How do you know if a guy has a hard-on?

How to know if a guy is horny and wants sex

It is difficult for young girls to determine physiological manifestations during intimacy with a guy. Not everyone knows how to correctly identify the signs of male arousal. They can be both physiological and psychological. Knowing them any girl will be able to understand when the guy is excited and it’s time to move on to the next stage of intimacy.

Signs of arousal when kissing

Touching each other’s lips excite guys and girls. At the moment of kissing, men give away their desire for sex with the following signs:

  • Rapid breathing and heartbeat.
  • Biting of the partner’s lips.
  • Enlarged nostrils.
  • Dilated pupils.
  • Reddening of the lips, cheeks.
  • The guy is trying to snuggle up to the girl with his whole body.
  • Goosebumps all over his body.
  • Hoarseness of voice after kissing.
  • Before he kissed his partner, he licks his lips, biting them, touching them with his fingers.
  • Touching his throat after kissing.

After the kiss, the guy looks forward to continuing, excited to the extreme. He will give away excitement with other signs as well. Look at him carefully right after your lips part. He will have a lost, hazy look, most likely, the guy will exhale deeply and embrace you tightly. If the kiss is not filled with passion, physical and emotional tension, then the man does not have strong feelings for his partner or his head is occupied with something else.

Signs of arousal after a kiss for girls is the same as for men. But women can demonstrate it more clearly, for example, moaning or passionately caressing the partner’s neck with their fingers.

During the embrace.

To understand that the guy turned on when kissing is simple, you touch your lips, hear his breathing, feel his heartbeat. Hugging, on the other hand, won’t give you that spectrum of information. Although at the moment of hugging you can pay attention to the following manifestations:

  • The partner wants to press the girl against him, to reduce the distance between the bodies. Uses any excuse to do so.
  • The guy touches the neck, face, hair, waist, shoulders, knees, hands of the partner.
  • Does not immediately remove his hands from his beloved’s body, lingers, wants to lengthen the pleasant moment.
  • The man tries to meet his eyes with the woman. The gaze is deep and long.
  • At the moment of embracing puts his head on his beloved’s shoulder, rests his nose on her neck.
  • Makes progressive movements: firmly pressed then moved away.
  • After a passionate touch his skin becomes “goosey”, a shiver runs through it.
  • Rubbing the edge of his clothes.
  • His palm tries to get under the blouse of the girl.
  • Sweaty palms.
  • Increased salivation. Guy is thirsty, drinking a lot of water.
  • Tenses his muscles, keeping his back straight, to look more collected, taut.
  • Tension of the penis. This symptom is the main and most noticeable, especially if the guy has tight pants or thin shorts.

Recently, scientists have discovered another hormone – kisspeptin. It activates the cells of the pituitary gland responsible for the production of gonadtropes (sexual behavior). Therefore, it is not recommended to exclude kissing lips to lips from foreplay. This stage triggers a chemical reaction in the body and stimulates the sex drive.

Physical signs

The physiology of men and women is such that at the moment of arousal, their bodies tense up, waiting for intimacy with a partner. Girls become more flexible, pliable, respond passionately to their partner’s touch, their nipples harden, their genitals moisten. With men, the case is slightly different.

Physiological signs of sexual excitement in guys:

  1. If he is near a desirable woman, keeps his back straight.
  2. Unbuttons his shirt.
  3. Adjusts the belt on his pants.
  4. Touches his face.
  5. Slowly responds to her questions.
  6. Spreads her legs wide if she is sitting.
  7. Standing, takes a “feet shoulder-width apart” posture.
  8. Stretches out her pelvis.
  9. Actively gestures.
  10. Talks loudly and quickly.
  11. Stares intently at the girl, trying to catch her gaze.
  12. Opens her arms as if imitating an embrace.
  13. He is embarrassed.
  14. Often licks her lips.
  15. Opens her mouth slightly.
  16. Lowers the timbre of her voice, there could be a slight hoarseness.
  17. Face becomes sweet, kind, and conversational.
  18. Eyebrows are raised.
  19. Stammers in conversation.
  20. Pupils dilate; eye color may change.

