How do you know if a guy loves you?

How to know if a man loves you

Sometimes it is very difficult to understand whether your chosen one loves you. From our article you will learn how to look and gestures to determine the true feelings of the silent gentleman.

Life experience shows that not every modern man can boast of determination, especially when it comes to such a delicate area as the expression of feelings and declarations of love.

Some representatives of the stronger half of mankind could be years to hide their affection for a particular woman, thereby losing precious time they could spend with her. Consequently, a woman should be sensitive enough to understand whether he has any intentions towards her. In this case, she can “push” the indecisive cavalier a little to their common happiness.

Peculiarities of male psychology

A huge mistake is that men are assumed to be less sensitive and more callous compared to the fair sex. In fact, men are more affected by their experiences, because they can not afford to share them. A woman can complain to her friends, a man will keep it all inside until the situation is resolved, or he was just unable to restrain their emotions.

Men are often silent about their feelings, because they are afraid to be rejected, because it is a blow “below the belt. Women after such failures restored their self-esteem more quickly, but in men’s minds, such situations leave a deep and long-healing wounds.

For this reason, sometimes a woman has to take the initiative into their own hands to help their loved one to open up. The most important condition is – to earn the trust of men. He can be honest and frank only if he is confident that he will not be betrayed, over him will not laugh. Again, lead him to the openness should be very softly and discreetly, so he did not feel as if he was sucking vital information. But above all, a woman should be sure that she is not indifferent to this man, and her efforts will not be wasted.

Signs of a man in love.

  1. First of all, in love gives out his eyesight. As a rule, a man in flames with feelings is ready to keep his eyes on the woman, constantly looking for her eyes, to admire her. If the eyes meet, he can either look away shyly, or his pupils dilate significantly, and the face will show signs of excitement. If he is able to look into a woman’s eyes for a long time, like a “cat on sour cream” without feeling embarrassed, he may just be an experienced womanizer who has been honing his self-confidence for years.

A man in love is ready to admire you indefinitely.

In the presence of the object of sympathy, a man tries to look as good as possible. He corrects his clothes, hairstyle, take a pose that emphasizes the advantages of his figure, straightens his shoulders. Also he may subconsciously draw her attention to his thighs by putting his thumbs in his pockets or behind the belt of his pants.

A man in love strives in every way to attract the attention of his beloved. And this is observed even in kindergarten, when boys push girls or pull their pigtails. Mature and self-confident people will not resort to violent measures in order to draw attention to themselves, but will use other techniques: laughter when she appears, raising your voice when talking to someone if she is near, some desperate actions that can cause admiration of others and her in the first place.

A man seeks to stay with his beloved alone, so that no one interferes with their conversation, do not distract attention. He wants to keep her away from his rivals, or get a chance to touch her.

Actions are more important than words.

Unfortunately or fortunately, but the psychology of men is very different from that of women, and therefore the behavior of the stronger sex is somewhat different than women expect. It is known that men do not like a long conversation, but women just do not represent their lives without this. Therefore, beautiful ladies are often waiting for their husbands passionate declarations of love and passionate vows of fidelity.

Most often they wait in vain, as in the joke: “I told you I love you. Once, on our wedding day. Well, nothing has changed since then, and if it does, I’ll let you know.” As the saying goes, every joke has its share of… jokes. So, the beautiful sex will have to accept this masculine characteristic, and the confirmation of the feelings of his chosen one to look for in his actions.

Pay attention to his actions

The actions of a man in love

Even the most practical and thrifty man does not spare money on gifts for his beloved. He seeks to pay for it in a cafe, send home in a cab, treat her sweet or take her to the movies. If the man expressed a desire to split the bill in the restaurant in half, and spared the money for a bouquet of flowers, you should think about how he appreciates his companion. If he has temporary financial difficulties, it’s not an excuse to save money, but only a reason to look for a better source of income.

A man in love seeks to surround his beloved with care. In any case, he will not let her go home alone late at night, and certainly not invite her to his house in the middle of the night, not worrying about how she will get there. Taking care of his beloved’s health is also a sign of a man who treasures his woman.

A man who is crazy about his beloved seeks to simultaneously introduce her to his closest people (relatives, best friends), and at the same time “hide” her from his rivals. He may have the desire to put a burqa on his beloved and keep her at home to hide his treasure from the jealous eyes of others.

Inspired by love, the man wants to spend with his chosen one as much time as possible. He will look for new occasions to meet her, or make surprises, appearing where she did not expect to see him. Even if he is not too decisive, then at least try as often as possible to flicker in front of the eyes of those who stopped his choice, so he “kills two birds”: admiring her and at the same time reminds her of himself, so she did not forget.

How to find out about his feelings, without asking directly?

How do you know if a guy loves you? Millions of girls ask themselves this question every day at the start of a relationship. Today I will tell you how to find out how a guy feels without asking directly.

Signs of whether a guy loves you

Why is it important for every woman to know how a man feels? It’s simple: it is done in order to understand whether a relationship with him is worth the effort on her part. After all, if a young man is not interested in you at all, it is easier to find another.

How does a man behave if he really loves? Here’s a checklist of signs you can tell if a woman is interested in a guy:

  1. He’s interested in your life outside of work, university, or school.
  2. He offers to help if he sees that you can’t do it on your own.
  3. He tries to spend maximum of his free time with you.
  4. He is not stingy with compliments on your looks and skills.
  5. He seeks physical contact: he hugs you, touches your hand or other body part, kisses you.
  6. He gives gifts and is generous with courtship.
  7. He is proud of you and often talks about you in enthusiastic epithets.
  8. He wants to introduce you to his family and friends.

Do you want to be 100% sure that this man cares about you? Then I suggest taking one of the tests on “How to find out if a guy loves you” in addition. The survey “Who are you for a man” will allow you to identify strengths and weaknesses in dealing with the opposite sex, to work on the shortcomings.

How do you know if a guy really loves you if only a few signs above coincide? I advise to look closely at his future behavior and developments. Maybe you’re still at the beginning of a relationship when it’s too early to meet each other’s parents or hint at intimacy.

Increase your chances of sympathy from men can be if you follow the advice from my article “What kind of girls men want. In it I talk about the qualities of women who fall in love with all the guys.

What to do if he loves you?

You have understood and figured out if a guy loves you. How to act next? Let him know that the feelings are mutual, if you too are in love. This does not mean that you have to immediately drag a man to the registry office or jump into bed with him.

What to do to make the feelings more vivid? Show easy interest! Yes, men do not like easily available, but the snow queens eventually get tired of winning. Keep him interested in his person. Be different, surprise your admirer and build your own life so that it had a place for everything. Believe me, winning your attention will be a fascinating quest.

He’s in love, and you’ve cooled down.

Some girls after a couple of meetings with an admirer, they realize that he is not suitable for them. And a man by that time had already fallen in love! How to tactfully tell him that it will not work? Use my authoring technique PDA: Compliment – program – compliment.

Say for example: “You are such a persistent and passionate man. And I am a girl who is ready to develop a relationship with a man with whom I am truly in love. I’m sure you will definitely meet the woman of your dreams today.” A man after such a rejection will not feel rejected and will not hold a grudge against you.

If he is indifferent and you are in love

You wanted to know if he loved me, but it turned out he did not? In the column “Perfect Relationship for Love” I advise: do not run after this man, even if he’s so damn charming and you like it. Once you find out that a woman “pines for him,” the guy will start taking advantage of you. And when he gets what he needs, he will disappear from your life.

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Girls, share how you can check if a guy loves you? Perhaps you have your own secrets?

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