How do you know if a Libra man is in love with you?

A Libra Man: How Do You Know for Sure That He’s in Love with You?

Libra is the only inanimate sign in the zodiacal circle that belongs to the air element. Perhaps this is for a reason. Maybe this person really has no soul and no feelings, and his love is dissolved through the fingers like air? How should a girl behave with such an airy character? How does a Libra man fall in love and is it possible to build love with him?

To understand all this, let’s turn first to the character and mental qualities of this horoscopic representative.

A characteristic feature of air signs is extroversion. Men of Libra sign are very sociable, open to people of any social status. They like to show themselves in public, to distinguish their views, erudition and sense of humor, to boast of their feats and achievements. That significantly strengthens their self-esteem. And people themselves prefer to turn to Libra for various advice and the resolution of disputes. After all, this is a Libra, to think things through, to weigh, to balance, to solve someone else’s problems (but not their own). Plus, the man of this sign is a very interesting interlocutor, friendly, courteous, benevolent, with a developed sense of justice and responsiveness. And everywhere he is a holiday, the soul of the company.

The representative of this sign is an aesthete and strives for beauty in everything. His external appearance is always attractive, harmonious, elegant. Around him, he also likes to create a beautiful environment: from the decoration of his home and ending with the preparation of an exquisite dinner for guests or a beloved woman.

A peculiar character traits of Libra are poise, calmness and the desire for harmony in everything. But they can periodically disappear sharply, and then this man goes to all sorts of trouble: food and alcohol abuse, aggressive behavior, antisocial behavior. He may even disappear for a while without feeling guilty. Therefore, a woman who has decided to tie the fate of the Libra must be aware of such strangeness. Although the fairer sex often close their eyes to this, because they are literally charmed by the charm, attractiveness, gallantry, attention and solicitude of the man. And he in turn perfectly knows how to use their advantages and unobtrusively control people in their interests.

Here you can also note a contradictory feature. A Libra man can diplomatically solve people’s problems, give competent advice. But at the same time personal situations cause him confusion. This man is unsure of his problems, has difficulty in making decisions, tends to shift responsibility to others, most often close people, and needs their constant support.

Repulsive traits of Libra include frequent mood swings, a tendency to dramatization, exaggerated presumption and pride, intolerance of criticism in his address (although they do not mind criticizing others). They are often overcome by doubts about their abilities and aspirations, due to which such people may fall into despondency and not move from a dead point.

When balance reigns in the soul of a Libra man, he is a cheerful, charming, sweet, active, efficient and open to endless communication. But if the balance in the inner world is broken, he immediately becomes cranky, moody, gloomy, lazy and generally unbearable. Therefore, those around him have nothing else to do but simply wait out this negative-passive period to enjoy communicating with him again. Due to the fact that Libra strives to please those around him, and they need to discharge their negativity somewhere, the so-called “scapegoats” often become the closest people. Therefore, being in a relationship with him, you must understand that the Libra man shouts and scandals just because he is trying to pour out his accumulated pain.

The Libra’s partner should be aware that you should not expect a strong psychological support from this man. He is not the kind of person who will be interested in the state of mind of his soul mate, something to sympathize with her, pity her. The representative of this sign is by nature arranged in such a way that the inner state of the person, his suffering, anxiety, motives of behavior are simply not interesting for him. This is the point in which the inanimate nature of the sign of Libra is traced. Only logic and rationalism matter to him, in this vein he can listen and advise something.

His attitude towards a woman is also quite original: he sees her as a sexual object rather than a person and a personality. If she stops being interesting in an intimate way, he can easily leave without thinking about her feelings and suffering. Therefore, the lady is left either to put up with him or just not to get involved with him. Moreover, this person will never remain without a woman’s attention and will quickly find another object of pleasure. After all, there is no more powerful conqueror of women’s hearts in the entire zodiacal circle.

Thus, you can see that Libra symbolizes not a balance, but two opposing bowls: good and evil, prudence and uncertainty, attentiveness and irresponsibility. Relationships with such a man, like a minefield – have to be in constant tension and full alert: you never know what cup will tip in one direction or another. But perhaps this is what makes this representative so magnetically attractive to the people around him and, above all, to women.