In addition to these manifestations, to understand that the man is to the limit excited, help his sweaty palms, trembling hands and behavior as a peacock that fluffed up his tail and wooing his favorite female. At such moments, girls need to control their behavior so that the flirting does not go too far, if the woman does not plan for intimacy. Giving a guy false hopes by tricks, touching and flirting is not worth it.

Psychological signs

It is very difficult for men to hide their excitement. They give out psychological signs of excitement. Guys make certain actions, gesticulate in a special way. It is impossible to control this process. Therefore, look carefully at your partner. You will understand that the guy is excited, but hides this fact, if you notice the following manifestations:

  1. The man is worried about his appearance. Adjusts his clothes, hairstyle, looks in the mirror.
  2. Does not move far away from the object of attention.
  3. Lengthens the time to touch his hand if the girl hands him something.
  4. Shy to kiss, so he touches the girl’s face and hair.
  5. Compliments the girl.
  6. Moves to whisper if he says something intimate.
  7. Feels uncomfortable if the girl looks at him without taking his eyes off.
  8. Tries to please his partner in order to get what he wants.
  9. When the girl reciprocates, smiles, he feels a mental boost.

Consider the psychological aspects of arousal should be considered individually. Each man has his own peculiarities of behavior.

Signs of arousal during correspondence

Modern people very often get involved in love relationships through dating sites, VK, Instagram, so correspondence becomes an integral part of communication. If a girl has not yet met with the interlocutor in person, and he writes a few dozen texts every day, you need to think about the fact that the man wants intimacy, rapprochement.

You can tell that a guy is excited during correspondence by these signs:

  • Often enters the social network to check for new messages from the object of attention.
  • Uses any excuse to write to the girl.
  • Asks to throw off a photo or sends his own. Frankness of the desired image depends on the degree of intimacy between the guy and the girl.
  • Quickly responds to messages, ready to help at any time of the day or night.
  • He openly admits his desire, although the phrases may be veiled. For example, “I’d like to see you now”, “you can’t cope by yourself, I could help you if I were near you”, “it’s a pity we live in different cities, I would definitely join your swimming club and look at your figure thoroughly”.
  • Wants to correspond more often in the evenings, when he is relaxed, is alone.

As a side note. There is an opinion that the duration of sexual intercourse and the hardness of the penis directly depends on the behavior and appearance of the woman at the moment of foreplay. Stimulate the guy for quality sex help moaning, gentle touches to the buttocks, back, body movements towards his body

When talking on the phone.

Signs of male arousal over the phone will be as follows:

  • Long conversations.
  • Calls about anything.
  • Pauses in the conversation.
  • Ambiguous phrases and questions with sexual overtones, so the guy probes the ground.
  • His voice is hoarse, the man tries to speak softly, to get rid of harsh language.
  • The boy gets confused in his thoughts, responds inappropriately.
  • The excited man slows down his reaction to external stimuli. Therefore, he speaks slowly on the phone.
  • The boy breathes deeply, sighs frequently.
  • Reaches for a speedy meeting.
  • Constantly repeats that he likes the person he is talking to.
  • Offers her different options for a date, agrees to any terms of the meeting.
  • He inflames the girl’s feelings by describing her strengths.

Excite and tease a man by correspondence, phone calls too long you can not. Set the line yourself, taking into account the male character, his temperament. Otherwise, he will cool down and lose interest.

Tips for girls

Take sexologist tips on how to use the knowledge about the physiological and psychological signs of arousal in men:

  1. A racing heartbeat, confused breathing, a lengthy stare – these are uncontrollable signs of arousal in guys, so they are the main ones. Read this information first.
  2. Verbal symptoms of burning desire for sex include the timbre of the voice, its tempo, features of the conversation. To notice them, you need to communicate with a man not by correspondence, but really.
  3. Another way to understand that a man wants sex is to follow his behavior during the date. Wanting to win the female, he will show his best side, hold his legs wide, perform uncontrollable reflexive actions. But if a girl starts to watch his every move, she will be embarrassed, so watch your partner quietly, unnoticed.

