How do you know if a man has cooled down?


A woman lives with only one hope for the best. Someone will say – strong, and someone, such as psychologists and relationship coaches, – it’s her own fault. Now a little about why you can’t have illusions and save something that’s long gone.

A man’s love is a fragile thing, and it has no place in the wrong hands. Everyone is trying to fight for women’s happiness: psychologists, parsing the relationship under a magnifying glass, and women who live trying to keep a man, and the men themselves, trying to show the lovely ladies that one desire to build love will not. Alarm bells in a relationship instill panic and dread. Yes, something is going on between two lovers, and that something scares the woman and alienates the man. If you want to hear: “Come on! It’s just complications! Everybody faces them! Your love is strong,” you’ll be disappointed, you won’t find that here. Everything is straight and honest, as it is, or rather, as it should not be, especially if you plan to live happily ever after. Here is a list of male signs that make it clear that he is losing interest.

Solid excuses.

At the beginning of the relationship, all his free time was devoted only to you. Now he is increasingly delayed at work, sick with colds, playing games, helping his mother and so on down the list. Of course, no one is saying that your bouquet and candy period should extend for ages, just if the man proceeds more excuses than actions, the verdict is disappointing – he loses interest. He can long and persistently list you the reasons why he can not come to you, trying to say only one thing – “I do not really want to.

Few questions.

Passion for a man is the inability to get enough of him. Passionate man shows curiosity, interest, trying to get all possible information, only to know his beloved better. But the disinterested one is the exact opposite of what was written above: silent, aloof, his eyes turned sideways, his attention distracted. Naturally, before making sharp conclusions, it is worth to make sure that there is no internal restlessness in his beloved. If he is all right – then the relationship is definitely something wrong.

Indifference .

A man who loves or at least in love, light up at the sight of the object of his adoration. This is when the eyes light a fire, in the heart raging fire, in the body – a sense of lightness. It does not go away without a trace, fading only for a while, but even this is the beginning of the end. If there is no desire to try to make your loved one smile, then it’s time to break up. No silly excuses. You haven’t cared about him for a long time. And this applies to both women and men.

Ignoring .

If a man is silent – this does not mean anything. Nudge yourself if he was too talkative before, tearing up your phone with calls and messages, and now he sends a couple of dry phrases. Then the silence will take on a more global scale, until it stops altogether. So if talking to your lover is just your solo, take action: he is becoming uninterested in you.


This is one of the secret male tricks they practice when they want to break up with a woman. It’s a very good trick to get the weight off your shoulders and stay a good guy. A man begins to provoke arguments solely to overflow your cup of patience. It’s all over when you become the initiator of the breakup. Therefore, pay attention: the beloved annoys you accidentally or deliberately.

Lack of initiative

Not from your side, of course, but from the lover. The scenario is usually the same: you invite, and he turns his nose up and asks for more proposals. Moreover, he has his own plans, which you do not fit in. He no longer tries to surprise you, to impress you, everything goes down the drain. This is a bad sign. A loving man lives with the desire to make his woman happy, and if he does not care – the question of his feelings is removed, there are no feelings.

Stagnation in the relationship.

You fall in love and begin to build their relationship together, but after a while the building is abandoned, overgrown with weeds – the relationship began to trample in one place. It doesn’t work that way, because eventually your union will fall apart. In any love story there is no ending – it’s a constant evolution. If he stubbornly does not want to help you build a happy relationship, forget about “they lived happily ever after”: he just does not see you as his companion.

No intimacy.

Intimacy is 50% of the relationship. Once you stop attracting your lover sexually, you stop attracting him as a person. There are plenty of ways to seduce a man, and psychologists advise to use them. But if your efforts run into a stony wall of his indifference, then there is no reason to keep trying.

Constant intimacy

And nothing else. This is the reverse of the previous point. Man may not call for a few days to a row, and then once – and show up late at night, knocking on your door. Of course, all questions, where he was, he will say he was busy, and you’ll believe it, and have a great night. And so it goes round and round.

If there’s only sex in the relationship, it’s a red flag that your relationship isn’t serious. Yes, he will be there for you, but as soon as there is a candidate more interesting – he will leave you.

Women’s intuition

Deep down, every woman knows the truth. You do not need to read all of these points in the hope that the relationship can still be saved. A woman’s intuition is never wrong. It is better than any psychologists will analyze all the subconscious processes and give the right answer.

