How do you know if a man is hiding his feelings?

19 ways to know if a man is hiding his feelings

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Sometimes it can be quite difficult to assess how a partner feels in a relationship. But if you’re seriously wondering if you’re really falling in love with a man, you’re probably wondering if it’s mutual.

Luckily, there are a number of signs that will tell you for sure if he’s head over heels in love. Even if your beau is as quiet as a fish. Just watch him closely.

7 reasons why a guy is hiding his feelings for you

Men are from Mars, women from Venus. And very often they do not understand each other. But among all the secrets, there is one main question that every girl dreams of getting an answer. Why does he hide his feelings?

  • He himself does not understand what he really feels.

One of the reasons men hide their feelings is that they just don’t understand how they feel. It sounds unrealistic, but that’s how it really is. He knows that he has an unfamiliar emotion. But ask him what it is, he probably can’t explain it.

Unfortunately, when this happens, many women think they need to make every effort to get a man to open up. But the only thing men really need is encouragement and more time to accept their emotions and finally understand how they really feel.

  • Emotional Intelligence.

This behavior is actually the most obvious sign of low emotional intelligence (or even lack thereof). Someone may be the smartest person in the world when it comes to finance, art, politics, and a bunch of other things.

His IQ may be incredibly high, but it has nothing to do with emotional intelligence. This is exactly what happens to men who don’t understand their own emotions.

  • He is afraid of his own feelings.

Okay, let’s assume that the man understands exactly how he feels, but chooses to hide his feelings. Why? Probably because he is embarrassed or afraid of how he feels. He is afraid of his feelings because they completely overwhelm him.

  • He needs time.

It doesn’t take that long for women to realize how they really feel or what they really want, because they’ve been encouraged from an early age to show their feelings, and that’s why they don’t have any difficulty with it.

  • He’s afraid of being vulnerable.

A man doesn’t want to lose power and appear too vulnerable to the one who stole his heart because he was taught from childhood to display only masculine traits. Let’s be honest: in our cruel world, indifference equals power.

He is convinced that if he shows a woman how he really feels, he will appear overly sensitive, which (in his mind) is not an attractive character trait because he is a man. Which means he has to be rough and tough.

  • Attracts attention.

Everyone has heard about women playing hard to get. But believe me, men do it too. Why? Well, for the same reason girls do – they think it’s the only way to attract and keep another man around.

Some men hide their emotions because they’ve had their heart broken in the past. And after that, they decide to suppress their feelings forever. Or at least never show them, no matter what.

19 signs of his sympathy.

This is exactly how a guy who is fascinated with you will act.

His gaze.

He tries his best to maintain eye contact and looks you straight in the eye whenever you meet. When a man likes a girl, he can’t help but stare at her.

Always there.

One sure sign that he thinks you’re irresistible is that you can count on this man no matter what. He’s always there for you – if you call him in the middle of the night to ask for advice or help fix your car.


Another of the main signs that a man is partial to you is that he man smiles broadly when you’re with him. He’s genuinely happy when you’re around him.

Tries to make you laugh.

Guys know that laughter is one of the shortest ways to a woman’s heart. And your man uses his sense of humor very well.

Initiates contact.

He’s constantly calling you, sending you funny memes or responding to your stories on social media. It doesn’t matter to him how you keep in touch – all that matters is that he gets a chance to talk to you.

Trusts you.

To him, you’re not just a potential partner, but also a close friend. He’s trying to make an emotional connection with you, and it’s more than just physical attraction.

Respects you.

He will never do anything to humiliate you or say anything to insult you. It’s quite obvious that he knows exactly that there is no love without respect.

Knows everything about you.

He knows your tastes in food, knows everything about your favorite band and knows all your coworkers and friends.

Hidden Jealousy.

Of course, he’s not possessive and would never make a scene. But he can’t help but hide his anger and hurt whenever you mention an old male buddy.

Keeps an eye on his appearance.

When he likes you, he uses his best cologne and tries to dress in style.

Little signs of attention.

Obviously, he’s not going to present you with a diamond ring or anything like that yet, but he’ll definitely buy your favorite chocolate or make a playlist with all the music you love listening to so much.

Introduces you to his family and friends.

This guy wants you to be a part of his life. And that’s why he’ll introduce you to all of his friends and maybe even his family members.

Physical contact.

He does everything he can to be as close to you as possible, and takes every opportunity to touch you, take a strand of hair out of your face, or put his hand on your waist.

Wants to get to know you better

He’s not just interested in your looks. He wants to find out who you really are. Asks you deep questions, trying to get to the heart of who you are.

Becomes vulnerable.

He’s not afraid to show you his weaknesses and expose himself emotionally to you.

Trying to impress you.