And one more important tip: if you realized that the guy is very excited, wants to see you in his bed, decide how to continue your communication. An erection without a discharge is bad for the male half. If a girl flirts and hints at sex, but denies her plans constantly, playing with her partner’s feelings, it will affect the guy’s health. It is better to stop communicating or to state directly that you are not ready for intimacy, than to entertain a man with false hopes for a long time.

How to know if a guy is horny and wants sex

Get a man excited much easier than a woman. But how to find out what a guy excited, not all girls know. In this case, remember the basic non-verbal signals that are better than any words will tell you about the desire for intimacy. Some of them are very difficult not to notice.

What a man feels during arousal

When the partner is ready for sexual intercourse, he has an erection, i.e. an excited state of the penis. The mechanism of this process is explained by the inflow of arterial blood to the cavity of the cavernous bodies of the penis, due to which it increases its size and hardens, and its angle also changes.

Erectile reaction is divided into several types:

  1. Psychogenic. It is manifested through the influence on the auditory, gustatory or visual receptors.
  2. Reflex. Automatic reaction that occurs due to the stimulation of the penis.
  3. Spontaneous. An unconscious reaction that occurs most often at night.


When a young man is aroused, his behavior resembles a stressful state. Symptoms of desire:

  1. Increased rhythm of breathing and heartbeat.
  2. Dilated pupils.
  3. Changes in voice and behavioral reactions.
  4. Increase in blood pressure.
  5. Occurrence of muscle tension.
  6. Appearance of goose bumps on the skin.
  7. Increase in salivation.

With the transition directly to intimacy the excitement of the guy increases, which intensifies the rest of the body’s reactions. At the same time, there are factors that can affect the sexual attraction:

  1. Visualization. It includes not only visual contact with the object of lust itself, but also fantasy, in which he draws bold pictures of future coitus.
  2. Taste receptors. Garlic, parsley, seafood are used to increase libido.
  3. Olfactory. Female pheromones excite the male brain system on a molecular level.
  4. Hearing. Music can lead to an erection. But effective sounds for arousing a guy are considered female moans or whispers in the ear.


Because of brain signals and nerve impulses that give the command to cause an erection and begin the production of lubricant, blood flow to the penis begins.

Internal factors that provoke sexual arousal include:

  1. The workings of the CNS. It makes a message that provokes the acceleration of blood circulation in the area of the pelvic organs. In anticipation of pleasure, the guy begins to scroll through the images of future sex in his head.
  2. Testosterone. This is the name of the main sex hormone. Its influence on the level of desire is not fully proven, but the function of androgens directly affects the function of the genitourinary system. Testosterone plays a major role in the development of primary sexual characteristics in guys, in the processes that are associated with puberty.
  3. Functionality of the prostate gland. If prostate diseases are present, the level of sexual desire decreases, which leads to the development of impotence.

Determining the presence and degree of arousal

Sexual arousal is a normal reaction of the male body to intimate stimulation. The duration and strength of an erection depends entirely on physical well-being, the state of hormonal background, predisposition at the genetic level and the peculiarities of anatomy. To understand whether a guy is aroused or not, it is worth carefully observing his behavior and appearance.