If your loved one is losing interest in you, this is just not your man. Do not blame yourself and do not break your self-esteem, no matter how difficult it is. The problem is not you or even him, it’s just not your way. We can’t be soulmates for everyone. But trust me, once you meet a man who is interested in you, you will never feel his aloofness. You will thank yourself for finding the strength to give up something average. Work on yourself, develop, nourish your femininity and respect yourself: true love – it’s not a fairy tale, it exists. Don’t stop at something that stops inspiring you.

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8 sure signs that a man has grown cold to you and will soon leave you

Is it possible to know before a fatal breakup that a man has cooled down and will soon break up the relationship? Yes, you should only pay attention to your partner’s behavior. If you notice these signs – sound the alarm.

More and more often it seems that the man you love has turned into a stranger? Somewhere disappeared tenderness and passion, and he is no longer interested in spending time with you. It seems that your relationship is threatened. If your partner has begun to behave differently, devotes less to plans and hardly shares the events that happened to him during the day, this is a dangerous wake-up call. Most likely, the lover has grown cold and is going to break up with you. Have you noticed the following signs in the man’s behavior? Then do not lose precious time if you want to save the relationship.

1. The guy has stopped being affectionate.

Your man touches you less and less frequently, hardly ever gives you compliments, and rarely calls you any cute nicknames? These are all signals that he has grown cold toward you. Photo © Shutterstock

In any romantic relationship, the first bell to the discord, some resentment or even a future breakup is the fact that one of the partners stopped being affectionate to the other. Man is touching you less and less often, hardly giving compliments and rarely calls you by some nice nicknames? These are all signals that your partner has grown cold toward you.

2. The man does not show sexual interest.

Another important detail that literally signals tension in the relationship is either infrequent sex or its sudden absence. How do you know if a man is about to leave you? He will stop wanting to have sex with you. On the one hand, it’s perfectly normal for passion to go away over the years, as well as sex. Alarm bell will be exactly the passivity and disinterestedness of your life partner in intimacy. If the coincidence and the first item, then most likely your partner is thinking about breaking up with you.

The man is withdrawn and does not communicate with you much anymore.

There is a sudden disappearance of all common topics. Now, if you talk about something, it is rather something neutral, or you lead not a dialogue, but a monologue. Photo © Shutterstock

Loss of sexual interest, lack of interest in you in general. All of this, unfortunately, says one thing: the man has grown cold. Somewhere, all the common topics have abruptly disappeared. Now, if you do talk about something, it is rather something neutral. Lover can often not listen to you at all, is somewhere in himself. Such his behavior you can observe not only before the imminent parting, but if your partner was depressed. In both cases, you should not hesitate.

4. Beloved appears less often at home: stay late at work or go spend the night with friends

If you notice for your partner such behavior, there may be two options: the man has a mistress or plans to soon part with you. Dating him already uncomfortable: he is stressed, so he is constantly finding an alternative home – a place where he can think everything. Or he may have found saving solace in another woman. Frank and honest conversations will help clarify the situation.

5. A guy flirts with others in front of you

A man can directly show disinterest in you by flirting with other girls. Photo © Shutterstock

This is a disgusting and unpleasant situation. In this way, the partner can intentionally piss you off if there are still feelings in the man’s heart. Or you so directly show disinterest, they say, now it is much more exciting to flirt with other women. Funny, but in case you start to make comments to the beau or try to clarify the situation with flirting, most likely, the answer will be toxic: “Jealous – stupid, I was not flirting, it seemed to you.

6. Your partner is less and less likely to tell you about his plans

If a man has grown cold and is thinking about breaking up with you, the following behavior is another good example. The man will stop committing to your plans, inviting you into his company or spending time together. At some point, it may even seem that you are just roommates: you live in the same apartment, but your life paths have diverged.

7. You and the man becomes uncomfortable and “cold.

If you now have a feeling of “coldness” in your relationship with the man you once loved, it means that he has decided to put an end to your romance. Photo © Shutterstock

The emotional coldness you feel with your estranged partner is perfectly normal in a situation where the man has stopped showing interest in you. You may feel lost, abandoned, and even devastated. If you have such feelings with the once beloved man now, it means that he has made a decision to break off a romantic relationship. But you can try to take the initiative yourself.

8. The man is becoming irritable and increasingly in conflict with you

Sometimes the partner who has decided to leave does not have the courage to directly admit it to the woman. Therefore, the man begins to get irritated, pick on little things, arrange scandals in an empty place and constantly provoke you to negative emotions. In general, will try to do everything that it was you who abandoned him.

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