Whenever you meet, he opens the door for you, letting you in front of him. He takes you to the most expensive restaurants. Whenever you need help around the house or some advice, he’s always there for you.

He is lenient to your shortcomings.

He never tries to change you. Instead, he takes all your imperfections and quirks for granted.

Makes plans together.

For him, there’s no way you’re not there for him. He says “we” instead of “I,” and that’s probably the cutest thing ever.

Your intuition tells you

You just feel that he treats you differently than he treats all the other girls. Also, you see the way he looks at you and you just know that this man is in love with you.

9 nonverbal signs of his liking

A man’s body language can reveal his true intentions to you, even if he himself deliberately tries to hide them.

  • His voice trembles.

His voice starts trembling every time he talks to you. He has a hard time finding the right words, so he just looks at you because he can’t believe he got a chance to talk to you.

One sign that indicates he likes you is his sweaty palms. He’s so attracted to you that he turns into a ball of nerves the moment he sees you.

When a guy likes you, he naturally feels physically attracted to you, too. That means he’ll do anything to be near you and touch you in any way, even if it’s by accident.

  • Touching your hair or your clothes.

Trust me, he wants to keep his hands busy. He literally doesn’t know what to do with himself because just staring at you with his mouth open would be too embarrassing.

A small child blushes when he is ashamed of something or is trying to hide something. This peculiarity of the human body always remains somewhere inside of us, but over time we learn to control it in almost all situations. Except when we’re head over heels in love.

  • His pupils are dilated.

It has been scientifically proven that people who talk to someone they really like have dilated pupils.

  • Raises an eyebrow.

Whenever this guy sees you, he raises his eyebrows because he’s trying to visually make his eyes more open.

  • Unknowingly, he bites his lips.

The lips have always been one of the most erotic parts of the human body, so it’s only natural if they are used to attract the opposite sex.

The excitement he feels makes the blood flow faster, and consequently, he feels like he is losing oxygen. This is why a guy who is interested in you will feel like he has trouble breathing when you’re around.

Signs of falling in love by Zodiac sign

According to astrologers, the zodiac sign can tell a lot not only about a man’s character, but also about how he behaves when he is in love.

An Aries in love will make you feel like you’re the star of some cool movie. Always on the move, he’ll do crazy things for you and proclaim it loudly. And it’s sexy.

There’s something very hot about the fact that you’re passionately wanted, which is exactly what an Aries man in love does. However, after a while you may notice that sometimes he becomes overly demanding and impulsive.


For a Taurus man in love, it is extremely important to make his partner happy, or rather, satisfied. He acts as if this is his mission in life. Taurus will treat you to the most delicious food and drink and make sure you come back for more. Keep in mind, once he falls in love with you, there’s no turning back. Yes, that can be alarming at times.


A man born under this sign of the zodiac is very smart, resourceful, able to change the course of a conversation, well hides his feelings and always leave some reticence. But there is one thing that can be a reliable indicator.

He will keep trying to get in touch with you in any way he can. If he’s calling, texting you, hoping to spend time with you, then he definitely likes you. There’s no way Gemini would insist on talking to someone they think is boring.

This is the sign that will be the first to admit that he is in love, even if he is shy. With the Cancer man, there is no hesitation. He shows love by doing things that are considered traditionally romantic.

For example, by cooking you dinner (a real family dinner). Cancer won’t forget to buy you a bouquet of your favorite flowers and will always remember important dates. He will make sure you know he loves you. This is really important to him.

If your chosen one is Leo, get ready to be the center of attention. He will adore you. Love will flow to you as if from a horn of plenty. Leo men do everything in a big way, amorous affairs – no exception.

In love Leo just might do something creative for you, for example, to paint your portrait or dedicate an entire poem to you. The main thing is often to show him that you appreciate his creativity and generosity.

Virgo likes to show small signs of affection based on your preferences. Virgo’s motto is that even small little things matter. Once in love, the Virgo man easily notices things that others don’t.

And that’s what will make you feel like the happiest girl in the world. On the other hand, he can become somewhat annoying. His ability to deeply understand others sometimes makes him forget that there is personal space.

The Libra man in love is a hopeless romantic. Plus, he likes to feel special. The more you praise him, the more you can count on his loyalty.

He will listen to everything you have to say. In fact, once in love, Libra becomes the epitome of the saying “love is blind.” Harmony is what he craves, and sometimes the price is too high, so be careful.


A Scorpio in love will always make sure that his chosen one’s needs are fully met and that she feels most loved. Just don’t dare to deceive his hopes.

Scorpios will do anything for the one they have real feelings for. But remember, the same goes for when they feel betrayed. If you don’t plan on betraying your Scorpio, the most wonderful and profound relationship awaits you.