How does the behavior of Libra men change when they are in love?

Despite his unstable character, the Libra man seeks stability and comfort. In his life, he happens a lot of novels, most of them short-term. But for a serious relationship and marriage, he approaches with great responsibility. Carefully weighing the pros and cons, choosing a partner for life.

But how can one understand which woman can be in love with a Libra guy if he sometimes does not understand what he needs until the end? Let’s try to figure this out.

As an aesthete, he prefers to see a work of art in his chosen one, the ideal in everything. Man Libra stop his choice of a beautiful, sophisticated, stylish, well-groomed woman with a slender figure, radiating sensuality and sexuality. At the same time, she must have excellent mental abilities, unsurpassed charisma, exquisite taste and refined manners. At any time should be ready to support a discussion with him on various topics and share his interests, hobbies, and views on life. Rude, impertinent, tactless or slovenly person will not cause sympathy of this representative.

If you are not the owner of the described set of qualities, but noticed that a Libra man gives you signs of attention, then how do you know that seriously he likes you or he is even in love? After all, this man is so gorgeous and says such beautiful words that you can not immediately determine the extent of his interest. Perhaps he has many applicants besides you and you are just a temporary infatuation before the final choice.

Typical changes in appearance and behavior of a Libra man in love:

  1. For the sake of the lady he likes, he can change his style of dress, taking into account her taste. Sometimes even dramatically. For example, if his heart beats more often every time he sees an athlete running by, then he is willing to change his closet for a sporty one. And even begin to run at the same time as a girl in order to turn her languid gaze on his person. Even if before that he was indifferent to sports in principle.
  2. Wishing to look perfect in the eyes of his chosen one, the man begins to strenuously monitor himself and endlessly assesses his reflection: in the mirror, in store windows, in a puddle or car windows.
  3. A lover of harmony and tranquility, this man becomes overwhelmed with jealousy, sometimes with elements of rudeness, which he displays at any opportunity. So he checks the object of affection to the strength and responsiveness of his feelings. Or because of jealousy can suddenly become unsociable and gloomy.
  4. At the sight of a beloved such a guy starts to literally shine. Smile does not leave his face, he endlessly jokes and original quips to cause her vivid interest. At the same time, he cannot take his admiring gaze off the object of his passion.
  5. Suddenly he is shy, sensitive, obliging, trying to guess the girl’s thoughts and desires in order to be the first to please her.
  6. Attentiveness and tenderness become his companions next to his lady of the heart. If the chosen one in a conversation dropped the phrase that she likes sweets, then soon he will fill her up with these sweets of different varieties.
  7. He begins to arrange romantic surprises, little holidays, to appoint beautiful dates, to surprise with flowers and original gifts, to dedicate poems.
  8. Signs of falling in love can be observed in gestures. When talking he tries to be as close as possible to the lady of his heart in order to be able to touch her, to hold her hand. Often he touches his belly and belt, unconsciously indicating physical attraction to her.
  9. A Libra man in love behaves actively both in actions and in communication. Communicative by nature, in this state he becomes too talkative. Can tell his beloved all sorts of stories from his life and family biography. He tries as much as possible to spend time close to her. And in moments of separation begins to endless calls and emails to discuss the day.
  10. Great importance for Libra is their home, which for others is often an impregnable fortress. If such a man invites his chosen one to visit him for a date, and maybe to live together, then his interest is really serious and will have a continuation. Not to mention that he offers to introduce her to his parents and friends.

Until a Libra man can figure out what he really loves, he won’t always behave nicely. He may flirt with other women, have intimate relationships with them. He may make unpleasant jokes in the direction of his lady. But when a representative of this zodiac sign realizes that he really fell in love and is ready for a serious relationship, he will do everything to ensure that the chosen one gets caught in his net of charm and stays with him forever.

Libra men – how can you make them fall in love with you?

