How do you know if a man loves you?

How to know if a man loves you: 20 basic signs

How to know if a man loves you: 10 phrases of a man who loves you + 20 signs of sincere love + 7 true signs (a man’s view of the problem).

We all want to love and be loved.

There are happy women who absolutely know that their significant other has sincere deep feelings for them. But there are those who have to figure out what’s behind the pretty words of their young man: love, lust, lies, emptiness.

How do you know if a man loves you or a relationship with you for him just a game? Ask directly? But it is so easy to lie.

It is better to look not at the words but the actions. And look for the right signs that just indicate the strength and genuineness of feelings.

How do you know if a man loves you for his behavior, looks and other signs?

To find out exactly how your man feels, you just need to look closely at him. Set aside for a moment their own feelings, which blur the view and analyze his actions, words, gestures, etc.

You will easily understand whether he loves you or not, if you do not cheat yourself.

1) 10 phrases that men say when they love

  1. “I love you.”
  2. “Let me introduce you to my friends/colleagues/relatives…”.
  3. “You are the most beautiful and intelligent, I am so lucky to have met you.”
  4. “How many children would you like to have?”
  5. “In the future I plan to…” (you are in those plans too).
  6. “I want you to know more about me.”
  7. “I’m afraid of disappointing you.”
  8. “I miss you so much, even though I haven’t seen you in just two days.”
  9. “I’m worried/worried about you.”
  10. “Dress warmer, it’s cold outside. Have lunch, please, don’t go hungry all day. Bought fruit, medicine at the drugstore and I’m on my way to you.”

Of course, phrases can be formed differently. But I think you get the general point.

A man who loves will not:

  • Hide his feelings;
  • Hide you from friends and relatives;
  • be indifferent to your health, well-being, mood;
  • Self-avoidance in difficult moments of your life;
  • spit on what you think of him;
  • hiding your past and future plans;
  • looking for excuses as to why you can’t meet.

2) Man’s behaviors that will indicate that he loves you

If you got a silent or harsh man who says little, but does a lot, do not rush to reproach that he does not love you. Just analyze the actions of a young man, not words.

The actions of a man who definitely loves his woman:

Involving you in his life.

A man who loves and who wants a woman to be a part of his life will quickly:

  • Introduce her to his friends and family;
  • Show her where he lives and works;
  • Try to join his hobbies, etc.

A man who loves doesn’t even need to ask you for help. He listens to you carefully and is sensitive to phrases like:

  • You have a blown bulb;
  • a shelf fell off;
  • the kettle’s broken;
  • You don’t know how to get to your parents because all the buses are full on a Friday night;
  • you can not solve the problem with the HOA, etc.

The desire to please you.

You are an important part of his life.

The woman you love has one of the main places in a man’s life, while the lady you don’t love is just one of the components.

3) Ten more additional signs that will indicate that a man loves you

  1. Looks full of love and longing to admire you when he thinks you can’t see it.
  2. A desire to share both sorrows and joys with you.
  3. Adequate response to your moods: a desire to comfort you when you feel bad, maintaining cheerfulness when you feel good.
  4. The constant presence and desire to help when you are stressed, in a bad mood, depressed, during PMS, etc.
  5. Pride that a man feels for your victories and achievements.
  6. Lack of selfishness in terms of sex and the desire to please your beloved woman, not just to take care of your own satisfaction.
  7. Knowing and understanding your tastes, hobbies, likes, dislikes, allergies, etc.
  8. The value of your opinion to him is undeniable.
  9. A loving man will not take his bad temper out on you and poured on his head his problems in order to get angry, and not to get help or practical advice.
  10. The desire to please your girlfriends, parents, to strengthen your life and become an important part of it.

How do you know that the man does not love you so you do not waste time on him?

We – women – different species than men, so we can not always understand them.

