

She’s helping you.

True love means that you have all the problems in common. How do you know that a woman loves you? She helps in word or deed in difficult situations and does not leave in the lurch. Many great men have made great heights in this or that area is due to a reliable loving support in the face of a beloved woman.

So how do you know if a girl is in love with you? Of course, if she does the following, her feelings are sincere:

  • Will help you finish your report on work or coursework, even if it’s well past midnight,
  • listens carefully in any situation and give good concrete advice,
  • lend you money if you’re in trouble,
  • take care of your cat if you are away for a couple of days at work,
  • help you clean your apartment,
  • go together to your grandmother’s house with presents.

And many other situations like this will tell you about the love of the other half. Be sure to thank her for her help and take care of your treasure.

She is honest to you.

Even if not only compliments, but also comments come off the girl’s lips, it does not mean that she does not have deep feelings. You don’t want to be in the dark every time you put on a disgusting sweater, do you? A loving lady will tell you that you’re wearing it like a scarecrow and won’t be flattered. When a girl is having a hard time, she won’t smile and pretend to be happy. She’ll tell you straight out that she’s not feeling well. You may not like this behavior, but you will be sure that she is not lying.

Agree, the bitter truth is better than a sweet lie. The honesty of the partners is the key to a long and successful relationship. But lying just lets you know that the girl does not love you. Look for a sincere representative of the fair sex, not a fake actress.

She is very emotional while talking to you

This sign will best help in the question of how to understand that a girl is in love, but hides it. Love is a strong feeling, and even with effort, it is impossible to keep it completely hidden from outsiders. If you want to find out about the feelings of a pretty girlfriend, look closely at her while walking in a common company. Chances are, if you’re sad, she’ll stop having fun, too. And when you show up cheerful and upbeat, she’ll also have a smile on her face.

To find out the answer for sure, conduct some experiments by playing with your mood. If most of the time she mirrors her emotions, she probably cares about you. How else do you know if this girl loves you? Try getting close and talking. If her cheeks blush and you can not immediately find the words to answer, then the girl obviously has feelings.

She’s attracted to you and misses you.

Most guys don’t want to see the obvious. They ask their friends how to tell if a girl has fallen in love, although she constantly calls them, writes and wants to meet every day. If a woman is caught up in a wave of love, she longs to be with the object of adoration all her free time. Don’t think that a girl just has nothing to do. Believe me, the lady will always find something to do.

She often takes the initiative to communicate just because of love, at the very least a strong liking. These deep feelings make her miss you, which becomes visible to the naked eye.

If even after a quarrel the girl is able to go first to reconcile, you know that she loves you for sure. For the fair sex to make such a step is an enormous effort. And they are only capable of it due to the deep affection.

How to understand that the girl fell out of love with you? If she used to be eager to communicate, but now you are constantly calling her first. She is always missing somewhere, and asking her out has become a real problem. Most likely, the girl cooled down to you: either you had a big fight, or the lady really lost her feelings. Remember that there is still a chance to fix everything.

She gives you gifts.

On the eve of the holiday you get a nice gift, and you keep asking, how do you know that the girl is in love with you, but hides it? Practice your logic and rather look for a trinket with a hint in it in return. To a stranger who is indifferent, women don’t give anything. Gifts have always been a sign of sympathy and love. To choose them, you need to consider the tastes of the recipient and spend time and effort to acquire them. So evaluate the deed and go for the fate.

It is especially easy to find out about a girl’s feelings on Valentine’s Day. Gone are the school years, when cute heart-shaped cards were given to everyone. Now this winter holiday is a great date for those who have decided to confess their love and sympathy

She looks at you in a special way.

If you regularly catch a girl’s intense gaze, and when you look back, she hides her eyes, then the lady clearly has feelings. It’s hard enough for women not to observe the object of passion. The liberated ladies do not take their eyes off and playfully look at your lips and the area below the waist.

There is also a physiological sign of love, determined by the pupils. Walk up to the girl, talk to her and look closely into her eyes: if she loves you, the pupil should dilate.

So, the look gave away the young lady’s feelings. If you want to have an affair with her, wait for the next game of staring and just wink at her. Take a small step towards happiness.

She gives herself away with body language.

If the lady is interested in you, she won’t be able to hide her body’s subconscious signals. Body language will open the veil of secrecy about how to figure out if a girl loves you.

Observe her and note such non-verbal signals:

  • An involuntary twisting of a curl or stroking of hair is a widely known sign of falling in love,
  • She turns her feet in your direction, pointing toe of her shoe and playfully rocking it – she certainly likes you,
  • she touches you regularly,
  • the lady opens the inside of her wrist, a gesture of submission and attraction,
  • If you used to kiss on the cheek when you met her, now she has started to do it with special tenderness,
  • the girl tries to lean on you, as if she has stumbled or lost her balance.

Now you can easily check whether the girl loves you or not. If you have been together for a long time and you have noted in your relationship almost all the signs of love, congratulations! Henceforth, do not think too much, and enjoy the company of the other half. Well, if you are still free and realized that this nice representative of the fair sex really care about you, and you feel sympathy for her, do not hesitate. Take the initiative and be happy! And in general, trust your intuition. Love – not an exact science, it has no rules.

