How do you know if a guy likes you?

How do you know that a guy likes you: basic signs of affection

Sometimes it is difficult for a girl to understand whether she reciprocates the guy she likes, because he does not show his feelings openly. Representatives of the stronger sex are not inclined to discover sympathy in an obvious way, they look closely to the object of passion for a long time and only after a while make a confession. However, there are certain signs that you can learn about the feelings of the guy, even if he does not talk about them out loud. Perhaps the opposite situation when a man talks to a girl out of politeness, and she takes it as a sign of increased attention.

There are certain peculiarities in the psychology of a man who likes a girl:

  1. 1. A guy who likes a young lady will constantly show care for her. He will gladly help carry a heavy bag, help take off or put on a coat.
  2. 2. Man will try to push the boundaries of joint pastime. He will invite you to keep him company when you go on vacation or an excursion, invite him to a party, etc.
  3. If a guy hides his feelings, you can find out about them by paying attention to whether he keeps his promises and tries to help. If a representative of the strong half of mankind is attracted to a lady, he will try to fulfill her wishes and help cope with her worries.
  4. 4. A guy can also ask for help. He wants to make sure that he too can rely on the companion in the future.
  5. 5. The young man constantly finds a reason to see his date and also visits places that are not familiar to him.
  6. 6. If the lady devotes more time to another man than to him, he gets angry and irritated. If the representative of the stronger half of humanity is modest, he will react much more calmly. Outwardly he will be unperturbed, but sadness will appear on his face.

Determine whether you like the girl or not, you can tell by the guy’s look. He feels sympathy if he looks at her and tries to keep eye contact for a long time. He often follows her with his eyes.

If the eyes of two constantly cross or guy looks at the girl with interest, he clearly has serious intentions. Dilated pupils indicate sympathy. But it should be taken into account that many young people are shy and prefer to hide their feelings.

There are several methods to know his attitude:

  1. 1. the guy’s interest can be recognized from the outside. To do this, you can ask your girlfriends to observe him.
  2. 2. You should stand so that you can follow the silhouette of the young man with your side vision. As soon as he directs his gaze in another direction, you should look at some distant object, and then suddenly turn to him.
  3. 3 If during a conversation, a man’s eyes are directed to the face of his interlocutor, this means that he liked the lady he was talking to.
  4. 4. If the shy guy likes the girl, he will blush and turn away when their gazes cross.

Gestures give away a person’s emotions, ideas and feelings, so with their help a girl can tell if a guy likes her. A person can control his facial expressions during a conversation, but it will not be possible to completely limit the gestures. A young man feels sympathy for a young lady in the following cases:

  1. 1. he tries to always be close and does not turn his back.
  2. 2. He tries once again to correct something in his appearance.
  3. 3. if the girl speaks, the guy listens to every word, his attention is completely focused on her speech.
  4. 4. The young man repeats gestures after the girl. To be sure, she can touch her cheek, lean on the edge of the table, and watch the guy at the same time.
  5. 5. He will always try to look his best, so next to his date will try to straighten his back and straighten his shoulders.
  6. 6. An insecure young man often needs a support, which can be even his leg put forward. It will be directed at the object he likes.
  7. 7. If the young man will sit with one leg over the other, the toe of the shoe will, in most cases, point toward the object of his crush.
  8. 8. If a woman is liked by a shy man, he may be rubbing something with his fingers while talking (key chain, pen, etc.). But you need to be attentive, because sometimes these are signs that the man is in a hurry somewhere.
  9. 9. If the young man liked the young lady, during the conversation all of his attention will be focused on her, and he will assume an open pose. A turn of the body in her direction or a tilt of the head will indicate interest.

If the young man likes the young lady, he will certainly want to touch her. He will unconsciously catch the moment to touch her hand, touch her shoulder or touch her knee.

If the young man shows no interest during the conversation and his arms and legs are in a crossed position – guesses about his sympathy were illusory. It is also possible to determine sympathy in another way. It is recommended to put something of things (a notebook, a pencil, etc.) closer to the guy. If the boy touches and twirls the object, it can be interpreted as a sign of sympathy.