As in my female view, the easiest way to figure out if a man loves you or not, is just to feel. If you are confused about something in a relationship, if you do not fully believe him, and even if you often ask yourself the question, “Does he love you or not?”, most likely there is no true love.

There is sympathy, affection, passion, perhaps – love, but not enough to enter into marriage with a man. Where is the guarantee that when you are already married, he will not meet the one that will love with all his soul?

But that’s my, a woman’s, view of the problem. I would like to know what men think about it.

My male friend, a psychologist by profession, told me a few signs that are sure to indicate that a man does not love you:

He hasn’t changed his habits, his traditional lifestyle, or his schedule because of you showing up.

He is not eager to spend more time with you, to see you more often, to talk a lot on the phone.

He is not afraid to hurt you.

He doesn’t want to plan with you not only a distant future (family, children), but even a joint summer vacation.

You have repeatedly caught the guy in a lie.

He is not trying to make your life easier, to help in difficult situations.

He does not accept you for who you are.

A man who loves, at first, will not notice any female flaws, he will forgive even the things that used to irritate him.

Reconciliation and smoothing of sharp angles happens later. For example, I – an ardent opponent of smoking, once dated a girl who smokes, because I fell in love like a kid.

Love – not love: find out, even if it hurts

Most women, at least once in their lives, have found themselves trapped in a debilitating relationship…

I’m not talking about some kind of abuse or connection to a dysfunctional marginalized person right now. I’m talking about relationships that seem to develop logically and bring pleasure, but there is no conviction that they will end up being good.

This usually happens when we have doubts about being loved. I was in such a relationship once.

Dima and I dated for six months back at university. Handsome guy, well-mannered, with many positive character traits, goal-oriented (even in his sophomore year he started working part-time to have his own money), etc.

He treated me wonderfully: he arranged dates, gave me flowers and nice presents, and paid me compliments. In general, a good candidate for the role of the other half. But something was missing in our relationship. It was only later that I realized that what was missing was love.

No, I loved Dima (or I thought I did at the time), but I wasn’t sure of his feelings, although I did get a few routine “I love you. I always wanted to know how he felt about me. It was this that wore me down mentally and did not allow me to relax.

How did I find out that Dima didn’t love me after all? I took off my rose-colored glasses and really looked at his feelings for me. That’s what confused me:

  1. He did not genuinely care when I was sick or dealing with some problems.
  2. Not once did the man get upset when our date was postponed for some reason.
  3. Even in the most intimate moments, Dima remained aloof – he didn’t seem to care if I was with him or not.
  4. The guy paid too much attention to other girls – and it was not a quick meaningless look that all men throw at attractive girls, it was an assessment: whether she was a good match for me or not.
  5. I felt he was lying to me when he talked about his feelings.

We broke up on Valentine’s Day. During a romantic dinner, we got into a conversation about our feelings. I, jokingly, asked why Dima was spending this day with me and not with another girl and heard in response: “Well, I love you.

And these intimate words sounded like: “Well, bought without thinking, jacket, now I have to wear, even though I’m not crazy about it. And I decided to get the truth from my young man.

We talked for a long time and for the first time sincerely. During the evening I still managed to find out that Dima, though he thinks I am wonderful, but not really love.

He felt guilty and tried to talk me into waiting, saying that my feelings would come, but I did not want to.

Yes, it was painful, yes, to leave him was a difficult decision, but I have no regrets about the fact that I have achieved such an important recognition.

How do you know if a man loves you or not?

First, you have to watch this video:

My advice to you: if you are thinking about how to find out if a man loves you , think about what you will do if he says, “I don’t”. If you are ready for the truth (albeit bitter), then seek a sincere confession. If not – leave everything as it is. It is possible that sooner or later he will love you.