A Sagittarius man in love is a feast! If you’re ready to experience the best time of your life, then yes, he’s the one for you. Everything a Sagittarius man in love does is filled with passion and enthusiasm.

It’s likely that he’ll want to take you somewhere you’ve never been before. For Sagittarius, love is an adventure, just like everything else in his life. He rarely expresses love with words, though, preferring to prove it with actions.


If a Capricorn likes you, you’ll know it for sure. They value their time and don’t like to fool around. A Capricorn man isn’t one to say words of love too often, but instead, he’ll definitely buy you something you’ve wanted for so long.

Planning the future with his partner is his favorite pastime. Capricorn lovers are devoted, their love is practical and long-lasting. If you dream of a comfortable life, look out for a Capricorn.


Aquarians are very proud, even in love. If a man born under this sign likes you, he will try to let you know about it, in the most unusual way, for example, with gifts or jokes understood only by you two.

In a way, they like the feeling of “exclusivity,” and that’s how he will treat you. If he suddenly seems disinterested, don’t fall for this provocation. That’s just his style.

No one can idealize a person as much as a Pisces. If Pisces were a book, they’d probably be a storybook. Deep feeling is the trait that makes them great lovers.

You’ll have a great time with him, basking in his attention and love. There’s a good chance that a Pisces man will call you his soulmate right after you meet him, so try not to be surprised.

How to get him to make the first move

You spend all your time with him, nervous and worried every time you should see him, but nothing ever happens. You feel like he likes you and all signs point to it, but he takes his time admitting it.

By following our tips, you’ll encourage him to make the first move.

Have fun together.

You’re at the beginning of your journey, so make things easy, carefree, and fun. Show him how much fun you’re having with him so he’ll want to keep talking. Relax and make the most of this exciting time.

There’s nothing like the beginning of a relationship and the excitement you both feel when you’re not sure how you feel about each other.

Listen carefully and don’t judge.

If you want him to confess his feelings sooner, you have to make him feel comfortable enough to open up and be genuine around you.

Listen carefully when he decides to tell you something about his life and experiences, and try to be understanding and kind to him.

Show that you’re interested.

Any guy will like a girl who cares about his hobbies and is interested in what he likes. Of course, you don’t have to pretend to like something that you categorically don’t accept.

Just show him that you’re interested in what he likes and offer to do it together.

Be grateful.

Guys want to feel appreciated. To make him feel comfortable enough to share his feelings with you, show your appreciation and gratitude for what he does for you.

Make him jealous.

When things get too drawn out, you can try a little trick. “Speed” him up by innocently flirting with his friend. Your chosen one will get scared that he might lose you if he keeps it up, and finally make the big move.

Don’t be the first to admit it.

That doesn’t mean you have to pretend to be the “snow queen,” but don’t be too open about your feelings, at least not yet. Intrigue him and surprise him so he has no choice but to confess his feelings sooner to find out about yours.

Ask him in a joking way.

If you’re usually very straightforward or you’re just tired of waiting, you can decide to be adventurous and confess your feelings. Just make sure that you do not do it with a serious face, standing on one knee…

Wait for the right fun moment when you’re together and say:

  • “You kind of like me, don’t you?”;
  • “I really like everything we do together, I hope you do, too.”
  • “And I noticed you a long time ago, but I think you beat me to it.

Be yourself

Make sure you don’t look desperate for his attention and never do anything that doesn’t fit your personality just to get his attention. You want him to like you for who you really are, after all.

Tips from reddit girls

The girls on the forum share their secret ways on how to get a guy to make the first move.

15 signs that a man is hiding his feelings for you

Useful tips

Most men find it easiest to stay out of the relationship, play little games and fool around.

However, it’s not easy to admit to yourself and others that you have real feelings for someone.

Whether they admit it or not, the mere thought of telling them how you feel and starting a relationship that could end in heartbreak can sometimes be scary.

For this reason, many men begin to struggle with their feelings. First and foremost, it’s a struggle with themselves because for many, falling in love makes them vulnerable.

They take their time getting into a relationship and assess the situation before they do anything.

If you think a man is falling in love with you, but something is holding him back, pay attention to these 15 signs that he is struggling with his feelings for you.

This will certainly allow you to see the picture more clearly.

A man’s hidden feelings.

1. At first he is very attentive to you, but then he suddenly withdraws

You don’t have to worry about him suddenly disappearing. Most likely, he will start sending you messages, though not every day.

He’ll probably be friends with you for a while and not commit to you, but once he gets to know you better and gets up the courage, there’s a chance you’ll start a relationship.

Nevertheless, be careful: the “friendship” phase should not last too long. If you feel that he has had enough time to sort out his feelings, but there is no progress, most likely there are no feelings. He just likes to have an interesting time.