Due to the complex contradictory nature of Libra, it will not be easy to fall in love with such a man. If you still decide that you need this man, you will have to seriously try on the way to conquer his heart. We hope that our tips for winning a Libra man will be useful to you:

  1. Create for your lover a warm calm atmosphere of harmony and nonchalance, to which he is endlessly drawn.
  2. Try to be unobtrusive, but at the same time indispensable. Support him in all affairs, show care and responsiveness. Accept all his advices and actions, be malleable, submissive, but also mysterious and inaccessible. Show flirtation and flirtation in communication. And most importantly, do not lose your dignity in the eyes of your chosen one.
  3. Be restrained in their statements, do not point out the shortcomings of men. And instead, say endless compliments, admire his virtues and deeds, praise even for the little things.
  4. In this man you need to believe and give more freedom of action. Then he will do everything for the sake of the beloved woman and family. And because of excessive control your chosen one can be soft, irresponsible.
  5. Do not forget about your appearance. Carefully choose elegant clothes, beautiful hairstyles, make sure your makeup, manicure and slimness of your body. Take into account his wishes about your appearance.
  6. Arrange the beauty around him. Choose gifts with taste, stylishly decorate the apartment for his arrival, cook elegant food, elegantly serving the table.
  7. The intimate part of the relationship is very important for Libra, so try to diversify it as often and as interesting as possible. Fantasize: invent original erotic games, add a touch of romance and grace in every act of love. Be active, liberated, gentle and attentive partner. And he will surprise you in return with his abilities.
  8. Do not show mercenary tendencies in any case. This will discourage Libra men. Evaluate only a man and his inner world.
  9. The most important person in the life of a Libra is the mother. Therefore, learn the intricacies of her nature and try to resemble something of her lover. And if you manage to make friends with her, you will be priceless.
  10. Develop a mental balance. If there is a quarrel or a conflict between you, never stoop to tears, screams, aggression and hysterics. The Libra man just can not stand it, although he is very touchy. Give your loved one time to think everything over and cool down. And then try to wisely find a compromise by talking calmly. He will definitely appreciate it.
  11. Representatives of this sign are quite indecisive, so if you take the initiative into your own hands and push him into a relationship, there will be nothing shameful about it.
  12. Libra men have a very musical nature. Get him interested in talking about music, listen to songs together that caress his ears, invite him to a concert of his favorite artist – all this will make his heart beat more often when remembering about your meetings.
  13. Arrange interesting walks, unexpected meetings, extreme trips. All of these things excite Libra.
  14. Demonstrate your erudition, intellectual merit, wit in exciting conversations.
  15. Develop patience and philosophical calmness as not every lady is able to endure sharp changes of mood and character of such a partner.
  16. Smile more often, show optimism and cheerfulness. Dissatisfied and grumpy person does not cause sympathy in this person.

Trying to take into account all the recommendations, be yourself. As such a man always feels falsehood and appreciates in a woman’s naturalness and sincerity.

Do not try to fall in love with a married Libra man. Despite the fact that he can smile, flaunt compliments to many girls and flirt with them, this is a caring, faithful spouse. He very much values family well-being and happiness and will not destroy an established and important relationship for the sake of an incomprehensible affair.

How to understand that a Libra man is in love: the features of behavior, the manner of courting

Men born under the sign of Libra have an innate sense of beauty and are able to accommodate any interlocutor. Representatives of this sign are very amorous, but not constant, so win their heart is very difficult. Before taking action, women often wonder how to understand that a Libra man is in love and aims for a serious relationship. Astrologers will help to understand the signs of love of this man and give some useful tips.

About Libra

Libra is one of the most mysterious and incomprehensible signs of the Zodiac. Their appearance often does not correspond to the inner content. Thus, soft in appearance and calm man can actually turn out to be a domestic tyrant, and an outspoken womanizer – a devoted and gentle husband who loves children and home comfort.

Libras are always hesitant, and their every action is the result of a long internal hesitation. They are very emotional, but they can safely hide their emotions so that they do not seem weak or unbalanced.