How to understand that a woman loves: the main signs of true love

I love to read and understand everything new. I write prose for young people, articles on various female topics.

Expert – Margarita Lopukhova

Family psychologist. For eight years I save “family units” from the collapse. I help couples regain love and understanding.

“Do you love me? – Yeah!” sings a cheerful children’s song. And everything seems so vanilla, pink ponies dancing with unicorns, and flying hearts all around. It seems like it can’t be any other way. But life is so interesting and complicated thing, sometimes it tricks such that the existence of love in general you stop believing. How do you know that a woman loves, if there are doubts about this?

For this (among other reasons), men are in no hurry to call the ladies of the heart in the institution where they put the cherished stamp. Not in a hurry to create the proverbial new unit of society. It is important for a man to be sure that his chosen one loves him.

Signs of woman’s love.

Women are creatures who are very good at disguising things. No, of course not everyone, but most of them. They can so cleverly find an approach that is already on the last blood money you buy her a fur coat, boots and a ticket to the island. And the fact that she will fly there with you.

In general, in order for a man not to be cheated, you have to become a bit of a psychologist to understand – where the truth is, and where it is not. There are sure signs of how to understand that the woman loves. But it is desirable to look for these signs with a cool head. And sober. And you can not just look at your own, but also ask your friends.

Sign one – loyalty.

A loving woman will always be faithful to his beloved. And it’s not so much about cheating as such. A woman is not interested in other representatives of the stronger sex, when all of her gut is absorbed by the only one. She will not allow herself to flirt at a party with anyone, even while under the influence of alcohol. She will not flirt with anyone. She will not allow even the thought of looking at anyone else as an object of desire.

Distance, time – nothing can make a truly loving woman betray the man she loves. If her chosen one has gone far away and for a long time, but he will definitely come back, she will wait. We are not talking about a day or two, or a week or even a month. We are talking about fairly long time intervals – six months, a year. For example, he was drafted into the army, went to another country. You go to jail, in the end. A woman will find a lot of things to do to distract herself. Buried upside down in work, will attend any clubs, learn to sew, knit, will watch soap operas at any free time, but will not allow themselves to go in search of another man.

The second sign is the fear of losing

A woman who loves is afraid of losing the one she loves. That is why she will not pick his brain because he bought the wrong color toilet paper. She will try to smooth things over and make compromises. If in all conflicts she’s waiting for the guy to admit his guilt (even though there isn’t one), then it’s not about true love.

She will cherish the person she has real feelings for. She will turn a blind eye to certain things that displease her, so as not to provoke a quarrel. By her attitude she shows that she cares about you.

Sign three – change.

Any progressive relationship is made up of movement. In order not to stalemate, a person must evolve. Likewise with feelings – if one loves, he is willing to change for the other. But the golden mean is important here – for example, learning to cook a man’s favorite dish is a positive change, but getting a facial plastic surgery that a woman doesn’t need but a man does – is overkill.

Over time, relationships (of any kind) begin to fade, so you have to throw some wood on the fire. A woman who loves, will try to be desirable to her man. Will fuel his interest.

The fourth sign – to be there.

Love forces you to be there for your man not only in happy moments, but also in hard times. A woman will try to help you or at least support you. There are situations when you feel like crap, all against you, and she will be there. As in that joke – will stand behind you and give you ammunition.

She won’t run away from you when you’re upset about something. She’ll help you through the loss. She won’t be buzzing around your ear “well, when are we going on vacation” at a time when you’re having financial difficulties. She will not accuse you of ruining your vacation because you broke your arm. If she loves you she will understand and support you.

Sign five – the mood.

A woman who loves you won’t just demand, she’ll be able to give back. She will arrange a pleasant surprise, to give gifts on and off. She just likes to make you feel good. At the same time she will not wait for an answer “honey, I bought you a new shaving gel, maybe you’ll give me one more perfume? No, this is not about love, this is extortion.

If a woman has the approach of “well, I’m a girl, then you have to give me flowers on Fridays, on Saturdays to take me to a restaurant, on Sundays to the movies, on Wednesdays to go shopping,” then no love is out of the question. And if everything is reinforced by phrases like “you do not love me? Are you sorry to buy me a new purse?”, then you should definitely run. And change your phone number just in case.

Sign six – time.

You want to spend a lot of time together with your loved one. Very much. Every free minute. And do not wait that he calls you somewhere. The girl will initiate communication only with those who interest her. The more passionate she is, the more she wants to communicate. She will write, call, come over. She will offer to go to the movies, to a cafe, to the park – anywhere, just to be together.

She is well aware that she needs you, so she will not wait by the sea of weather. Risks of being left behind. So shove your principles “girls do not call first” farther away and will fight for his happiness.

Sign seven – the circle of communication

A woman will not hide you from everyone. She will (most likely) want to show off to her friends, saying, “Look what a handsome man I got. She will be pleased to spend time in the company of beloved man, not only with his friends, but also with him. Chances are she will seek to get to know your friends. And her goal is to charmingly please them. After all, she wants to be a part of your life, and your friends have a big place in it.

A woman’s love is impossible not to notice. She shows care, she doesn’t pick your brain. She even looks at you in a special way. If there are doubts – just look closely and everything will become clear.

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