External manifestations

Often men behave with restraint in the presence of a lady, even if they burn with desire. But in such a situation you can find signs that the guy is excited, which will give away interest:

  1. Spread shoulders, straight posture and appreciative look.
  2. Unconsciously touching one’s own face (lips, cheek, nose). Psychologists explain this phenomenon by strong nervous tension. In a state of sexual excitement, men’s skin becomes sensitive, which causes a guy to feel the need to touch it. Frequent touching of the lips gives away a clear desire to kiss your partner.
  3. Subconscious craving for phallic symbols. If he strokes the stem of a glass or handle or any object that has a cylindrical shape during a conversation, it signifies a mental urge to touch his penis.
  4. The young man pulls the buttons on his jacket, then unbuttons them, then buttones them again. This shows that he wants to undress his companion more quickly.
  5. He sits beside the girl with his legs spread wide. This pose symbolizes the unconscious desire to show his genitals to the woman.

Mimicry and breathing.

Changes in breathing, facial expressions and gestures are the main symptoms that a man is excited. Every man is capable of controlling behavior and speech. But in the case of strong sexual arousal, changes occur at a subconscious level.

You should pay attention to the eyes of a man. They can tell you about his true desires, even if the guy is silent. A young man in love carefully considers the excitable parts of the woman’s body: legs, breasts, lips. In doing so, he may slightly squint his eyes or lick his lips. This symbolizes his desire to move on to intimacy.

Even if a young man is very shy, then how to understand that the guy aroused, prompt his pupils. When sexually aroused, they dilate, and a strong interest is felt in his eyes. In addition, the young man may be embarrassed and constantly take his eyes away from the lady.

The young lady should also pay attention to the man’s breathing. Increased frequency of breathing in and out, which gradually turns into shortness of breath, indicates a barely restrained passion. The combination of intermittent and noisy breathing and burning eyes leave no doubt that he was definitely excited.

How to know with a kiss.

A good way to tell if a guy is aroused is with a kiss. The most accurate sign of a young man’s sexual arousal is an erect penis. But at the first meeting or in a casual conversation, it is difficult to detect this feature, especially if the guy prefers to wear shorts or wide pants. To understand if a young man has an erection, a woman needs to touch his genitals. A simple kiss will help. During it, you need to press against the guy’s body and feel whether the penis has increased. Even if before it was at rest, then during the kiss the guy will certainly get excited, that eloquently than all the words will give to understand whether he wants intimacy with the girl.

Manner of communication

Signs of arousal in men can easily be noticed by his changed manner of communication. When a lady is near such a guy, she can notice that he tries to be near her all the time, showing all sorts of signs of attention.

When a man is excited, he becomes nervous if other guys show attention to the object of his affection. At the same time he expresses his dissatisfaction.

In addition, the young man is actively courting the young lady he likes: he can give a hand, help take off his outerwear. When eating dinner together, the guy will tend to feed the girl from his hands. This is a clear sign of the strongest interest, especially if the process is accompanied by inadvertent touching of the woman’s hands, hair or intimate areas.

When the conversation is on a neutral topic, but the guy looks at the lady’s protruding body parts with interest, blushes, stutters, and his speech becomes slurred. This, too, will tell you how to tell if a man is really turned on. In addition, the guy’s voice becomes softer and has a characteristic huskiness in it, because men dry out their throats when excited. If a guy is wearing a tie, then this garment will be loosened or removed altogether.

Why the partner does not feel aroused

Sex is very important in a man-woman relationship, so if one partner can’t get pleasure, this problem needs to be addressed immediately. It can be difficult to understand the reasons for the lack of arousal in a guy, as the reasons for such a phenomenon can be psychological or physical trauma, as well as the presence of bad habits, diseases of the genitals, lack of attraction to a particular woman. In such a situation, it is best to contact a sexologist, who will find the source of the problem and prescribe treatment.

Lack of interest in a girl

Lack of sexual arousal can be explained by the loss of interest in his partner. It is not uncommon for women who have spent many years in a legitimate marriage to think that it is okay not to look after themselves. Tattered dirty clothes, excess weight, lack of makeup, an incomprehensible ponytail of hair on her head – all this leads to the fact that the lady ceases to cause a man’s desire.

Also, do not discount the psychological pressure from the young lady. Constant scandals and reproaches, perpetual dissatisfaction or comparison with other men becomes the cause of alienation of partners.

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