How do you know if a man is in love?

How to know if a guy is in love : 10 signs, opinion of psychologists and nonverbalism

Hello girls. Does anyone know how to know if a man is in love with you if he’s hiding his feelings? And I’m going to tell you all this now, enough of them lurking.

Unlike women, men are straightforward. They are rarely tactful until they have experienced falling in love. Men are secretive about their feelings and don’t like to talk about them.

10 signs that a man is in love

I want to assure you right away, there are no 100% signs. Everything is individual. Men are secretive, which makes it even harder to understand them. They also have a complex to face the lack of understanding from the girl. They equate rejection to defeat. If you do not have the courage to ask a man about his feelings, and you have already managed to fall in love with him, determine his sympathy for the following signs.

1. The gestures of the man in love.

It is no longer a secret that there is a language of gestures and facial expressions. This knowledge can tell a lot about the person. In our situation the man in love will feel the most tense in the presence of the lady of the heart.

Will worry and constantly torment himself with his hands, not knowing where to put them. Usually they hide their hands in their pockets or twist some trinket. This behavior indicates sympathy for the girl in his environment. Even though these are not yet full-fledged feelings, but they are already the way to their appearance.

2. The first signs of a sexual encounter are: – a girl’s eyes are the eyes of a girl in love with him.

It is believed that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. If you are observant, you have repeatedly noticed in a glance, when one person likes another. This look is difficult to hide. A man tries to catch your eyes, as if looking for something in them.

It may, on the contrary, take his eyes away sharply, when you intercept his gaze on you. This is one of the signs that you are very interested in a guy. If beyond the amorous sign a man is not doing anything, take the initiative, signal him that you approve of his attention and are happy to flirt with him.

3. Behavior towards other women

The best and most proven way to tell if a man is in love or not is to observe how he behaves and interacts with other girls. Easy, openly, mockingly, and with the one he is sympathetic to, he is more timid, there will be a slight note of excitement.

4. Attention to Detail.

He will notice and remember all the things you like. This is already a manifestation of stronger feelings. When talking he will often mention things you like. For example: movies, cafes, favorite music tracks. He will remember your favorite color and time of year when you casually mention this information. This is a sure sign that shows interest.

5. Compliments

A guy is always pleased and wants to compliment a girl he likes. This is one of the clear signs of falling in love. Remember, guys are straightforward. If he finds you unattractive, he will not praise you. Also pay your attention to exactly what he said to you and in what way. When a man is in love, he will try to touch you and keep eye contact with the object of praise.

6. Looking for a reason to be with you.

A man will be looking for various excuses and reasons, wanting to see you alone as much as possible and more often. This will be a sincere desire.

7. Flirting

If a man is confident, he will not hesitate to flirt openly. I think all men like this game. Flirting is the main indicator that a girl has attracted a man’s attention. If she gives good, then even the most shy guys will try to prove themselves and play the game of flirting.

8. Manner of communication

Observe his communication, how he speaks exactly to you. If there are awkward pauses in communication, speech is disrupted, there is a barely noticeable blush around his cheekbones, this indicates that he really feels attracted to the girl.

9. Behavior of a gentleman

Unfortunately, most girls don’t notice what a guy does for them. They may know it, but they are too immersed in their own world. Such things are more than noticeable. He will always open the door in front of a girl, help her take off her street clothes and hang them up, let her go ahead, push a chair aside. If you observe such behavior in a man, you can be sure – he is bewitched by your feminine charms.

10. Love chemistry.

Unexplained phenomenon, but 100% confirms that the man in you fell in love. Some people have an animal passion at the sight of a beloved girl, others have an inexplicable attraction to a man. He is attracted to the girl, but he can’t explain the reason and cope with it. You feel some tension when the man is near you. You have completely bewitched the guy. He fell in love with you, further actions already depend on both of them.

Opinion of psychologists: true love from the guy

One of the obvious and significant problems in a love relationship is an exaggerated expectation of it. We imagine love in one play. At that time, the person with whom we want to enter into a relationship sees it very differently.

Aspects in love.

Psychology divides love into three aspects:

  1. Moral. In this case, love is considered respect. When people are sincerely in love, they respect each other’s feelings, life values and hobbies. They are willing to take some of the problems on themselves to help their partner deal with them.
  2. Emotional. Expressed in emotional closeness. Man and woman have the same outlook on life. They have common goals and aspirations. Partners empathize with each other and are always ready to understand and help. They do not need to warm up their feelings and emotions. Going out to a restaurant, far away trips do not play a special role. They enjoy the harmony of having each other.
  3. Physical. This takes the form of sex. Here there is not just sexual attraction. The partner is ready to make love only with his chosen one. No one else is attracted to him.

If all 3 aspects are present, it is believed that you have real feelings.

Nonverbal signs of a man in love

Non-verbal signs man does not control. They are expressed on their own, through posture and gestures, with facial expressions. These are the most obvious and unconcealed signals.

The main indicators of nonverbal sympathy include:

  • Seeing a girl he likes, the man involuntarily draws in his abdomen and straightens his chest, trying to look trim;
  • During the conversation, his torso and toes of his shoes are turned towards you;
  • looks at the girl while she does not see it;
  • feels heavy and deep breaths of air and observes inflated nostrils;
  • tries to touch the girl;
  • starts putting on her makeup, fixing her hair, and instinctively touches the tip of her nose or chin;
  • unconsciously repeats the woman’s facial expressions and gestures.

If you notice for a man these traits in his behavior, you can be sure that he is not indifferent to you.

The manifestation of a man’s love at different ages

An adult man and a young guy will express their love in different ways.