The main features of the representatives of this sign are a great sense of beauty, love for women and the ability to manipulate people. Men of this sign look at every woman as a work of art. At the same time, they demonstrate a desire to possess both the picture they like and an attractive woman, but if they should get their hands on it, their interest immediately wanes.

The Libra men are kind and cheerful.

Men of this sign position themselves as a hunter of curiosities, they are attracted to everything unusual. The ideal of female beauty does not exist for them, because they are able to see something beautiful in every person.

Positive character traits Libra:

  • A sense of justice;
  • benevolence;
  • the desire for harmony;
  • non-conflict;
  • sociability.

Men of this sign try to limit themselves to everything that brings discord in their lives. They know how to choose their friends, and will never communicate with hypocritical and greedy people, because these qualities, according to Libra, refers to the manifestations of chaos. Conflicts, scandals and disputes are repugnant to them, so Libras are able to negotiate and find a compromise in any situation.

In general, this is a rather peaceful sign whose life is subordinated to harmony and beauty. They surround themselves with beautiful things and try to act always according to justice. However, as long as the scale is not tipped in the other direction. The flip side of their character – it is mistrust, insecurity and constant hesitation. Benevolence is replaced by surliness, sociability – withdrawn, and it lasts as long as the man does not solve the internal conflict.

The main problem of Libra is the ambivalence and inconstancy of their nature. They are naturally inclined to doubt everything, especially themselves.

Man-Libras in any conflict and scandal will try to find a compromise.

The main priority in the life of a Libra is himself. Men of this sign are quite selfish, so they consider themselves the center of the universe, though they will never admit it. The goal of the life of a man of this sign is to achieve harmony in everything. If he can completely build his life, based on his own idea of beauty, to coincide with his soul Libra often fails, so the inner harmony is not in them. This leads to various deviations (including sexual), nervous breakdowns and frequent depressions.

According to psychologists, Libra is the most unbalanced sign of the Zodiac. They are prone to depression, neurosis, often suffer from obsessive states and bipolar affective personality disorder. The reason for this lies in the lack of harmony in the soul of men of this Sign.

It should be noted that many Libra men are idealists. They want to see the best in people and are very disappointed when faced with harsh reality. They build castles in the air that are blown away in the first gust of wind, and then fall into a state of sullenness and self-destruction. Because of this, to predict the behavior of Libra is very difficult.

At the same time, with women Libra behave courteously and gallantly. They are very amorous and can get any girl. At the same time, even in love Libra are good manipulators, so the problems with the opposite sex they do not happen.

In love with a Libra man will be really happy if he meets a woman who can help him find inner harmony. Such a union will be strong and reliable. Otherwise, the man of this sign will constantly fall in love, get disappointed, break off the relationship, and then fall in love again. A lot of sexual relations and unsuccessful relationships destroy the man of this sign, so with age Libra becomes quite cynical and cold.

How do you know if he is in love?

A Libra man in love likes to communicate a lot with his lady of the heart

Astrologers know how to understand that a Libra man is in love, and willingly share this information with all women. Libras in love will not begin to hide their feelings for a long time and quickly enough pass to action, demonstrating the behavior of a real ladies’ man.

Libra knows how to court like no other. Astrologers joke that every woman at least once in her life should be the object of their attention. Libra will shower his lady with compliments and flowers, make her feel like a goddess, and then leave a slight aftertaste of light sadness. Romances with Libra are remembered for a lifetime.

At the initial stage of the process of winning a woman, the signs of a Libra man in love are as follows:

  • penetrating glances;
  • occasional touches;
  • light compliments;
  • Non-committal conversations.

A man of this sign will never act rudely and assertively. He does not pursue his victim like Scorpio, but gradually accustoms the woman, leaving her time to get used to his presence in her life.

At first, Libra will begin to establish contact. It all starts with looks – penetrating, but mischievous. He will not bore a woman with his eyes, but prefers to “shoot the eyes.

A Libra man will always be able to cheer up and surprise the girl.

A man of this sign will try to casually touch a woman. He can give her coat, casually slipping on the fingertips, adjust the collar, slightly touching her hair. And from the outside it seems that this is a normal display of friendly attention.