If the boy does not react to women’s things, then you should not jump to the conclusion that he does not like the girl. In this case, you need to consider other facts.

To begin with, you need to understand the manner in which the guy communicates. If with other people he communicates harshly, and with a certain young lady is quite gentle, then it indicates that he liked her. But if he talks to everyone delicately and calmly, then it’s not about showing his feelings for the lady, but in his usual behavior.

The meaning of the words also matters. If a young man is interested in the young lady’s concerns, dedicates her to his life, it shows his sympathy. In company, some guys can share stories about other girls to seem like heroes in other people’s eyes and cause jealousy of the lady they like.

Another sign of a man’s sympathy for a woman is enthusiastic speeches in her direction. He will praise her hairstyle, some change in style or the color of her lipstick. But this is also how a good friend behaves. So before you draw certain conclusions, you should observe the behavior of the young man in relation to other young ladies. Maybe this style of communication became his habit.

Men usually compliment even strangers to girls if they have good manners. But we must take into account – it is difficult for the modest representatives of the strong half of mankind to express what they feel. For this reason they are able to see all the changes, but do not comment on them out loud.

Also, a modest representative of the stronger half of mankind sometimes becomes the joker and the soul of the company in the presence of the lady of the heart.

If a woman is attracted to a grown man, he will do much to please her. To understand that the girl likes a grown man can be on the following signs:

  1. 1. The man will always try to touch and copy the gestures of the young lady, so that it is noticeable that they are similar.
  2. 2. A grown man usually behaves gallantly with a young lady he likes. He will always help her take off her coat and open the car door.
  3. 3. if a grown man wants to show care, it is a sign of sympathy. If he likes the lady, he tries his best to please her.

Communication by correspondence is often preferred by modest people. If you do not communicate in real life, it is difficult to understand the mood of the interlocutor and his true feelings. However, to identify signs of sympathy may be as follows:

  1. From a young man often come messages in which he wishes a good day, and positive cards.
  2. 2. Correspondence often drags on for a long time.
  3. 3. a woman arouses interest in a man if he often sends messages first and expects an answer afterwards.
  4. 4. The message uses funny photos and pictures.
  5. 5. If the young man gladly explains something and supports almost any topic – the young lady is interested in him.

If a girl needs to find out if the guy likes her, she should check if he sends smiles or likes in his messages or leaves comments on photos. But you need to be careful, because he may comment on the photos because he likes the girl’s sister or friend who is in the pictures.

From shy guys is much harder to get an invitation to a date. Such a guy tries to be a gentleman, but at the same time behaves insecurely. If a shy man paid attention to any girl, then you can not doubt that he fell in love.

The young lady will understand that she is sympathetic to the shy gentleman, by the following signs:

  1. 1. he will try to watch her longer. But if he realizes that his gaze has been noticed, he will immediately turn away. This indicates that he is afraid to meet the object of passion face to face.
  2. He will avoid communicating with her in every possible way for a long time. And if he sees the lady of his heart in the company of his girlfriends in the street, he will try to remain unnoticed.
  3. 3. Actions of the guy will be clumsy, and he will evade questions in conversation. He will probably choose to communicate over the internet or by text message at first.

If the two were good friends, and then the young man began to hint that he is in love, then you need to know the signs to determine this. You need to look closely at his behavior or ask acquaintances.

Conclusions about the fact that the lady liked her own friend can be made by the following signs:

  1. 1. A friend in love is usually embarrassed and even blushed when conversing with the girl he likes.
  2. 2. When a person is in love, it is difficult to take your eyes off the object of sympathy during a conversation. If a person is shy to admit his feelings, his eyes will do it for him.
  3. 3. A guy may often take the opportunity to touch the hair or shoulder of the lady of his heart. After all, a man in love seeks tactile sensations.

Young men may not always be able to talk about their feelings, but they do not refuse the chance to be in the presence of the lady of the heart and make their sympathy known.