An adult man who has lived enough can talk and express his feelings in everyday life, not just in a moment of intimacy. A young man mostly expresses his feelings when it is most appropriate.

The mature cavalier makes it a priority to protect his woman from unwanted trouble. He will not think to raise his voice to her if he is not satisfied with something. A man will try in every way to help his beloved.

He knows how to surprise her in everyday life. At the same time, he will not be swamped with romance, as young guys do. The man is sure that love is expressed not only in the feeling itself. He understands that it takes the work of two people.

I hope I have revealed a little veil of mystery to you to understand what feelings a guy is experiencing. Men are less emotional than girls and often simply don’t know how to express their sympathy. If you watch a man in love, his actions will tell you a lot without any confession. That is because of them, you can determine how much he loves you.

Do not specifically try to discern any signs of behavior. Always be objective in your observations and judgments. If you like a guy, do not torture yourself or him. Hint that you feel sympathy.

Show that you care about him. This action will give impetus, the very support that the guy needs for the next steps. Help get closer to you. If still he does not understand the hints, take the initiative into your own hands, do not be embarrassed about it. Say straight out about your feelings. It may well be that it will turn out to be the love of your life.

Share your life stories in the comments. How did you know that your boyfriend, or maybe even your husband, was in love with you? We’re all interested in reading a real life story.


When a woman loves, the whole world knows about it. In the case of a man, everything is much more complicated: even if he is in love, the beloved will find out about it in the very last place. In their harsh world it is simply not customary to demonstrate feelings.

In fact, a man in love is no different from a woman in love. His feelings can increase or decrease, depending on how you react to them. But the first thing a representative of the stronger sex, once interested in a woman more than usual – begins to hide it in every way. Of course, you can understand that he was blinded by love: the actions in such a case speak for themselves, and for him too. There are no barriers for a man in love. He is able to work real miracles. Let’s begin in order.


When a man is in love, he agrees with you in everything. He listens to you sincerely, because now your opinion for him – the truth in the last instance. He cares about everything you care about. Every word you say means a great deal to him. He’s not trying to like you or make himself look like a nice guy, he just enjoys making you happy and seeing you smile.

If he has become attentive, courteous and friendly open to you, then the process has begun. At this stage the man is trying to hide his feelings away, not fully believing in their authenticity. He behaves like a caring friend, while subtly, carefully and tactfully laying out the net that he will fall into with you.

The desire to be near

It doesn’t matter where you are, he wants to be there. Always. You draw him to you stronger than the gravity of the earth. Faced with that power, he loses control. His daily main task is to find any, even the most ridiculous, excuse to meet you. At the slightest opportunity he will try to touch you. With this gesture, the man unknowingly allows you to break into his personal space and stay there forever.


You don’t have to be with a man at all to realize how much he needs you. as a woman, as a friend and just as a person. A woman’s intuition has brought forth the charge of hiding feelings. But such harsh conclusions require substantial evidence. The outward signs of a man in love are just right. These include: burning eyes, dilated pupils, rapid heartbeat and enthusiastic mood when you (the object of his affection) appeared on the horizon.

In your absence, he becomes irritable, nervous and detached. Such a reaction clearly shows the hidden jealousy and repressed desire to admit his feelings. It’s simple. A man begins to experience fear of losing his beloved. Worried that you will be carried away by someone else during the separation.

Unusual behavior.

A man in love is romantic. Being in love turns him into a real hero with a brave heart. The desire to show himself at his best reaches the point of absurdity – a fast ride, a trip on the ledge to the window of his beloved, night serenades and other crazy deeds. In other words, sheer bluster: the man does everything possible to show himself a valiant knight and bathe in the rays of your attention.

In love, but did not dare to confess, shows persistence in courting. The man sincerely believes that obsession will help him take this fortress by storm. The only problem is that he sincerely doesn’t realize that his behavior is intrusive. Ridiculous “chance” encounters are an example of this.

Increased Attention

Only a man in love knows how to devour with his eyes so fiercely. No matter what you’re doing, his gaze is constantly stalking you. But worth paying attention to, casually looking at him, he averts his gaze, pretending to see something intriguing in the wall. The eyes, as you know, are the mirror of the soul. For a while a man can still somehow deceive with words, but sooner or later his eyes will still give away his innermost secrets.


You always want to pamper the loved one with pleasant little things, but not as much as in the beginning of the novel. A man in love will be ready to buy up everything on his way and throw it at your feet. Exactly until he learns to choose gifts for you based on your preferences.

Body Language

It is known that the psychology of a man in love is arranged so that from the first meeting to the declaration of love, on average, it takes about a hundred days. This is the time frame that a man needs to pass in order to understand his feelings. You, in order to accurately determine whether he is in love or not, you only need observation. Take a closer look at a man:

  • An obvious sign of falling in love is taking great care of yourself. A man begins to watch his weight, his muscles, his hair and his clothes;
  • When meeting his beloved, the man tries to take her hand by putting his two hands around her palm;
  • A young man in love gives away the timbre of his voice, which becomes lower than usual in the presence of any woman;
  • When a man is in love, he often strokes the back of his head while talking to the object of his affection, subconsciously trying to soothe himself through touching his hair with his fingertips;
  • A man who has a thing for a woman will ask her for help with simple things. For example, he urgently needs to adjust his tie, roll up his sleeves or take his watch off his wrist.

Of course, every man likes it differently. One may mock, to make hurtful remarks, criticize, the other – to be very confused, the third – is determined to achieve reciprocity. The main thing – to listen to your intuition. She will definitely let you know when the right man is on your doorstep. We wish you happiness and success,

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