At first, compliments of Libra are light and graceful. A man of this sign is very observant, so he will not ignore the new hairstyle of a woman or a fresh manicure, and will certainly pay a compliment.

With a girl who likes a man of this sign begins to communicate a lot. And Libra prefers to have conversations on distracted topics, periodically diluting them with various personal questions that will help to get to know the interlocutor better.

Such a long “foreplay” is necessary for a Libra in order to better understand his feelings, and when a man realizes that he is really in love, he will move on to more active operations.

Courtship men of this sign are well known, but effective seduction techniques. The man becomes very gallant, be sure to give the lady flowers, always trying to help. Libra knows how to create a romantic setting, so the dates with them are always very memorable. At first glance, everything is banal: the same restaurants, concerts and museums. However, a man of this sign can greatly captivate the girl with the conversation and tell her a lot of new things. As a rule, they are very erudite and can really impress the lady with their intelligence.

In addition, Libras are a lot of fun to spend time with. Men of this sign have a great sense of humor, without vulgarity and vulgarity, they know how to organize leisure time so that the girl is not bored.

Why Libras hide their crush and what to do?

Men – Libra will always pay attention to a girl with a bright appearance

Figuring out how a Libra man in love behaves, you should take a closer look at his behavior. Sometimes it is difficult to know that a Libra man in love, as he may be hiding his feelings. This occurs in two cases – if the guy does not believe that the girl is worthy of his love, or a man does not feel able to captivate her.

In such cases, the fidgetiness of his movements and the desire to quickly interrupt the conversation will help to recognize love. Usually Libras prefer to be the center of attention and friendly to all around. If he suddenly began to avoid communication, but there is no reason for outright frustration or resentment, you can assume that he just fell in love.

In this case, she should help him gain the strength to show his feelings. How to do this – it depends on the reason for his delay.

If a man is not sure that a woman is suitable for him, you need to convince him of this. To do this you should:

  • To take care of his appearance;
  • Keep communication with other men to a minimum;
  • Watch your speech and facial expressions;
  • Expand your horizons.

Libras is attracted to everything beautiful, so a girl will have to make a work of art out of herself. No, no, plastic surgery and liposuction will not be necessary, because Libras look past the physical flaws. What matters to them is the overall image of the woman. You should reconsider your closet and learn elegance. Libras appreciate makeup that emphasizes the advantages of appearance, and beautiful women’s hair.

Tip: Those who doubt in their own ability to combine things, you can use the images of Audrey Hepburn, which correspond to the Libra ideas of beauty.

You should also work on your speech, getting rid of profanity and parasite words.

To doubt their chances to succeed with a Libra man can only if the lady of the heart is too surrounded by men. Girls are advised to limit their social circle and show attention and friendly sympathy for a man of Libra, and he will do the rest.

How best to behave?

Libra does not like too active and assertive women

Noticing the manifestations and signs that a Libra man is in love, a woman should pay more attention to his appearance and just let him win himself over. There is no need to show initiative and intrusiveness – a Libra man does not like it. He should feel like a hunter, not a victim. Too active women representatives of this sign prefer to bypass or leave with a broken heart.

Once a woman managed to find out that a Libra man in love, should sharply stop communicating with other men. Feeling the competition, a Libra man may forget his intentions and switch all attention to another woman.

For a Libra to be confident in his success, it is enough to accept his signs of attention and courtship. However, no woman has yet regretted dating a Libra, as the men of this sign know how to surprise.

Improper tactics

Having figured out how Libras behave when they are in love, a girl should try not to make common mistakes that can repel a man of this zodiac sign. These include:

  • intrusiveness;
  • Flirting with other men as an attempt to cause jealousy;
  • arguments and scandals;
  • ridicule and criticism.

Astrologers recommend not trying to impose their society on a man of this sign and not trying to control all his movements.

Advice from psychologists

Girls of fire signs should not argue with men – Libra

To build a harmonious relationship, psychologists recommend taking into account the peculiarities of compatibility of different zodiac signs.

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