How do you know if a guy wants to break up?

10 signs that your boyfriend wants to leave

Not all relationships end with a happy ending in the form of a Mendelssohn march and a happy family life. No one is immune to the fading of feelings, when you consciously realize that it makes no sense to continue the relationship. Sometimes this decision is made by a man. However, not all members of the stronger sex have the courage to talk frankly with their once favorite favorite woman, and relations for some time still moving the inertia, but do not bring past joy.

If a man has decided to break up with you, but at the same time he can not put an end to the relationship, he still will not behave as before. In his behavior every now and then will slip some strange. And if you take off the rose-colored glasses and don’t grasp at life-saving straws, you will surely notice 10 signs that your boyfriend wants to leave you.

Signs that a guy wants to leave:

1. he’s distancing himself from you.

Does he seem broody, often spend time alone and not interested in your affairs? It is possible that a man has had an unpleasantness that is consuming all his thoughts. But these signs could also indicate that the man wants to leave, but has not yet decided how to do it.

He has no plans for the future.

You used to be able to spend hours fantasizing about your future together, the family and even the name of unborn children, and now he does not want to make plans even for the upcoming vacation? Chances are, mentally, the man has already drawn a line in your relationship, however, for some reason, can not make the last decisive step.

He has stopped taking care of you.

Love manifests itself in the little things and care – in time for a coat handed to you, meeting you from work, a delicious dinner. Surely at the beginning of a relationship your boyfriend behaved very gallant and accommodating, and that won you over. If at some point you notice that in your relationship care comes only from you, it means only one thing – the man’s feelings have faded.

4) He does not call you to meet with his friends.

He used to be happy to invite you to meetings with his friends and relatives. Of course, because he loved you and wanted to demonstrate his “booty” to the people close to him. If now the man prefers to spend time without you, this indicates that he no longer sees you as his girlfriend.

5. There is no more passion between you

The absence of passion is a sure sign that a man wants to break up. Male members of the stronger sex express their love through physical intimacy. If he avoids intimacy, then his thoughts are captured by someone else. Of course, a man may not have the desire because of fatigue or ill health. However, if it is constant, there is a high probability that he wants to leave you.

6. He now has secrets.

He used to share everything with you, talk about the events of the day and was extremely honest, but now he hides the phone, puts a password on your computer and evades your questions? These changes indicate only that the man no longer considers you part of his life and therefore wants to expand his personal space.

7. He is often irritable.

A man who no longer loves becomes very irritable and aggressive. He is ready to burst out over any little thing, and then he doesn’t even think about apologizing. Suddenly it turns out that you don’t dress like that, you don’t cook like that, and you don’t take care of him like that. In fact, you are the same as before, it’s just that the man’s feelings have disappeared.

8. He is looking for a reason to fight.

Sometimes it seems to you that he purposely invents reasons for quarrels and conflicts? Most likely, this is the case. If a man doesn’t have the courage to break up the relationship first, he will do everything possible to make the breakup supposedly happen through your fault.

9. He’s lying.

If you are catching him lying more and more often, even though you didn’t notice this habit before, it means that the man doesn’t value your relationship anymore. Total lies indicate that the man is not afraid of losing you. But also this habit indicates that your chosen one is not quite a decent person.

10. You do not feel loved.

Women’s intuition is legendary. Indeed, our feelings are a kind of measure of happiness in a relationship. If you increasingly feel that your partner does not love you, and he is not your destiny, look closely at him. It is possible that he is not really planning to tie his life to you and is already planning his departure.

Breakup, especially if it occurs on the initiative of a loved one, it’s always a painful process. However, if you understand that goodbye is inevitable, do not continue in a relationship that has no future, because of them you lose your precious time. Remember that very soon you will be happy again, and today’s torment will remain in your memory as a fleeting episode of life that made you more experienced and wiser.

How to know if your boyfriend is going to dump you

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Many people, while under the euphoria of a relationship, seem to go blind and don’t notice the signs that a guy wants to leave. Usually these people are highly dramatic when their fairy tale comes to an end, and are painful about the breakup. Be prepared to see a red flag before you get hurt.

Consider whether he’s blowing off plans or avoiding you. Maybe he’s stopped calling you constantly or texting you during the day (if he usually did). This could all be a signal.

Pay attention to the physical manifestations of his feelings. If he wants to leave, he will probably stop hugging or kissing you a lot like he used to.

Talk to his friends. He may have already told others that he intends to break up with you. At the very least, you’ll be able to see if he’s happy with the relationship.

Does he intentionally hang out with girls you don’t like? Is he spending more time with his girlfriends? Could he be hinting at something.

Is he telling you that he wants to break up? If so, chances are he wants to date other girls and makes you happy. Perhaps he wants to be friends with you who have sex sometimes, or he just wants to leave, but he doesn’t have the courage.

Don’t annoy him, act naturally. Don’t overthink things and don’t create provocative situations.

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