  1. 1. After getting acquainted a young man tends to be in the girl’s sight often. He may start coming to the same bus stop as she does, or be in common company often.
  2. 2. The young man often calls the girl or approaches her with questions that he could easily solve himself.
  3. 3. the young man often tells jokes and jokes, after which he carefully observes the young lady’s reaction.

If the girl is unfamiliar with the young man, even then it is impossible not to notice his interested gaze. Depending on the guy’s temperament, he either looks at the lady for a long time, or occasionally throws eloquent glances.

If a woman noticed that a man looks at her with interest, but is not in a hurry to approach, then do not be upset. Only some men show determination. A modest young man will not be able to come up and talk right away. The lady needs to somehow show the stranger that she is not against the conversation. It is possible to smile at him when the glances meet once again.

The future couple can exchange winks and smiles. If a representative of the stronger half of humanity likes the young lady, he will look for an opportunity to meet again. If the man wants to see the unknown woman again, he will often go to the place where he first saw her.

Often a girl wonders if a guy likes her if they have never communicated in person, but they study at the same institute. If he cares about her, the man will try to do everything possible to draw attention to himself. He will do this in the following ways:

  1. 1. Try to communicate with her surroundings more often. This indicates that he is shy to approach his chosen one for fear of rejection.
  2. 2. He will try to blend in with her company.
  3. 3. he will start asking his friends how she feels about him and what kind of life she leads.
  4. 4. Will try to find the lady through the Internet and find out her phone number.

It often happens at school that a classmate likes the girl, but he can’t dare talk to her. The lady should ask her friends to leave her alone, then the young man will dare and make the first move. As a last resort, you can go to him first.

How do you know if a guy likes you?

Nonsense. Intuition should tell you.

Yeah, when your intuition is as dumb as a cork.)

Sorry, of course, but you’re wrong, intuition doesn’t work for everyone as well as it does for you. And it doesn’t always help…

I wonder if it’s worth a try) I’m in 10th grade, there are two guys I want to check out)

Elena, intuition is not always right.

I have a very strange case: what’s up, matches, but after the meeting he then writes, then does not write. Used to communicate every day on the phone, but now only Vk and not so often. I asked directly if he wants to continue communicating, he said of course he does, but has shut himself off from me.

I have a weird case. There’s a guy I want to check out. I have a matching last example of a guy leaning in when talking.

Oooh, it helped me and I realized that someone likes me. thanks))))

Guys, help, please. I don’t know what to do. Does he like me or not. A new guy came to our school. At one of the school events I got a little messed up, and for two days he teased me about it. And at the end of the school day, when I was looking at my schedule, he came up to me and called me a word I didn’t like very much again, and put his hand on my shoulder. And when I face him he does not tease me in front of my friends, but when there are no friends and there are strangers, he leans in my direction and calls me differently – less rudely

Sofiyka, I have the same thing. So I also do not know whether it is love or just a guy is so stupid, I’m sorry))))

All that is written here is bullshit, we just like, the brave ones get acquainted and the shy ones just think or wait for a girl to get acquainted herself

Dumb,just dumb. Look,this guy is stupid.

Oh, what interesting stories you have here)))

My intuition did not let me down! I began to notice long ago that my colleague at work was not indifferent to me… His look, behavior and manner of communication gave it away… It was always visible. But no one noticed it except me! And I felt it … And just recently he confessed everything to me, and now we are having an affair!

I like my boyfriend’s friend, a very long time ago, I have broken up with my boyfriend many times because of this, I want to try it with his friend. Should I do it? But I’m crazy about him, if the boyfriend’s friend, I’ll probably still put someone out there .

Hello. I like someone too… He’s my older sister’s classmate. He’s in 8th grade and I’m in 5th. Well in my height and character I look like the whole 7th grade :)) I really can’t understand… Probably, I would have found out long ago if it were not for my girlfriend… always drags me with her :(( even lets me talk to him… But we were often close to him… almost a few millimeters from each other… When that happens, I get very nervous. I am also not indifferent to him … I hope that he is too :))

I have a strange case, help me out. I like one boy, my friend, he often talks to me, jokes on me, in short, we are friends. But most importantly, he does not show me “nice” attention. Usually when we meet, he and I hug, and then we do not talk for 30 minutes. And I can not figure out if he likes me or not! I tried to test him with a movie, bye I can not have a girlfriend, and he somehow strangely replied, like: -No, I probably, I do not know … Then with this question avoided me and passed on to another subject!

