How do you know if a guy is aroused?

How to know if a guy wants you: 6 tips for those who aren’t sure

In fact, girls have to pick up non-verbal messages to determine – “Does he like me or not?”, “Does he want me or not?” The latter condition can be easily determined by a clear sign of erection, but sometimes the desire may not stand out anywhere and not burn on his forehead. Today will help you answer the question how to understand that a man wants you.

How to understand that a guy wants you: a foggy look

The first thing that gives away a man’s desire is his gaze. He constantly looks at the object of his desire, studying every inch of the body, trying to discern what is under your clothes, devours eyes.

And the look can be languid, intoxicating, and even a little inadequate, his pupils dilated. A man can hardly take his eyes off the girl he likes. Many men are afraid to show this sign, while others are not shy to give signals.

Gestures of men when they want a woman

He can’t find peace in any way, all the time trying to put his hands somewhere and it looks very funny. More often than not, when a man sees a woman he wants, he puts his thumbs in the belt loops on his pants or sticks his hands in his pockets. He can also keep his hands intertwined or get naked and show you some sort of obscene gesture.

How to tell if a guy wants you: the timbre of your voice

A sexually aroused man changes the timbre of his voice – it becomes lower, quieter and deeper, measured with a gasp. This is due to the hormones that shorten the vocal cords in times of lust.

A man may also begin to stutter. There are riddles in the conversation, the man begins to provoke you with questions, stretches the words and the speech becomes a bit stilted. By comparison, observe how he talks to other people

How to tell when he wants you: Touching

When the object of arousal is near, it is difficult for a man to restrain himself from touching him. For example, he may hug you, touch you as if accidentally, give you a hand when walking out the door, carry you through a puddle, kiss a pen when meeting you, pass some document in his hands and accidentally touch you.

If he does not have the opportunity to touch you, he will try to occupy his hands with something – he will fumble with a button on his jacket, take a glass or will actively gesticulate.

How to know that a man wants you: rapid breathing

When a man managed to dance, kiss or embrace the object of his passion, he begins to breathe hard and passionately. He may also blush. Touch his palms casually, thereby checking whether they sweat a clock. He will try to whisper something in your ear so you can feel his breath on your neck and also become a little excited.

How to tell if a guy is horny, by texting or live chatting

The most common sign of a man’s interest in a woman is that he’s constantly hanging around you, trying to communicate, finding even minor occasions. Trying to communicate = a sign of interest. Why would he waste his time on a woman he’s not attracted to.

What to do if a guy wants you

What can I say – you either make it clear to him that you are not interested in him, or you start playing his game when you are interested in him as a man. If you don’t want anything to do with the man in question, you don’t need to lure him in, deliberately provoke him, excite him and play with his feelings – this will not do any good. But even in a rough way to reject (unless, of course, a man is absolutely furious and did not brazenly pursue or openly hint at intimacy) it is not worth it – understandably explain to him your position and try not to make an enemy in the face of the male sex.

How to find out if a man is excited: signs of his “readiness

How do you know if a man is excited? A simple question, it would seem – an erection eloquently tells about all his desires. But, agree, it is not always possible to notice.

Coco Chanel on this occasion, wittily expressed at one time: “I do not like long jackets, because I do not see how a man treats me.

Joke’s a joke, but there’s some truth in every joke. If you met your lover in a cafe in the cold season, and he’s wearing a coat, you’re unlikely to notice anything until he takes it off. In addition, the question “turned on – not turned on” usually applies to those men with whom we have not yet such a close relationship that we can talk about it directly.

So, how do you know if a man is aroused?


Let’s start with the most important sign. Unless a man is wearing voluminous shapeless denim overalls or a Santa Claus costume, an experienced eye will always be able to notice a small (or who knows how) bump in the genital area.

At the moment of arousal, blood rushes to the penis, it becomes hard and increases in size. Protruding aroused penis under the clothes a man can try to cover: a folder with documents, taking in his hands a box, holding a jacket or coat in front of him. Such nervous movements to hide the main “evidence” also will not escape the attention of the seductress.

If a man is nervous and tries not to show his full height to your eyes, hiding behind a table, nightstand or grabbing something to hold this something in his hands in front of him, you can be sure for sure physiologically he is ready to make love to you right now.

Voice and speech

An erect penis is not the only sign of arousal in a man. His voice changes. The timbre becomes lower, a little hoarse, the sentences are shorter and jerky. This is due to a change in the rhythm of breathing.

An excited man’s blood pressure rises and his pulse quickens. Breathing becomes more intense, with short, deep breaths, respectively, and for long remarks he will no longer have the strength.

I’m hot.

Blood pressure and pulse give another consequence – the man becomes hot next to you in the literal sense. His face, neck, and chest may turn red. There may be sweat on his forehead. He may begin to fumble with his tie, trying to loosen the knot on it. Take off his jacket, cloak, jacket, because he is really very hot.

The View

If sex between you – a settled issue and “legalized”, aroused man begins to caress without a shadow of a doubt. His gaze will be direct, “undressing”, persistent.

But if your relationship just started, and you have not even kissed once, the man will try to cope with the excitement, so as not to give himself away.

But in spite of his best efforts, his eyes will give him away. Concentrated on coping with a wave of excitement, he will not be able to fully concentrate on the dialogue with you, and at some points it may seem to you that he is “absent” from the conversation. Glazed eyes, detachment, tension – these are signs of an excited man who wants to quickly clean up so you do not have time to notice.


If an intimate relationship already exists between you, an excited man will somehow try to demonstrate his desire to you: he will hug you tightly, run his hand over your chest or butt, put your hand on his penis, try to kiss you.

But the one who is not yet allowed “access to the body” will behave, on the contrary, differently.

Avert his eyes, even though before he just kept his eyes on you. Turn to you in a half-turn, although just now he was completely turned to you with his whole body. Change the topic of conversation to purely business, although just a couple of minutes ago the entire dialogue was built around your merits and other nice chit-chat, typical for flirting. And now it was as if a black cat ran between you.

Do not worry – it’s not a sign of his sudden cooling down. It’s a sign of intense excitement, which he is trying to cope.

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