How do you know if a man is lying that he loves you?

How to understand that a man lies: 5 tricks of psychology.

One of the main tenets of a healthy relationship – is trust. But some men cleverly use it and start to lie. How to catch a man in a lie? We found five tricks that will help bring him out in the open.

He lies even in little things.

A man who knows how to lie (and there are many of them), to catch him in a lie is difficult. Surely he did not come to you from a monastery where there was not a single girl on which to hone their skills. He had such pretty girls before you, who believed in a man who was sweet to his heart. There he learned that such things are easy to get away with, and he doesn’t think about the consequences.

If a man said he was coming home from work at seven o’clock, and it turns out his seven o’clock equals your ten o’clock at night, there’s something wrong. Well, he was late. So he met up with a friend. What’s wrong with that? Nothing if he had warned you about it. Such a man does not care about the feelings of the woman he loves, he considers himself practically free.

He gets confused.

A man who constantly lies to someone, often forgets all the details of his story. And on such details it is very easy to catch him! True, not right away, but a little later. If a conversation caused you doubts, do not focus on this right away. It’s better to come back to this conversation a little later – maybe after a couple of days or a week. If any inaccuracies or differences from the previous version pop up in his words, then the man is probably cheating. If this is not an isolated case, then you should think, do you need such a liar liar liar?

He is not in the mood to discuss important issues

If a man is constantly in a bad mood, busy or has a headache / ass / finger to discuss with you the rest of his life, feelings or elementary plans for the weekend, everything indicates that the man is simply not interested in continuing this very relationship. And when a man doesn’t care about a woman, he will lie to her. Maybe unconsciously, in little things, but he will. If only because he does not want to let a woman close to him.

He manipulates her feelings.

If a man lies and realizes that he is not believed, he will start trying with all his might to make the woman feel ashamed of this disbelief. This will help him buy time and even distract the woman from the subject of the argument.

You can easily see that the man is trying to manipulate the woman. For example, he will take offense by saying: “Don’t you believe me, my love?” or try to induce fear of losing the relationship: “If you don’t believe me, that’s your problem. I don’t want a woman around who doesn’t trust me.”

He actively gestures.

Even when we deceive other people, we cannot deceive ourselves. And our body responds with gestures, nervousness, or insecurity the moment a person begins to lie.

A woman is not a lie detector, but we can still see some things. For example, if a man crosses his arms over his chest – most likely, he has chosen this method of self-defense. And if he scratches the tip of his nose, so because during the deception nerves are irritated, and on the nose a lot of them. Also, during the lie the blood pressure rises, which causes a feeling of stuffiness and an increase in temperature. In this case, the man will certainly start rubbing buttons or unbuttoning his shirt, referring to the heat.

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10 types of male lies (and what he is really hiding from you)


Unfortunately, lies are present in almost every relationship. And let’s be honest, we all cheat from time to time. Some lie for good, and some lie about serious things.

Why do men lie in relationships?

Essentially, men lie because they think they can protect their women (including themselves) that way.

Very often, men use lying when they want to maintain their idealized image in the eyes of women. As paradoxical as it may sound, your man is lying to you because he loves you and doesn’t want to hurt you.

A desire to protect himself may also cause him to lie. If a man is lying, it means he understands that the truth could ruin your relationship.

Unfortunately, no matter what kind of lie it is, we are still always hurt and hurt when it becomes apparent.

Top 10 types of men’s lies and their meaning

1. Men lie about staying late at work

You’ve been in a relationship for 1-2 years, and for the most part, his work schedule is pretty predictable. Then, out of the blue, his schedule changes.

Does he really need to work late on Thursdays and Fridays or early Saturday mornings?

You may think he has become a “workaholic,” but the truth is that he is probably working to satisfy another woman in bed.

2. they lie about their phones.

Some men have two phones for perfectly rational purposes: one personal and one work phone.

He can safely put one phone in your hands and let you check all your calls and messages. What about the other? Absolutely not.

3. men lie about their girlfriends

There’s nothing wrong with your boyfriend/groom/husband occasionally chatting with a good friend from school or university.

But if such a “friendship” suddenly becomes overly secretive, you should be wary.

According to a 2017 study, 53.5% of people who cheated on their partners admitted to doing it with a close friend/friend.

If your intuition tells you that this friendship could be something more, then don’t be afraid to ask him or her leading questions about their communication history.

4. they lie about their motives

If a man says “I’m not trying to get under your skirt at all,” he definitely wants the opposite.

If the man “just wants to hang out with you,” he’ll ask you out for coffee or lunch. But if he comes to visit you in the evenings, mostly on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, it’s likely that he has more than just conversations in mind.

5. Men lie about their intentions

Even when men pretend they’re not thinking about sex at all, rest assured that they are.

When a man gets to know a woman, the first thing he thinks about is being in bed with her. Your other qualities and benefits not related to intimacy come into play a little later.

If you want to know a man’s true intentions, tell him with a serious look that you don’t want to make love before marriage. After that, see if his interest in you dried up or increased.

If over the next 3-4 weeks he will write and call you less and less frequently, then he is all clear.

6. Men lie about dating.

This may sound silly, but women fall for this trick. For example, a man calls some strange woman all the time, and when asked about it, he answers something like “I don’t even know who that is.”

7. They lie about being busy.

Let’s picture this: you meet a man and he assures you that he only wants to spend time with you, even though he’s seeing three or four other women.

One day he may think to himself, “I’m playing with her emotions. I need to stop cheating on her.” But he doesn’t have the courage to be honest with you about everything.

So what does he do? He distances himself and becomes unavailable. He hopes that in this way he will gradually disappear from your life, and he does not have to explain anything.

8. Men lie about their serious intentions.

Most men in the first years of a relationship already know whether they will propose to their girlfriend or not.

A man may delay proposing because he doesn’t have financial stability at the moment or he thinks he can find a better option.

9. They lie about leaving another woman for you.

It is very unlikely that a man would leave his wife for another woman.

Look around, there really are plenty of women around whose hearts have been broken by relationships with unmarried men that have led them to believe that they will one day leave their wives for them.

10. Men lie about loving you

Men know very well that the fastest way to win a woman over is to tell her “I care about you, baby…I love you.” It’s like a psychological aphrodisiac for most women.

Here’s another way you can tell the difference between a sincere guy and a liar. A man who truly loves you will not declare his love for you immediately before or during sex with you. He will say it at the most unexpected moments, just to let you know.

7 signs of lying

  1. Changes in the pitch of his voice
  2. Frequent blinking or fidgeting
  3. Infrequent use of the word “I.”
  4. Decreased tendency to use words with vivid emotional coloring, such as resentment or anger
  5. Reluctance to make eye contact with interlocutor or running eyes
  6. Use of soothing techniques, such as rubbing the earlobe, touching the collar or neck, covering the mouth
  7. Inconsistent gestures or facial expressions that contrast with words.

What to do if he seems to be cheating?

It’s important to trust your intuition. If something seems wrong to you, it probably is. That said, it’s still important not to immediately conjure up catastrophic scenarios.

Start by analyzing his behavior in normal circumstances. Try asking the man a series of simple questions and observe how he behaves when he has no reason to lie.

If you notice any of the signs of lying, quietly ask him a worrying question when the situation is right for it.

You know your partner and your relationship better than anyone, so regardless of the circumstances, only you decide how to behave next.

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