How to know that your favorite loves you – 12 verbal and nonverbal signs

You keep catching yourself thinking about his true attitude toward you, and in your head constantly spinning the question of how to understand that your favorite loves you? Then this article is definitely for you. It contains all the main behavioral signs of how men behave if they are not indifferent to the woman. Read it for sure! He who is warned is armed

Table of contents:

Oh, those women’s ears that are so eager to hear confessions of their feelings all the time! Here’s just not always these cherished words are a sign of real love. So maybe you should not expect from your beloved man flaming speeches? After all, true love is perfectly recognizable in his behavior and actions!

How to know that your favorite loves you – 12 clear signs

A man loves you if.

Gives you meaningful compliments

You won’t hear him say, “That new dress looks great on you,” but he doesn’t think it’s shameful to say, “I wouldn’t have made it this far if it weren’t for your support and help. The most important compliments are not those that relate to your appearance, but those that speak about your personality.

Sees your shortcomings.

And not just sees them, but can even make a reprimand for inappropriate remarks or incorrect behavior. No, he is not reading a lecture, just point you to the wrong thing, making it clear that he knows you like no one else, and accepts the whole, with all the faults. He doesn’t see you as a soulless ideal, but as a perfectly normal, living and therefore imperfect woman.

Wants to know your opinion.

On anything: from where to go on vacation to judgments about global world problems. This is not a sign of weakness or a desire to transfer some decisions on your shoulders, but a manifestation of respect for your person. Of course, he has his own opinion, but it is very important for him to know yours.

Gives you personal space

No matter how he wants to always be with you, he gives you the opportunity to be alone, to take care of themselves and their business. Keep in mind that the man’s desire to spend the day with you all day long is not so much a sign of his love, but about insecurity. Everyone has a normal need to be alone for a while.

Wishing you the best, even to his detriment.

You, without any objection on his part, leave for a month training course, or go to bed early, because you have an exam tomorrow and need a good night’s sleep. All because he knows how important it is for you to get a promotion or pass an exam well.

He can be himself around you.

Everyone around you perceives him as a reserved, serious and reasonable person. And only you know that he loves to fool around, loves surprises and pranks. If he can afford to be himself alone with you, it means that he fully trusts you.

Looking at you with eyes in love.

The look in a man’s eyes when he is in love is something special. Haunted and full of adoration, it is a sure sign of love. The feeling simply overwhelms the person, and he is unable to look anywhere else.

Always in a great mood when you’re around.

Your mere presence makes him unfazed, laughing and goofy. You want to discuss with him a serious matter, and he has a smile to the ears and devils in his eyes? Don’t be surprised. It’s love that makes him laugh for no reason.

Does things for you that you don’t even ask for.

In the household, there are often different failures. You do not have to remind him a hundred times about what you need to change the light bulb in the hallway or pull the faucet in the kitchen. You do not have to ask him for anything at all, it’s enough to voice the problem, and everything will be heard. When he does it, you may not even see it, you just notice the work already done.

He does not miss the opportunity to proudly and in front of everyone to praise your professional or culinary talents. Does not get tired of telling you how happy he is about your achievements. You can be proud of your home country and the company in which you work, but the greatest pleasure cause the success of loved ones.

He can kiss you out of the blue.

The man you love often kisses you on the cheek, on the forehead, on the shoulder – and always, as you think, in the wrong place and at the wrong time: at a party, when you are talking to other guests, when you cook and you have hands in the flour, in the supermarket, where there are many strangers. It’s always a surprise to you. And he just can’t resist giving you an extra kiss.

Finds your rounded flanks cute.

Your lover, do not hesitate to criticize your girlfriends for the fact that they got fat, and your modest remark that your figure is not so perfect, sincerely states that you have become even more pleasant and appetizing, when your body a little flatter.

Do you notice the above signs of attention from your man? This means that you can say with certainty that he loves you. And never mind that he never makes you a fervent confession.

The three pillars of man’s love

Women try their understanding of love on men, but they have their own vision, they love in a different way. Their feeling rests on three pillars: Affirmation, security and protection..