2. he pays attention to what you say and remembers a lot about you

He absorbs every word you say. He remembers things you may have mentioned in passing, days and even weeks ago. You may even be surprised at some of the details he remembers.

Also, he has definitely studied your social media pages. Even if you haven’t seen “likes” from him, chances are he’s following your posts and other social media activities.

3. a man is hiding his feelings if his questions are too personal

He wants to know a lot of different things about you.

In addition to questions designed to keep the conversation going, he will ask you other, much deeper questions.

He will want to know your opinion, what you like and don’t like, your past in the relationship, and the like.

It may not always be pleasant, but he just wants to minimize the risk of getting burned in the relationship.

4- He goes to great lengths to impress you.

He wants you to see only the best in him and will go to great lengths to do so.

So be sure to pay attention to changes in his appearance or a new perfume scent.

He will also talk a lot about his strengths, professional successes and everything he is proud of – not out of vanity, but because consciously or subconsciously wants to impress you.

5. He has an (inexplicable) need to justify himself to you

For example, whenever he starts talking about one of the women he knows, the man will insist that she is just a friend, so that you don’t think he is unavailable.

6. He’s only looking at you.

You will probably get the feeling that he is looking at you, but as soon as you turn around, he will turn away.

He doesn’t want his gaze in your direction to be too obvious. Your friends will also notice and let you know.

But when you find yourself standing next to him and talking to him, he will surely enjoy eye contact with you. In turn, you will enjoy his attention.

7. His gestures and facial expressions will speak for him

He will try to look relaxed, but his body and mind will say otherwise.

His occasionally shaking hands and maybe even sweaty palms will be the clearest sign that you are making him nervous (in a good way).

He will also stand very close to you when you are talking. While you are talking, he will subconsciously lean toward you.

He also won’t miss an opportunity to put his hand on your shoulder or discreetly touch your arm.

If he’s already worked up the courage, he might even kiss you on the cheek or hug you longer than just a friend.

Signs of hidden feelings in a man.

8. He likes to help you.

He usually offers to help you. For example, to listen, give advice, or help you move furniture.

He lets you know that you can count on him for everything.

9. He admires you (but will never say it out loud).

When you speak, he looks at you as the most wonderful being in the world.

He understands that you have been through a lot, and he admires your accomplishments. Every victory you’ve had is huge in his eyes, even though he doesn’t make it clear.

He will listen to you and compliment you – an obvious sign that he has feelings for you.

10. Once he’s with you, he goes into protective mode.

Even though a man may tease you, it will never seem mean, inappropriate, or rude.

But, every time someone else does the same thing, a man will disapprove and even admonish the prankster to protect you.

He will also make sure that you get home safely and are safe.

Whether he admits it or not, the man cares about you, and these small signs of attention indicate hidden feelings for you.

11. he shows signs of restrained jealousy

He doesn’t like it when you are in the company of other men. And this is natural, because he reacts according to his feelings and is afraid that someone else will be your mate.

You will see his face turn pale and his attitude towards you become a little strange. He is clearly uncomfortable and jealous when another man approaches you.

Not to mention the fact that he will certainly ask you questions about your relationships with other men.

12 He’s thoughtful.

Being thoughtful is one of the most common signs that he is struggling with his feelings for you.

As mentioned earlier, he wants you to see him in a better light, so he will behave like a gentleman. He will open the door in front of you, for example, and even if he doesn’t overwhelm you with gifts, the little presents he gives you will come from the heart.

It doesn’t have to be something extravagant, like your favorite chocolates.

13. He shares personal information with you

Most men are reluctant to open up or do it slowly and somewhat reluctantly. But if a man starts to trust you, that’s always a good sign.

People can talk to each other about the weather, but sharing personal details is a much more intimate thing.

He’ll want to hear your opinion about what’s going on with him now, or his plans for the future.

In general, he will have an inexplicable need to let you know everything at every opportunity.

14. There are cooling down moments.

He may not even realize that he is struggling with his feelings. Although it is difficult for him to confront them or explain how he feels, it will be even harder for you to understand him.

At such moments, it may seem as if he is playing with you.

You will have to trust your intuition to see if his actions are unintentional or just a game.

15. You will feel a chemistry and some tension between you

Every time you walk into a room, he can’t help but smile.

He will stare at you and will always find a way to compliment you indirectly by telling you how beautiful you are.

He can also convey to you all the tension built up inside in slightly rude words or remarks.

The magnetism between you is hard to explain, but it is felt nonetheless.

The key to understanding why he struggles with his feelings for you is that men don’t experience their feelings the same way women do.

They will trust their reason first, preferring logical thinking to emotion, while women tend to follow their heart.

If he is struggling with his feelings, give him time to deal with them. He’s struggling with his amim, and it’s better if he does it alone. Once he figures it all out, he’ll take over your life.

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