I hope he cares about me.

P.S. If you know what to do in such a case, then write. I beg you.

I have a very interesting case, I’m in the 6th grade, I recently became acquainted (2 months ago somewhere) with a boy from the 8th grade, at first he did not show any signs of attention and, yes, he is very shy, then at school he often began to burn me with his eyes. Once they had a class on the 4th floor, me and my LP for fun went up to the 4th floor and sat in the other wing, he noticed us, walked around the 3rd floor, and we then started to leave (the other way) he followed us, I did not notice, he passes and intentionally touches my shoulder. And there was such a case, we were given a certificate and a rose by the boys-classmates for March 8, we go out of the class, we pass by his company, he looks at me with a killing glance, like he’s jealous, and today before the first lesson I stopped him, just barely (I tell you, he’s shy), and said, well, stop, he said, what do you want? I was like – come with us to the ice tomorrow, like, your BFF will go, he says – no and leaves. Well, after the bell rang, shit, after 2 lessons, my BFF comes up to him (I am also a pussy) and said, like, I wanted to tell him a very important information, he said I do not care, she said, like, do you dare? He’s like, yeah, he says, I don’t want to, like, she’s like, wuss, and leaves. Oh my god, the other day after school we were walking by the cafeteria, he was eating soup, very important AHAHAHAHA. Well, as I walk by, he immediately burns me with a look, I do not understand what is happening. I also had a dream from Sunday to Tuesday (the 10th), he was indifferent to me in the dream, I punched in the dreambooks, it means that he wants a more serious relationship than just communication, friendship, damn PAMAGING! (mistakes in the last word on purpose).

Go up to him and tell him straight up … what you want from him … and that’s it! What’s the point of beating around the bush? Give him a gift… a nice note, for example. But not an anonymous one.

Not everyone will be able to talk about their feelings like that.

Girls, tell me, well with the girl we communicate and everything, and in VK answers every once and then not always …

Girls, tell me please. My husband has a friend. He looks at me intently. Drinks from my glass. Compliments me on things. Said I dye my hair too bright. Recently we were vacationing in the country, he went to bed early while we were still sitting, but in the morning I woke up before everyone else and went outside to the gazebo, he came out and started helping me … Really need advice, what to do? What do you think, is this just a social courtesy or something more? How to behave in such a situation…Thanks in advance.

You are married, how can you behave in such a situation… Politely thank your husband’s friend for his help. If you are embarrassed by his looks, tell him not to look that way. Don’t say anything to your husband.

I don’t have a boyfriend yet, but there’s a guy I like.

Man, I here also do not know, almost all signs coincide, but, for example, at school he does not always say hello to me, when with friends, does not pay attention to me, and when we are together, shares with me their problems and stories, and asks about my life … In short, I am confused, but really want to know if he likes me or not …

I like this one guy in my class.) Kind of like he’s cool, at first he didn’t pay attention to me. But I confessed to him and he said that he wanted to say something after class (it was in history class, on a piece of paper, I didn’t have a phone then) and like after class I asked him, he didn’t say what he wanted to say. Sort of hugs me goodbye, picks on me, mocks me, tries to sit with me in any class, stands up for me, encourages me, looks at me in math, when I turn in his direction, he abruptly turns away.) We’re all getting spiked))) I don’t know.

Hello, one guy openly hints at feelings, yet flirts with others in front of me. I want to check it out.

I also liked the guy, we are on good terms … We communicate, we walk, but recently he told me that he does not want to start a relationship, because he has a lot of work.

But recently we went for a walk and he was very affectionate with me, he said how beautiful I was, what a beautiful smile I have… I do not know what to do…

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