  • He is unlikely to go shopping with you for new outfits, but he will always and everywhere proudly represent his beloved woman to everyone – to claim you.
  • If you fall ill, he will not sit with a lost look at your bedside and hold your hand. He will turn over the earth and the sky, get any medication and arrange for a consultation with the best doctors, ensuring that you have a comfortable existence.
  • And, most importantly, he will never let anyone even look at you obliquely, not to mention offend you in word or deed, he will protect you.

Is the female view of love is? And where are the beautiful words?

A confession of love is a weakness. And weakness is an unforgivable quality for a man. If a guy will open his feelings to a girl, it’s only one, whom he trusts as a father and mother.

Some men say words of love to get sex, some to comfort the girl, some to hide behind these words some lies. Real love is manifested in actions.

It all depends on the woman.

It does not matter if your chosen one talks about his love or is silent. Many of them can be very eloquent and swear eternal love a hundred times a day, and yet all they need from you is access to the body. But there are men who, without big words, will go out of their way to meet your expectations. The main thing is that these expectations were meaningful. Don’t keep quiet! Talk about them – and you will get them.

Most men firmly believe that a real woman can help a man to show his best qualities. You just have to meet this woman.

To understand even more accurately the true feelings of your beloved, take the cool test whether you love the one you are in love with – just 5 simple questions

How do you know if a man likes you – 5 basic signs

The desire to produce admiration, to captivate and charm inherent in women nature itself. However, genuine interest of the opposite sex can not always be expressed in words. To understand whether a man sympathizes with you, it is enough to pay attention to his behavior, facial expressions and gestures in your presence.

Pay attention to his head!

Noticing you, he throws his head back a little and stretches his neck. The cavalier tries to get taller so that the lady of the heart will pay attention to him.

Does the man ruffle his hair or, on the contrary, comb his hair in your presence? He is not indifferent to you…

A really interested man often unconsciously copies your gestures. Look closely to see if the person you are talking to is mirroring your posture, movements, or facial expressions.

Emphasis on the waist

When standing next to you, he may hold his hands at the waist, put his thumbs behind his belt or keep his hands in his pockets, leaving his thumbs up. Such actions show a man’s masculine strength and desire to possess the woman he likes.

A man in love tries to catch your gaze, and when he meets him, immediately averts his eyes to the side. A bolder man will look at you from head to toe. His pupils dilate and his eyebrows slightly raised. His gaze fixed on your lips is an indication of sexual attraction.

That secret smile.

Talking to the object of admiration, the man somewhat stretches his lips. Even if the person does not spoil you with a smile, but slightly raised or pressed his lips, he feels confused, and therefore – not indifferent. Well, if noticed a man constantly licking his lips, he feeds you a strong sexual attraction.

A man who likes you, even without realizing it, trying to demonstrate to his surroundings that you are his woman: removing invisible dust particles from his jacket or blouse while walking down the stairs, giving his hand or supporting his waist, giving him some object, as if accidentally touches your hand.

7 nonverbal signs of male indifference

If your presence is a drag on a man, he may:

  • cross his arms or ostentatiously fold them into a lock;
  • Support his chin with his hands;
  • Look around impatiently, tapping his foot on the floor;
  • continually flick the cap of an automatic pen;
  • draw something on a napkin or a sheet of paper;
  • repeatedly touching the earlobe, stroking the bridge of the nose, or rubbing the eyelids;
  • abruptly change the topic of conversation or interrupt the conversation under an inarticulate pretext.

Notice anything similar? Draw conclusions!

A practical guide on the road to a happy union of a man and a woman


I hope that after reading this article, the question of how to understand that your beloved loves you has ceased to be mysterious and inscrutable for you. Love is the supreme good of human nature that cannot be hidden or contained. You probably notice a lot, in the behavior of your beloved man, but, as they say, do not believe your eyes and ears. After all, sometimes it is so hard to believe in your long-awaited happiness.

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